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    Alan on sweet liberty 2005
    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru January 17, 2005

    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty.
    Today is Monday and it is the 17th of January in the year 2005 and our guest this evening, ladies
    and gentlemen, is Alan Watt. He was with us last week Monday and Tuesday and we were in the middle
    as always of a very interesting – last Wednesday we opened the phone lines for questions and
    actually he didn’t get a chance to really address one of them and then I had a call from a listener
    today with a request, so maybe tonight that’s what we’ll be doing.

    Our spiritual message, as we do this so often when I’m not prepared otherwise, it’s hanging on the
    wall in front of me from Psalm 139 versus 23-24. “Search me Father and know my heart. Test me and
    know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way

    Alan, thanks for being here tonight.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: You’ve been waiting patiently while I got through those thoughts that were flashing through
    my mind. Do you have anything to comment or add to what I was saying?

    Alan: No, but when you were reading that Psalm I had a picture of someone getting searched at the
    airport. Search me father and then the mind control part to see if you’ve got any nasty thoughts in

    Jackie: So search me father and you pictured people getting searched at the airport?All right. Do
    you remember last Wednesday, Janet called in. She was our last caller, I believe, and she had a
    three-part question and the third part of her question was what is our destination and our mission
    here in this physical realm for what we should be doing? I think she mentioned something about what
    would we be sharing

    with or relating to our loved ones and friends, but I might be interpreting that. Maybe that isn’t
    exactly how she said it.

    Alan: The only thing you can relate to them is knowledge. It’s what they do with their own mission
    is up to themselves with that knowledge. As far as the mission goes, it’s to ultimately break
    through all of the barriers and all of the masses of indoctrination we’ve been brought up with to
    become a complete individual and take that spirit that you have as far as it can possibly go. The
    whole structure here in the world is meant to create the mass man, the mass mind and to stifle all
    individuality, ultimately to snuff out the individual spirit, so it’s a battle here between two
    different ways, you might say, of the way of the mass which is planned for them and the way of the
    In the New Testament of course the way it was phrased there was that my kingdom is not of this
    world. Those of the world, they belong to the world and they think earthly things and what he’s
    referring to there is the mass man and that same statement was written – in fact all of the
    statements in the New Testament have been said long, long before Jesus Christ and Egypt as well.

    Jackie: Would you just repeat that?

    Alan: The statements in the New Testament – the main prime statements are eternal truths, which
    mean that they always were true, they are true and they always will be true.

    Jackie: Some of the statements?

    Alan: That’s right. The ones that stand out are forever; they’re eternal in other words. There’s
    no beginning and no end to them.

    Jackie: Because truth is?

    Alan: Truth is, yes. Yet if you go into New Age psychology, which is the current trend with the
    new morality, the new maturity and all these phrases we’re hearing coming out of the media, where
    they’re going with it all is the opposite of that. They’re trying to say the truth is variable at
    different times.

    Jackie: The New Age movement says that?

    Alan: No, the New Age psychology. All psychology today is a mixture of the New Age, which is the
    occult religion basically.

    Jackie: Yes, and there’s a lot of truth in there hidden in all the lies, isn’t there Alan?

    Alan: Sure there is, but that’s the problem is they’re so good at telling you the parts of the
    truth which were hidden and then putting their spin on it and bringing you into the way they want
    you to think.

    Jackie: That’s where the discernment comes in.

    Alan: That’s the hard part because it’s very easy to trap people with truth when they’ve never
    been given it before and manipulate them with that truth and so those who’ve always kept the truth
    to themselves down through the ages dish it out at certain times and then they put the spin on it.
    Then they give you the mission, which is their mission, which is a world government, a world
    society, a political correct society where you could go to Beijing, to Britain, to Canada and
    you’ll get the same opinions expressed on every topic. That’s what they want.

    Jackie: Yes and the same British accent or whatever it’s going to be.

    Alan: It will be English because that was decided in the 1500’s that the international language of
    the future would be English. As far as the personal mission goes, the person has to – all they can
    do is express truth wherever they see it and when they do see whatever the topic happens to be,
    that the king has no clothes, they have to say so.

    Jackie: You know I’ve had our listeners when I have spoken in the past about Jehovah and there
    have been listeners who have contacted me and said you know I wondered about a lot of these things
    and now it’s beginning to make sense and what I see is that people really know. There is that
    knowing, Alan, and they squash it because it’s like oh we’re not supposed to question because this
    is the word of God. One of the important things I know for me is really paying attention to I guess
    you just sometimes call it intuition that something is there and if you don’t listen to it, it’s
    like it isn’t there anymore. I mean now that we’re here, I do wonder a lot why the heck
    we ever got here in the first place, but that makes sense now that we’re here. Our mission is to
    find our way home.

    Alan: It really is an individual way because you’re either a leader or a follower and again it’s
    so easy to set up a way for the followers to go and obviously since a person could truly know any
    kind of truth they must experience it for themselves. They never truly do experience it by
    following someone else’s experience. You must find it yourself. You can go along certain ways
    towards it, but it’s up to the person to truly find it for themselves.

    Jackie: I was 15 years old when I started reading the Old Testament and at first it was
    frightening to me, very frightening in that God in there scared the hell out of me, to be honest
    with you, but I suddenly realized that it wasn’t true. I knew it wasn’t true, Alan. I knew that I
    didn’t know what was the truth, but I knew that was not, because there in me from as long as I can
    remember I knew that God is love and we do know the difference.

    Alan: There’s no doubt about it, if you took a Jehovah character or figure you have a mafia
    godfather basically who demands sacrifice and kickbacks and praise and he makes a bunch of rules
    for you and at the same time he’s allowed to break them.Of course, even in the New Testament,
    Jehovah is a newcomer in a bunch of different gods. It begins with Elohim, which is the plural for
    gods, and Jehovah doesn’t appear until later on the scene. I guess he must have knocked off all the
    However, if you look at even the religion itself of a priesthood keeping knowledge to themselves
    and being well paid, well funded from the fears of the people and you see even the way it’s based,
    which is to break a law, you don’t – like a Protestant religion for instance or Catholic religion,
    you don’t sit and beat your breasts and tear your hair out for doing something wrong. You don’t sit
    and analyze yourself and wonder why you did it and rebuke yourself. You simply pay money and
    something else is killed to repay what you’ve done. Vicarious sacrifice they call it, so basically
    there’s no breast beating. You just pay the money, buy an animal and it gets slaughtered in your
    place. I mean this is a weird sort of religion here.

    Jackie: That was the thing that got me when he said to Abraham, well you don’t have to kill your
    son. Just go get that ram that’s caught in the bush and my thought was why would God want innocent
    little animals killed and let alone test to see if you’re going to obey me – you take your son up
    there and kill him.

    Alan: But it’s nothing to do with real people.

    Jackie: I know that.

    Alan: What you’re seeing is a system and this system is a wise-guy system. It’s a streetwise
    person system where the elite and the cunning and the true predators are allowed to feed off the
    innocent. All the sacrifices you notice must be innocent.

    Jackie: I hadn’t thought about that, but it’s true, isn’t it?

    Alan: It’s a streetwise thing because this system creates an innocent gullible public, or it did in
    the past at least, in order to feed off of them and that’s what your peasant class did for
    thousands of years was to be fed on by this small elite. It’s a man-made

    system. There’s no doubt about it. You have a Jehovah who wasn’t on Prozac then. He had no love in
    him. I mean if you got in his bad books or he had a bad day he would just kill you and this again
    is all allegory. It’s telling you a godfather system or a mafia type system, what you can get away
    with and what you can get away with is what Jacob got away with or the symbolism of Jacob. You can
    lie and steal and even cheat your father for your brother’s birthright and the godfather will bless
    you for doing it because you were very clever the way you did it, you see, and it’s a mafia system.
    It truly is and it’s a complete system. That’s what it’s all about and even the high priests who
    set up the Catholic Church were well aware of the same system, even though they pretended it was
    different. It was the same system and of course you see it in all of their archaeology of the
    church. The church itself has the box and that’s the female womb and they always have a spire,
    which you walk through at the base, and that’s the male phallic symbol. That’s how most British
    parliaments across the world, the Commonwealth parliaments, are made the same way. The parliament
    in England has the congressmen you might say, the MPs inside the box but they enter through the
    penis because all life for the future begins with the male, the phallic symbol, so they walk
    through the base of the penis.

    Jackie: Of course that’s purely in the material plane.

    Alan: That’s right and then in Egypt the obelisk or phallic was called “the Ben-Ben”. You have two
    B’s. Ben-Ben and of course Shakespeare puts it in his play, “To be, or not to be.” It’s another pun
    on the same thing and then of course in Parliament in England you have Big Ben. Why would they call
    it Big Ben? This big spire that you have to walk through and has a clock on it which tells you the
    time because it’s planning the destiny of the world. That’s what it meant.

    Jackie: Oh wow and I remember reading about the big obelisk in front of the Vatican and they moved
    that from was it Egypt, Alan?

    Alan: Constantine’s son moved it initially from Egypt and that was a mammoth task in those days.




    Located in Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano, near the basilica of the same name, the Lateran Obelisk is the tallest erected of Egyptian origin in the world. It is made of red granite and comes from the Aswan area. Its height is 32.18 meters and, including the cross and the base, reaches 45.70 meters. It weighs 455 tons. It was the last, among the Capitoline obelisks, brought to Rome.

    The obelisk was built by Tutmosis III (1481 BC – 1425 BC), pharaoh of the XVIII dynasty of Egypt, in honor of his father Tutmosis IV and stood in front of the temple of the god Amon in Thebes.

    The sides are completely decorated, and, among the various inscriptions, you can see an image of the pharaoh making offerings to the divinity. The other engravings recall that its decoration took 35 years of expert craftsmen’s work.

    The grandiose obelisk was transported along the Nile as far as Alexandria by order of Emperor Constantine (274-337 AD). The death of the emperor (337) interrupted the transport to Rome. The enterprise was completed, after various vicissitudes, by Constantine’s son, Constantius II, in 357. The obelisk arrived at the port of Ostia by an enormous ship built for the occasion and moved by 300 rowers. Dragged along the river Tiber on a gigantic raft and then placed on solid wagons, it reached the Circus Maximus to stand alongside the Flaminian Obelisk, now in Piazza del Popolo, brought to Rome by Augustus 3 centuries earlier.

    Being the first great monument erected in Rome after the affirmation of Christianity, it soon became the symbol for the Roman population of the victory and supremacy of the new religion over paganism.

    About a century later, it fell, perhaps following an attack, and only in the 16th century, by order of Pope Sixtus V who also offered a prize to those who found it, was it sought after and eventually found under 7 meters of earth and mud, broken into three sections.

    The Pope had it restored and erected on the Lateran square in place of the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius, placed on Piazza del Campidoglio.

    In 1588, the architect Domenico Fontana restored it and equipped it with a new marble base. On its top, he placed a cross and the heraldic symbols of the Peretti family, surrounded by four lions, the work of Ludovico del Duca.

    The Lateran Obelisk, embellished with a beautiful 17th-century fountain, was inaugurated on 3 August 1588.




    Jackie: I know it and anybody that made a mistake was killed on the spot.

    Alan: That was later the second time. The first time they got it and they put it up in the circus
    where they had the games and it was about 300 years ago the Pope had it moved from there in Rome to
    St. Peter’s Square. Everywhere they’ve gone they’ve set up an obelisk and there’s one in that park
    in New York there. That was brought from Egypt as well and there’s the obelisk outside the four
    banks of London and one outside the French Parliament.

    Jackie: And a great big one in Washington, D.C.

    Alan: Well, that was Washington’s greatest erection and that’s a new one. In other words, that
    wasn’t brought from Egypt and that symbolizes the birth of the New World Order. That was the only
    new one they built. The rest of them were imported from Egypt, which is highly symbolic. Washington
    really was meant to symbolize the New World Order, Novus Ordo Seclorum.

    Jackie: Yes. You made a statement back there and I made a little note here and I’d like to go back
    to it just as a question that I have for clarification when you were talking about the fact that
    their plan is to eliminate the individual spirit or kill the individual spirit. My concept of
    spirit of Creator would the eternal, that what the Creator creates is eternal, but would the word
    soul of the individual, would that–

    Alan: That’s closer.

    Jackie: Because they say that the mind is the gateway to the soul?

    Alan: Yes, the eye. Jackie: The mind? Alan: Yes.
    Jackie: The eyes are the window but the mind is the gateway to the soul and if that is true and it
    never occurred to me ever until we began our conversation that an individual could “lose his soul,”
    but I can see that these insane creatures actually and they can trap people in this physical plane.

    Alan: There’s no doubt about it. They’ve been at this for a long, long time and in their religion
    of course they say that the complete person is someone who has body, spirit and soul. That goes all
    the way back to Babylon and Egypt and of course they say that the ordinary people, the commoners
    you might say, are born with soul, which is the animating force, but the destiny of the soul is to
    find it’s own spirit and merge with it. If they can keep the person from doing that then they have
    succeeded because the soul itself according to their religion and it goes all the way back through
    the ancient religions, all the way back to India even, the soul only lasts 10 lifetimes and then it
    goes back into this “soup,” this “sea” they call it.

    Jackie: You mean if we haven’t made it in 10 lifetimes?

    Alan: If they haven’t merged with spirit, and that was the whole mystery behind the explanation
    that makes no sense to most people the way it’s told and that’s intentional of the journey of the
    KA as they call it in Egypt and the BA. What they claim was – and they do it in such beautiful
    roundabout ways so that the people would see it exoterically, but the initiates knew what they
    meant. What it meant was once they had died the KA, because they had already obtained spirithood,
    stayed with the body. The BA went into the underworld, being the journeys and had to go through all
    these perils and so on to find its own spirit and once it came back in the circle met the KA, then
    they could go up to this heaven.

    Jackie: Or go up to heaven.

    Alan: Up to or wherever because they always said you rode with RA in his boat, his ark.

    Jackie: Maybe the reason they used the word up is that it’s a higher frequency?

    Alan: They also used it to symbolize an otherness, otherness from here, and since they used
    astronomy big time and astrology and stellar movements, they always said it in astronomical terms.
    When you achieved your destiny, exoterically, you rode the Ark across the sky. The Ark was a boat
    and that was the boat of RA and of course once you’d made it you rode in that ark. That was the Ark
    of the Covenant, as you rode across the sky, you see, and that was for the elite and for the elite

    Jackie: Because they would keep the truth from the masses.

    Alan: Always, yes.

    Jackie: That would never be able to make that journey?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Okay. Here’s a thought. You said that it is said that after 10 times if we haven’t made it
    then it’s dissipated back into the ethers, right?

    Alan: That’s what they claimed.

    Jackie: Well, I wonder, let’s say that a person is in their eighth lifetime and they begin on that
    journey, it just doesn’t make sense to me that they might only have two lifetimes to get it all
    together, but maybe at least that they have begun and maybe the

    first of course part of it is coming out of the lies, being able to literally let go. I received a
    donation and there was a card in it and the note said that it’s okay to say I don’t understand the
    bible, but when I say we’ve been lied to it makes it very difficult to support this broadcast and I
    really don’t know how to respond to that.

    Alan: That’s a choice.

    Jackie: Yes, exactly. Well, I don’t mean whether somebody’s going to support the broadcast or not,
    but that requirement. It’s okay to say I don’t understand. Yes, I know how to respond. I don’t
    understand the esoteric, I know that. But I do, I can read and I know what is not love. I may not
    have the full meaning or capacity of love at this point in my journey but I know what isn’t love
    and I know what I’m leaving and I know that Jehovah of the Old Testament is not love and so I could
    not say I don’t understand that. I do understand it, Alan. I understand it, at least well for where
    I’m at right now.

    Alan: That’s right. Jehovah again is a mafia figure. There’s no doubt about it. It’s a kickback
    system we’re talking about here and of course Masonry came from it too in all of its forms, no
    matter what sect they call themselves, which is again a kick back system. As they say, the workman
    is worthy of his wages, but what that also means is that the workman who’s helped up the ladder in
    promotions and so on must also kick money upstairs. This whole system is a kickback system. It’s a
    degreed kickback system including even the Catholic Church that came out of it. It incorporated all
    the mystery religions, which really were all one, but they seemed different because they were given
    to different countries and they just changed the names of the deities and so on. Look at the Pope
    who’s white, he’s the sun, and you look at the Cardinals who are red and black, so they have
    spirit. Spirit and the force – the life force is always red.
    The black is law and so they are law under the guidance of spirit, so it’s a degreed system; even
    the color-coding goes back all the way to Pythagoras. He was taught this stuff in Egypt.

    Jackie: Okay, let’s pick this up on the other side of this break. Alan Watt is our guest and as
    always, the conversation is very moving. I don’t know what to say. I had a couple of examples I’d
    like to use because it is maybe confusing to people. We were talking about discernment and the
    gentleman who wrote and said it’s okay to say I don’t understand but when we say we’ve been lied
    to, but I’m talking just the Old Testament and here’s one that catches me. This is in Matthew 18 in
    verse 6. Jesus is talking about the little children and he said, “who ever shall offend one of
    these little ones which believe in me, it would be better for him that a millstone was hanged
    around his neck.” Well, to me, I don’t think he said one of these little ones that believe on me,
    because all children were precious. All children are precious and

    basically what I see this doing is any little child who doesn’t know about Jesus is doomed. That’s
    the way that appears to me and for example in the Lord’s Prayer when we’re taught to say “lead us
    not into temptation but deliver us from evil,” I remember that catching in my throat when I used to
    go to the Lutheran Church because what we are doing is asking our loving Father, please don’t lead
    me into temptation and I knew that it couldn’t have been said that way. Lead me out of temptation
    or away but not ask because a loving father – we wouldn’t lead our children into temptation and why
    would we think that our Creator would ever do that. When you were mentioning the Catholic Church,
    well all of that BS got brought down into the so-called Protestant churches–

    Alan: Sure it did.

    Jackie: And in the Lutheran Church this came into my mind the other day. It’s that song we used to
    sing. “Create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a right spirit within me.” The next line, listen
    to this. “Cast me not away from your presence and take not your holy spirit from me.” There we are
    begging again and folks, this is what I’m saying and these are a few things and maybe Alan because
    he understands a lot deeper than I do the exoteric message in these things, but for the untrained
    eye these are the things that pop out at you and it doesn’t mean that there isn’t truth but this is
    what they’ve done. They’ve made us just absolutely – we’re supposed to love our God with all our
    heart, mind and soul and to love a creature that is so hateful; a father, so to speak, that we have
    to beg him? It doesn’t make sense, does it, Alan?

    Alan: No. As I say, it’s the old unstable deity that’s made in the image of man and it’s the image
    of the typical Middle Eastern despot of ancient times because that’s how he was. He might give a
    present to a servant one day and have his head cut off the next. That’s the unstable temperament
    that kept everybody on their toes and they never knew what mood he would be in the following day.
    That’s what Jehovah is. If man was made in the shape of a triangle they’d make God the same way. So
    that’s what they gave you was a Middle Eastern despot who could do whatever he wanted to.

    Jackie: Yes and that’s what people will say if they can’t explain it. He can do anything he wants.

    Alan: It’s always amazing that they give an Old Testament version to the general public but they
    don’t give you the rest of it. They don’t give you the accompanying Talmud or the Mishnah and all
    the other stuff that explains the Old Testament in a more esoteric fashion. The only reason I can
    come to that they did not give that to the general public is they wanted a dumb, stupid,
    subservient, obedient, slaving public

    and that’s what they had for an awful long time. Religion was always used against people to keep
    them in servitude for a small ruling elite.

    Jackie: And to do wars and to enslave others because that was all done under the auspices of

    Alan: They play games all the time. There is no media. There’s no news but it’s just news. It’s
    either indoctrination or mocking the victim as they say and the public are the victims. Now you
    heard about that nonsense with Prince Harry. It’s been all over the news about, oh dear, my
    goodness, Prince Harry turned up at a ball and it was a fancy dress ball somewhere in England,
    private too, and it was supposed to be commonwealth and natives basically and he turned up as a
    member of the Hitler youth with a Natzi armband and all the rest of it and of course the media goes
    to town over this. This happens two weeks prior to the Queen going to the National Holocaust Museum
    in Europe to give a speech and opening up the International Holocaust Day. It’s a bit coincidental
    but at the same time – so it brings to public awareness of the holocaust industry but at the same
    time they missed what Prince William was wearing, because Prince William as the papers said was
    dressed like a leopard, but that’s only part of the story. If you saw him on the TV in the brief
    flashes that they gave you, he had the feet of a bear, the body of a leopard and the head of a lion
    – and that’s the description of the beast in Revelations, so why was he wearing that to a fancy
    dress-do which would do with the dominion and natives? They mock us all the time with their little
    messages even in this type of thing. There’s nothing on the media that doesn’t have double meanings
    and a lot of jokes, inside jokes by the elite that rule this world and the public respond to the
    exoteric the way it’s intended that they respond, through guilt, shame or whatever, and the elite
    laugh up their sleeves all the time. Nothing is done on the media without having a very esoteric
    purpose and it always ends up with indoctrination and swaying the public one way or another. It’s
    all mind control, all of it.

    Jackie: I’m back. Were you complete with that?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: I had a call from Gary this evening and he was a little confused. You had mentioned
    Revelations. We were talking about it last week the fact that if you’re writing it you would be
    able to write about what they’re plan is.

    Alan: You reveal it, revelation.

    Jackie: Reveal it. Oh, that’s right. That’s what you said. The Revelation is a revealing but I
    guess he’s wondering – I’ve got books here on Revelations. I’ve got a three- volume set of books
    here that’s supposed to interpret what Revelations means. I’ve read probably two dozen or more
    interpretations of Revelations and every single one of them is different. I don’t understand it but
    I guess he’s wondering does this lay out the play as it’s playing out today?

    Alan: Absolutely. It’s all astronomy. Every creature mentioned in Revelations is a zodiacal sign
    which appears at a certain time and it’s a time clock of the heavens basically and so they’re
    following it right to the letter. The beast is in the heavens.

    Jackie: Who’s the beast?

    Alan: The beast again – I should do a show on the whole thing.

    Jackie: You know what? You just took the thought right out of my mind. You know what? You’re
    coming back tomorrow, aren’t you?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Would you like to start now or would you like to get it and get prepared a little bit?

    Alan: I should try and think it out to put it over simply to people because there’s a lot of
    astronomy involved in it.

    Jackie: Okay and we can have our Bibles open and as you’re going through it and explaining your
    understanding of it we could be reading along there.

    Alan: Maybe I could do that next week. I’ll have to put it in very simple terms. I’ll have to go
    into the signs that we’ll have. It’s all astronomy and even though in ancient times they have
    changed one or two of the characters in the zodiac. I mean the Egyptians had a crocodile in there
    at one point and that was the beast of that time.
    They alter it every so often and Draco was the Northern Constellation of the Northern Star before
    the earth tilted, which is historical, and Draco was the flying serpent or dragon you might say.

    Jackie: No, I don’t know because I am not familiar with Revelations. I know I know some verses
    from it that are used a lot, but when you do this you’ll start right from the beginning?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: That is cool.

    Alan: Every character even in the New Testament including Caiaphas who was the head of the Nasi
    party, the Sanhedrin, the Sanhedrin that condemned Jesus, he was a Nasi as they called it in
    Hebrew. He was head of the Nasi party.

    Jackie: They called the Sanhedrin the Nasi, didn’t they?

    Alan: The head is called the Nasi and actually it’s the new moon. The splinter or the finger, the
    sliver of the new moon is also called the Nasi in Hebrew.

    Jackie: And the Sanhedrin sat that way and also so does the U.N.

    Alan: That’s right and the head man was Caiaphas, which means head in a sense, and he’s also an
    astrological sign, so he’s also in the heavens. If you understand how the zodiac all comes around–

    Jackie: Is this from the Kabbalah?

    Alan: It’s pre-Kabbalah.

    Jackie: Astrology is an ancient, ancient science, isn’t it?

    Alan: It goes way back to even pre-Egypt.

    Jackie: It’s interesting you brought this up. I was browsing through an astrology book today and
    it’s a book that I’ve had and I don’t think I’ve ever read it but I was reading the introduction
    and explanation and this author which I think the book was written around in the ’70’s. He was
    saying that astrology today is being understood, surely not in the way that you do, but he said
    that even the U.S. government – he was saying that businesses et cetera have charts done and he
    said that the U.S. government and Israel use astrology but he said he didn’t have any information
    as to whether any other governments did or not. I found that very intriguing.

    Alan: As I say, they wrote their plan–

    Jackie: The U.S. and Israel, the twins you know?

    Alan: They wrote their plans and they have long, long range plans in the zodiac and it’s all
    becoming fulfilled because they knew where they wanted to get to and where they’re coming from. If
    you look at the constellations and you know what they’re supposed to be, there’s no way you’d
    figure that out unless you saw it drawn out.
    These high priests long, long ago sat and said we’ll make this Pegasus and we’ll make this so and

    Jackie: Now is it true, I may have read this in Zecharia Sitchin’s book and I am clear that he
    matriculated at the London School of Economics and when I found that out I knew there had to be
    hooks, but I don’t remember where I read it but the fact that the Pleiades, I think. Is it called
    the “Seven Sisters” and that from where we are you can actually only see six of them because one is
    behind the other and that in Sumerian, back that long ago, and you said that was, what, about
    12,000 years actually, that they knew that there were seven stars in that star system.

    Alan: Actually they knew there were more. You can see seven with the naked eye.

    Jackie: You can see seven?

    Alan: If your eyes are good and there’s actually more. However, there were nine at one point about
    5,000 BC and one of them went supernova, I guess, because it disappeared and that was recorded by
    the Greeks.

    Jackie: Why do they call it the Seven Sisters then?

    Alan: Again, it’s another part of their mythology as they hide a truth within a story. All of the
    main characters end up getting put up in the sky as a god basically, although they began as human
    kings and that’s what it’s all about. It’s a pun on their system of becoming gods and as they say,
    as above, so below and they would bring the New Jerusalem to earth. They’re talking about the whole
    plan which they wrote in the heavens would be applied all across the world on the earth.

    Jackie: So when we hear the elite and I know Rockefeller at least on a couple of occasions and I’ve
    heard this and read it. “Our window of opportunity is now” and they’re using the astrological
    timeframe, aren’t they?

    Alan: Yes they are. These guys literally go by this and they must stick to it and they do stick to

    Jackie: And they believe in it?

    Alan: Yes, because their ancestors wrote it a long time ago.

    Jackie: Tell our listeners about 9/11. Would you explain it to us?

