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What a day here, the first day with any real heat in the sun and a gentle breeze to stop us getting too hot.
But it wasn’t like that at the start, no indeedy.  The day started off very pleasantly then about 10.00 a.m. a lot of nasty spraying was noticed, fairly localised, it was as though it was laid down out to sea and planned to blow in overland, which was happening.
I was NOT a happy camper as I’d been looking forward to a toasting.  But I’d been hankering to do a pour and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get going.   I timed it from start to finish including a bit of tidying up at the end, 30 minutes!!   I decided to do a big cone. I don’t suppose it’s actually necessary to make such a big piece and probably a bit of focus of attention would have achieved the same result but immediately the sky started to clear and it’s looked absolutely perfect all day, cloudless.
I’m sorry to say my ‘intentions’ were not very spiritual, a lot of bad language and ‘f’ words went into this 😉
The photos of the sky are not in order of how the clearing is going. I don’t suppose the people who hopefully are having a lovely time at the beach noticed what had happened, but glad to be of service – and thank you to The Universe for your help here.
Since then I was having a lovely relaxing time, getting a start on a tan, and then wham, the doorbell rings and a family decide to just ‘drop in’ without a word of warning.  It was probably just as well as I’d have been doing cleaning and tidying up beforehand.  But still, the place was looking a bit neglected, ‘crafts’ all over the place, remains of the Plasterite pouring and another activity, covering lampshades in the kitchen.  Hardly a sparkling worktop to be seen anywhere.
I was sorry I didn’t take a photo of the very cloudy sky before I started, but the subsequent ones do show the progress.  And the big cone turned out very smoothly, with a bit of last minute rush to get some surplus into a smaller one.
Life Force Energy