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hahhaha it , I know I know, keep breathing children, but it does taste VERY good
I mean in compare to the crappy industrial bread we get
or the shitty ingredients
flour, bla bla 

this is good
even folk here who do not like porridge itself agree with its good taste en even they like it and want me to more often make it
and the taste is very full
lot of flavor, but it is somewhat heave and it does fill up very fast
thus one needs only two or three slices to be very full
tons of energy in even that
so you dont have to eat those four , five sandwiches etc
Also put nuts in and rasins, also ginger and lime and that gives it a little spicy sweet after effect

No not soggy, as that does often happen but not with me, yes I am such a lucky bastard thanks J
No, just pay attention if you give advice that s all
makes me look smarter than I actually am
just paying attention
bread has not sort of the same consistency of regular bread
it is not wet or very moist now
but also not totally dry
it is perfect
45 minutes at 180 degrees C in tin
plus five minutes without heat but still in over
out of the tin







I used this
got lucky with the timing , usually it would be like a brick to knock the skull in from any tax collection cxxx
or so wet it falls apart
so..will hold for few days I guess
maybe next time tiny bit of honey in it too ?
Think you could climb the mount everest with the whole bread in your backpack
so much energy so it is not a snack
unless you have given up on weightwatchers and tossed your scales on the dump
along with your TV, Aldi stuff , you name it

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Well well, I must say well done, that looks more than perfect, what a beautiful colour.    Maybe a strong talent for baking or more likely beginner’s luck, after the way you had the baking soda sitting in the yoghurt for ages before putting in the ‘dry ingredients’.   And probably a lovely organic egg in there too?     You could make a little pocket money if you took a stall at your local market on a Saturday.sell them by the loaf at €5 a go.  Maybe be a little less generous with all the nuts.   Or sell it by the slice with a nice bit of butter, ummm.  But don’t pay attention to me, just a flight of fancy, the ingredients may not make it commercially viable. 

There’s a lot to be said for something that makes one feel full, contented and happy.   None of this picking at little slimming things then feeling hungry soon afterwards.   So I don’t really think this would be something to put weight on – I hope.

I just had fun with an influx of small dressed up kids, all with bags, saying ‘Trick or Treat’ or ‘Happy Halloween’.  My sly plan worked well, I gave them all a little plasterite pumpkin shape, told them they are magic, so they should mind them and paint them.   It was fun.  Now I can hear fireworks (lllegal in this country)  no – ‘Health and safety- doesn’t want us to have fun:  There is a lot of exta traffic into Northern Ireland this time of year where they are legal.   Yes of course they can be dangerous, if careless.  It reminded me of reading about the man who jumped into one of the ‘Burning Man’ Bonfires this summer, he did not come out of it too well.

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