    Alan: 9/11, I mean even the fact that they give you your emergency number as 911 and just the very
    fact you end up with it happening on that date and it’s supposed to be all coincidence. Then again
    I think it was the Chicago Stock Exchange that day finished at 911000 and then I think it was the
    New York Lottery also came out 911. I mean who’s kidding who here? This is constant mockery.

    Jackie: But that date September 11th was very relevant. You told us about that and I think we have

    Alan: It’s to do again with a mythological character that came from Zeus who created more gods and
    the female goddess, which became Britannia on the old British coin, who’s a queen of the heavens,
    she’s also a warrior, burst forth from his head on the Ides of September.

    Jackie: Was that Minerva?

    Alan: That’s right, the warrior queen like Zena and what it signifies is something which could not
    have happened by itself. It took supernatural coincidences to bring it all together. It was not a
    natural phenomenon. In other words, what was going to come out of 9/11 had been planned that way
    and what was coming out of it was not a normal thing. It was not a normal event. It was a
    super-planned event. That’s what it’s really telling you.

    Jackie: Remember you told us about the rituals that they did.

    Alan: They had high, high rituals to do with the ides and the bringing forth and all the rest of
    it of Minerva, but what really is significant is what Minerva signifies, which is a new way. It’s a
    new way that could not have come into existence by itself, by nature.

    Jackie: So he burst her out of his head.

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: I remember you telling us something about an ancient ritual that they used to do involved
    around that date and that it was a very important date and it had to do with horses and the colors
    of the robes or something?

    Alan: They definitely portrayed Jupiter riding the horses around the city and whoever portrayed the
    part of Jupiter was painted red driving his white horses.

    Jackie: That would be the blood.

    Alan: That’s right and they also have a similar thing in again the Talmud to do with Solomon,
    which is the sun. Sol-om-on is the sun in three different languages because that’s what it really
    represents is the illumined man. The illuminati, the illumined man and he also rode his six white
    steeds around the city.

    Jackie: It was this particular event at that particular date in September and I remember doing
    research on the Internet and I found it and you had mentioned I think it was between the 11th and
    13th and that if they hadn’t accomplished what they wanted to with 9/11, something else was going
    to happen to make sure that what they planned.

    You know it’s getting late here. We’ve got about three or four minutes left I guess but I was
    reading today about and I wanted to share it with our listeners. I couldn’t find the bill but it’s
    a draft bill and it includes all children 18 to 26. They’re working on that and it’s passed one of
    the chambers in the U.S. Congress and I’m going to hopefully have it tomorrow night. You know when
    you and I talk, Alan, it’s like my mind starts exploding and I can’t grab my thoughts or my
    questions fast enough to hang on to them.

    Alan: As I say, that was the Sol-om-on.

    Jackie: Oh, I know what it was. I’m sorry. Okay. You know how Kerry during the campaign? Well I
    don’t know if you know but he said there will be no draft and then of course he added, “unless
    we’re attacked” and it occurred to me today if they’re having a big uproar and opposition they’ll
    see to it that we get attacked so they can initiate. I’m sorry to say that but it’s like a given.
    You get to see the pattern when we begin to understand past history. They just keep repeating it
    because it works.

    Alan: It’s works and the public think they could never do that because it’s so horrific.

    Jackie: Probably what was said in the email that I got, probably they’ll go ahead and pass it
    right around the time of the inauguration while people’s minds are on the inauguration.

    Alan: Yes, plus on the news here in Canada I think it was Wolfowitz that came out now pressing for
    war on Iran and Syria and of course that’s all part of the New American Century plan that they
    wrote back in the ’90’s, so they’re going to that plan and how fortunate for them 9/11 came along.

    Jackie: We’re out of our hour with you and you’ll be back tomorrow night.

    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru January 18, 2005

    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is
    Tuesday the 18th of January in the year 2005. Alan Watt is again with us tonight.

    Our spiritual message this evening is from John 18. This is the conversation that Jesus was having
    with Pontius Pilate and Pontius Pilate asked him if he was a king. Wait, let me back up here. This
    is what I wanted to get first. Pontius Pilate asked him what he’d done because his chief priest.
    Those were the Pharisees, folks. Those are the rabbis of today by the way. Those are the priests of
    Jehovah that delivered thee unto me.
    Pontius Pilate said, “What have you done?” and Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my
    kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews
    but now is my kingdom not from hence” and then Pontius Pilate said, “Well are you a king then?”
    Jesus said, “You say that I am a king. To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the
    world that I should bear witness unto the truth. Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice.”

    I want to go back if we could to the verse before there where Jesus said, “my kingdom is not of
    this world and if my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight that I should not be
    delivered to the Jews but now is my kingdom not from hence.” I can’t imagine Jesus referring to any
    of his followers or disciples as servants and that they should fight that I should not be delivered
    to the Jews. I don’t think the word Jew existed back in those days, did it?

    Alan: No.

    Jackie: At that time?

    Alan: No.

    Jackie: Then he says “but now is my kingdom not from hence” and one of the things that people who
    are very much believing in oh there is going to be a second coming and that when Jesus gets here
    his throne will be in Jerusalem and there will be a thousand years of peace. The way they justify
    this one or understand, I should say, is

    he said “now is my kingdom not from hence.” In other words, it will be later. Would you comment on

    Alan: Again it’s —

    Jackie: Putting words in his mouth?

    Alan: Sort of, but it’s also tacking on the age. Every age is given a god figure and of course
    that was the beginning of the Age of Pisces and that’s why in the New Testament when he’s going to
    ride into glory on a donkey he tells them to go and find a young colt tied and his master will be
    carrying a picture of water, which is Aquarius. That’s why that’s written like that, so his time of
    glory would last from then until Aquarius.

    Jackie: Until the Age of Aquarius?

    Alan: Yes. The priesthoods have always used somebody or as a martyr figure but always used the
    story for every age in a disguised form. Of course in Egypt you had Osiris and Isis the mother and
    Horus the son and eventually they had the Greeks made into Adonis, which is the same thing as
    Horus, and then that became Adonai of the Jews. They call god generally Adonai.

    Jackie: This deal about my servants, if my kingdom was of this world then my servants would fight.
    That sounds like a made-up thing.

    Alan: Yes it is. I think you’d find that rulers again who created the Christian movement long
    after that period had to put in their own spin on things obviously, but there in that particular
    instance Jesus is symbolizing pure spirit and of course a battle in the physical realm again is the
    physical realm. It’s the two worlds. The one of matter and the one of spirit and he is showing the
    way to fulfill the spiritual quest in other words. That’s what the whole story is about. It’s a
    spiritual quest and the world in other words would always be base because it always was base and
    it’s still base under all the polish and so on, it’s still a very base planet. Therefore the
    spiritual quest has succumbed you might say to the quest in the world of matter for the ownership
    of more matter and that’s the way it’s always been here.

    Jackie: Cycle after cycle after cycle.

    Alan: The first fall of man was into matter. That’s what they said in ancient times.

    Jackie: That makes sense to me and I truly wonder, truly wonder as spiritual beings why we ever
    came here in the first place unless it was to experiment. Now I don’t know if this is so, but I
    have read and it makes sense, but there are spiritual being that never actually take physical

    Alan: Again, the only you can prove something–

    Jackie: I know, seeing it or be there.

    Alan: Until you have the proof and the proof can never be because someone said so. That’s how they
    create their religions that end up lording over us you might say.

    Jackie: Let me ask you this. I know that there are a lot of charlatans. Do you believe that it is
    possible for people to channel disincarned entities?

    Alan: Oh yes, I believe that, but I don’t say these entities are generally what they claim that
    they are.

    Jackie: Or maybe have anymore. I don’t know. For example the Seth material is very
    – have you ever read that Alan?

    Alan: What’s it called?

    Jackie: The Seth material.

    Alan: I don’t think so.

    Jackie: The information that – well, never mind. We won’t go into it. I’ve read a lot of books and
    you’ve said this yourself. If you read enough books from different sources and there is a thread
    that there’s probably truth to it and maybe the possibility is that there are disincarned entities
    that mean no harm and that are bringing some information to help mankind. Why couldn’t that be a

    Alan: Generally you’ll find it’s the same messages though, and of course in the ’60’s there was a
    whole myriad of groups came out of the human potential movement. It was pushed by the Rockefellers
    and all the big boys.

    Jackie: Were they doing some harmful work?

    Alan: What it was to do was to actually get people into this whole thing of channeling basically.

    Jackie: I would think that would be very, very dangerous.

    Alan: Oh yes. I mean if you’re bringing something into you and you’re taking its word that it is
    what it says it is and you’re opening up a doorway which it then can then come in any time it
    wishes to. I’ve no doubt on that because that’s something I don’t believe, It’s something I’ve
    experienced in other people which I couldn’t deny. There is no scientific explanation but I’ve seen
    people you might say “possessed.”

    Jackie: That you could actually see that it wasn’t them when they were talking?

    Alan: Yes. I couldn’t contradict it, couldn’t deny it and there’s no scientific explanation for
    it. When you study Masonry and all of the groups including the higher Wiccanism, all the groups
    that are running the show today basically in religion, they’re all into channeling entities and the
    higher Masons do this. They channel entities.

    Jackie: We talked about this on the air, didn’t we, about the high Masons who actually receive an
    entity to share their physical body.

    Alan: In the very high degrees they do.

    Jackie: I’ll bet there are some that don’t have to be in high degrees of Masonry.

    Alan: You’ll see it in some of the lower people too and you’ll find that people who are not as
    well in Masonry, but Masonry in its higher levels actually encourages it.

    Jackie: You had told us and I think you touched on it one night but it’s been quite a while ago
    and maybe you could address this again that we’re kind of on this track. The pyramid that they have
    set up where they’re doing – do you know what I’m talking about?

    Alan: The triangle.

    Jackie: The triangle, thank you. Talk about that again, would you? Explain it again.

    Alan: One of the biggest groups that led this movement, the Masonic group again promoted by the
    Rockefeller Foundation heavily, was theosophy and they set up triangles, large ones and smaller
    ones within where they will meet in certain lodges on different parts of the map and form these
    triangles and literally meditate their will upon all the inhabitants contained therein.

    Jackie: I think it’s important hopefully for our listeners, folks, think about this what Alan is
    telling us and realize that these people at the top have the secrets of the ages you might say and
    they’re very well aware of the power that resides. It isn’t just they who have this power. It is
    each and every one of us if we access it and so not seeming so far out of bounds because Jesus said
    it in many ways, Alan. He said it in many ways. Number One: “The kingdom of God is within you. Ye
    are the light of the world” and so therefore it brings back to mind the importance for us to the
    way we be. You said this several years ago that it’s up to each and every individual because
    everything we do, everything we say, everything we think is impacting not just this physical realm
    but every dimension.

    Alan: That’s right. The higher Masons when they’re talking about changes in society, major
    changes, they’ll call it “The Spirit of the Age” and “The Spirit of the Age” is basically the form
    that this sort of mental psychic form they create, also through propaganda and TV and media and so
    on, to promote these things. In other words, they give you the ‘in thing’ to do, the trendy the way
    to be for this particular period, The Spirit of the Age, and they claim that they force their will
    to do so. I’ve actually got a tape where Rockefeller talks about this. All of the parts of the
    changes of society and the directions that we’re going into are all calculated prior to the public
    ever hearing of them or seeing them implemented and they’re willed into existence basically.

    Jackie: Yes, of course they have a little help don’t they, Alan, with all their technology – all
    their control of education, entertainment, the media, governments, the monetary economic system.
    They’ve got a little bit of – well, but it’s all on the material level.

    Alan: That’s right and think tanks. Lots of think tanks.

    Jackie: Their think tanks yes and the one thing I do know is that there is no power in this world
    greater than the power of Creator, so it doesn’t mean that they’re going to be successful. It
    appears right now that they’re on the road to success.

    Alan: They get to the brink of dominance, but there’s a truth here within even the ancient
    mysteries that contained all of this information long, long ago that the world is in a balance.
    It’s like the balance of nature. Things have to be in balance and when evil tips the scales so much
    then something has to give. It cannot simply be successful and stay that way. Eventually the good
    has to overtake it and destroy it and it’s something of course that man or base man you might say
    never learns. The people you’re taught to respect in high positions are corrupt people. These are
    the only people who climb

    and claw their way up to the high positions because they have a lust for power which ordinary
    people cannot fathom. They cannot understand it and so it’s presented to the public that they are
    just there as good public servants et cetera, but there’s not one case on TV in the line of
    politics that didn’t crave that position and they’d do anything and say anything to get there.
    That’s the problem. In every age you’re top-heavy with dynasties you might say, ruling dynasties
    and oligarchies and families, very wealthy, who crave total power and it literally goes to their
    heads and they bring chaos upon the world in the process.

    Jackie: A question here or a thought. You mentioned last night that the ancient mysteries or
    truths that we get 10 times around here and if we aren’t in our spiritual consciousness by then,
    then the energy that is in our maybe personality, soul that it just dissipates back into the

    Alan: That’s a belief that the Hindus have and that’s very, very old because so much of all
    religions come from – there’s no doubt there’s a connection with India.

    Jackie: What about these creatures? They don’t understand that the laws of creation are immutable.
    That as we sow, so shall we reap. They don’t understand this?

    Alan: They understand this very well. It’s their arrogance. You see, they’re so arrogant and sure
    of themselves and the more they get away with, the more sure of themselves they are and it’s their
    nature. It’s in their nature. It’s like the old story of crossing the water on the back of scorpion
    and it promises not to sting you and you’re halfway across and it stings you. When you ask why did
    it do it, it says, it’s my nature; and that’s the nature of these creatures. They really believe
    that through science and planning and cunningness they can actually avoid it this time around. It’s
    in their nature, you see. It’s no different from someone who’s a real hardened drug addict.
    These people are addicted to power as you cannot imagine. They have a lust for it, a craving for
    it. They think about it night and day. It consumes their entire life.

    Jackie: How do you know that?

    Alan: Simply by studying them, when you really study them.

    Jackie: You get a sense or a feel?

    Alan: Down through the centuries you’ll see them. It’s the same pattern over and over and over and
    these people cannot let go of power. That’s why they never retire. They don’t say, well, I’m 65,
    I’ve got millions of dollars, I’ll put my feet up and enjoy myself.

    Jackie: Because they are enjoying themselves.

    Alan: That’s right. They have to be in the limelight. They have to mix with their own kind. They
    want to have the ordinary people kowtowing to them and they have this lust. See, it’s an insatiable
    lust. You can’t say I’ll give you a shot of 100 milligrams of cocaine and that will do you, you
    see. It’s an insatiable lust for power that cannot be satisfied and hence they go the whole way.

    Jackie: The fame and fortune that come with it. Like you said being out in the limelight.

    Alan: That’s why they cannot retire. You’ll see them all in their 80’s even still going around the
    world giving speeches and so on, heavily involved. They don’t retire because they’re addicted to
    power and there’s no amount of power that would ever satisfy them. That’s the problem because
    they’re addicts.

    Jackie: Remember that quote a long time ago that you made that Toynbee said that basically it had
    something to do with the power behind those people that believe they’re in power and to refresh you
    in case. We were talking about the fact that the ruling force, unseen hand, whatever we would call
    it, is very clear about the power within all of us, but these creatures that are doing the work
    here, the ones that you said that are really behind it, we’ve never even heard their names. They
    believe that they’re God and they believe that they will reincarnate right back into the same
    families but we won’t. Do you recall that statement from Toynbee?

    Alan: When he was talking about the power within?

    Jackie: Yes.

    Alan: Arnold Toynbee was a professor at Oxford University and he taught the Rhodes Scholars. He
    taught the Bill Clinton types you see for world dominion. That’s what the Rhodes Scholarship was
    set up to do.

    Jackie: Where did you say he was a professor?

    Alan: Oxford University. Oxford on Isis they call it. It’s always been called that.

    Jackie: Oxford on Isis.

    Alan: Yes. Where the river runs through there they call it the Isis and that goes back to the 11th
    century. These guys have been at this for a long time. Anyway, he was giving a speech to world
    internationalists and communists and so on and I think the speech was in Denmark and 1932 and he
    said, “when an original thought is created it’s immediately transmitted across the globe and
    certain people will receive it at the same time it’s released.” He said, “we know how to use this
    power,” but he was also aware that the masses were ignorant of the fact that they could also do it
    and so basically what he was saying was that he and his kind, his ruling elite as he believed, and
    he belonged to aristocracy, very old aristocracy. He believed that they literally willed their plan
    into existence and those who would help them would pick up their thoughts and work it out, and
    that’s basically what they do.

    Jackie: But the same goes for us.

    Alan: Yes, but the public are not supposed to know that, you see. We’re supposed to believe that
    there’s nothing except science and that’s why they had to eradicate all the old religions, which,
    mind you, they also gave you as well. They’re defunct now.
    They’ve done their job. Now you must believe in nothing but science and the state. The state
    becomes god and as long as you believe that, you’re imprisoned forever. That’s the idea. They don’t
    want the public to know that this is your individual journey as a spiritual being and no one else
    can take that from you or show you where you must go. However, the second fall of man, according to
    these same people, the first fall is the fall into matter and they wish to fulfill their plan by
    the second fall, which is to encase man forever in the world of matter.

    Jackie: You know we’ve talked about this. Actually, I remember when it was. Right around the time
    of 9/11 we were having a lot of conversations and in the conversation that we were having was one
    that occurred to me that when we leave this physical realm, when we come back we bring back with us
    what it is we left with and if they can shorten a life – in other words, if we’ve begun on the path
    on the journey, let’s say to spiritual consciousness, there is a remembrance. I’m just clear on
    that because of certain things that I knew as a little child, I knew, there were just things I knew
    and so therefore if they can keep people totally in the lie and maintain what they have created as
    a perceived separation between us and Creator, well then when we come back it’s the same old thing.
    It’s almost like a computer. You put junk in and you get junk out.

    Alan: That’s what the pharaohs said. The pharaohs claimed they perfected the slave population so
    they’d always come back as perfect slaves.

    Jackie: So it’s really so critical that we get out of the lie.

    Alan: It’s not so easy because pretty well everything is nothing but lies – ancient history,
    recent history is still being changed by the year with every book that comes out. I just watched a
    documentary done by the CBC on the now official version of how the Free Trade Agreement came to
    conclusion, and I’ve never seen so much fantasy in my life. They never went into the fact that the
    Free Trade Agreement goes back to the 1500’s, that wasn’t mentioned at all, because when John Dee
    went to Queen Elizabeth I and talked about a British or “Brytish” Empire with free trade between
    countries that would join this commonwealth – and the free exchange of labor, because the elite
    knew they’d have to move the laboring classes into new countries to do manufacturing, clearing all
    the lands and all this kind of stuff. That was in the 1500’s, so the free flow of labor and goods
    would have to be part of free trade.

    Jackie: We’re going to be taking a break now. I’m here, Alan.

    Alan: Getting back to this CBC documentary on the Free Trade Agreement, it was presented as though
    it was the greatest thing that Canadians wanted and how we’d all so benefited from it financially.
    Of course, the way it came about, it just sort of happened to be the right time for it to come into
    play and forces sort of pushed it into play, natural forces, and it just sort of happened that way.
    However, in reality it’s utter rubbish, there was so much scheming that went into the Free Trade
    Negotiations, it was planned with the creation of the British empire in the 1500’s, including, as I
    say, the free movement of the laboring classes between continents as they had to do to clear the
    lands and so on. They’re constantly changing history and presenting it to the public, who don’t
    seem to notice, even though they lived through the changes, they don’t seem to remember it as it
    really was, even if it was only a few years ago. The children that go to school haven’t a clue, all
    they’re told is the official version and they believe it, so history is always being altered.

    Jackie: I’ve got this book and I’ve referenced it before, it’s Harper Collins Atlas of World
    History, and on page 70 it’s the Jewish Diaspora from AD 70 to 1497. “For over 2000 years the
    history of the Jews has been an external dispersion and internal cohesion. The political, military
    and religious reverses in Judea only affected to a small extent the status of Jews in the Roman
    Empire and the even larger number of Jews living in Babylonia. The resilience of Judaism after the
    setback in AD 70 may be explained in part by the evolution of the Jewish religion following the
    destruction of the first temple, when a system based on a temple and sacrifices was complimented by
    one based on the synagogue and prayer. The new religious forms gave influence to the interpreters
    of Biblical law. The philosophy underlying such interpretation varied. One group of interpreters,
    the Pharisees, became particularly influential some time after the middle of the second century BC
    and after AD 70 they evolved into rabbis, a

    second important factor was the codification of Jewish law, both civil and religious, carried out
    in Palestine around AD 200 by Rabbi Judah…” “…The Muslim conquest in Spain in 711 AD brought
    respite which culminated in golden age of Spanish Jewry…” “…from about the fifth century this
    changed and Jews became identified with international and regional trade. Internal and external
    factors including the widespread dispersal of Jews, both in Islamic lands and throughout Christian
    Europe, Jewish group solidarity, facility linguistics communication, and uniform system of
    commercial law based on the Talmud accounted for this change…” “…Carolingian rulers aware of the
    role of Jews’ role in international trade granted them special charters assuring them of
    protection, commercial privileges, and the right to govern themselves according to their own laws…”

    Alan: They still have their own places where they settle disputes.

    Jackie: You said that was around 1500; this is AD 70 – 1497, bringing us right into that era.

    Alan: John Dee was a Kabbalist, as was Francis Bacon. They both studied the Kabbalah. We’re
    talking about a mystery religion that comes out of Babylon, and it preexisted Babylon, it comes
    down through the centuries like a phoenix bird, it changes its form every four to five-hundred
    years, hides behind different forms, but really it’s a small elite behind most of the “feathers”,
    you might say. “Phoenicians” is a play on the “phoenix”; one of their capitals in the Middle Ages
    was Venice— substitute ‘F’ (Ph) for a ‘V’ and you have Venice. If you take Venus the planet and
    chart its course through the heavens over a year, it makes the so-called Star of David. This Star
    of David was never David’s star; you find it all the way back through Babylon and all the way to

    Jackie: How do the Jesuits figure into all of this? Because when you mentioned Venice, I read
    quite a long thing about their control of trade and commerce in Venice.

    Alan: The Jesuits, they have their P.R. thing they started up to fight this new thing created by
    one of their members, Martin Luther, Protestant sect.

    Jackie: Was he a Jesuit?

    Alan: He was definitely a Rosicrucian; in fact, that’s on his coat of arms, his family crest, the
    rose and cross. Of course the Catholic Church at that time was burning everybody it didn’t like and
    all it did with Martin Luther was call him in for a few questions and let him go. Why did they let
    him go? It was because it was the right


    time to create an opposition for the upcoming industrial age in creating the Protestant sect with
    the “Protestant work ethic,” that was important.

    Ignatius Loyola was a member of the Alumbrados, the Spanish Illuminati sect of his day, and he was
    captured by the Pope’s army who he’d fought against. They had him in prison and then he was granted
    an audience with the Pope; after the audience he walked out as the first head of Jesuit order. He
    was a very powerful man, obviously, the Pope (being a secret society at the top) understood exactly
    where this man had come from and granted him this power. Why would a Pope grant a man who was a
    known member of the Alumbrado, Illuminati sect that came from the Knights Templars, why would he
    give him the headship of a brand new powerful order?

    Jackie: Some people say it’s the Illuminati behind all this; and yet, the Illuminati is part of
    it, yes?

    Alan: It’s part of it. You must create opposites, always, all the time, and you must always have
    conflict on the go to create the changes they want and to reap the financial rewards. Wars are
    terribly lucrative to those who lend the money and carry the shipments and so on. The Jesuits
    planned to take down many countries which had become Protestant, and you had thirty-year wars going
    on and fifty-year wars in Europe over this Protestant-Catholic thing. Very lucrative to certain
    people and it’s all arranged that way. The mystery religion is contained in every religion,
    including Buddhism.

    Jackie: Somebody had written up a paper and was quoting statements allegedly made by the Buddha
    (Prince Siddhartha was it?) and also Jesus, all of the masters, “teachers” if you would, that have
    come in to this world to “bear witness unto the truth,” they had the same message. It occurred to
    me that whatever Buddhism is today, it wouldn’t be about the teachings, the real teachings, the
    same way that Christianity – they leave a little bit in, but all of the religions, it doesn’t
    matter which one it is, they’ve all been man-made.

    Alan: Mystery Babylon was the mystery because it was so hard to exactly say what it was, because
    it contained all of the religions of its time, it updated all of the religions of its time, and it
    altered all of the religions of its time. It was also a commercial system incorporated within it,
    with an ordered bureaucratic system to run the whole show. Mystery Babylon was and is today; it’s
    still the same thing today. However, when the Buddha died, the sects who got together, and by that
    time there were many different sects that had minor differences.

    Jackie: Just like the followers of Jesus.

    Alan: Just like Constantine’s big setup about 300 years after he died, they got together and
    created the official version and codified it and put the laws down and the rules and all the rest
    of it.

    Jackie: For our listeners, that would have been the first Council of Nicea in, what was it, 325 AD?
    I do have a small book on this a man wrote in 1916 and he quoted from the ancient historians back
    at that time. In fact, I read lots of the book to our listeners, it’s a little book, I found it in
    a small little bookstore down in Philly.
    Basically, I know that many people, those who have believed, that the “Bible” or “Holy Bible” is
    the divinely inspired word of God; and if enough people could read that book, when you read the
    speech that was allegedly given by Constantine there, he was dialoging those bishops to consensus.
    That’s exactly what he did and they voted, like you said, they came up with what the dogma and
    doctrine was going to be; and anybody that didn’t go along with it was anathematized. In fact, it
    did mention Arius their bishop and basically what I could understand what he was teaching was what
    Jesus taught – he was the son of God, so he was created – this is what got him anathematized, and
    that we are all the sons of God, so they ejected him from the church and anathematized him. That
    means that he was worthy of being killed and he was of course no longer a bishop and his
    information was evidently so critically important that Constantine declared, decreed anybody caught
    with any of Arius’ writings would be put to death. Arius was put to death when he was brought back.

    Alan: He was put to death in “love,” you see.

    Jackie: Put to death in love, yeah, right. When they brought him back and they were going to
    reinstate him—

    Alan: They poisoned him.

    Jackie: Will Durant in his “History of Civilization” about Caesar and Jesus, he described his
    death in public – and the man not only evacuated his bowels, but his internal organs, his spleen,
    his liver, right in public. This is length that they go to keep truth from the people. I hope that
    our listeners who are listening to this, that the last thing in the world that I want to do, and I
    know that is so for you, is to discourage people – but that it could be encouraging to be released
    from the kind that has been promulgated, fear of God. It’s literally fear of God and anybody would
    fear that god Jehovah. I remember once, a long time ago, one of our listeners called in and he
    said: if we don’t have this to hold on to, what do we have? I said: the truth. The truth, that’s
    what we have to hold on to. I know that it’s hurtful sometimes, but if we really think it

    out and we should be grateful and giving thanks that we are beginning to discover the truth.

    Alan: Yes, because with it comes a tremendous release when you understand and you accept the fact
    that everything has been covered with so many lies for political reasons and for control purposes.
    That’s why organized religions are
    called organized religions; they’re authorized.

    Jackie: They are organized.

    (Transcribed by Linda)




    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru February 22, 2005




    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. You
    didn’t hear me when I first came on because I didn’t have one of my on buttons pushed. Today is
    Tuesday the 22nd of February in the year 2005. I’m glad you’ve joined us this evening. I tried to
    get a hold of Alan Watt. Alan and I talked and I told him yesterday that if I wasn’t able to finish
    what I wanted to do last night that I would finish today and I would get in touch with him. I was
    thinking all day that he was coming on with us and then I realized about 40 minutes ago that oh,
    my, I need to call him and his line has been busy and I cannot reach him. So I’m going to take the
    calls tonight if you would like to call in folks.

    Let me share with you our spiritual message. This is the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi.

    “Father, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there
    is injury, let me so pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair let me so hope;
    Where there is darkness, let me sow light; And where there is sadness, joy. Dear Father, Grant that
    I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; To be understood as to understand; To be loved
    as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; And it is
    in dying that we are born into eternal life.”

    There is no death. There is no death. That wasn’t part of the prayer, of course, that’s my comment,

    Jackie: Hello, Alan. All right, folks, we’re back on here and I hope that we didn’t lose anybody.
    I think that was pretty fast work switching phone lines around et cetera.
    Alan Watt is with us. Alan, I apologize for not calling you earlier today. I was thinking all day
    long that we had already set it up. You were coming on tonight and I got company this afternoon and
    some more company tonight and it occurred to me at about 20 after 8 then your dog-gone line was
    busy, so thanks for calling in.

    Alan: It’s no problem. I got a barrage of calls.

    Jackie: You got a barrage of callers. Well all right, thanks. What are we going to talk about? You
    were telling me about meetings that you had seen – was it a CFR meeting, Alan? You were telling me
    about it recently.

    Alan: They called it the Trilateral Meeting. It was held in Montreal last week and it was
    sponsored by the CFR, the New York branch. They paid for that I guess and it was about the
    integration of the America, Canada and the states.

    Jackie: Would you mind sharing that with our listeners? Now where did you see this, Alan?

    Alan: It was on the regular news.

    Jackie: In Canada? Now they’re talking about Canada too when they’re talking about the Americas.

    Alan: Oh yes. It’s been on the table for a long time and it’s been denied of course for a long
    time as well. They give you both messages simultaneously down through the years. Yes, we’re talking
    about joining. No, we’re not talking about joining and then eventually of course they become more
    open with it and since the Free Trade negotiations in reality that’s when it was first discussed
    that Canada, the U.S., Mexico and then others, especially Chile, would unite to form a form of the United States of Americas to
    compete with Europe. At this meeting last week they talked about the desired currency of this
    merger and a new currency to speed it along too and a single government.

    Jackie: A single government. I wonder what they’ll call the American dollar? The Amero dollar or
    the Amero?

    Alan: In fact I think in read in the papers a while ago that they had tossed different names
    around for a common currency. I can’t remember what it was.

    Jackie: I have a book here from this place down in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, and it’s an
    illuminati – Kleimer is the name of the founder of this place I think and this was called the 34th
    Convocation. This was a message from this Sweinberg-Kleimer and it was a long time ago back in the
    ’20’s or ’30’s and the saying that the capstone on the pyramid – and on their property, by the way,
    is a smaller version of the big pyramid without the capstone. He said that the reason that the
    capstone has not been put on yet is that it won’t happen until America is once again joined with
    That’s how he put it and it’s been in the plan. He said something about Egypt, but it’s been in the
    plan for all these millennia and so that when they have it all – and he hoped that would happen
    without bloodshed.

    Alan: I know that during the Free Trade negotiations the top Canadian bureaucrat or civil servant
    was called Shelley Ann Clark and she typed up all of the negotiation books for the main
    negotiations and afterwards she came out publicly and tried to tell the people of Canada that,
    look, it’s a sellout, we’re merging with them around the year 2005. That was the initial date they
    planned on, so who knows. They certainly still want it, now they’re public about it. I think what
    they were doing too is testing the reaction of the people by announcing that they had a meeting to
    see what would happen.

    Jackie: I doubt we’ll see anything like that in the near future here in the states.

    Alan: I think with this Middle Eastern fracas they’ll have to keep the taxpayers in the states
    quite happy until that’s completed and maybe then they’ll pull the plug and then use that for an
    economic disaster as a reason for merging. However, I think they want it to join by 2005, 2006, but
    I cannot see it in the immediate future, unless they do collapse the economy very quickly.

    Jackie: We know they can do that anytime they want.

    Alan: Yes they can.

    Jackie: I remember back in probably ’93 when I was very new to this and you read these financial
    forecasts. Alan, I was convinced that by October of ’93 it was all going to be all over.

    Alan: Well, it doesn’t take much and I know that Shelley Ann Clark when she tried to get the word
    out to the Canadian people, she said that that would be the reason that would be given at the time
    would be we’re in trouble financially, so is the U.S., and it’s too cumbersome to have so many
    governments with its separate bureaucracies trying to compete with a United Europe and the Pacific
    Rim conglomeration.

    Jackie: It occurs to me that that’s going to fall perfectly in their plan of Trilateral
    Commission. Like in George Orwell’s “1984,” they had their three large regions would you call them?

    Alan: That’s right. They had East Asia and West Asia and Oceania. Karl Marx wrote about this in
    the 1840’s.

    Jackie: And the wars, when we go back to George Orwell’s “1984,” how two of them would be against
    one and then suddenly they were the allies of their enemies and they acted like and the people
    accepted it like, oh, okay, so it’s been this way and this exactly what’s happening today. We had a
    caller just before you called in and we were talking about France and how America has been really
    biting France and of course now we’re hearing that Russia had supplied Iran with nuclear warheads.
    They’re pulling it off already and getting people to believe that oh well Germany is no longer our
    ally. France is no longer our ally.

    Alan: Just on tonight’s news they have tentatively announced that Canada is joining the U.S. with
    this new anti-missile defense system that they’re going to set up in the north of Canada.

    Jackie: Another merger?

    Alan: Supposedly in case of Russia, I guess. Who’s left? The Eskimos? Who’s going to attack you?
    Once again, they’re setting up Russia as possibly the bad guy, but really this goes back for
    thousands of years, the necessity of government that really is an elite with a bureaucracy running
    over the people under the pretense of protecting them from those guys over there – when those guys
    over there are often their own kin who are running those countries. That was the farce of the
    European wars for centuries, was that the British king would send these guys off to fight the
    French king and when

    they weren’t fighting the French king, who was a cousin of his, he was off fighting the King of
    Holland who was also his cousin.

    Jackie: Of course the kings never fought.

    Alan: No, but they all borrowed heavily from the bankers to support these wars and then they tax
    the people to pay it all back, so they lived very comfortably on war.

    Jackie: This is for our listeners who may not be aware of this or who have not heard it when I
    mentioned it. I have read this in three different books or publications or speeches, that when they
    were planning World War I more overtly, because I know that in 1906, Norman Dodd had mentioned
    reading about it in the archives of the – what was it? The Carnegie Foundation and they had a
    question that they asked: “Is there any way better than war or other than war or is there a way to
    make a change in a nation or culture that it can never change back again?” They formed the
    commission and they came up with the answer and they said “no, war is the way to make the change”
    and they started planning World War I and even the fact that it would take place or be started in
    the Balkans. Then they decided that they would wait until the
    U.S. Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act so that the American people could pay for it and in
    1913 the Federal Reserve Act was passed and in 1914 World War I was begun. If anybody doubts what
    you’re saying or how long this plan and how well planned it is, we only need to find these little
    bits and pieces for the conformation, Alan.


    The 1913 Federal Reserve Act created the Federal Reserve System, known simply as “The Fed.” It was implemented to establish economic stability in the U.S. by introducing a central bank to oversee monetary policy. 1 The Federal Reserve Act is one of the most influential laws shaping the U.S. financial system.

    Alan: I know that after they fought Napoleon they had a big meeting with the elite of Europe and
    the Vatican and they basically divvied up tracts of land to each other and discussed the future
    wars, where they would be, who would benefit and who the winners would be, et cetera, and they
    planned the future even back then.

    Jackie: When was this?

    Alan: That was in the late 1800’s, The Concert of Europe and another one before it, the Council of
    Vienna. They actually divvied up the land between the conquerors to pay off all the loans et cetera
    and the interest rates that would be paid by each nation and even the possibility of new wars and a
    United Europe. It’s never ending. It’s never ending and I think one of the best books to read on
    that is the “Autobiography of Bertrand Russell” because he worked for the British Intelligence
    Service. He was also a British Lord and he his job was to set up a protest movement against nuclear
    war, and again with the Hegelian Dialectic–

    Jackie: Set up a protest.

    Alan: Yes. He formed what was the Committee of 100 and they got 100 leaders of large anti-nuclear
    weapon protest groups, but they were the active branch. They were the ones who’d go in and knock
    down the fences around American airports and storm over the airports et cetera. He said by using
    this technique of the dialectic (he’s talking about the Hegelian method of opposites), he said we
    can create global governments.
    When the people are terrified enough they will ask for global governments.

    Jackie: I’ve got a quote here by him. He was a UNESCO adviser and of course UNESCO is labeled, if
    you would, “The Global School Board.” He said, “It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able
    to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the state with
    money and equipment. When the technique has been perfected every government that has been in
    control of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the
    need of armies or policemen.”

    Alan: That’s right. That was in the “Impact of Science on Society.” He went right through it and he
    quoted Euclid and some of the ancient Greek philosophers because they did experimentation on mind
    control back in ancient Greece.

    Jackie: Okay, look, we have to take our 60-second break. We’ll talk about that when we get back.
    Alan, are you there?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: I had to go out and find the shortwave radio for Steve so he could listen. You had said
    that in Greece they were practicing mind control and now give us a timeline here.

    Alan: 2,400 years ago. One of the big philosophers there at the time, because they all had their
    little schools, their followings of students, and he tried with very young children.

    Jackie: Now who are we talking about?

    Alan: Euclid or one of Euclid’s students. He did say that he taught them that the color of snow
    was black, and things along that line, and so that when they grew a few years from then they let
    them out to meet other children and they would say the snow was black. Of course when other
    children from outside heard that they’d laugh and mock them and these young students didn’t know
    what was wrong with them because they’d

    been taught logically that that’s what you call the color of snow. Bertrand Russell used that as an
    example in his book “The Impact of Science on Society.”

    Jackie: Is religion a science?

    Alan: Oh yes, absolutely. Everything was tried through religion. Russell said that if you can get
    a child, preferably under the age of two, which would mean bringing in kindergarten specially
    sponsored by the state, which we have now in Canada, he said any input from the parents value

    Jackie: In Canada is it a free babysitting thing for parents?

    Alan: They just passed a law about a month ago to extend it across the whole of Canada, so I don’t
    know how far it’s going.

    Jackie: In other words, working parents would find that a wonderful opportunity for their children
    and for them because if it is a public government funded project then they wouldn’t have to paying
    babysitters or daycare centers, so that I would imagine that those people who are financially
    depressed or oppressed, whatever we would call it, would jump at the opportunity.

    Alan: Actually the parents themselves, who are around 25 years of age or so, are one step beyond
    their parents towards accepting this as normal because many of them went to kindergarten and so on.

    Jackie: And preschool?

    Alan: Yes, that’s right, preschool.

    Jackie: I can remember when the U.S. Congress was having hearings on Goals 2000. One of the big
    things, I kept hearing it over and over and over again, that all children will enter school ready
    to learn.

    Alan: Yes, that’s right. In fact, when they go to kindergarten they start them off right there.
    Most kindergarten schools have symbols of the images of the world, “we are a global village,”
    you’ll see that slogan everywhere, “we are one family,” and so they’re being prepared already for
    that. This has been an ongoing intergenerational change towards this agenda or the progression of
    this agenda for a long time but speeding up in the last 100 years.



    Jackie: What occurred to me when you were talking about this and I was thinking about the people
    who are financially strapped jumping at it, they time everything at the perfect time for them,
    don’t they?

    Alan: Yes. When you look at the school buses that go around even rural areas and they stop door to
    door for the children, you see, so no child is left behind as they say. They make sure that
    everyone gets the same indoctrination and just like in ancient Greece, if they’re taught that snow
    is black they’ll all say the same thing and they’ll think well we must be normal because we all

    Jackie: Well, you know the thing is when you think about it, we’re a global village, we are all
    one and all that, on a spiritual level we are one and I think that plays to people who don’t
    realize the insidious outcome of what they plan for everybody. It pulls their heartstrings, Alan.

    Alan: I know but I can understand that sometimes it’s best not to tell everybody everything that’s
    happening because it’s so bad most people couldn’t handle it and that’s the truth. We’re living in
    a fantasia that we call normal and it’s really masterful mind control and our parents have been
    under it too and this has been going on for a long time, this whole technique of mind control. Very
    few people question the system that they live in as they go through it. They see things that aren’t
    quite right so they think, “I’ll vote somebody else in and things will change for the better,” but
    in reality this is an agenda and the best of it is you don’t have to go into conspiracy books to
    find it. It’s in old history books prior to 1900, regular old history books.

    Jackie: You mean people in history books that students were getting?

    Alan: Yes, because prior to 1900, most people who could read and write were part of the wealthier
    class so they were writing for themselves to themselves and they wouldn’t upset the apple cart
    themselves since they were being rewarded by it. They could quite more openly discuss things and
    there were more outlets for individual publishers who didn’t at that time really need a license in
    some countries.

    Jackie: Do you think that within these families every now and then there’s a black sheep? The
    reason I’m asking I remember quite a few years ago reading about a Rothschild that was found hung
    in a hotel room or something.

    Alan: Yes he was.

    Jackie: It makes you wonder if maybe he was slipping out of the grips of the family. I don’t even
    remember where I read this. I don’t know if there’s any truth in it at all,

    but that some son of a Rockefeller family somewhere was in Africa and wound up dead.

    Alan: That was Israel.

    Jackie: Was it Israel?

    Alan: Yes. He’d been in a whorehouse and he died. He was high on cocaine and other drugs. He had a
    heart attack so the Mossad pulled him out into the street and put him in a car to avoid the scandal
    of where he died. Eventually it blew out into the press what had happened.

    Jackie: Okay. The way I read it was that he was on some junket or something over in Africa.

    Alan: He was on a junket all right, a different type.

    Jackie: Do you think that ever though that somehow they slip out of the grasp of their
    indoctrination, their mind control?

    Alan: I don’t think so much they slip out as slip up with arrogance or maybe too many drugs and
    they get loose-lipped and boastful, or they could have a weakness. I think the one that was found
    hung in the bathroom, the Rothschild, was homosexual–

    Jackie: Well I thought they all were.

    Alan: He had a lover–

    Jackie: Blatant in other words.

    Alan: Yes, but not so much the fact that he had one. I think he was starting to disclose things he
    shouldn’t tell him, so secrecy is very important and they’re monitored as well in case they ever do
    slip up, or they can find out what has been said and they can try and remedy it before it hits the
    papers. They are monitored.

    Jackie: The situation over there in England like with Princess Di and that, what do you think was
    behind all that?

    Alan: Everyone knows the only reason that she was chosen to marry Charles was simply for the

    Jackie: Because of the royal blood.

    Alan: For the royal blood and the fact that just looking at Charles you can tell that they’re too
    inbred. They had to branch out a little bit.

    Jackie: Okay, because she was pretty.

    Alan: Yes and Charles is an odd looking guy and his sister Ann, who liked horses, kind of looks
    like one too.

    Jackie: And the Queen is not such a–

    Alan: No. They’re so inbred and it was in the papers at the time all of these reasons, it was more
    open at that time as to why they’d chosen someone slightly outside the usual coterie. However, once
    he performed his “duty,” you might say, and she had the offspring, Charles was off with the boys,
    as usual, all the time, playing polo across the world and he was never – I even think they’re
    lining him up now with this woman he’s going to marry as just another publicity stunt.

    Jackie: Who is this?

    Alan: Camilla Parker Bowles.

    Jackie: Okay. Is that the one that he was allegedly in a romance with during their marriage?

    Alan: Yes, but I really think it’s more of a mother figure, a confidant to him, because he was
    never interested in women, but it’s good PR for the public who must believe he’s straight and all
    the rest of it. At one time his Uncle Mountbatten,tricky Dickey they called him, he was a blatant
    homosexual. It was no secret. He was worried that Charles was also homosexual that he would never
    produce offspring and so Mountbatten hired or rented an apartment in London and put some really
    high class whores in there to try and interest Charles but it didn’t work. They went to quite a lot
    of lengths to try to get him interested in women and then they did PR shots to convince the public
    that he was straight.

    Jackie: So are the boys his?

    Alan: Who knows? It may have been done artificially for all we know.

    Jackie: There you go. Very possibly.

    Alan: They did a PR campaign that cost millions of pounds at that time and they were taking
    Charles across the globe and they were hiring dozens of models in Australia and elsewhere who would
    run towards him on the beach as though he was a really attractive fellow. That’s how far they were
    going to convince the public that he was a real ladies man, but that was so far from the truth.
    That’s the world that we live in and that’s always been their world though. They’re matched up
    simply for their genetic lineages and once they have performed their “duty,” as they call it, the
    husband can do what he wants and so can the wife. That’s always been the way of the aristocracy.

    Jackie: And so can the wife?

    Alan: Oh yes.

    Jackie: Well that’s amazing.

    Alan: As long as she doesn’t give birth to a child outside of the marriage. They used to have
    their own personal royal abortionists hired full-time just going around the aristocratic families.

    Jackie: Do you believe that it’s true that Diana was pregnant by the–

    Alan: I don’t know. We’ll never know.

    Jackie: You don’t know, because there has been reserved speculation of course that the fact that
    she was engaged to this Arab, I guess, that they just couldn’t abide by that.

    Alan: I can see that for sure but also she was becoming too popular. She’d gone on BBC and asked
    to go on BBC and started to explain some of the problems she had in the marriage and she’d done
    part one of that and she was going to do part two and I think she was going to go a lot further and
    tell the British people too much. That’s why I think she was killed, because she was too popular
    and people were listening. If she had done the second part of that BBC documentary, who knows what
    she might have said?

    Jackie: Why do you think they keep the royal family in England? I mean it is just a figurehead.

    Alan: They’re figureheads and it’s also a symbol of the system and the system is based on
    eugenics. It’s paradise for the elite there. It is eugenics. That’s the only reason that they are
    royalty is because of their bloodline, which they believe are superior to the ordinary people, and
    the British Royal family remember is related to all the other royal families across Europe. They
    intermarry with each other and have done for centuries and centuries but they are a symbol of the

    Jackie: Now they called hemophilia the “royal disease,” didn’t they?

    Alan: Yes. That was one of the royal diseases.

    Jackie: And it’s carried by the mother, right?

    Alan: Yes, passed on. They also had madness too. King George went nuts at one point, sort of manic
    depression. That was common in them too. They are a symbol of superior genes supposedly.

    Jackie: In the protocols they talk about getting rid of the monarchies. Why was the plan for that?

    Alan: It wasn’t for all the monarchies. That was the thing too. Eventually what I think they
    wanted was to phase out their status in the public eye but those same families would still be up
    there holding the wealth. They do hold an incredible amount of wealth and they have incredible
    investments in some of the largest multinational corporations on the planet. It wouldn’t matter if
    they eventually stepped down from the limelight. It would make no difference in this day and age
    because technically they’re not ruling anything anymore, technically. Sometimes I wonder if they
    are though, because I know that the Bilderbergers meeting the Queen goes there with a few other
    ones from the royal family. They are in on a lot of what’s going on, but I think one day they might
    just step down but still retaining this incredible wealth that they have and they’ll still continue
    to inbreed amongst themselves anyway. There’s a whole aristocracy that just simply inbreeds. In
    fact this Parker Bowles that Charles is going to marry, her ancestor was one of the mistresses of
    Henry VIII.

    Jackie: My, my, who would that be? Do you know?

    Alan: I can’t remember which one, but that shows you how close all these people are right down to
    the present. She was the mistress of Charles and her ancestor was a mistress for Henry VIII. These
    people are so close. They’re almost a separate race.

    Jackie: Except for their little bastards running around, huh?

    Alan: Yes, but they generally know who they are. See, they have legalized bastards who also have
    rights to titles and so on if they get authorized by the father and that’s where the term in
    Ireland comes from, FITZ, like Fitzsimmons or Fitzgerald. FITZ means that you were born outside of
    the royal wedlock but you have a claim to title. They were very promiscuous. That’s for the ones
    that were straight, that is. It’s a complex history of aristocracy and of course the Catholic
    Church for 1,500 years maintained this particular system. They were right behind it.

    Jackie: Yes they were, weren’t they?

    Alan: Yes, they call that “the natural order” and of course that’s why religion itself, which
    comes from the lunar, stellar and the solar mystic religions, that’s where it comes into play
    because technically the kings and queens were the gods on earth which were also represented in the
    sky in the zodiac. Of course the Vatican was symbolic of the deity that ruled the universe and
    that’s what they called “the natural order” – as above, so below. This was a traditional system
    that had been in play even before they changed their hats in the Roman Church and stopped
    worshipping Jupiter and changed it to Jesus, but it’s the same religion, same technique, the same
    system and the sciences of mind control were perfected long, long before Christianity ever got on
    the go.

    Jackie: Any of the religions, regardless what the religion was, the people totally believed in it
    and in the gods, whether the god was in a tree or there where multiple gods. When I asked you that
    question when you were talking about how they could take a child and actually have them see that
    snow is black and believe it, and I thought about how deep and strong the religious beliefs run in
    people, that it is like it’s in the cells and no amount of reasoning or anything. If there’s a
    question that they can’t answer, they just say I don’t understand that yet. And discrepancies, they
    see the discrepancies, they say, yes, that is a contradiction but it can’t be because God doesn’t
    contradict himself. So they look at a contradiction and say that it isn’t one.

    Alan: You must always bridge the gap or jump over it. This technique of making people believe
    whatever is not too difficult if you have all media, all written works, all novels, all movies, all
    saying the same thing. That’s how sanity is compared. You compare your sanity by your opinions and
    bouncing them off those around you and if you all agree on the same topics, same things, even
    though none of it’s true, if you all believe the same thing then you say well I must be sane
    because they all say the same thing. Therefore if you’re taught as a group that snow is black and
    you all say that, you say well of course I’m sane and snow is black and they all agree and that’s
    the simplicity of mind control. It’s mainly repetition on controlled groups and as long as

    all seemingly unrelated media or material comes your way and confirms that and you don’t catch on
    that they’re all part of that, then you’ll think you’re normal and so will everyone else around

    Jackie: You know it’s like the god Jehovah in the Old Testament. There are people who say, okay,
    well you’re wrong because his name wasn’t Jehovah, his name was Yahweh; and so that makes all the
    difference in the world, Alan?

    Alan: I know, but you see that’s magical thinking. Magical thinking was always based in ancient
    times that if you get the god’s name or the deity’s name or the genie’s name then you had control
    and authority over the deity.

    Jackie: Is that why it says in the Old Testament it says “if my people repent and call me by my

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Because that’s a big one for people who are steeped into the Jehovah / “Yahweh” doctrine.

    Alan: That’s the exoteric meaning of Jehovah. There’s an esoteric meaning for Jehovah too.

    Jackie: What is the esoteric meaning?

    Alan: Actually it’s four words: Yod-He-Vav-He. It’s earth, air, fire and water.

    Jackie: Yahaveh is what?

    Alan: Earth, air, fire and water, which is behind all of the mystery groups right down to the

    Jackie: Yahaveh means earth, air, fire and water. Do the Jews know this?

    Alan: The rabbis do.

    Jackie: What do the Jewish people think it is? It’s Hebrew.

    Alan: Well, they think what they’re told to think and there’re content with very little really,
    but most of them aren’t terribly religious. They’re quite content what they’re given.

    Jackie: So that is very materialistic when you think about it.

    Alan: It is.

    Jackie: The god of this world, of this world, the third dimensional material world.

    Alan: It’s a ball of mud. However, religion as I say has been perfected long, long before even the
    Greeks ruled the world; it was all known by the ancient Egyptians and they’d already run that
    ancient world for 5,000 years before the Greeks came along and I’ve no doubt actually the pyramids
    are a lot older than they claim. They base it all on Cheops or Chufu as the Egyptians called them
    and the Greeks called them Cheops. One dedication inside the pyramid and so they say that must have
    been built during Chufu’s reign, but the Egyptian kings commonly rededicated their name to all
    monuments, so I’ve no doubt it’s far, far older. Of course, the three pyramids are the three wise
    men. They are the belt of Orion.

    Jackie: Alan, we’re out of our hour. Is there more that you could do on this if we did this

    Alan: Sure.

    Jackie: I mean can we start right here?

    Alan: Yes, as long as you remember where we are.

    Jackie: I’ve got notes. Thank you. We’re out of our hour. Folks, we’ll be back with you tomorrow
    night. Alan will be back with us. Thank you very much for joining us tonight.

    (Transcribed by Linda)



    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru February 23, 2005


    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It
    is Wednesday. It is the last day of our week. For those of you who may be listeners from time to
    time we’ve been broadcasting three nights a week now since December and today is Wednesday the 23rd
    of February in the year 2005. Alan Watt is with us tonight and I’m glad you’ve joined us folks.

    I want to begin here with our spiritual message. Alan came on with us last night at about 10 after,
    12 after the hour and we got into a conversation just at the end of that hour that was very
    intriguing so I asked him to please come back this evening so that we could pick it up where we
    left off and we’re going to do that.

    Our spiritual message this evening is from John 12 and this begins with verse 44:

    “Jesus cried and said, he that believes in me believe not in me but in Him that sent me and he that
    sees me sees Him that sent me. I come as light into the world that whosoever believe in me should
    not abide in darkness.”

    He also said, “If any man hear my words and believe not, I judge him not for I came not to judge
    the world but to save the world.” He also said in John 18 that he came into this world to bear
    witness unto the truth.

    Alan, thanks for being with us here tonight.

    Alan: Yes, it’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Oh you’re so nice and clear there. What occurred to me as I was reading this is that many
    people take this literally and say well that proves that Jesus was God because he said that, “When
    a man sees me that he sees Him who sent me,” and would you comment on that please.

    Alan: He’s talking about a different deity. He’s talking about the Creator, as opposed to the
    man-made lawgiver.

    Jackie: Yes and the fact that he said when you see me you see the Father or you see him who sent
    me, to me the interpretation well that proves that he was saying I am God I believe what he was
    saying here is that I am representative of that which is true and that which is light et cetera. He
    who sent me has given me these words.

    Alan: He also said that the Father was in him and that those who understood him, who tuned into
    the same wavelength, then he was also in them; and so it was a raising of consciousness as well to
    truth as they say in an era where their whole lives up until then had been run by tyrannical laws
    and law givers, and he was giving the truth out you see.

    Jackie: Right. The Pharisaical doctrine, is that what you mean?

    Alan: There were so many laws that you couldn’t help but break a few before you got out of your
    house in the morning.

    Jackie: And then you got to be a sinner.

    Alan: Yes and of course as long as you paid money for something to be sacrificed, then it was
    okay. It was a good cash going business.

    Jackie: We are going to get back to what you were talking about last night, but you had made a
    statement, dog gone it. Sometimes my thoughts are so fleeting, Alan.
    Okay, I’m going to have to let that go because it was there and then it’s gone. Last night, we were
    talking about the name of “God” of the Old Testament and in the Old Testament of course he said to
    his chosen people that when I made my covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob they knew me only as
    Lord God Almighty but I’m going to take you to be my people. I will be to you a god in my name or
    you will know me as Jehovah. What I mentioned last night is I get letters from people and emails
    and say his name was Yahweh and so in other words evidently the difference in the name takes away
    from everything that this god “Jehovah” of the Old Testament did and said.

    What you mentioned is the fact that the belief was that if you had the name of the god
    – how did you express that, Alan?

    Alan: It was traditional in the entire Middle East that if you had the name of a god, a demon or
    genii, the genie in the bottle, then you had power over that entity to command that entity and that
    was the little game supposedly Moses was playing with the deity when he appeared as a burning bush.
    It’s all allegory you see but he wanted to know the deity’s name so he could have control over the
    deity and so the deity answered, “I am that I am.” That’s all he would say at that particular
    point. The Jehovah of Yahweh thing came in much later. Of course it’s nothing to do with an actual
    single entity as such, except in a very obscure form. See, the deity that they worshipped initially
    was the volcano god.

    Exodus 3:1-17

    12 And God said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.”

    13 Moses said to God, “Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ Then what shall I tell them?”

    14 God said to Moses, “I am who I am.[c] This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’”

    15 God also said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites, ‘The Lord,[d] the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you.’

    “This is my name forever,
    the name you shall call me
    from generation to generation.

    16 “Go, assemble the elders of Israel and say to them, ‘The Lord, the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob—appeared to me and said: I have watched over you and have seen what has been done to you in Egypt. 17 And I have promised to bring you up out of your misery in Egypt into the land of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—a land flowing with milk and honey.’



    Jackie: Did he have a name?

    Alan: The Greeks called it Vulcanos–

    Jackie: Would that be Vulcan?

    Alan: Mr. Spock, yes, pure logic, and of course if you came down a mountain you wouldn’t be
    surprised to see bushes burning if it was a volcano and that’s why they said they were led by a
    pillar of smoke by day and fire by night. It was a volcano you see and it was a much earlier story
    that the priests had adopted into this.

    Jackie: But that doesn’t really make sense that they were led by a volcano because the volcano is
    there static and supposedly–

    Alan: No. What it means is they were led by a pillar of smoke. In other words, all they saw was
    the pillar of smoke. That was their landmark.

    Jackie: Oh, a landmark. Oh, the fire by night and the smoke by day.

    Alan: That’s what it means.

    Jackie: And that’s like the three wise guys following the stars.

    Alan: That’s the same thing, yes. It’s mystical language which paints a picture and if it’s
    instilled early enough in a child’s mind they will always remember that exoteric picture which
    seems real to them and they’ll never figure out the esoteric story behind it. It’s a clever
    technique which was deliberate. Language and the way it’s used is very deliberate in these
    instances. Anyway, he started off as the Volcano God and he was

    also known in the Old Testament as the God of Thunder. Volcanoes also boom and bang and of course
    that’s also associated with the thunder so he was the Sky God.

    Jackie: Wasn’t Thor the God of Thunder?

    Alan: That’s right. All these ancient religions were connected at one time and what they said was
    that eventually that God was in command of the earth, everything on the earth, all the species that
    walked the earth, the air itself and the rain itself and so that’s where they came with earth,
    fire, wind and water. What that also means is opposites, because behind the religion is an esoteric
    religion behind the story form that you’re told. This comes down through all Freemasonry and all
    religions, even Hinduism has it incorporated into it, that the world is run by opposing forces and
    so the simplest form is your seasons. You have your summer and your winter and your fall and your
    spring, and they also say that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.
    Then if you delve back into the religion of the Babylonians where all this stems from, and Egypt
    and the Greeks in fact, they believed that there had to be a balance, always, between the forces of
    this or that – not necessarily good or evil because those are subjective terms according to the
    appropriation of it. Therefore, if it was out of balance one way, things could never be placid in
    the world and therefore they always had to keep this balance you might say between authority and
    freedom. The very same thing we’re hearing from the Bush Administration today.

    Jackie: Like what?

    Alan: How much freedom are you willing to give up for security? It’s a balance you see and if you
    read the books that many of the elite have written and the planners have written themselves, like
    those of Bertrand Russell, they go through this whole process of saying—and they knew their
    histories since they were historians and philosophers—they said the problem the elites have always
    had was deciding how much freedom to give the general common people and maintain authority over
    them at the same time. Of course, as they came up towards the 20th century, they got more in detail
    with the fact you’d have to lose freedom for the masses and the masses would definitely have more
    control over them as they came into this technological society.
    Then, for the 21st century, it was to be a century of increasing encroachment of bureaucracies to
    cover every facet of life and living for the general common people.

    Jackie: Yes, that’s right out of the Talmud, isn’t it?

    Alan: It’s Talmudic too because the Talmud is a just a book of the same stuff.

    Jackie: That’s what the thought that I lost there for a minute is that I recall you saying that the
    Talmudic laws, actually, if you really read it all or get into it, when they say that they intend
    to have total dominion over this physical world including the inhabitants here, that even the most
    personal functions let’s say of the body et cetera, they have laws governing it. You did say that,

    Alan: Well, I don’t know if I said it but I know it’s true. They do have all these laws of
    hygiene, laws of virginity, laws of pre-marriage examinations for virginity and so on and so on.
    Everything is law, laws. It’s legalized and of course you probably read in the Masonic books they
    talk about “as above so below.” Thousands of years ago when they gave birth to the Great Plan or
    the Great Work they used the stars and drew their plan you might say into the stars and of course
    each constellation has a period of rulership, so these were time periods as each constellation took
    its lead to rule. They worked out what would be done during those 2,000-odd year periods and for
    the time of Jesus, the fish, Pisces, and that was the earliest symbol of Christianity was the fish.
    Wherever they went in Europe these monks always drew in stone the fish and that was their symbol
    that they’d been there, so they were the Age of Pisces and that’s why Jesus says, “I’ll make you a
    fisher of men,” you see. It’s all allegory of a plan you might say.

    Jackie: What did he mean when he said that or do you think that was something they said he said?

    Alan: No. It was a preexisting religion which everyone knew it was partly Gnostic, which
    preexisted that period and co-existed with it. The Greeks talked about it. Plato talked about the
    fishermen of men. These would be people who were specially trained in the mysteries who would be
    sent out to gain discipleship and who would then spread this technique, which was actually to end
    up ruling the world in a perfect system. They believed that these disciples would pick leaders as
    children, train them to be philosopher kings. In fact, Alexander the Great was trained by Aristotle
    who was a pupil of Plato; Plato was a pupil of Socrates who had to drink the Hemlock as a
    punishment for trying to corrupt the youth, so they were using the youth, training them to go out
    into the world and create revolution. Alexander the Great was trained by Aristotle for the role
    that he was to take, so these were called “the fisher kings,” that’s what the term means.

    Jackie: Is that anything to do with the miter that the Pope wears?

    Alan: It does. Oannes was the fish-god as they say.

    Oannes, in Mesopotamian mythologyan amphibious being who taught mankind wisdom. Oannes, as described by the Babylonian priest Berosus, had the form of a fish but with the head of a man under his fish’s head and under his fish’s tail the feet of a man.

    Jackie: Who was that?

    Alan: Oannes was the name of that deity. Anyway, the fisher king was a principle where they would
    literally bring up a youth for a leadership role, indoctrinate him in philosophy and logic and his
    role would be to lead the world into the perfect “Republic” as Plato called it, which was a world
    which would be run by a guardian class. The guardian class were to be the elite aristocracies of
    the world and below them they would have the helping class, which would be the army, the military
    eventually incorporating females into those militaries. They hoped to then breed the female
    soldiers with the male soldiers and they would become the offspring that would obviously take the
    same roles. Below them, there were the working classes who would be specially bred for the tasks
    that they had to perform through selective breeding. If you wanted an apple picker, as Plato said,
    you would pick a tall thin guy and breed him with a tall thin female. If you want a miner, you
    breed a small squat guy with a small squat woman; and this was talked about 2,400 years ago.
    Anyway, they sent out these fisher kings to create revolution and also each revolution was to
    create a larger and larger empire and ultimately they would end up with a world empire. That was
    the whole agenda and of course Plato himself had been taught in Egypt, as all the aristocracy of
    Greece was, they were taught the mystery religions in Egypt, but everything that came out of Egypt
    always led to revolution in those countries that those students went back to. That’s the key to it
    and of course revolution is a circle, you see. To revolve is to draw a circle. That’s why they use
    the word revolution. That’s why the term “revelation” is just vowel away from “revolution,” just
    the alteration of a vowel.

    This was planned a long, long time ago. Jehovah, which basically is the balancing of opposites, and
    if you’ve got a bit of paper there I can show you how to draw it.

    Jackie: I’m taking notes right now.

    Alan: Okay. You draw the letter X and on the bottom right-hand side put down YOD or YH.

    Jackie: How do I spell that?

    Alan: You can spell it anyway you want, that’s why they left the vowels out of those. There were
    no vowels in fact in the early Hebrew.

    Jackie: That would be the “Y” for Yahweh, Yahvey?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: And the bottom right-hand corner YOD.

    Alan: Put down YOD and then next to that you put down fire, and then you follow that line up to the
    top left and you put HAY and next to that you put AIR. Then you go to the next line, top right, and
    you put HAY, which is water.

    Jackie: Well how can HAY be water and air?

    Alan: VAY is AIR so put a “V” for air. Then for the water you put HH. You can say HEY if you want
    and then follow that down to the bottom left and you’ve got VAH, which is EARTH.

    Jackie: Well Yahweh I thought was YHVH so we have right now YVVH.

    Alan: You’ve got Y, then you’ve got H, then you’ve got the V–

    Jackie: For air?

    Alan: Yes and a W, which is a V again, isn’t it? Because they pronounce it V. What it’s showing
    you is the opposites. Fire is opposite air and water is opposite earth.
    Water is a feminine symbol. Earth again is a feminine symbol. It’s all to do basically with the
    balance of nature you might say and the control of nature. Even the name wasn’t allowed to be
    pronounced except once a year by the high priests on pain of death and all the rest of the time
    they could call the deity Adonai, but they were not allowed to use that word–

    Jackie: Did they know that this was all allegory?

    Alan: No, the general public wouldn’t know.

    Jackie: When you said that they were only allowed to say the name once a year, that would have
    been the general public?

    Alan: Yes. The high priests, even they didn’t say it in public except on that one day of the year
    on some big service, but the general public wouldn’t know what the inner meanings were – just like
    you accept the name of Jesus as Jesus and don’t say: what does it mean?

    Jackie: But the insiders are the priests?

    Alan: Oh yes.

    Jackie: They knew that it was allegory. In other words did they know that Jehovah or YHVH was an
    allegory and it was not a “God,” it was not an entity?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Or a spiritual being but it was just an allegory. So in other words it kind of comes back
    to the fact that the religion had everything to do with this physical world and nothing to do with
    the spiritual or the dimensions let’s say beyond the third dimension?

    Alan: No. In fact in the early Old Testament you’ll see that there’s nothing spiritual in it.

    Jackie: No, there isn’t. You’re right.

    Alan: There’s no afterlife. You’re dead, you’re dead. You go and lay with your father and that’s
    the end of it. The whole goal was to obtain wealth and happiness in this life.

    Jackie: That’s right and I do recall because I really paid attention to it when Jehovah was
    handing down the mandate that if you do my statutes you will be blessed and then he gave all the
    blessings. Well, all the blessings were earthly. It was wealth and everything earthly and then of
    course if you didn’t follow the statutes, well then the curses were just unbelievable. It went on
    for a page and a half including cannibalism. The parents would eat their own children. Those were
    the curses but I recall nothing that was ever said – for example, when Jesus said store up not your
    treasures here on earth because where your treasure is your heart is.

    Alan: That’s right. Really, any idea of any spiritual nature was a much later edition to it
    basically for Hebrewism and even then, at the time of Jesus, there were many debates about even
    that. In fact the main difference with the Sadducees, apart from the fact that they were the
    nobility, they were the aristocracy that came out of Babylon with the Pharisees, the Sadducees did
    not believe in an afterlife. That was how they differed from the Pharisees.

    Jackie: Why in the Old Testament, because I don’t have it memorized, but I just don’t recall Jesus
    mentioning the Sadducees but it was the Pharisees that were getting his wrath.

    Alan: Yes, because they were the religious rulers you might say and they were becoming more
    aggressive for power, more determined to get power for themselves,

    but because they also had an inner religion for themselves, they were a brotherhood you see.

    Jackie: The Pharisees and the Sadducees too?

    Alan: Yes. They still had their differences though, a power struggle. You find that the Pharisees
    were definitely looking to take over the reigns of complete power and they also believed that no
    one could really know the Creator deity. That’s what they believed, that no one could know. They
    could say through debating and logic what the Creator was not, but they could not say what the
    Creator was.

    Jackie: So they actually believed in a Creator?

    Alan: They believed there was a Creator but it was remote.

    Jackie: Not within us?

    Alan: Not within us.

    Jackie: Not in this physical world at all?

    Alan: Basically. However, they did believe that they had a duty – because Judaism is an active
    religion, it’s not passive, and any rabbi will tell you, it’s in a lot of their books, it works
    towards a goal. The purpose of Judaism is to work a goal into the world and to complete a mission
    you might say and of course the mission ultimately is global government under God’s rule and that’s
    when the Creator will come back they claim.

    Jackie: So they do speak of a creator but the “Creator” is not present?

    Alan: That’s basically it. What they were left with was a lot of rules and laws and regulations,
    but within their own religion is a mystery religion to do with the Great Work of working towards
    this particular goal so they bring everything they claim into balance and magically I guess their
    Creator just pops back and says well done.

    Jackie: When they say the Creator is coming back are they talking about Lucifer?

    Alan: Well, that’s it. Albert Pike himself who was called “The Pope of Freemasonry,” which is one
    of the esoteric sects using all the rites supposedly of Judaism, but they actually go through
    Judaism all the way to Babylon and Egypt, he said himself that,

    “make no mistake our God is Lucifer. He is the light bringer,” and of course they equate intellect
    and intelligence with light.

    Jackie: Right and Jesus was talking about light as spiritual, yes?

    Alan: It’s almost the same thing because it’s truth and so that’s how easy it is for two people to
    say the same thing but both mean different things. The truth that Jesus was saying was basically
    the individual could literally through austere practices you might say and truthfulness with
    themselves connect themselves to the Creator.

    Jackie: Become aware of the connection, consciously aware of our oneness with our Creator?

    Alan: Yes and also that you didn’t need intermediary; any priests between you and the Creator,
    which of course would have destroyed the whole control system.

    Jackie: What do you think how it would have turned out because it’s very difficult for me to be
    able imagine this, but if the Old Testament had not been connected to the “New Testament,” the
    gospels et cetera, the confusion wouldn’t be quite as great.

    Alan: It wouldn’t have been quite as great. However, we must remember that Christianity from
    Constantine onwards was basically warped and twisted into the same religion for control purposes.
    Constantine did not make Christianity the main religion of his day. That’s a fable. What he did was
    stopped all the persecution against Christians. Having an empire, he had many religions underneath
    him and he himself was a member of them all because he took out insurance policies on every sect
    that there was. After 325 AD, a few years later, he actually erected a temple to himself as a Son
    of Mithra, Mithraism, and also allowed himself to be worshipped as a god. He was a shrewd guy. He
    was a politician and the whole idea was to bring this new up- and-coming religion that grabbed the
    minds of many common people.

    Jackie: Exactly and combining them. Like in Mystery Babylon religion it explains how the gods of
    old, the gods and goddesses under Christianity under the Catholic Church became the saints.

    Alan: That’s right. It was the same ones the pagans could understand because they had been
    worshipping the same deities forever and so Hermes became St. Christopher and so on.

    Jackie: And so when people are praying to the saints they’re praying to the gods of old?

    Alan: It’s the same thing. Psychologically it can give you a certain boost if you believe in it
    and it makes you feel a bit indestructible if you’re getting a hand from somewhere, but this was
    traditional. These people, remember, the Romans inherited their empire from much older empires, the
    Greeks and the Egyptians, so they had thousands of years of watching new religions begin, taking
    them over and using them for their own purposes. They never let anything become independent of its
    own which would become a problem to the state.

    Jackie: I recall in the book “Mystery Babylon Religion”, this by the way, Alan, even though I knew
    that there were many discrepancies and et cetera in the Bible, I’ve come a long ways to understand
    of course, many of us have, but I was in shock as I was ready “Mystery Babylon Religion”, it was
    written by Ralph Woodrow I believe his name was and most of the information was taken from what was
    his name that wrote “The Two Babylons”?

    Alan: Hislop.

    Jackie: Thank you, but I remember Isis the Queen of Heaven and the way they pictured Isis is
    exactly the way Mary is pictured as the Queen of Heaven.

    Alan: Well, she always will be. Always was. That’s the secret of the sphinx. That is the secret of
    the sphinx.

    Jackie: What is?

    Alan: The sphinx has the face of a woman and the body of a lion because the solar year or the
    Great Year in astronomy leads off with Virgo the Virgin and ends with Leo the Lion. That’s the
    whole plan in a circle. That’s what the sphinx stands for and the Egyptian year began with Virgo,
    ends with Leo the Lion, the progression of the equinoxes.

    Jackie: What does that got to do with Mary and Isis?

    Alan: Because it’s the same thing. Mary is mother. Mary is also the sea in Latin, water, The Great
    Mother. In fact once you put it into German it’s more like matter, Mutter, which means matter
    really, so she produces matter, the world of
    matter, mother. That’s why you have Mother Earth. That’s from Mary. It’s the same thing.




    Jackie: You know the thing is when you think about it, it’s so close that it almost merges. I
    thought at one time I was trying to explain to Chuck the way I was seeing it and I said it was like
    the razor’s edge, the truth and the lie is so close. Then somebody said that it was actually in a
    sense merging, melding into where there wasn’t really an edge at all and when we think about it in
    real life that in this physical world there is a consciousness in all things. The book that really
    fascinated me was the “Secret Life of Plants” and I’ve had my own experiences with plants and
    realized that they certainly respond. They do respond not just to watering but to care, to love and
    it isn’t like – people who accept and recognize the consciousness they call them tree huggers, I
    guess, or God is in the tree, but that creative substance within all that is here in the physical
    world, that the earth itself would have a form of consciousness of type. I’m talking about
    awareness – well, like a plant. The experiments that they have done with plants where if a plant
    has been in room where another plant has been torn up by somebody, when that person walks into the
    room the plant that was there actually registers on their diodes, their instruments register some
    type of emotion and so there is a consciousness there, but a very low form of consciousness maybe,
    but the point I’m making is that it doesn’t mean that you worship it. You just accept and
    understand that that creative substance, that energy or spark or whatever we would call it is
    within all things.

    Alan: That was the Gnostic concept that preexisted Jesus and was also parallel with the time of
    Jesus. In fact many of the Gnostics complained to Constantine that he was stealing their religion
    that had always been there and they claimed that the real Jesus of course in Gnosticism could not
    be killed because he was pure spirit and that he was not born of a woman because he was pure spirit
    in fact. There was a tremendous debate in 325 AD to decide as to whether Jesus was pure spirit or
    was he spirit inside matter that had been born here. I mean they literally debated all this and of
    course all the Gnostic guys who came up were basically assassinated at the time of the meeting.

    Jackie: Would Arius been one of them in a sense?

    Alan: He was one of many.

    Jackie: According to Will Durant in his fourth volume of Jesus and Caesar, or whatever the title
    of that is is close. He said that by the 6th century BC if the church was not of the Arius
    teachings the church was literally empty, so whether that was true or not, that was the way it was
    presented. The fact that allegedly after the Council of Nicaea, that first council, that many of
    them who had voted said okay we’ll agree that this will be the doctrine of the church. This will be
    the belief and anybody that doesn’t believe it is anathemized and that many of them rescinded their
    agreeance to that later. Have you read anything that confirms that?

    Alan: There’s no doubt that this was to be not just a state religion. It was to be the empire’s
    religion because they themselves knew that they had so many countries under the Roman Empire with
    so many religions and since they were a secret brotherhood working towards a bigger empire of the
    future, they knew that they couldn’t allow so many religions to exist so they decided to basically
    create the one. They did a lot of alteration because they had to stamp out the possibility of the
    Gnostic religion taking over.

    Jackie: The awareness that we are spiritual beings?

    Alan: Yes, that’s absolutely right because right from the word go the bishops of Rome were taking
    upon themselves God’s representative on earth. That’s it basically.

    Jackie: Like the Pope does?

    Alan: Yes and that came later when they took absolute power and became God’s authority on earth.
    You see the Catholic Church itself was a continuation of rulership and from an empire that existed
    for a long time, which had taken over from a previous empire which had lasted much longer, so they
    knew what they were doing. They knew that religion had to be used always as a tool to control the
    minds of the public. If the public were free from all this mind control they wouldn’t be working
    happily as slaves you might say to keep a small elite in power. They wouldn’t be happy with that.
    In fact if they followed the teachings of Jesus they’d have no money in circulation and if you
    can’t have money in circulation you can’t tax it back from the public. That’s why the Catholic
    Church, although they made a big to-do about they wouldn’t allow usury, they made an exception for
    these Jewish bankers. Well, why would they do that unless they were in cahoots from the very
    beginning? What you’ll find it was simply a continuation of what had already gone on before.

    Jackie: I had a call from a listener after the broadcast a couple of nights ago and he was talking
    about a broadcast that is on the air once a week and I do not recall the name of the person, but
    what he was saying is that everybody who is “blaming the Jews for everything have got it all wrong
    because it’s the Jesuits.” My understanding is that all of it, the Catholic Church, the Jesuits,
    Illuminati, Freemasonry, it’s all part of the same controlling factor.

    Alan: They’re all faces of the same thing. You see that’s what they always couched in Babylon and
    Egypt. They said that Isis, because these brotherhoods refer to the mother more than the father
    amongst themselves, but they said Isis had a thousand faces and that’s what they mean by that.
    Every church you can look at, whether it’s

    Moslem, Catholic, Protestant, whatever, or even the temples of the Shinto, you will seen the same
    hidden architecture, not so hidden actually, in them all and that’s the big secret of course. They
    always put because they are the builders of society as well as the builders of the building and
    they put the structure of society in the architecture itself and they also give you all the
    symbology of the inner religion in all of the temples that they give the public. Things are always
    hidden out there in plain sight. In fact there was a man recently who came out in Manitoba who is
    at the University of Manitoba who’s done a four year study on the government main parliament
    building there for the province. His specialty is studying old architecture and so on and after
    studying the parliament building for the province, which is the government building, he came to the
    conclusion and he’s got it all worked out perfectly they used the Egyptian Cubit, the Sacred Cubit,
    to build this thing right down to the last fraction of an inch. They have all the symbols of the
    outer portico temple and the inner temple in there. I mean the whole structure is a Masonic temple
    and the big joke of course that they’ve always known is that all parliament buildings are Masonic
    temples. All churches are Masonic temples.

    As Pike said himself, “everyone who has been trained in the system is simply a Mason who hasn’t
    gone through the degrees.” We’ve all been trained through the school system. We’ve all gone to
    their churches regardless of what country we’re in. We’re all pre-Masonic you might say because
    we’ve gone through rituals without even knowing it. When you walk through that oval door into the
    church you’ve walked through the female. That’s what it means. The spire is the phallus. The box is
    the female and the opening is the female. It’s the mystery religion, we live it, we go through it
    everyday and most people don’t even know it.

    Jackie: Of course we wouldn’t know it.

    Alan: That’s the big secret. Isis has a thousand faces.






















    Jackie: I would like to go back – I made a note here when you said revolution completes a circle
    and what it means is revolve. Would you expand on that because I’m not getting it?

    Alan: That’s why they used the term revelation.

    Jackie: No, but revolution you said. Revolution is to revolve in a circle. What do you mean? That
    it always comes back to the same thing?

    Alan: It means a new beginning. You go back to the beginning and then you start the next phase.

    Jackie: And revelation is to reveal?

    Alan: To reveal and that’s why I’m sure they even created the term revelation.

    Jackie: And revelation reveals their plans.

    Alan: In mystical language.

    Jackie: In mystical language and then Christians are taught to believe it is the prophecy of the
    time to come, it is God’s plan.

    Alan: That’s right and it’s been drummed into people and people forget that Revelations wasn’t
    taught in Christianity for hundreds of years.

    Jackie: No, I didn’t know that.

    Alan: It wasn’t until they decided that it would become handy if they put it in there.

    Jackie: You’re saying the Book of Revelations was added later?

    Alan: Yes. When they got together at Nicaea they also debated what books or writings that would be
    put in and what ones would be left out.

    Jackie: Yes and every time they had a new council they made changes, but wasn’t it under the Second
    Council of Constantinople under Justinian where they had taken so many of the writings out and all
    of the references to reincarnation?

    Alan: Yes, that was done then because that’s still the traditional belief of mainstream Judaism,
    reincarnation, and of course non-Jews are totally ignorant of that fact. That’s always been the
    inner belief of the average you know–

    Jackie: Well, the ancient eastern religions too.

    Alan: All the way from Egypt and so in the Old Testament–

    Jackie: Didn’t you say that has now been admitted and it was fairly recently that the Vatican had

    Alan: They did admit it in one of their own publications.

    Jackie: And you said there’s a Vatican website?

    Alan: Yes and I know they also had their own radio.

    Jackie: Yes, but I’d like to see if there is a publication. Where did you hear that?

    Alan: It was on the Catholic radio. It’s WEWN I think they call it. They’re always revising things
    you see and of course the Catholic Church now is in the process really and have been for a while of
    altering so much within Catholicism to bring it up for the New Age. We forget that the term the New
    Age was used first by Freemasons in the 1800’s and right up until about 1950 or 1960 that was the
    name of the Freemasonic magazine, “The New Age.” That’s where it comes from.

    Jackie: My wondering is that is there an evolutionary process so to speak and I don’t mean that
    like Darwin or something, but where there is like each revolution a revolution of the astrological
    wheel when you go from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius then that would be termed a New
    Age. I mean what is it, every 2,400 years or so?

    Alan: 25-1/2.

    Jackie: So the word new age really doesn’t mean anything evil but yet it appears to me – there’s a
    book that I’ve got here and I don’t remember which one it was but it was about the Knights Templar
    and towards the end of the book they were talking about the New Age and it was so clear to me that
    what they have done is taken a natural occurrence if you would and just gained control of it and
    warp and twist anything, truth that could come out of it.

    Alan: The New Age to them is utopia. You have to see it from their point of view as controllers
    and from the ones who follow it. The followers never know what’s going on. They think they do. In
    fact they often are brainwashed into wanting it to come on, but for the controllers it’s their age
    of peace and tranquility because they plan to alter man or humankind so much that no one will be
    able to cause trouble of any kind by having independent thought; and that’s what they mean. They’ll
    have a perfect peace when everyone is chipped and cloned and all the rest of it.

    Jackie: Total absence of resistance to their plan.

    Alan: Absolutely. When individual consciousness in the masses has been eliminated then they will
    have succeeded – even that meeting they had at Loyola University two years ago with the geneticists
    funded by the U.S. government and they talked about

    that, that once this chip is implanted, which they have, into the human brain it will be the end of
    individual consciousness. Each person will be unable to perceive themselves as a distinct

    Jackie: In that that chip actually has part of the human DNA in it? Alan: Basically, it’s a
    combination of silicon and human protoplasm. Jackie: So it merges with the brain cells itself?
    Alan: It literally will bind itself to the nervous tissue right into the path of the brain.

    Jackie: And you said that they had said they will hear the whispering of the thoughts of so many
    other people.

    Alan: Who are all linked to central computers; and I thought this is the Borg of Star Trek. They
    showed us the Borg, but they plan on doing this and they say their only problem now is convince the
    public to accept it. They said all media, entertainment, cartoons et cetera will promote this as a
    positive thing and sure enough now there’s movies out and science fiction like the “Mosaic,” a
    terrible movie, but two dumb guys who probably left school at 15 going nowhere get chipped and can
    speak 20 languages, know kung fu, karate, et cetera and become super-spies. They’re already doing
    it. The U.S. Department of Commerce sponsored and paid for that world meeting.

    Jackie: That’s not surprising, is it, Alan?

    Alan: No, because we are the commerce.

    Jackie: We’re out of our hour and the sad thing is that if you try to explain to a parent why
    cartoons are dangerous it’s almost impossible to do. It just doesn’t sink in because it keeps the
    children occupied. Alan, thank you so much for being here tonight.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    (Transcribed by Linda)




    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru March 28, 2005

    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It
    is Monday the 28th of March in the year 2005 and this is day 11 for Terri Schiavo without water,
    without food and we heard today that they are going to have an autopsy done after Terri’s death so
    they can prove that there was no foul play by Michael and of course we know that whatever is said
    will just be more of their lies.

    Our spiritual message this evening is the same as we have been doing for the last couple of weeks,
    from Matthew. This is something for us to consider all around, not just relating to Terri Schiavo.

    “For I was hungry and you gave me meat. I was thirsty and you gave me drink.
    I was a stranger and you took me in naked and you clothed me. I was sick and you visited me. I was
    in prison and you came unto me inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brethren ye
    have done it unto me.”

    That is a quote, a statement that is attributed to Jesus and he did say that “I and my father are
    one. He is in me as I am in you and you are in me,” and that’s what I get from that, ladies and
    gentlemen. We’re not going to spend the broadcast talking about Terri. Our heart is with her. Our
    love is with her and we posted a couple of weeks ago when the U.S. Congress was going to get
    involved here and we had posted a piece and I said well good news but the U.S. Congress doesn’t do
    anything. The U.S. Congress critters don’t do anything other than what their masters tell them to
    do and one of the statements that I made is that we have to be alert because we should be aware of
    what could be going on in the background behind the scenes while all our attention is on Terri
    Schiavo. Tonight our guest is Alan Watt. I called Alan late this afternoon. I thought well maybe
    I’ll ask Alan to come on and ask him to give us his sage insight into what is happening and has
    been happening is what we’re going to talk about, ladies and gentlemen. Alan, thanks for being here
    with us tonight.

    Alan: Yes. It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Yes, always. So behind the scenes what are your – just some insight or your thoughts. I
    mean we know that the mainstream media has not brought this out the way it has for nothing.

    Alan: It was a blitz across every border, every country. It was what they call in freemasonry a
    “must be.” It’s a “must be” and it was portrayed in exactly the same format on every station where
    the public have been brought through and participated in a psychodrama. An occult psychodrama and
    they’ve been brought to the conclusion carefully by the magicians the masters wanted in the first
    place, which is the right of courts to declare their right and authority for euthanasia. Euthanasia
    is the word for it you see. They never use that and on all the stations they never used the word
    euthanasia and so without even a debate on congress the government is putting down on its books as
    a precedent the right to euthanize who they decide and, of course, life support is not having a
    feeding tube in you, you see, so they have given themselves–

    Jackie: Artificial life support they’re calling it. Alan, I didn’t mean to interrupt but I read a
    quote today. I think it was by Thelos or by one of the doctors that testified that she was PVS and
    he said that even a person who cannot bring a spoon up to their mouths. In other words, it doesn’t
    matter if you can swallow or not, if you have to be fed by someone else then it’s time for you.

    Alan: That would take most of the traffic victim accidents that are in hospitals for a few months
    and then out again. In other words, what they wanted to get through for a long, long time is the
    right for the courts to declare the right for euthanasia, condemn who they wish to and even use a
    non-medical term that you can stretch like a rubber band and say you’re in a “vegetative state,”
    which is a non-medical term. It’s like “democracy,” it can be stretched as far as they wish it to
    be stretched and the public have gone along with this because they swallowed the “vegetative state”
    or “weapons of mass destruction” repetition and of course now they’re out putting their living
    wills together as they’ve all been advised to, which is the next big con.This living will thing,
    every station in Canada, like the U.S., does exactly the same thing. They gave you this spiel with
    the vegetative state repetition and they then talk to experts to advise everyone to get living
    wills and of course if you look at one of the biggest industries today, it’s the organ donor
    industry. You’ll see that the most expensive organs are those taken from a body where the heart is
    still beating but they’re declared brain dead and so this follows right into their agenda because
    they always make a profit off the human misery they cause. Since we are nothing but the sheep, then
    it makes perfect sense they’ve done it in this format; but Joe Public has passively given his
    consent to having himself euthanized in the future, with or without a living will, because it makes
    no difference in the end if the courts have the rights to decide. They can overrule whatever they
    want. It’s a psychodrama where they’ve brought the whole

    public in on the act, just like they did with the killing of Kennedy. It was broadcast all over the
    world over and over and over and so this is deliberate, very carefully constructed. There was no
    variation on the presentation of this from station to station, whether it was radio, television or
    whatever. It is all the same.

    We’re going down path they wish. They put these same laws through in Holland and you wouldn’t
    believe where these laws have now ended up with the public. It started off with people who were
    brain dead supposedly and now there’s so many lawsuits where they’ve inadvertently killed the wrong
    people by mistaking their tags and it goes on and on and on, plus they’re making a tremendous
    profit from the organ donation from the live bodies. Yes, psychodramas of immense proportions.

    Now while that was all happening on the 23rd, President Bush had a meeting with Fox and Prime
    Minister Martin of Canada and they signed into agreement the Unification of the Americas. I don’t
    think they even broadcast it on the U.S. television as to what they’d done, but in Canada they
    certainly did show us little bits of it, censored though it was, where they admitted that they’re
    going ahead and within four years there will be no borders as such.

    Jackie: So that anybody thinking about leaving the U.S. and moving to Canada may as well hang that

    Alan: Yes, because there is to be a common passport and they’ve got the pictures of it in the
    newspapers up here and it’s biometric with their eye scan and it’s got eye scan, thumbprint,
    everything on it and it’s all ready to go. However, it’s being constructed in exactly the same way
    as the European Union, where after they sign it into law basically you are part of the one
    continent from then on, so we are already, and they talked about they’ve already merged the
    military and the CSIS.

    Jackie: That certainly would include Mexico too, wouldn’t it?

    Alan: Yes. It does and so all your CIA and so on are all combined with CSIS and so on. All law
    enforcement is combined.

    Jackie: What’s CSIS?

    Alan: That’s our version of the same thing. We call it “Big Sis.” They’re also bringing in a
    common currency eventually. They admitted that; common taxation, common rights to all natural
    resources and the bureaucrats from one country can move to the other country’s government and work
    there if they wish to. This is all in process right now.

    Jackie: Alan. I’m sorry that phone call was the second one I have received and Eleanor called up
    the first one. I turned my mike down so we wouldn’t interrupt your flow of talk. She said that we
    started out really nice and clear and she said now it’s so muffled that you can’t even hear us and
    I gave her WWCR’s phone number for them to call. She said well I think it is WFAR if it isn’t
    muffled on the internet it isn’t from WFAR because WWCR picks up the signal off the internet so I
    gave Eleanor the phone number and I don’t know if any of our engineers at WWCR listen but we need
    some help here to get a good clear signal out. This was another listener. Eleanor called from
    Canada. Kate called from New Jersey and she said Jackie I’m sorry but you and Alan are so muffled I
    cannot make out a word you are saying and we haven’t had this happening Alan. We haven’t had it
    happening. Nicholas, if you’re listening to this broadcast, would you come in and click in please
    because I was thinking maybe Nicholas could get a hold of one of the engineers at WWCR.

    Alan: Yes, because I’ve got a little earpiece here from my radio and it sounds like mush.

    Jackie: Eleanor said it started out clear as a bell. Alan, let us continue as though people can
    hear us. Did you mention some meeting that was held in Waco, Texas?

    Alan: On the 23rd and they called it “The Three Amigos.”

    Jackie: You know, Alan, the thing is this. For me to have sat here and done a radio broadcast as
    though what’s happening to Terri isn’t happening I could not do it and I do understand that. I mean
    I realize when it was all over the media the way it is, I did realize that they were doing it. I
    mean it was intentional. They never do anything that is not intentional but that’s the kind of
    catch-22 they get us into.

    Alan: It was so obvious because it didn’t matter what station you tuned into, radio, AM,
    television, U.S., Canada, it was the exact same format. They were reading the same scripts, no
    variation and the constant repetition of “vegetative state,” “vegetative state,” like “weapons of
    mass destruction.”

    Jackie: You know they did that little – Linda Kennedy calls it an S curve. I’ll tell you what
    happened. There was so many people emailing and calling those broadcasters and the stations saying,
    here, look at this. Here, look at this. They couldn’t avoid it.
    They had to do it and let me tell you what I heard. I believe it was on the 18th or it might have
    been the 16th. It was Larry King Live. It was that week anyway. First he had Michael Schiavo and
    Felos on and then he had Suzanne which is Terri’s sister and

    their lawyer Gibbs on. Then the last one that they had on it was all of them in the same broadcast
    but not altogether and it was some man from the Bioethics Institute–

    Alan: That’s the new name for the eugenics institute.

    Jackie: I know it is. I’ve got information on it. It’s not ethical at all of course. Here’s what I
    noticed and this is how they do their slight little curve. Enough people knew that Terri Schiavo
    was not in a coma. They saw the videos et cetera and so Larry King was talking to this Arthur guy
    and he said that when you look at her and you see I mean she makes facial expressions, he says,
    “that’s right”. Larry King said, “that’s no coma” and then here’s what the guy said. “That’s right,
    you’re right, but it doesn’t matter.” See, first of all they started pushing it like she’s in a
    coma – she’s been in a coma for 15 years and then it came out that she isn’t and that she smiles
    and cries.

    Alan: I’ve got a tape of her trying to talk.

    Jackie: Okay, so then here’s what the guy said, “but it doesn’t matter,” he said to Larry King,
    you’re right, she isn’t in a coma but he said listen we have a scientologist. We have Jehovah’s
    witnesses who say we don’t want your medicine. We would rather pray and he said we don’t force it
    on them so why would we force it on Terri? She does not want to live like this. So you see they
    came right out and admitted, oh yes, she’s not in a coma but it doesn’t matter.

    Alan: That’s your cognitive dissonance and that’s how you get the public to go along with the flow
    of the way it’s presented to them, right to the very conclusion they expect you to reach.

    Jackie: Exactly. It doesn’t matter, she wants this and Michael is just fulfilling her wishes. They
    really did a number on this thing, didn’t they, Alan?

    Alan: Well, they achieved three objectives.

    Jackie: Maybe more than three.

    Alan: At least, though. It was slick chess move, one by one and the public have no idea where
    they’re really being led because it’s a highly emotive production you see and that’s when they get
    you. They rile you up into emotion and they have the public arguing amongst each other, which is
    designed, but they always bring you to your conclusion. Number one is the courts have the right to
    decide who’s to be killed and who isn’t; and no debate in Congress; and the public, if they
    acquiesce to that

    decision, then they have now given their power that that’s okay with them. It’s now law.

    Jackie: They’re showing us that the courts are going to be the law in this land.

    Alan: We’re living through psychodramas and they’re masonically and occultically created to the
    tiniest detail because you take the Schindler’s List novel and Schindler of course, the whole idea
    was that he had the right to decide who would live and die of course the parents are called
    Schindler. You take Terri Schiavo and the name itself and then you put it through the old Celtic
    name which is used in High Masonry for the “soul eater,” which is called a “schriver” and you can
    certainly make that out of Terri Schiavo. You can put that together and you’ve got Schriver which
    is the soul eater and that was someone who was put out there to basically eat the sins of the
    person if the priests didn’t get there in time.

    Jackie: I saw a movie about that, “The Sin Eater”.

    Alan: You might have because they once in a blue moon they’ll put a lot of that stuff out in
    movies, but in old history books you’ll find that name comes up and in High Masonry they still use
    it. Right down to the tiniest detail this is an occult psychodrama that we’re all being played
    through, just like all the details that went into the Kennedy assassination.

    Jackie: I’ve had people email me and say the name Schindler, are they Jews? Are they sacrificing
    one of their own et cetera and of course Schindler’s List, people have connected that name but
    Schiavo of course that’s amazing too, but tell me this. How does it happen – see, this gets really

    Schindler, okay, here’s my thought. This happened to Terri Schlinder-Schiavo and she goes into the
    hospital and probably from the bone scan and it was said by a close friend she was going to be
    divorcing him because of the way he treated her and because of his womanizing. That night a friend
    said why don’t you just don’t go home tonight, stay with me. Well, she winds up in this condition.
    She wasn’t party to that.
    She didn’t say, okay, I’ll get brain dead because my name is Schindler-Schiavo. Alan, I don’t think
    that Schiavo – I mean maybe he did, but that would be a heck of a reach to say this was all a plot
    and because the name is Schlinder-Schiavo and it means this and this we’ll have him create this

    Alan: Yes, but I think things are worked so far in advance even before people get together and I
    think that’s really how occultic everything truly is in this system.

    Jackie: What you’re saying then – I mean if they worked this out, that we get beat up, we get
    strangled, we get made not brain dead or brain damaged because of maybe a fit of anger that a
    husband got into–

    Alan: Or he was ordered to do it at the right time and believe you me, in this real, real world,
    that’s not beyond them. They plan wars.

    Jackie: They were in their 20s. Do you know they were in their 20s when this happened, Alan? They
    had only been married five years when this happened. We have to take our half hour break here.
    Alan, what makes me think of what you just said is that they are beyond occult.They are using the
    power, the creative energy, misusing it, maybe you could call it black magic, to induce people to
    do certain things. It’s weird. That is warped. That’s weird.

    Alan: It’s beyond the human capability really, but I’ve seen it happen so many times it cannot be
    ignored. The precise detail – when they want a human sacrifice too – and of course it happens
    around Easter time.

    Jackie: Purim. Purim was just a few days before Easter.

    Alan: And it’s all Ishtar anyway so it doesn’t matter, but the thing is they go into incredible
    detail way in advance of the event and have everything perfect to pull it off because it is an
    occultic drama that the whole of society must participate in.

    Jackie: You know what that reminds me of? For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against
    principalities, powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual
    wickedness in high places,” and boy, Alan, you know this really behooves us to continue to look at
    ourselves and be very aware, acutely aware of how we’re being, how we’re feeling, even our
    emotions. I mean, see, I’m very clear these past couple of weeks and I haven’t even gone to sleep
    until broad daylight several mornings because I’m sleepless and I actually – it’s bright enough
    that when I go to bed I can sit there and read my books without the lights on. I’m very clear that
    that state of mind that I have been in and not having been able to somehow bring myself out of it,
    but I’ve been aware that how I’m feeling is exactly how they want us to feel.Hopeless, hurting,
    frustrated, all of those negative types of energies that feed their power because they are the

    Alan: They are the negative and since 9/11, I don’t know if people have noticed, but pretty well
    all authority figures out there from government departments are coming forward with a different
    demeanor. Even the politicians aren’t giving us the same old pretense of joviality and so on We’re
    seeing a new face of dictatorial personalities

    emerge and that’s the new training of the public for the new era and this is again skillfully
    managed. It’s an old technique because these guys go back thousands and thousands of years and
    we’re going into their new phase of a form of dictatorship really.

    Jackie: And the people who are being put in the power places?

    Alan: No one’s there by chance or hard work and so they have it all figured out who should be in
    and where. You have family dynasties here. I mean let’s not kid ourselves. We’re presented with the
    choice of this family dynasty or that family dynasty, only to find out that they’re all
    interrelated anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

    Jackie: I remember one time you were talking about the Bush family and you said they’re really
    only twigs on the family tree. Boy, those twigs sure have done their work, haven’t they, Alan?

    Alan: They have but they’re not the brightest of people.

    Jackie: Yes, I was going to say that. Actually they do nothing. They’re just the front piece. Of
    course Poppy, he’s a pretty wicked guy, isn’t he?

    Alan: He’s more shrewd. He thinks more and he calculates his language more than his son.

    Jackie: And all the son does, the shrub, all he does is stick his chest out and strut with that
    smirky little smile on his face like he’s somebody.

    Alan: When he’s got the script there he can read it pretty good, but when he doesn’t have a script
    there he makes incredible blunders. This is the man that was talking about the French because they
    wouldn’t join his war and he said, “Well the French don’t even have a word for entrepreneur.”

    Jackie: Like that means something.

    Alan: Well, it is a French word.

    Jackie: Oh, it is a French word. Oh my God, Alan.

    Alan: Then on the 23rd there when The Three Amigos were meeting to sign us all into one continent
    and one system, a reporter in the audience asked the main question.

    He said, “Does this mean it’s the exact same format as the European Union?” And Mr. Paul Martin
    who is also a lawyer–

    Jackie: And who is Paul Martin?

    Alan: He’s the Prime Minister of Canada. He said, “Well it’s not quite the big bang,” I mean he
    was off balance but he was trying to give us a very vague answer but George couldn’t help himself
    and he wasn’t reading the script and said, “Yes, I see this whole thing based on inter cooperation
    and closer ties,” the exact same phraseology they used when they were bringing Europe together, and
    he says, “progressing towards a common goal and spreading democracy through the entire continent.”
    Yes, he couldn’t help himself. He was too enthusiastic and he gave too much out of the bag really.
    It was only last year that the British people were given the released documents that had been
    classified since 1972 when they had actually signed Britain into the Union, sovereignty and all,
    and it said in the document that the British people must never be told the truth until this is
    accomplished. Now that’s democracy for you.
    Democracy again is an elastic band that’s never had a fixed definition.

    Jackie: You’re laughing.

    Alan: Yes, because you have to stand back and look at the farce of it.

    Jackie: But Alan, how do you know all that you know and understand all that you know and can bear

    Alan: Because I was born like this. I mean I was a camera for the first five years of just
    watching and from then on I got to the learning stage to investigate what was going on. When you
    realize how old this plan is and the techniques used upon nations and peoples are ancient
    techniques that were known thousands of years ago and they’re formulas actually and they were used
    in ancient times when the international bankers of 2,000 years ago were taking over the Middle East
    and Aegean Sea. The exact same techniques were used.

    Jackie: The money changers.

    Alan: They had international bankers back then.

    Jackie: You said the money changers were international bankers.

    Alan: They were the bankers but you know you can go into the writings of the old philosophers of
    Greece and Athens and Attica and so on and some of them actually

    explain how these guys came in and introduced their coinage, their gold and their silver. They set
    up local branch offices, branch banks and then once the public were used to using this strange
    thing called “money” rather than bartering with each other, the bankers would say your money isn’t
    safe out there. Bring it into this branch bank–

    Jackie: And we’ll give you paper receipts.

    Alan: What they gave them then was clay facsimiles and they found thousands of jars of this stuff.
    Clay facsimiles and as soon as the gold and silver was in the local branch bank it was shipped
    across the sea to the Middle East again and put into the temples.

    Jackie: Let me ask you a question. What’s the big deal about gold?

    Alan: Gold of course–

    Jackie: I know it has intrinsic value but there’s something about gold that has meant something to
    them throughout all these years.

    Alan: It’s the old god. It’s G-Old, Old G, the G of freemasonry that they have in all their

    Jackie: Gold, is that where the word God comes from?

    Alan: Well, God is also “dog” backwards because the symbol of the god in his night form was the
    constellation Orion who was always followed by the two dogs, his faithful dogs. Of course, Sirius
    is the main star that rises and tells them when the Nile flood was coming is the eye of the Canis
    Major, the dog that follows.

    Jackie: What is the Dog Star?

    Alan: That is Sirius. That’s the eye of the dog that follows Orion.

    Jackie: There’s something in the bible that that woman that was asking Jesus to help her and he
    wouldn’t and she said I’ll pick up the crumbs that you feed the dogs. That’s symbolic. What did
    that mean?

    Alan: Well, it’s a racist comment if he actually said it. She supposedly replied, yes, but even the
    dogs will eat of the crumbs.

    Jackie: I didn’t believe that he said that.

    Alan: It would have been something if he did.

    Jackie: He wouldn’t, yes, exactly.

    Alan: It would negate the whole idea that he was for everyone.

    Jackie: That right. So forget that he said it but they said he said it. What did it symbolize to

    Alan: Again, it was to differentiate between who a true Jew was and who a Samarian was because
    they both come from Babylon. They both had been led out of Babylon and the invading kings who
    released them from Babylon had first sent out a group who were told you can only study the five
    books of the Bible and they were then called the “Samarians.” Then he sent another group out a few
    years later who were the rest of the Jews supposedly and they were given also the Babylonian Talmud
    and they became bitter enemies, these two groups.

    Jackie: Were those the Pharisees and the Sadducees?

    Alan: They were very sad you see.

    Jackie: I have to let Mariah (the dog) out, she’s bugging me, so will you explain the books that
    you have available. I’ll be back with you in a minute.

    Alan: I have 3 books put together and they explain some of the occult terminology which is
    included within religion, because all Masonic temples in the West use the Bible, although they read
    the esoteric meanings from it, which “the profane,” as the rest of the people are called, are not
    taught in their churches.
    [See for ordering.] If you’re interested in learning some of the
    occult terminology, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with this.

    Jackie: That was just perfect timing. Alan, thanks for coming on tonight.

    Alan: It’s no problem. It’s a pity the reception is so poor.

    Jackie: I know it is. Maybe I’ll just play this tape another time and surprise them and see what
    happens. This past two weeks that this has been going on, three weeks I guess, I can’t even
    describe to you where I’ve been because maybe I don’t know. You know what I mean, Alan? But it’s
    just nice to have you on for tonight.

    Alan: Well, at least we can shed some other light on it than that which has already been put out
    there. I don’t know if the people also know that that Clearwater area is basically the center for

    Jackie: Maybe they don’t, but I’ve got another piece that’s going to be posted on our website but
    Judge George Greer was given an award by the Clearwater Bar Association and you know what it was
    for? For passing the test. Literally the guy that gave him the award was a lawyer who was a lawyer
    for Scientology.

    Alan: In fact their main broadcasting station is right next door to the hospital and they have a
    degreed system because they are a higher freemasonic system you see and the OT8 – the degree of OT8
    is the degree where you can kill with a thought.

    Jackie: Are you saying O like the letter O?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: T as in Thomas?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: 8?

    Alan: Yes, number 8. That’s their 8th degree and–

    Jackie: What does O & T stand for?

    Alan: Well, here’s the thing. It’s “Satan” with a lisp, because it’s the Order of “Thatan,”
    T-H-A-T, you see?

    Jackie: Order of Satan. Oh my God, Alan.

    Alan: The degree of 8, which is “as above, so below,” the number 8, is the ability to kill with a
    thought. It’s one of their higher degrees and of course once that’s thought and been put on paper
    by a judge, they just killed with a thought.

    Jackie: Let me tell you something. I’ve got a quote by Greer and as a matter of fact I’ve sent it
    over to Darrin to put up at the very top of Terri’s page and basically that’s what he said. This
    girl – that was back at another time when they took out here feeding tube, is not to be fed. This
    girl is going to die.

    Alan: She starved to death.

    Jackie: It doesn’t matter how. Well it does, but–

    Alan: You’re starved to death and you die by dehydration. This is murder, obviously.

    Jackie: Well I know that. That’s not the point. You just said their 8th degree when it’s put on

    Alan: That’s them killing with a thought.

    Jackie: That’s exactly what he said. “This girl is going to die.” Well, it didn’t happen then.
    It’s happening now and Alan, I really believe she has stepped outside of it. I think I’ve mentioned
    this to you in our conversations. I call it my twilight zone and sometimes as I’m drifting into
    sleep by I’m not sleeping and I saw her standing outside of her body and she was very, very
    peaceful and there was still that life flow, what they call the silver cord. Not that I saw a
    silver cord but it wasn’t like okay Terri’s gone “dead.” But that she was standing there very
    peaceful and very lovely and she like you know watching.

    Alan: Well, you know the lawyer for the husband.

    Jackie: Felos.

    Alan: He’s also a member of all these groups and in 1991 he was in I think it was “Future Magazine”
    as a prime advocate for the right of euthanasia and he claims that when he went into see Terri he
    saw her soul inside communicating with his and screaming to be released. That’s what he said.

    Jackie: Do you know what he said a couple of days ago on Network News? That “Terri has never looked
    so beautiful” and Bobby Schiavo her brother said that is such a lie. But he told his mom don’t even
    go into to see her anymore.

    Alan: No, because she’s bleeding from her eyes and nose and so on.

    Jackie: From her tongue is bleeding and Felos to that devil she looked beautiful to him. God,

    Alan: Well, you know there are creatures from hell unfortunately.

    Jackie: And where is hell, Alan?

    Alan: This is it.

    Jackie: This world.

    Alan: Hella is the Norwegian or Nordic word for the earth, and this is it, folks. You’re here and
    you’re certainly being run by the master liars.

    Jackie: And what in the hell are we doing here, Alan?

    Alan: Maybe there’s a way out for some people, some of the fallen angels. Maybe they’ve done some

    Jackie: Or like you said earlier today when we talking that the good news is that we can wake up in

    Alan: Oh, that’s a miracle. That is a miracle in itself when you realize the intense amount of
    indoctrination that we get as soon as we comprehend what’s happening from the system in
    kindergarten, media, cartoons and school and the media, I mean that’s all an intense matrix system
    to give us a version of reality which most people will never question right to their death and yet
    it’s not happening just in this generation. It’s happened for thousands of years.

    Jackie: Well, but you know what? Maybe not this intensely and I think you had said this a long
    time ago that there is nothing new under the sun and the technology today that you believed they
    had really advanced further in this time than they have ever advanced before.

    Alan: They’ve had the knowledge and we definitely know from Francis Bacon’s books written in the
    1500’s and published in 1602 with “The New Atlantis,” he’s talking about a weather machine to
    control the weather and earthquakes and storms.

    Jackie: And genetically modifying the plants.

    Alan: Plants and animals and engineering mosquitoes to carry diseases for warfare purposes and
    this is in the days of the horse and buggy and the candle. 1602 was the first time it was
    published. It was written in the late 1500’s.

    Jackie: “The New Atlantis.” You know, Alan, I never got that book. I called colleges. I just never
    got that book.

    Alan: It’s worth the read because if you can plow through it–

    Jackie: I was trying to find – can I get the real “New Atlantis” like from Barnes & Nobel or

    Alan: Yes. They’ll have a list of different upgraded additions.

    Jackie: I think I had called and they didn’t have any but they could order them for me and you had
    suggested that colleges will have them and I called colleges up there in the New York phonebook
    that I had and here in Pennsylvania. None of them have it.

    Alan: You have to make sure you get the proper one by Francis Bacon because the last couple of
    years they’ve churned out ones by other authors who’ve adopted the story and taken it off into
    outer space.

    Jackie: Right, and I’m not so sure it’s all that easy to get today.

    Alan: You’d had to get the reputable authors and you could actually ask for original type in the
    old language, in other words in the language of that day if you want to. In other words, they
    haven’t been tampered with. They’re just straight facsimiles of the original addition.

    Jackie: Would we be able to understand it?

    Alan: You will be. There are some spelling differences.

    Jackie: Well, like time is TYME.

    Alan: And Moses is MOYSE but you can figure it out quite easily. You cannot imagine where science
    would take you like science fiction unless you have a basis to take it from and of course we’re
    expected to believe he knew all this stuff just by a dream or whatever in the 1500’s, when, as I
    say, the horse and buggy were your means of transportation and a wax candle was your light. It’s
    impossible. No, they had the knowledge. That was the days of the Rosicrucians.

    Jackie: We’re out of our hour. You want to come back tomorrow night?

    Alan: Yes. We should really try and get it out. I think we weren’t even on the air for the last 15

    Jackie: Oh, you’re kidding me.

    Alan: I think so, yes.

    Jackie: Anyway, we can have these played again by the way; and Scientology, maybe we should take a
    look at that a little closer tomorrow.

    Alan: Yes. That was a Masonic creation.

    Jackie: We will be back tomorrow night. Alan will be back with us and thanks for being here.

    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru March 29, 2005

    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Today
    is Tuesday. It is the 29th of March in the year 2005. Today is day 11 for Terri Schiavo, folks, and
    I wanted to say this tonight. Just because we aren’t spending the entire broadcast discussing Terri
    does not mean that we give up and not that it’s necessarily going to make a difference, but I think
    that the calls and the emails and the faxes should keep going into Jeb Bush and basically just to
    let them know folks how many people, how many of us know that you know and maybe that’s all the
    good that it would do. But it doesn’t mean we sit back and say okay that’s it, it’s over because
    it’s never over until the fat lady sings, at least that’s what I learned in school. I don’t what
    you learned.

    Our spiritual message this evening is St. Francis of Assisi prayer.

    “Father, make me an instrument of your piece. Where there is hatred, let me so love. Where there is
    injury, pardon. Where there is doubt let me sow faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is
    darkness, let me sow light and where there is sadness, joy. Father, grant that I may not so much to
    be consulted as to consul. To be understood as to understand. To be loved as to love for it is in
    giving that we receive. It is in pardoning that we are pardoned and it is dying that we are born
    into eternal life.”

    That is very lovely for me. Our guest this evening once again is Alan Watt, folks, and Alan, thanks
    so much for being here.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure if we’re actually on.

    Jackie: Are we actually on?

    Alan: I don’t know.

    Jackie: Alan, for the sake of our shortwave listeners who didn’t hear it last night, basically
    what we talked about is what was going on behind the scenes with this Terri

    Schiavo situation being like you said on every where you turned, every TV, radio et cetera, and
    what was going on behind the scenes was the merging of the Americas, yes?

    Alan: That’s right, on the 23rd.

    Jackie: For the sake of our listeners who really couldn’t hear this last night, could you brief
    them again on this, Alan?

    Alan: Previously on the 14th, The Council on Foreign Relations broadcast on television their plan
    for the future, which was basically an amalgamated Americas. Then the following week Prime Minister
    Martin of Canada and Mr. Bush and Mr. Fox met in Waco, Texas before going on to the ranch there and
    on two television stations in Canada, the CBC (which is the government station) and City Television
    they showed us two versions and you could piece together the whole thing from the two. In other
    words, they were heavily censored but it did come out and one reporter did ask when “the three
    amigos” as they called them when they were up on stage.

    Jackie: The three amigos?

    Alan: That’s what they called them.

    Jackie: Oh, for God sake.

    Alan: When they were up on stage.

    Jackie: In Canada?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: That was a good way to bring Mexico up to Canada, wasn’t it?

    Alan: Yes and the reporter asked them, he says, “Is this the amalgamation the same as the European
    Union style?” and Paul Martin stepped in and he gave a vague answer which he says, “It’s not quite
    the big bang” and then he rambled on from there, but then Mr. Bush stepped in and he was rather
    enthusiastic and he wasn’t reading the script and he got carried away I think and he says, “I
    envisage closer cooperation and ties”. Now that’s the same terminology they used all through the
    Free Trade amalgamation for the Europeans was “closer ties.” What they’ve done is sign into law
    that a common taxation system for the whole Americas, a common right to all natural resources
    shared amongst them all, which are the big boys anyway, it’s nothing to do

    with us, and a gradual disappearing of the borders within four years, which is exactly the same
    format as when you join the European Union – as they’re amalgamating they give four years for the
    dissolution of the borders, so this is all part one. They signed it into law and they’ve got nine
    more meetings this year to fast-track the rest of it through.

    Jackie: And that four years gives them an opportunity to very slowly and subtly pull it over on
    the people to where the people by the time that “four years” is up they’re full-fledged into it and
    don’t even know it, Alan.

    Alan: They won’t even know. In fact they already admitted that the CIA and Canada’s CSIS (a
    similar organization) are already blended. The law enforcement are all being amalgamated right now.
    Bureaucrats from the Canadian government can now apply to work in the U.S. Federal government and
    vice versa, so it’s already here.

    Jackie: Oh my. Why is it then we would have a Russian Jew, Chertoff, for head of the Homeland

    Alan: Well, he’s had plenty of training and experience with the KGB. I mean the Russians had the
    trial run of how to contain a whole people and brainwash them and keep them living in fear.

    Jackie: For our listeners and folks, I know you’ve heard this if you are long-time listener, but
    the book that I read by Mikhail Heller when Alan mentions Russia or the Soviet Union and it was a
    giant laboratory is exactly what it was. They created the new man. The new man was the Soviet man,
    by the way, and he says – listen to this. I just grabbed the book here, Alan. He said that “in the
    Soviet Union people aren’t born. Organisms are born and we’ve turned them into people”. He said,
    “we turn them into truck drivers, tractor drivers, academicians,” et cetera and he said, “it took
    millions of years for man to become homo sapiens, but in 60 short years we have created a whole new
    species called the Soviet man,” Homo-Sovieticus.

    Alan: See that’s that plan society which the elite wrote about over 100 years ago.

    Jackie: I can’t find this place in the book but I guess I don’t need it. This is exactly what is
    happening just what he said. A whole new species has emerged, Alan, like the cougars.

    Alan: Like Bertrand Russell and all the other front men who were told what to write basically and
    Bertrand Russell was Lord Bertrand Russell so he was talking from the perspective of one of the
    elite. In his own books he said that the future that we are

    creating will not be haphazard. He said “no one would be born into the society unless we have a
    function for them.” You’re talking about a totally planned society.

    Jackie: Yes. At least back into the bioethics what’s going on with Terri, I have been reading a
    lot about so-called bioethics, realizing of course that it isn’t ethical at all.

    Alan: You see it’s the new name. The Rockefellers started up back in the 1920’s the first Eugenics
    Society and now of course they’ve got dirty names after they measured people’s skulls and decided
    they weren’t worth living, so they changed their name to “Bioethics” which is more consumer
    friendly; and so they don’t plan to have people born or at least allowed to live–

    Jackie: That’s right and folks, listening to this, because honestly when I read Orwell’s “1984” it
    didn’t hit me that this is what they mean and it is certainly of course hitting me now. Ladies and
    gentlemen, we have a tendency to hear it but not really hear it.
    We listen but we don’t get it, but what exactly Alan and I are talking about right now is exactly
    the plan. In other words, and my sis said this today, Alan. She said, “you mean in other words if
    my hips get bad they could just kill me?” I said “that’s right sis” and that’s exactly, folks,
    they’re talking about the marginal elders. I mean they’re saying it right out loud that this is
    going to be the treatment of—I forget how they call it—withholding food and water.

    Alan: Starvation.

    Jackie: But no, it isn’t starvation, it’s dehydration, Alan.

    Alan: As well, yes. Regardless, it’s murder but you see they put their own books out there many
    years ago and nobody reads them and these are not conspiracy books because they’re written by
    people who attend these meetings. Bertrand Russell was a member of The Royal Institute of
    International Affairs, which is the British Commonwealth version of the CFR. It’s all one big club
    and he wrote “The Impact of Science on Society.” That’s one of his books and he goes through this
    very thing, that they’d have to consider how much of a population they would actually need to
    fulfill certain basic functions and then decide which ones out of that population they would allow
    to live to fulfill those roles, based on IQ, sickness and so on.

    Jackie: Or lack thereof.

    Alan: Yes and when you couple that with the definition of the UN of a “good world citizen,” which
    Mr. Rockefeller calls himself, a good world citizen under the UN definition is a good
    producer-consumer. Now when you become purely a consumer

    you’re now a useless eater; you’re wasting the resources of the world. You can see how it’s all
    working perfectly along the same lines to where they want us all to go. It’s perfect because
    they’re all working in tandem and they’re on the same track and Joe Public when he hears this–

    Jackie: It doesn’t register, Alan.

    Alan: He can’t believe it.

    Jackie: Well of course not, because it’s taken a long time for me to actually get it that what
    we’re talking about is for real. I mean we’ve talked about this and I’ve written about it, not this
    particular but all of it and it stays in and around our mind somewhere that it’s unreal even though
    we know it is real.

    Alan: Until the knock comes to your door.

    Jackie: Exactly, but no, see, before that sometimes you get it before the knock comes. I got it and
    the seriousness of it for people to understand cannot be exaggerated.

    Alan: No, that’s just it. You see, we’re living under mind control. In fact the whole system from
    birth is intense mind control, which is reinforced through a universal schooling system so that
    everyone grows up with the same impressions and ideas thinking they’re sane because their neighbor
    and all their friends who when through the same system all have the same opinions, so we must all
    be sane. That’s how easy it is to train a whole society or a world to live under mind control and
    never know it.
    Zbigniew Brzezinski, he’s still one of the top advisers there for all the presidents, Brzezinski in
    his own books “Between Two Ages” and the “Technetronic Era” talked in the ’60’s about the coming
    population. He said we’re almost at the stage where the average individual is unable to think for
    themselves. He said all they’ll be able to do shortly is repeat what was downloaded into them on
    the previous night’s news. Now when you couple that with what Bertrand Russell said in his book,
    “The Impact of Science on Society,” it’s the same darn scheme. Bertrand Russell said that they were
    creating the people to only believe in the experts and that there would be experts for everything
    and that is a fact.

    Jackie: And when people argue with you, they say I know it, and when you ask them how they know
    it, they say because some guy in a white coat on the television said it.

    Alan: Yes, that’s correct and that’s exactly what happened with the Schiavo case. We watched the
    people with the professional uniforms on and I’m talking about the suits

    and ties, because fascism comes with a suit and tie, not with a uniform, and it’s got a friendly
    face and then you see the judges with their cloaks on, so we’re all well impressed by these experts
    and really these are just people. A hundred years ago if they tried this, those people wouldn’t be
    walking around too long you know. However, everyone has been emasculated through this mind control
    system we’ve been under and the men especially today hardly know really what they are. They’ve been
    accused of everything so much that they’ve lost their natural abilities you might say to maintain–

    Jackie: You mean with the feminist movement?

    Alan: The feminist movement, everything, I mean the white man’s been blamed for everything that’s
    happened on the planet and so he doesn’t know which way to go – if he’s doing something right or
    wrong or whatever, he’s unsure of himself in other words. He doesn’t act on his impulse or
    instincts of self-preservation.

    Jackie: And that is the male instinct, not only self-preservation, but protectionist.

    Alan: Yes and this is what they called “scientific socialism,” through a careful gradual process
    over maybe 50 years, Russell and other ones and H.G. Wells said the same thing, they said, “We can
    basically reduce the male to be impotent; mentally impotent,” and that has been achieved. Of
    course, people think they have a free media. There are no free medias out there.

    Jackie: What do you mean free media?

    Alan: Independent.

    Jackie: Well, there’s us.

    Alan: That’s maybe it, but out there I’m talking about the regular, you know mainstream usual.
    When they can spray whole continents from the sky for the last five or six years on an almost a
    daily basis, not one newspaper or television is even – obviously they won’t even mention it. Now
    that tells you that they’re not independent whatsoever.

    Jackie: Exactly, where the control is.

    Alan: They’re totally controlled.

    Jackie: You know what’s amazing to me? When I was reading Doug Reese book “Controversy of Zion”
    back in the 1700’s he told about the press control back then and how the press could totally ruin
    an individual who was standing up telling the truth.

    Alan: I’ve seen some of the original newspapers of the 1700’s because I used to go to the old
    libraries in Scotland and I can’t even describe what they’d put on a political cartoon when they
    were bringing somebody down because it was pre-Victorian and you wouldn’t believe how they
    cartooned people in order to discredit them; but it’s always been this way. For mind control you
    must have all the media working for you because the public get most of their “ongoing adult
    education,” as it’s called cryptically, from the media and that gives them their sense of reality.

    Jackie: Who was the prime minister before Churchill?

    Alan: Lloyd George was in.

    Jackie: Somebody before him.

    Alan: Are you talking about the one who signed the pact or the treaty with Hitler and he came

    Jackie: What was his name?

    Alan: It slipped my mind. I can actually see him.

    Jackie: Well, I can’t see him but anyway it will come in. This reminds me of the same thing.
    Anyway, he went and spoke personally with Adolph Hitler and came back and he announced there will
    be no war and the people in England were cheering and celebrating. The people in Germany were
    celebrating. Does it start with an N?

    Alan: Neville Chamberlain.

    Jackie: Neville Chamberlain, thank you. Okay folks, this is the power of the press that we’re
    talking about. He actually negotiated a peace with Germany and when he came back and announced that
    and everybody was cheering, what they did in about a few weeks span of time is that the press
    totally denigrated him. He was blamed for something that had to do with the navy that Churchill
    actually was responsible for and he was run right out of office and that was the press doing it
    again because they were going to have their war.

    Alan: This war was planned and to be honest, this is my opinion, but I think the top boys on all
    sides are always in on it. In fact when Hess flew to Britain – I don’t know if people realize that
    Hess was related to the royal family.

    Jackie: Was he really?

    Alan: The House of Hess is part of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha line yes.

    Jackie: Why did he stay in prison the rest of his life?

    Alan: We don’t even know if he did, you know.

    Jackie: We don’t know, do we, Alan?

    Alan: In fact they’ve even had BBC programs on that, where no one was allowed to see him and on
    one occasion one of his relatives said that wasn’t him, so we’ll never really know. Do you know
    where he took off to go and see? Who he was going to see?

    Jackie: No. Who was he going to see?

    Alan: He was going to see Lord Lothian who was the head of The Royal Institute of International
    Affairs, the CFR. He landed on his property.

    Jackie: I remember reading that, Alan.

    Alan: You see, so these guys had it all planned this thing and I’m sure they said to Adolf and so
    on, you go so far and then we’ll come in and then will have a bit of a fight and then we’ll have a
    truce; but of course they did a bad deal with them and Hess came over to see what was going on.
    These are all chess games and even those who go along with it can get dragged right down the tubes,
    but they’ve planned many wars in the past. This is an old, old strategy. In fact, Plato talked
    about it, where the elite of Athens and all the other islands, Iona and Attica, they’d agreed
    amongst themselves to have wars every so often to, number one, benefit the bankers because they
    have to buy new weapons after the vanquished all died and so on, and to keep the populations down,
    so they had these regular wars going on and they decided before who was going to declare victory
    for the history books.

    Jackie: And so what’s new today?

    Alan: There’s nothing new.

    Jackie: There’s nothing new under the sun.

    Alan: Carroll Quigley said that wars are actually fought to achieve social change.

    Jackie: Remember Norman Dodd from the Carnegie Foundation? He read it right in their notes when he
    went to get their notes and they said well they’re all stored away because once the U.S. joined the
    UN our work was done. In there he read in their minutes of their meetings, early 1900’s, where
    would be – well, first of all, the question was asked: Is there any way to change a society, or
    what would we call it, any better way other than war? And they came up with: no, war is the way. If
    you want it never to return to the way it was, you have a war; and then they decided, well, let’s
    see. Where should we have that war then? Oh, the Balkans would be a good place because that’s the
    place that’s already filled with unrest. Now they planned this 1906, Alan, and the First World War
    broke out, what, in 1913?

    Alan: 1914.

    Jackie: Okay. Oh, that’s right. Now I don’t know if this is true, but I have read it, that they
    decided that they did not want to have that first war until the Federal Reserve Act was passed in
    the U.S.

    Alan: That is true.

    Jackie: And then the American people can pay for the war.

    Alan: That’s right. Mandell House basically said that. He’s often called the man who lived through
    five presidents because he advised five presidents.

    Jackie: He was Wilson’s alter ego, wasn’t he?

    Alan: Wilson was a puppet. Even some of the memoirs of those around him admitted that.

    Jackie: He was prideful.

    Alan: And he wasn’t very bright.

    Jackie: And they stroke him, give him some money and give him a nice, big, huge, impressive home.
    That’s what it took for him. That’s all it took for him.

    Alan: That’s right. He was the most boring speechmaker ever, apparently. However, Mandell House
    was called “The Park Bench Politician.”

    Jackie: Yes, because he used to sit out on the park bench telling them what to do.

    Alan: And you know why?

    Jackie: No.

    Alan: Remember he wrote a novel called “Philip Dru: Administrator”

    Jackie: Yes, I read it.

    Alan: He’s even got himself in the novel in a place called Mandell House and in the novel, which
    was written around 1912, he says a group of powerful men set up an invisible government and buy
    politicians to front for them.

    Jackie: Alan, we have to take our break and the music is playing. We’ll pick this up on the other
    side. All right, folks, we’re back with you. Alan Watt is our guest tonight and as usual, I don’t
    know about for you, but we wend ourselves into conversations that are so fascinating and so
    enlightening that – Alan, thanks for coming on with me.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Okay. We were talking about Mandell House. You were talking about the book he wrote. That
    was in 1912, two years before the First World War and an administrator.

    Alan: He said that special advisers would be the real powers behind the man that the public sees
    as a president or prime ministers because they were taking over the world and in the novel one of
    the presidents starts to get uppity and believe he really is the president so they had to take him
    down a few pegs. Now the message the big boys used, and believe this or not, this is 1912, was to
    install tape recorders – tape recorders before they were invented, by the way, and they taped all
    his conversations and then exposed some of it to the public, to the media that then criticized the
    president and that brought him back into line.

    Jackie: Now where did you ever read this that they had tape-recorded him?

    Alan: It was in his novels.

    Jackie: Oh my God, Alan, you’re right. “Philip Dru: Administrator.”

    Alan: That is why Mandell House was called “The Park Bench Adviser,” because he always talked to
    the press or everybody else on a park bench where no one could tape him. Now this is before the
    public ever heard or saw a tape recorder and these guys always have advance sciences way ahead of
    what the public know.

    Jackie: You know I remember reading and I think this was in Doug Reed’s book, “Controversy of
    Zion,” Edward Mandell House actually was running the government and he would have meetings with
    high people from other countries in his apartment. There was one time when Woodrow Wilson the
    President was in there and some ambassador or something came into Mandell House’s apartment and he
    excused the president from the room.

    Alan: I can believe it.

    Jackie: And after that I think is when Woodrow Wilson was just pretty much you know done.

    Alan: He served his purpose and he tried to set up the League of Nations and that was one of his
    main jobs.

    Jackie: No he didn’t.

    Alan: No.

    Jackie: But he was credited with it.

    Alan: Yes, he was a front man.

    Jackie: Remember before it was the League of Nations it was called The League to Enforce Peace.

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: The League to Enforce Peace.

    Alan: Doublespeak, yes, but isn’t it amazing that even in that novel he gives you the fact that
    there are men behind the scenes who are big multi, multi-billionaires who then employ the advisers
    and train the advisers. The advisers tell the presidents and prime ministers what really is the
    future because they plan the future like a business

    plan and then they use that exact same technique of bringing down a president with Nixon. The same
    technique, they bugged the whole White House with tape recorders.

    Jackie: Now we were told that Nixon was playing tapes because he wanted to write is memoirs.

    Alan: That’s the story, but at the time they actually said before they came up with that it was
    for another reason.

    Jackie: Oh, in other words, that’s why they had the tape. That was the justification. You’re right
    because in the book “Henry Kissinger” that is addressed exactly what you just said the way they
    hid. They actually bugged his office.Alan, it was unbelievable the way they set that man up.

    Alan: Yes and as I say it’s more incredible that somebody wrote about that technique around 1912
    and even tape recorders before the public ever heard of a tape recorder.

    Jackie: Well, see I need to read that book again because I read it quite a few years ago. I don’t
    mean like 20 years ago but before I was really seeing, Alan. I mean it was intense enough reading
    it then but I can’t imagine what I would see when I read it the second time.

    Alan: That’s right. It’s amazing how much is out there to the public and the public don’t see it
    and that’s what they call “the mocking of the victim” in Masonry. They will put something out
    there. It’s not up to them if you understand it or not. It’s a form of legality that they have
    shown you, and stupid you if you didn’t catch on.

    Jackie: A form of legality. That’s exactly what’s happening right now with the Terri Schiavo case.

    Alan: Yes it is.

    Jackie: It’s all legal. It’s all the courts, the law. I mean of course they’re lying at every turn
    because the law is there that prohibits what they’re doing but that doesn’t even matter, Alan.

    Alan: As I say, it’s a Masonic “must be” and nothing will stop it because this was planned to go
    through. It’s got to go down in the books as precedence. It gives them the right then to decide by
    the courts who will live and die and also what they determine as quality of life will go down on
    the books.

    Jackie: They get the man on the streets saying – I think I told you this, that when I talked to
    Jody about this and she asked me what I thought about it, but before she got my answer she said,
    you know, mom, I wouldn’t want to live like her, would you?
    And Alan, Jody is a very compassionate person, so this gives me glimpse of how slick they are, so I
    began to tell Jody first of all that she wouldn’t even be in that condition if she had ever had any
    therapy. I mean it goes on and on and on, Alan.

    Alan: I know. There was a woman on a show here not long ago who had a massive stroke–

    Jackie: That was Kate Adamson probably.

    Alan: I know that she’s doing well now and she can talk coherently and so on.

    Jackie: But the point I was making is this: In the face of all the evidence that is out there, what
    they keep saying is they keep pushing this into peoples minds, “I wouldn’t want to live like that,
    would you?”

    Alan: In a vegetative state.

    Jackie: In a vegetative state.

    Alan: “Weapons of mass destruction,” over and over.

    Jackie: These are not the people who are saying why don’t you let her die. I’ve had two or three
    people write to me and say why don’t you leave it alone. Let her die.
    Don’t you have any compassion?

    Alan: Yet, here you are, being taken through a High Masonic psychodrama. This is what this
    production is and they have the public doing exactly as they’re trained to do, debate A and B, and
    they’re all at each other’s throats over it and yet none of the public have been there themselves.
    They’ve taken everything from the media, which is very little, and made decisions and giving their
    passive assent to this.

    Jackie: That is exactly the point, that everything they do they wind up getting the – they call it
    the “mandate”, the people’s mandate, and that’s how they do it.

    Alan: That’s right and the public have no idea that this now gives the government a rubber band,
    which can be stretched and stretched, called their decision on quality of life and what a
    vegetative state is.

    Jackie: And you know what? I am just totally changing the subject on us, but every single one of
    our listeners, we can make a difference and basically the opportunity arises almost every single
    conversation we have with anybody and the thought that just came to my mind. Amber called me Easter
    Sunday and she said happy Easter mom and I said well happy Ishtar, honey, and she said what does
    that mean and I began to tell her and I said go into the internet because they do the computer
    stuff and I said you’ll find this very fascinating. We talked about the egg. You know bunnies don’t
    lay eggs. Why do we have Easter eggs? Well, because Ishtar hatched from an egg and somewhere in her
    mind this is going to stay there and what else can we do?
    What more can we do? I shouldn’t say what else, but what more can we do than at every opportunity
    offer an opportunity to our kindred brothers, sisters, to at least consider the truth. It’s like I
    said last night, even though I knew when this hit mainstream the way it did, I knew that they were
    using it and of course you see all the hooks and what they’re doing and knowing that I was doing
    exactly what they wanted me to do, I did it, Alan, because I could not sit and say okay well
    they’re playing a game and I’m not going to play that game with them. You cannot sit back and not
    do what you can because it wasn’t just Terri anyway.

    Alan: That’s what Joe Public doesn’t realize as they give their consent to this. This isn’t about
    one person. This is the right of the government to decide from now on right into the future who can
    live and who can die by a court order.

    Jackie: And yet, while that is true, it is about one person; it is about Terri Schiavo, a woman
    who is being murdered–

    Alan: It’s a sacrifice at Easter time.

    Jackie: …in plain sight of the entire world, Alan.

    Alan: Yes, absolutely. I mean this is, as I say, set up the same way as when they shot Kennedy.
    They made sure the whole world was watching. The whole world goes through the psychodrama. It has a
    shock effect on the person, highly emotive, highly charged with emotion and the public are being
    led from beginning to end through a chess game in which they don’t even know they’re participating
    because they’re giving their approval.

    Jackie: See, but I knew I was participating and I still did it and Alan – it isn’t that I wrestle
    with that, but I think about how slick they are that they get us in these places where we’re damned
    if we do and we’re damned if we don’t.

    Alan: Yes I know and at the same time as everybody starts taking on the pros and cons and fighting
    with each other about it all from the media, as it’s designed to do, as I say the most historical
    thing that’s happened since the American Revolution just took place on the 23rd and no one knew.

    Jackie: Without a shot being fired. Alan: That’s right and that’s so typical. Jackie: By the
    Alan: Yes, plus they have their sacrifice. They always have a sacrifice when they build a new
    structure and this is it, at Easter time too. It’s perfect. It’s a beautiful Masonic script.

    Jackie: This is a real window of opportunity for them, the whole thing, their own Masonic holidays
    and probably astrologically it suited for what they did.

    Alan: Yes and for the High Masons they still go by the Roman calendar where March is the beginning
    of their year.

    Jackie: Oh, okay. Happy New Year, guys, right?

    Alan: That’s right and of course that’s the death – again, there’s always a death of something and
    there’s the death of winter, the beginning of life. They’ve built a structure because they build
    forms, which are systems. That’s what they mean by builders. They are builders. They’ve just built
    the new future of the Americas so quietly and easily and distracted the public while they carried
    out their sacrifice, which is only the first one of many to come.

    Jackie: There have been many before her. It just happened to be the one that came out.

    Alan: Yes, so this is your typical skilled Masonic ceremony and we all went through it and very
    few people realized it.

    Jackie: All right. Now you know what I would like to do? Well, this is a real downer, you know,
    what we’ve been talking about. I don’t mean it’s a downer because anytime we are brought into
    understanding we actually should celebrate but this is very difficult and sounding almost hopeless,
    Alan, so let’s talk about the other side of the face of this coin that what they envision, what is
    happening does not have to happen if

    enough people wake up to it, but it isn’t just waking up to this lie. It’s waking up to the
    religious lies that we’ve been told.

    Alan: It’s the entire system which we call reality and normality.

    Jackie: On that other level, on the other dimension, the other frequency, you know I have a
    tendency to think out there when I think different levels or frequencies and I have to keep
    reminding myself that it is all one, but doesn’t it come down to, Alan, right now it appears to me
    that there are almost people choosing up sides. It isn’t consciously, like okay I’m on this side.
    It’s people doing the right thing for the right reason and I think about Terri Schiavo and I think
    about the outpouring of love because everybody who was standing with Terri and doing whatever they
    could to stop this slaughter, this sacrifice, I think that there is something magnificent out of
    this that each and every one of these people experienced love that is unfathomable. Love of a
    person that they don’t even know and there is something very beautiful about that and it has
    occurred to me that this could turn the tide when people understand that love is the power and all
    that there really is that is real, Alan.

    Alan: Well, the key – see, this is the strange thing because they give you all your holy books but
    they always leave the truths in there because they’re so legalistic. They tell you the antidote to
    the system and they tell it to you in the New Testament, which has been refurbished a few times.
    However, they tell you if you have so much goods and so on, give them away. If someone is in need,
    help them and have the faith that when you need something someone will help you. You see that’s the
    only antidote to their system because their system is based on a substitute for all of that, and
    it’s called money, and that was the first trick that was ever pulled–

    Jackie: In other words, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

    Alan: Yes. In other words, use your humanity. There is no humanity in a monied system. It can only
    be an elite that manages the whole con game and the rest of the people who are generally fairly
    poor and because it’s a profit-making thing based on usury, everyone is born with a function to
    work at a job and job is from the Bible. Job was persecuted by his deity and that’s why you get a
    job. If you’re one of the higher- ups you get a salary, you see, but if you’re are a worker (and
    most people are trained to be workers) you get a job; and this is all Masonic of course in its
    esoteric meanings and that’s why the Masons have that Bible in the temples. However, the fact is,
    the antidote is also there if the people decided to use their humanity and say we’re not going
    along with this system anymore.

    Jackie: And do you know what? I really believe this, that within each and every one of us there is
    a place that we know. I other words, even people let’s say who make a decision based on, well, it
    doesn’t seem right but after all I’ve got four mouths to feed. See what I’m saying? That if
    somebody sees that it is wrong and understands that it is wrong they don’t do it. They don’t take
    into their realm of consideration of this, well, I have to do this because otherwise how am I going
    to feed my family, and there’s where the faith comes in that you were just talking about. You do
    the right thing for the right reason and doors will open but you have to just know that, Alan.

    Alan: Yes, but the whole problem in a monied system, it’s a dog-eat-dog from the top and the reason
    that we worship – and society does, they worship multimillionaires and that’s what they call
    success. That’s why it doesn’t matter how they get there, as long as they get there; and this
    trickle-down theory is more of a bunch of pariahs on every level having to eat off the guy beneath
    you in this trickle-down system, and when everything goes up in price you have to shaft the guy
    below you to make up what you had before.

    Jackie: So in other words, okay, you shaft them.

    Alan: You shaft them. He shafts you.

    Jackie: If you didn’t add something to what you’re selling.

    Alan: It doesn’t matter. You see, this whole system–

    Jackie: No, but I’m looking at it within that. It isn’t like they consciously feel that they’re
    shafting somebody because they have certain overhead and in order to meet the overhead they charge
    what they charge.

    Alan: This system is based on a fallacy and it’s based on deceit by very clever people who’ve been
    taught this many thousands of years ago how to run this system and we call this system, which is
    completely inhumane. People do not live their lives. They run and race and worry through it. They
    don’t live but we call this system humane and the guy who’s your neighbor to your left, he might
    have the same medical problem as you neighbor to the right, but the guy on the left doesn’t have as
    much money and so he get’s a few pills that will probably give him an ulcer or something or make
    him bleed to death, but the guy on the right has more bucks so his life will be saved. We call this
    normal and we call this is humane society. There’s nothing humane in it.
    There’s nothing humane in this system. It’s a corrupt evil system and it was from the beginning.

    Jackie: Well that comes back once to us, each and every one of us, Alan, and we can talk about the
    corrupt system and then the question is are we going to be part of it?

    Alan: Yes, and if you are going to be part of it–

    Jackie: Well, I don’t mean forced into like okay you have to have a driver’s license, but I’m
    talking about doing what you know in your heart – it’s like people who work for Children Family
    Services. They go into people’s homes and they steal children and they say well I was only doing my
    job. This is what I’m talking about, Alan.

    Alan: And those cops at Schiavo’s thing that were arresting the children that were trying to take
    water – they were just doing their job; and when they take you in to kill you, they’ll tell you the
    same thing. You see there’s an evilness through segments of society and I don’t care how it’s
    glossed over, ultimately the individuals are well aware of what they’re doing.

    Jackie: It’s the human being or a human condition maybe or whatever you call it that they know
    human nature and they know what seduces people, but somewhere – we’ve got about four minutes left.
    I want to say something that you said a long time ago and well I liked it and maybe I liked it
    because I know it’s true but what you say means something and we were talking about people wakening
    up, I mean enlightened, spiritual consciousness and I asked you one time how many do you think it
    will take? And you said not really very many because there aren’t many of them.

    Alan: That’s a fact.

    Jackie: Yes because the light into the darkness is where that shines away that evil.

    Alan: Really at the top they estimate there is only three percent who run the world.

    Jackie: And so enough of us who stand in every way that we can that we stand for right, in other
    words, Alan, and if it isn’t right we know it because there’s something in us that niggles us and
    we get the warning and say, no, don’t do that, and then we’re either going to go with that because
    we accept and know or we’re going to say don’t bother me conscience. Don’t bother me because I have
    to do this just this one time because then I’ll get that promotion.

    Alan: And if you’re part of the team and you’re all there in the same uniform, because a whole
    bunch are doing the wrong thing doesn’t mean that you have to. People are making decisions all time
    you know and it doesn’t wash, the excuse doesn’t wash that it’s the law or I’m only following
    orders. That does not wash. That does not wash at

    all. They know who they are and what they’ve done and that doesn’t go on forever. There’s always a
    balance to the scale and when evil gets too low it must perish. It must be destroyed and it will.
    Jackie: Evil can only be destroyed by the light.

    Alan: The evil also turns on itself at a certain time.
    Jackie: Oh, that’s good. Do you want to talk about that tomorrow night?
    Alan: Sure.


    Jackie: Evil turning on itself. Will you write that down?
    Alan: Yes.
    Jackie: Folks, we’ll be back with you tomorrow night with Alan. We’ll just pick up with this
    conversation where it left off.
    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru April 6, 2005



    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you very much for joining us tonight on Sweet
    Liberty. It is Wednesday the 6th of April in the year 2005 and I hope you’re day was as lovely as
    our day was here today. It was 80 degrees here, just unreal. Alan Watt is with us tonight.

    Let me begin with our spiritual message and we’ll bring Alan up. This we did last night from John
    18 verse 37 when Pilate asked Jesus, “Are you a king? Jesus said, “You say that I’m a king. To this
    end was I born and for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness unto the truth.
    Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice.”

    It’s pretty clear to me. Hello Alan Watt.

    Alan: Hello.

    Jackie: Thank you for being here tonight.

    Alan: Yes, it’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Yes, it’s a pleasure.

    Alan: It’s pouring rain here.

    Jackie: Oh my gosh, Alan. It’s 80 degrees. I had every window in the house open and I went out and
    I spread a couple of bales of hay in the chicken’s yard. It was muddy out there and I got all the
    hay off my perennials and got leaves out of the flower gardens and stuff. It was beautiful. It’s
    just so exciting.

    Alan: Well, it’s the spring, eh?

    Jackie: It is and it’s amazing what a nice day can do for our energy level, isn’t it?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Well gosh, Alan, you know we have to have these times, for me, the information, that stuff
    that we have learned and the lies that we have been told and that darkness that is in this world,
    it is so nice to have the break like this sometimes, isn’t it?

    Alan: It is.

    Jackie: It’s good for what ails you. It’s good for the soul.

    Alan: Yes. Unfortunately though, I watched them spraying all day yesterday until they turned the
    whole sky into just polymer mush and they’re going after it big time.

    Jackie: Today was sunny here. The skies were blue and the clouds were white and puffy.

    Alan: That’s the real thing.

    Jackie: Oh it is. This has been a rare day. Yes, it’s lovely. I’ve been printing out some stuff.
    You had mentioned this and I had gotten some information on it, Alan. These are the Top-Off they’re
    calling it and I got this right from the U.S. government’s website, U.S. Department of Homeland
    Security, Top Officials Three Exercise. Okay, that’s what they’re calling it, “Top Off Three”. Top
    Officials Three Exercise, whatever that means, is a congressionally mandated exercise designed to
    strengthen the nation’s capacity to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from large scale
    terrorist attacks involving weapons of mass destruction. Then it goes on and of course as we’ve

    talked about and I mentioned it last night to our listeners. It isn’t just here in the U.S. It’s in
    Canada. It’s in the UK and the two states that are involved are New Jersey and Connecticut and
    they’re underway between the fourth and the eighth of this month.

    Alan: I hear too that they also had some British and some French aircraft and so on and military
    personnel over here, so it’s international.

    Jackie: That’s what I said, Canada and the UK.

    Alan: It’s quite something but I did hear there is going Eskimo rebellion and that’s probably what
    it’s all about.

    Jackie: Yeah, an Eskimo rebellion.

    Alan: We set up communist Russia. We set up and financed communist China. We gave China – well, we
    didn’t give it, but the boys that run us gave China all the industry, so who on earth is there
    anyway that’s going to do all of this chaos?

    Jackie: All we have to do is look at the Trading With the Enemy Act here in the U.S. and we see
    that according to the U.S. government incorporated that we the people in America are the enemy.

    Alan: Yes, that’s right. That makes sense. Because that’s what the Soviets did. The Soviets really
    had no or the Bolsheviks had no real enemies once they had their borders and to contain people, and
    Lenin said it, to contain people and make them obedient you must have a reign of terror within and
    of course that’s when they started looking within for terrorists. The same thing in the French
    Revolution until it go so carried away in the French Revolution that if you looked at someone the
    wrong way you were a terrorist and had your head lopped off, but this is the same thing. For them
    to maintain complete control in a global society under one government, they have to create this
    so-called terrorism within. You know the Goldstein of 1984. Who was Goldstein? Goldstein leads the
    terrorists. Where are they? They’re everywhere and that’s what they have to do. This is an old
    science and they’re simply using the same techniques again and eventually they’ll convince a lot of
    the general public after they’ve introduced the psychological testing that they’re potential
    terrorists and they didn’t know it. And the people will thank them for protecting them.

    Jackie: Like they tell young children today that they’re homosexuals and I recall this so clearly.
    It was on the news and they did this testing in school and a 14-year old boy, they told him he was
    homosexual and when they asked him how he felt about it,

    he said I don’t know because I didn’t know I was. But possibly that boy believed them, Alan.

    Alan: Lots of them are doing it because they’re being told – I mean you wouldn’t believe how
    indoctrinated in sexuality we are prior to even puberty by adults with agendas and they tell them
    that if you haven’t tried this there might be something wrong with you.

    Jackie: Then we have the President’s New Freedom Commission here. New freedom, don’t you love that?

    Alan: Oh, it’s wonderful.

    Jackie: And that’s the commission that is going to do the screening across the nation
    – mental health screening and we know just like Winston Smith. We’re mentally ill if we think for

    Alan: It’s thought crime. Jackie: It’s dog training? Alan: It’s thought crime. Jackie: Oh,
    thought crime.
    Alan: And of course Winston when he was picked up and taken to the Ministry of Love, same thing.
    That’s where they torture you. He met his next-door neighbor and his neighbor said, “don’t come
    near me Winston” (of course he was a prisoner too). He said, “don’t come near me Winston. I’ve just
    found out that I’m a thought criminal.” He said, “I didn’t know it myself but my daughter spotted
    it. Thank God she caught me in time before I did anything.” And that’s what it will come to here.

    Jackie: Yes it is.

    Alan: And people will thank them.

    Jackie: For telling them that they’re mentally ill?

    Alan: Yes. You have these subconscious aggressions against different things and you might act on
    them and so we’ve caught you in time and here’s the medical regime and here’s the pills that you
    take and here’s the office you check into every week for

    analysis. That will become the norm, only for a while until we get the brain chip out there, which
    they have. At the Loyola University Meeting that your tax money paid for, the geneticists and the
    biotech engineers who were there from all over the world said that they have this partial
    protoplasmic chip all ready to go and it will be inserted in to the brain and it will interface
    with your cerebral cortex. Basically, everyone will be hooked up to regional computers and you
    won’t be able to imagine yourself as an individual anymore. It will be more like the beehive. In
    other words, it will be like the Borg in Star Trek. However, they’re selling the idea, and they
    said that at that meeting, that all novels, cartoons, and movies will incorporate this in their
    story lines to make it a thing that the public will want; and sure enough, there’s whole bunch of
    movies just been released to do with brain chips and applications and how wonderful it can be.
    That’s how you program the public to accept things.

    Jackie: I would like you to say again what you said about the chip because that can slide by
    somebody. This chip that actually blends with your own tissue, yes?

    Alan: That’s right. Your body will not reject it because it’s made of some type of protoplasm
    which is the same as the human type and it was invented in Japan. Some of your listeners may
    remember maybe 10 years ago when I think it was Sony Corporation announced that they had created a
    form of computer composed primarily of protoplasmic brain type cells and silicon chips interfaced,
    they all work together, so this has been tried and tested. They have it all ready to go at the
    Loyola University meeting they said – and Newt Gingrich was there. He led off the meeting but they
    said all they have to do now is convince the public of the need to take it and of course they’re
    going to use this fear of terrorism to advance it.

    Jackie: Yes. While you’re talking I’m going through my Homeland Security file because I’ve got
    that report, the CFR Phase III Report on National Homeland Security, and Alan, they said something
    in this. I couldn’t believe it and it was towards the last of it, just exactly what you’re talking
    about. I couldn’t believe that they actually – well, you go ahead because I think I’m pretty close
    to where it is and this report by the way was done in what was it, Alan, 1998, 1999 and let me see.
    Oh, excuse me, the final draft came on the 31st of January 2001 but that was Phase III of it. This
    thing started sometime in 1998 or 1999 and then of course right after 9/11 out it came and then we
    got our Department of Homeland Security.

    Alan: This was also planned way in advance and even in Canada here the most senior civil servant
    in Ottawa who helped draft up the negotiation books for the Free Trade Negotiations, which were the
    precursors of the NAFTA, she came out afterwards and told the public they’re merging the entire
    continent starting in 2005 and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

    Jackie: All of this has been going on while the mainstream media pushed Terri Schiavo. Here is a
    wrap-up if I could on their 14 points. They’re just very short, all of them. We arrived at these 14
    conclusions. Now listen to this. Listen to this. I know I’m away from the mike. Listen to their

    “1. The United States will become increasingly vulnerable to hostile attacks on the American
    homeland and U.S. military superiority will not entirely protect us.
    2. Rapid advances in information and biotechnology will create new vulnerabilities for U.S.
    3. New technologies will divide the world as well as draw it together.
    4. The national security of all advanced states will be increasingly effective by the
    vulnerabilities of the evolving global economic infrastructure.
    5. Energy supplies will continue to have major strategic significance.
    6. All borders will be more porous. Some will bend and some will break.
    7. The sovereignty of states will come under pressure but will endure as the main principle of
    international political organization.
    8. The fragmentation and failure of some states will occur with destabilizing effects on entire
    9. Foreign crisis will be replete with atrocities and the deliberate terror rising of civilian

    Isn’t that what we’re doing over in Iraq today?

    Alan: Oh, I’d say so.

    Jackie: “Space will become a critical and competitive military environment.” (And listen to this).
    “The essence of war will not change. U.S. intelligence will face more challenging adversaries and
    even excellent intelligence will not prevent all surprises.”

    So they warn us right up front that no matter how many of your liberties and freedoms that we take
    away, you’re not safe, folks.

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Well anyway. Oh here. “The United States will be called upon frequently to intervene
    militarily in time of uncertain alliances and with the prospect of fewer forward deployed forces.”
    (And then here’s another one). “The emerging security environment in the next quarter century will
    require different U.S. military and other national capabilities.”

    Here, listen to this. This is what I was looking for, I think.

    “The commissions stressed on communicating the scale and pace of change has been borne out by
    extraordinary developments in science and technology in just the 18-month period since the Phase I
    Report appeared. The mapping of the humane genome was completed. A functioning quantum computing
    device was invented.
    Organic and inorganic material was mated at the molecular level for the first time.” Isn’t that
    what we’re talking about, Alan?
    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: “Basic mechanisms of the aging process have been understood at the genetic level. Anyone of
    these developments would have qualified as a breakthrough of the decade a quarter century ago but
    they all happened within the past year and a half.”

    Alan: Yes, what a joke.

    Jackie: And there’s just a couple of more here. It says: “This suggests the possible advent of
    period of change the scale of which will often astound us. The key factor driving change in
    America’s national security environment over the next 25 years will be the acceleration of
    scientific discovery and its technological applications and the uneven human social and
    psychological capacity to harness them. Synergistic developments in information, technology,
    material science, biotechnology and nanotechnology will almost certainly transport (listen to this)
    transform human tools more dramatically and rapidly than any time in human history. While it is
    easy to underestimate the social implications of change on such a scale the need for human
    intellectual and social adaptation imposes limits to the pace of change. These limits are healthy
    for they allow and encourage the application (listen to this) of the human moral sense two choices
    of major import. We will surely have our hands full with such choices over the next quarter
    century. In that time we may witness the development of a capacity to guide or control evolution
    (listen, let me do that again). In that time, we may witness the development of a capacity to guide
    or control evolution by manipulating human DNA and the ability to join organic and inorganic
    material formed prospects are both sobering and contentious.”

    Wait, I missed a sentence. “The ability to join organic and inorganic material formed suggests that
    humans may evolve literally with their own machines. Such prospects are both sobering and

    Alan: These inventions were made long ago.

    Jackie: I want our listeners to know that this report – this Phase III Report, I’m pretty sure it
    is. They said it, to merge human and organic and inorganic.

    Alan: That basically is the chip too. In other words, they’re talking about the cyborg as well.
    Part human, part machine and of course I don’t know if you noticed that movie they put out again,
    “Artificial Intelligence.”

    Jackie: That was sad.

    Alan: It also is to leave the person with the subconscious question of what is human anyway. In
    other words, if a robot can adopt human qualities can we therefore classify them as the new humans;
    and before you know it, our minds have been made up for us primarily through all the fiction that
    we’ve watched.

    Jackie: And not only that, but there will be possibly a compassion for these creatures that are
    being created.

    Alan: Oh yes and the whole law industry for civil rights and all that.

    Jackie: Oh yes. Well remember was it the “Millennium Man,” was that it, with Robin Williams?

    Alan: That’s right. See they’ve already given us a scenario.

    Jackie: Tell our listeners about that.

    Alan: Yes, well that’s the same idea that the guy starts off as a superior type robot and goes
    through his long, long life and eventually wants to become human because he’s adopted all these
    qualities and then he goes to court to demand they have the same rights.

    Jackie: And it was the world court and it was a three-man panel. Remember that?

    Alan: Yes, so all of this drama is predictive programming. That’s what they call it and our
    conclusions are given to us primarily through fiction in advance of the actual events so that we
    react to these events the same way as the characters in the movie.
    We accept it in other words and that’s the Tavistock method. It’s an old method.

    Jackie: But they have such a slick way of presenting it, because if you recall when he was up
    there before the court to get his certificate of what, humanity – what was he trying to get?

    Alan: To be a human being and a citizen.

    Jackie: Yes and he was a total cyborg or whatever you call it, but then one of the judges says
    well I have an artificial heart and my father had an artificial gizzard or whatever, and basically
    you sat there and listened to that and you thought, yeah, sure.

    Alan: That’s how they program you.

    Jackie: Exactly. Well I could see it though. That’s one of the beauties of actually knowing. That
    chapter out of that book that I read to our listeners the last few nights, it’s exactly what it
    talked about is knowing about the darkness. Knowing the darkness because other than that, how are
    you going to shed light into it, Alan?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: And you’ve been very much of a blessing for all of us to open our eyes, open our minds.
    It’s not been easy at times. You know that, don’t you?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Because there was that spell that I went through for I don’t know how long where I thought
    I was in some other place and there was nothing that I looked at that looked real to me and it was
    such a confusing place to be, Alan, but somehow we settle in with that, don’t we?

    Alan: Yes, that’s right.

    Jackie: Sort of like an initiation.

    Alan: Most people actually float through their lives through all the changes in almost a dreamlike
    state – just like they floated through the transfer of all industry to China. Most people sort of
    vaguely remember something about that but they’re not quite sure, even though everything is made in
    China and it never dawned on them why was it a mandate for American and Canadian business to be
    moved to China? I mean this is coming from the top. They float through their lives and the changes
    and they accept that. Plato talked about this whole scenario 2,400 years ago and of course they
    were part of the Mystery Religion of his day and they talked about the perfect state, which

    was a prototype of the perfect world state, where they would create – the guardian class, that’s
    the elite who run the whole show, would have this lesser elite of “technocrats” you might call

    Jackie: Those would be the minions?

    Alan: The technocrats would be the high bureaucrats and the scientists combined, and then they
    have the people below them that do all the work and they would breed these people just like they
    bred hybrid animals for specific tasks. They would mate them up with specific women, and for tall
    guys that would pick apples for instance and the small squat guys who would do mining, and they
    said this is the perfect society and the majority of the people in Plato’s “Republic” were not
    called people. They were called ITS.

    Jackie: ITS?

    Alan: Yes, you’re either a human being or you’re an IT.

    Jackie: Only you were a human being if you were part of the elite?

    Alan: Yes and everyone else was an IT, and of course that’s another way of using aristocracy and
    nobility and the commoners. The commoners are the ITS, you see, so nothing has changed.

    Jackie: Maybe we’re mankind and they’re ITS.

    Alan: Well, they’re not an IT. They are an infection that shouldn’t be here. They are THE
    infection. They are the deviants, a deviant species.

    Jackie: When we say “they,” are we talking about the royal Khazars?

    Alan: It’s all royalty across the planet in all countries. You’ll find that the Japanese ones have
    connection with the British ones and so on going way, way back for thousands of years before even
    the Khazars.

    Jackie: And their ancestors had red hair probably?

    Alan: Some of them certainly did, we know that, even the ones going into China with some of the
    mummies of these red-haired people. Of course, this all stems really from what they called the
    Aryan race that came into India and also had links with Iran and other parts of the Middle East.

    Jackie: Okay. I don’t understand this Aryan race thing. We’re going to take a 60 second break
    here. Well, that took 10 minutes but we don’t do that often, have all these long commercials, and
    besides that, they’re worthwhile, aren’t they, Alan?

    Alan: You know the people eventually won’t need to use shortwave because they’ll have the chip in
    their head and they’ll have music playing all the time, elevator music.

    Jackie: Or rap.

    Alan: Well, it will be rap for the military because they’ve got to be aggressive. For the public
    it will be elevator music.

    Jackie: I remember you saying that you saw a news thing when they were sending a shipload of
    America boys, young men, women, girls over to Iraq and they had war paint on their faces.

    Alan: The guys had their shirts off and some of them had baggy pants on.

    Jackie: And doing and rap music and dancing and you said that the thought that came into your mind
    was they’re sending the barbarians over there.

    Alan: Yes, we’re sending the barbarians into one of the oldest civilizations in the world and this
    barbarian generation was deliberately created to do just this.

    Jackie: Generation X.

    Alan: They were dumbed down, given video games to kill, kill, kill. The state gave them whatever
    values they desired and their boss is their paymaster and they’ve got the most primitive form of
    music ever devised – scientifically devised and it works very well.

    Jackie: The primitive music, the piercing of the body in all places, it takes us right back to the
    jungle to primitive man.

    Alan: You always get that appearing when you have a generation for warfare. The pirates too, when
    they were big, they also pierced themselves and put rings and so on.

    Jackie: More than just their ears?

    Alan: Yes, and of course the pirates were all Masons anyway because that was the symbol of their

    Jackie: Well, wait a minute now. You’re not talking about all of them onboard ship, but you’re
    talking about the pirate captains, yes?

    Alan: You also had them with the mates right down to the long-term crew. Eventually they’d join it
    as well. In fact if you ever see Gilbert & Sullivan’s movie “The Pirates of Penzance,” or the stage
    play or whatever, written in the late 1800’s, you’ll actually see a sort of mock ceremony onboard
    the pirate ship of the Masonic initiation.

    Jackie: “The Pirates of Penzance”? Would you spell that?


    The Pirates of Penzance; or, The Slave of Duty is a comic opera in two acts, with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. The opera’s official premiere was at the Fifth Avenue Theatre in New York City on 31 December 1879, where the show was well received by both audiences and critics.[1] Its London debut was on 3 April 1880, at the Opera Comique, where it ran for 363 performances.

    The story concerns Frederic, who, having completed his 21st year, is released from his apprenticeship to a band of tender-hearted pirates. He meets the daughters of Major-General Stanley, including Mabel, and the two young people fall instantly in love. Frederic soon learns, however, that he was born on the 29th of February, and so, technically, he has a birthday only once each leap year. His indenture specifies that he remain apprenticed to the pirates until his “twenty-first birthday”, meaning that he must serve for another 63 years.[2] Bound by his own sense of duty, Frederic’s only solace is that Mabel agrees to wait for him faithfully.

    Pirates was the fifth Gilbert and Sullivan collaboration and introduced the much-parodied “Major-General’s Song”. The opera was performed for over a century by the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company in Britain and by many other opera companies and repertory companies worldwide. Modernized productions include Joseph Papp’s 1981 Broadway production, which ran for 787 performances, winning the Tony Award for Best Revival and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical, and spawning many imitations and a 1983 film adaptation. Pirates remains popular today, taking its place along with The Mikado and H.M.S. Pinafore as one of the most frequently played Gilbert and Sullivan operas.



    Alan: It’s P-E-N-Z-A-N-C-E, I think it is. That’s just at the course of Cornwall in England. That
    was one of their big bases, but you’ll see the apprentice sailor with his shirt open, his breast
    exposed, one of his trouser legs rolled up and torn and I think wearing one shoe and so he’s all
    ready for the initiation. Then they lay him on the Skull & Bones flag and they pulled him up three
    times, so that’s him now a Master Mason you see.

    Jackie: Just waiting for the wool to be pulled over his eyes?

    Alan: Yes, and of course Gilbert & Sullivan were high Masons. We see these things all the time but
    the public don’t know what they’re really looking at and it’s no different from the movies they
    churn out today. They’re always mocking the public and programming them at the same time. Again,
    going back to Plato, he said, “we have the ability (meaning the aristocracy) since we give the
    people their culture; culture does not come from the bottom up. It comes from the top down.” And he
    said, “We can change the culture and all the values in one generation and the people involved who
    lived through it won’t even notice the change.”

    Jackie: Alan, this thought came to me while we were on the air one night. The biodiversity treaty
    treats humankind, mankind as organisms. In other words, we are no different than above or below.
    All organisms are the same including the lowest amoeba, and you were talking about this, how they
    culture us, and then it occurred to me in the pictures that I get in my mind that the world is
    their Petri dish. We are the organisms that are being cultured.

    Alan: When the Phoenicians went into new lands they had a whole routine that they went through to
    entice the public down to the beach where they’ll lay out presents and

    then go back into their boats and watch. They studied the public of a new nation, a new people and
    they watched their tribal habits and they called it “customs,” and that’s why you have customs
    ports at every port nowadays and that’s what they did. By understanding the cultures you can
    interfere and take over the people and the Phoenicians ended up enslaving most of the little
    villages they took over and turned them into almost semi-automatic production facilities for
    different items.

    Jackie: Like they are today.

    Alan: Yes. This is an ancient technique and they had their international bankers went with them
    even as long ago as 2,500 BC.

    Jackie: What were they using for “money” back then?

    Alan: In the beginning they used gold and silver powder and they weighed it and ingots too. It was
    all done by weights. In fact in Sumer around 5,000 BC you had the standard weights which we still
    use today. What they were doing at that time was wherever they went to new countries, they
    introduced their money system where none had existed before because people bartered when they were
    free. Then they set up a branch office, a bank, introduced their gold and eventually it became of
    course coin and then told them to put their coin in the bank and they gave them clay facsimiles,
    just like paper money.

    Jackie: That was back in that era?

    Alan: Yes and once they done that they shipped the gold and silver back out of the country to the
    major religious temples in the Middle East and those were the banks.

    Jackie: I’ve become real intrigued with the question about gold, gold more than silver. I got some
    information mailed to me by one of our listeners quite a while ago and it told about the use of
    gold for many – well, I shouldn’t have even brought it up because I cannot recall, but it went far
    beyond using gold as “money” or a means of exchange or riches or wealth, but there’s something to
    gold that’s very important to them.

    Alan: I know. There’s a whole bunch of stuff out there put out by Gardner from one of the Masonic
    institutions in England. I mean I’m telling you the people on the internet who phone me swallow
    everything that’s out there.

    Jackie: Okay. Well, I’m not saying I swallowed it but maybe this is the same thing you’re talking
    about. But what are you talking about?

    Alan: The gold was simply – these guys had been into mining very early on. I’ve no doubt they
    learned it from long before Sumer, they had to of, and they had a monopoly on their mines and so
    they got metals that were fairly rare, had monopolies on them and forced that on the countries
    round about and overseas. As they were doing that, they were creating an international standard of
    weights and measures and a value system.

    Jackie: But what made them valuable?

    Alan: Because they forced it on as a means of exchange instead of having real goods to exchange
    with others. It’s a method of control.

    Jackie: In other words, they could have chosen anything. They could have chosen nickel?

    Alan: I don’t think they should have chosen anything at all. I think they should have left it.

    Jackie: I didn’t say they should. I said they could have.

    Alan: You see this is what it is. Nature should have been left the way it was. That’s the key to

    Jackie: I understand that. All I’m saying is why they chose gold.

    Alan: If it was something else that was as rare they would have used it. Sure they would have.
    Again, gold is often along the same vein as you’ll find silver, it often turns into the gold
    further on in the same vein, so they had them both in the one mine. You’ll find the Phoenicians–

    Jackie: Silver turns into gold?

    Alan: Silver will go alongside gold often.

    Jackie: But it doesn’t turn into gold?

    Alan: There’s a method – I mean even the white gold you see is a mixture of really the two. You see
    there’s an in-between and the two distinct ones and you often also find lead also around the same
    area, but you’ll find the Phoenicians had mines as far as Russia thousands of years ago. What they
    did was create wars because once they had

    taken a country over and introduced money, they would get the government, which they then owned, to
    create a standing army and then they could just use money to pay them. Any country who didn’t go
    along and accept the same system, they would arm them because they also owned the best weapons of
    the day, no different from today, and they would invade that country, take it over and force the
    system on them. In those days they called it “civilization.” Today they call it “democracy.”

    Jackie: You know Adolph Hitler was bartering. That was one of the things them drove him crazy
    because according to what I have read, Germany had no gold left after the Weimer Republic and they
    created a script, just like Abraham Lincoln did, but that they were actually bartering with other
    nations and they were bartering goods for goods and it drove them nuts. You know what really
    confirmed it for me? I’ve got a speech here by Cordele Hull. It was on Labor Day and it was when
    the U.S. – well, it was in 1941, Labor Day and he was talking about international trade and all
    this. He said if this present war is not won we will be reduced to barter and I knew that he was
    talking about Adolph Hitler’s barter system and that was driving them absolutely nuts because there
    were no trade deficits and there were manufactured goods traded for food mostly.

    Alan: Well, I still don’t believe that – I think every peoples get used you know. I really think
    they all get used. All the nations get used. Even if you think you’re rebelling against them,
    they’ll put their own men in at the top and guide you along the path.

    Jackie: They put their spin on it too.

    Alan: Because you’ll find that Hitler did have Schacht who was his banker and Schacht was a member
    of the German and Dutch families that were big bankers. If you look at Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor
    Roosevelt, she did a genealogical chart of her husband in one of her books and you’ll find that FDR
    was related to the Schacht family as well.

    Jackie: When you say Schacht, how are you spelling it?

    Alan: I think it’s S-C-H-A-C-H-T.



    Giving you the masonic sign, they always talk with their hands by the way, did you notice that, children ?



    Jackie: Oh, like shocked.
    Alan: FDR was related to Hitler’s


    Alan: FDR was related to Hitler’s banker and the Dutch families as well of the
    Schacht and Germans, so everything is a play and the public get used and the real

    theater of war is a theater. It’s a theater you see and to make people believe it was all very
    real, real people must really die.

    Jackie: Yes, but how many people were told by history in school that Adolph Hitler was bartering?
    You see, the things that are hidden, Alan, are the things that to me maybe slipped out of their
    hands, maybe somebody. I considered the same thing with Saddam Hussein, that maybe he was put in
    power by them. I don’t know but I see the possibility that their minions got away with them. Look
    at JFK and I think he actually got to thinking that he was the president.

    Alan: So did Reagan, that’s why they shot him.

    Jackie: Yes exactly, but you see they put him in and I understand at that time that there was in
    Chicago or Illinois specifically a lot of fraudulent votes to get JFK in, but he got in and then
    suddenly said what the hell is going on here and so he thought he was the president so they killed
    him. So I’m saying that some of this people slipped through their hands.

    Alan: I think some of them also get carried away. I’ve no doubt Saddam did and no doubt Saddam
    never really looked at the end of the Cold War because his whole power structure was based on being
    an American ally during the whole thing.

    Jackie: Well, because America – not America, we’ll say the U.S. government Inc., they were playing
    with him, I believe.

    Alan: They did finance him and they did give him weaponry.

    Jackie: I know. That’s what I’m saying, but Saddam Hussein was attempting to develop a Pan-Arab
    collation.Well, that’s something that Israel and the U.S. government isn’t going to stand for.

    Alan: They’ve said that. They’ve said that publicly. Israel came out and said that the New
    American Century agenda that was drawn up by Wolfowitz and Perle and Rumsfeld and so on, back in
    the ’90’s, with the agenda attacking first of all Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran, then Syria.
    They said it was identical to their own.
    That’s what Israel said; so yes, it’s one in the same policy. However, in ancient times, what the
    historians call “spreading civilization,” it was the same system there as it created empire after
    empire and spread civilization. They were standardizing a system across the world and today the
    U.S. is just completing that job and today they call it democracy.

    Jackie: I think we ought to be really contemplating, really considering that we’re going to be
    some of the ones that slip through their hands because everybody doesn’t fall for it, do they,

    Alan: No. They know that in every generation there are some who, as they say themselves, “slip
    through the net,” the ones whose indoctrination doesn’t take so well and they’re clever enough to
    remain free thinkers and hide it through school. Today, of course, if you show it at school, they
    put you on drugs.

    Jackie: You know what? For me if this broadcast does anything that it would be to open the eyes,
    open the minds, open the hearts of our listeners that they would be part of the one that slipped
    through the net, Alan, and you are part of this. You are so much a part of this of informing us and
    bringing us out of the Dark Ages, out of the forest.

    Alan: People all claim that they want truth and I tell them – and most people want truth like
    buying a fast-food hamburger and they don’t realize that they have to do a lot of work.

    Jackie: Yes. We’re out of our hour. You’ll be back with us, won’t you, Alan?

    Alan: Oh yes.

    Jackie: Thanks for being here.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru April 13, 2005


    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty.
    Today is Wednesday and it is the 13th of April in the year 2005 and Alan Watt is with us this
    evening. I had friend stop by.

    Our spiritual message tonight is the pray of Saint Francis of Assisi:

    “Father, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there
    is injury, let me so pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair let me so hope;
    Where there is darkness, let me sow light; And where there is sadness, joy. Father grant that I may
    not so much seek to be consoled as to console; To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to
    love; For it is in giving that we receive; It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; And it is in
    dying that we are born into eternal life.”

    Alan, thank you being here tonight.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Always. How has your day been, besides the chemtrail spraying?

    Alan: I got my truck stuck in the field.

    Jackie: Oh no.

    Alan: Yes. I was taking it out there to do some important stuff and it’s just not dry enough.

    Jackie: So did you get it out?

    Alan: No, I spoke to it quietly and left it there.

    Jackie: Oh okay. So do you think it’s going to come in by itself now?

    Alan: Well, I did tell it what would happen to it if it didn’t.

    Jackie: You know what? These things can happen because last summer when the children were here,
    Brandon got a real bad shock out on the porch and they were plugging in one of their players and
    instead of connecting the extension cord and then plugging it in. He had already plugged it in and
    I was in the house. They said his hair stood right up on end. It was a good one and it knocked out
    some fuses. Well, I got all the fuse things flipped back but my doorbell quit ringing and I thought
    well there’s something in there. Something like a ballast and I thought well then maybe it’s a
    ballast and I have to find the company and I was without a doorbell for I cannot tell you how long
    and then one day suddenly someone came up and rang the doorbell and it’s working without doing
    anything to it. I like that. So maybe you’ll find your truck up by the house in the morning.

    Alan: Well, I did threaten it. Jackie: But you did it quietly? Alan: I did it quietly.
    Jackie: Okay. Well Alan there’s something that I would like you to address tonight. I don’t know
    how to respond. I don’t know that what I say or the way I say it or whatever it is that’s lacking
    or maybe it isn’t. Maybe it’s just difficult. The one thing that initiated this is I got a call
    last night from a really nice man and I mean this sincerely and I know that it’s with all of his
    heart the belief, but basically it was the same thing I get from people who are I guess it’s
    Christian or Israel identity, but it isn’t Yahweh or Jehovah that god of the Old Testament. The
    name is wrong. It’s Yahweh; and Alan, what is the difference?

    Alan: Well, to them it’s everything really and that goes way, way back into the Middle East where
    if you knew the exact pronunciation of the entity or demon, then you would control it. That’s where
    it all stems from and of course it’s all nonsense because if you’re talking to a creator I’m sure
    the creator is bright enough to know who you’re talking to.

    Jackie: What about the part in the Old Testament where it says if my people – does it say know my
    name or something about repent. I wished I knew it word for word. I don’t if you know which one I’m
    referring to, but I think a lot of stuff is pinned onto that too. “If my people would say my name
    or know my name, call upon me, I will

    heal their land.” So that’s to make people think that we have to have a name for Creator?

    Alan: That’s pretty well it. It’s nonsense. If you are speaking to a creator that’s so dumb with a
    low IQ that if you get the name wrong and he doesn’t hear you, then I think you’re praying to the
    wrong entity because obviously anything that was a creator knows exactly who you mean.

    Jackie: But this goes along with the fact that it wasn’t the Jews that was the chosen, it was the
    white Anglo-Saxon and there’s a lot of evidentially research that people have done in the
    bloodlines and people from back in that area and so what it comes down to this is. It comes down to
    believing that Creator would choose a special people and we’re to rule the world. Rule the world.
    It says in there, Alan, that you are going to loan to nations and borrow from none and it also says
    to a special people that they cannot loan money and charge usury to their fellows but they have to
    charge usury to the stranger or the goyim. Well, how is this reconciled in people’s minds or is
    there something that at least to plant a seed that would get them thinking, Alan?

    Alan: Their thinking would have to overcome their conditioning. That’s the problem and they’ve
    been so heavily steeped in this stuff from childhood that for many of them it’s impossible to break
    that barrier.

    Jackie: A lot of people who are Christian identity I don’t think it’s necessarily from childhood.
    It is what they’ve deduced from whoever – this came from British Israelism, didn’t it? The Israel
    identity or Christian identity? What is British Israelism?

    Alan: It began in the 1800’s with one man who was a bit of a nutcase to begin with. In fact he
    ended up in a psychiatric hospital for the rest of his days.

    Jackie: Do you know a name?

    Alan: I can’t quite remember the guy’s name but he actually demanded that the king and queen of
    England dethrone themselves and put him in power because he believed that he was closer to the
    bloodline that was mentioned than they were, you see, so they locked him up. However, then the
    World Zionist federation realized this could be an aid in their plans and so they pushed it ever
    since and you’ll find that the World Federalist Society–

    Jackie: World Federalist or World Zionist?

    Alan: World Federalist Society is the exact same address in every country as the World Zionist
    Society. It’s one and the same outfit. They’re using religion once again to verify the Old
    Testament and to bring Israel up to be the basically the capital of the planet.

    Jackie: And going along with that, isn’t it the second coming, the coming of Jesus, and I don’t
    know if this is British Israelism or Israel identity but that Jesus is going to have his throne
    right there in Jerusalem.

    Alan: It’s all part of the plan and you see behind religions you’ve had people who conned everyone
    for thousands of years so they do certainly know the techniques to use and they could pull it off.
    They could certainly pull it off; but if you go into the Old Testament, Jehovah or Yahweh is a
    latecomer. He comes on the scene after the Elohim and the Elohim are the creators you might say, so
    definitely Yahweh was a local deity that was then pushed – in fact he was the volcano god and he
    was eventually pushed up to overtake everyone else, not by Jews but by the ruling governments of
    the day.

    Jackie: The priesthood?

    Alan: Yes and Constantine I’m sure had a few good chuckles at that one because he was steeped in
    all the mystery religions and even though he’s given the accolades for bringing Christianity to the
    fore, he did not make Christianity the religion of Rome. He simply stopped the persecution of it
    and prior to doing that he created his own temple of the Mithraic Cult – he was a Mithraic
    disciple, a form of Masonry you might call it. He also created a church where you could go in, like
    all Caesars, and worship him in his own church, so he was worshipped as a god. He had insurance
    policies out with every mystery religion and so he used this religion, the Christian religion, to
    further the cause, which was again to lead eventually to world government.

    The Roman cult of Mithras (




    the Fasci, the red cap, the square and compass…bla bla bla …yes it is everywhere in many shapes and forms


    Jackie: I’ve mentioned this on the air before because I don’t really understand all of the
    writings that are attributed to things of Jesus but there are some that are so simple and that you
    just absolutely know is true. You know, how to live. Do unto others. That is it, Alan. As you sow,
    so shall you reap. I take that literally and for people to think that okay if I say a certain
    amount of hail Mary’s or the priest or I pay enough, well the Lord knows that I’m a weak sinner and
    Jesus died for my sins so I’m okay because I repent and then you do it again and repent again and
    it really gives people a cop out. But far beyond that, the way I see it, the way it appears to me,
    is that it has created that separation – that perceived separation between each of us and our

    Alan: Long before Christianity the mystery religions had always been around and they knew from
    time immemorial that man would always seek out his Creator. He had a yearning to be in touch with
    the all or whatever name they gave to it and then they exploited it. The priesthoods actually
    exploited this natural need you see and of course out of the need they create dogma, and from the
    dogma they make rules and laws and enslave the minds of the people.

    Jackie: And if you don’t buy into the dogma you’re a heretic; and I remember saying that on the
    air. Actually it was sometime in ’98 and why I remember that is because it was still daylight when
    I was doing the broadcast at the time. But I said I just want you all to know that I am a heretic,
    and by the definition in the dictionary, that I do not ascribe or subscribe to the religious
    doctrine and the religious dogma that we have been taught. I had somebody call me and say that’s a
    terrible thing to say about yourself. In other words, it’s terrible to be a heretic.

    Alan: “Heretic” comes from “hearsay,” and that’s what they forbid the public to do, was listen to
    hearsay; and from “hearsay” you have “heresy.” That’s where it comes from, so you were forbidden to
    listen to any kind of hearsay or heresy and if you did then you were a heretic. It’s a fantastic
    form of mind control to do with guilt-tripping and sin of course and it’s been exploited and used
    by professionals for thousands upon thousands of years. It’s all mind control, all of it.

    Jackie: I remember when Rick, what was his name, Wiles, was actually on this hour on this
    shortwave frequency at 9 p.m. Eastern time and Lilly listened to him and taped the thing one day
    and called and let me hear it. This basically was his message because he used to do news and tell
    all the terrible things that were going on, but then he’d say but that’s okay, I see what’s going
    on out there, I know what’s going on but it’s okay because I know that it’s the time Jesus is
    coming, see. Then he says come on Jesus and establish your throne in Jerusalem and I am going to be
    there right in the front row worshipping you and following you. It seems that the kingdom on earth
    is the message that has permeated throughout a lot of these religions, like the Jehovah’s

    Alan: Of course the history of the Witnesses was began by–

    Jackie: Charles Taze Russell


    Alan: And he’s buried under a pyramid.




    Another little psycho clown, giving you the masonic sign, do you see that, children ?



    Jackie: “34 holy,” I was at his pyramid. I have photographs of them, Alan.

    Alan: Yes and it’s right opposite the Masonic Lodge and of course the whole idea of the
    “Russellites,” as they called themselves, was that the Gentiles had blown it with all their wars
    and the goal was to bring the time of the Jews to rule the world. That was part of the Russellite

    Jackie: Oh, you’re kidding.

    Alan: In fact Balfour who gave the Balfour Declaration said the same thing. If you read the whole
    declaration, and generally you’ll see only part of it published, but if you read the whole thing he
    said the same thing that the Gentiles have blown their ability for salvation, were unable to handle
    freedom and therefore the Jews had the right to rule.

    Jackie: I had never read the whole thing then because what I have that I was under the impression
    that this was the Balfour Declaration, basically it just said that a home there will be established
    for the Jews. However, it said something about that this would not encroach upon the people who are
    living there already, the Palestinians.

    Alan: Well, they are nice liars.

    Jackie: Yes I know that but that’s all I’ve got.

    Alan: I’ve got the whole thing and don’t forget too, it was not a British government document. It
    was a personal letter to Baron Rothschild, so it was never debated in Parliament in Britain. This
    was a managed thing between Rothschild and Balfour; but that was the scheme of it all, was that
    “look, you Gentiles just can’t handle it so it’s only right that Jews take over.” H.G. Wells who
    was also a front man for MI6 and who was given most of his material that he wrote his stories
    around, H.G. Wells also categorized the races that should be allowed to live and the ones that
    would have to be exterminated, long before Adolph Hitler came along. He said that the British Crown
    had decided that Jews because of their survival abilities and their ability to handle this economic
    system would be allowed to survive alongside the aristocracy of Britain.

    Jackie: You’re kidding.

    Alan: No.

    Jackie: So their ability to handle it. They’re the ones that – well, the elite are the ones that
    created it, aren’t they, way back in ancient times?

    Alan: Oh yes, it’s always been the elite of course. When you read into the books,
    H.G. Wells wrote the first set, it was a two-volume set called “The History of the World,” and he
    lays out there the races that would have to be destroyed because they could not come into this new
    order, which was an economic system, and he said that the red man would have to be killed off by
    diseases and so would the blacks. He also had the Irish in there, by the way.

    Jackie: Why the Irish?

    Alan: Because the Irish have a temperamental streak where they don’t like to go along with systems
    and the only ones that would be allowed to survive would be people who would conform to an economic
    system, and that’s the key to everything is the economic system. We under law exist to serve the
    economic system and not the other way around. They wrote a lot of their agenda openly back in the
    early 1900’s and put down in that agenda the races that would have to be eliminated.

    Jackie: When you read enough different stuff you know that you keep seeing these connections. And
    in the Protocols of course their world court it looks like it’s already built there in Israel but
    they say that their king despot of the blood of Zion is going to be the Pope of the world. Now I
    was sharing with out listeners last night a thing that I got on the different popes but there’s
    something here that I didn’t get to and I think it’s part of our conversation now and I’d like to
    share it. He was talking about the scandals of the child molestation and he said:

    “Notwithstanding the scandal and shock of the aforementioned, Rome carries on quietly with her
    program of world dominion. They lead the competition to establish the first one world system that
    has ever existed. Their ultimate goal is global religious syncretism, and to eventually wield
    control and authority over every individual on earth. The human solidarity goals of the Roman
    Church are identical to the goals and objectives of the United Nations. This is why they are such a
    perfect fit. Rome only gives the appearance of objecting to the UN agenda. At the 1996 World Food
    Summit in Rome, Cardinal Angelo Sodano fledged the holy seas support for the UN humanistic programs
    of action. Rome also has designs on Jerusalem.”

    Now this is where the connection comes in.

    “For 46 years after Israel’s rebirth the Vatican refused to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.
    But Rome wants to exert premier influence over Jerusalem, which will one day function as the
    capital of her World Church. In a 1993 letter to the Pope, Shimon Peres promised to
    internationalize Jerusalem granting the UN political control of the Old City and the Vatican
    hegemony over the holy sites within. This was confirmed

    by the Italian newspaper La Stampa. In March 1995 the Israeli radio station Arutz Sheva was leaked
    a cable from the Israeli Embassy in Rome, confirming the hand over of Jerusalem to the Vatican. The
    future Pope will establish his throne one day within the walls of the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.
    It is from here that he will rule his World Church.”

    That reminds me that the king despot of the blood of Zion is said that it will be the Pope of the
    World and it says and there’s just another paragraph here.

    “And this day may not be as far off as many believe. The cornerstones for the Third Temple have
    already been quarried by the Jewish group known as the Temple Mount Faithful. They are extremely
    well financed and organized. They have also produced priestly vestments in accordance with
    scriptural outlines and are presently attempting to breed a perfect red heifer in anticipation of
    the coming dedication ceremonies. Obviously, Rome and the Temple Mount Faithful are headed for a

    I don’t think so. Do you, Alan? I don’t think there is going to be a showdown.

    Alan: No, I wouldn’t think so.

    Jackie: Okay. Here’s the last. “In a letter sent to the Vatican in January 2004, the Temple Mount
    Faithful demanded that Pope John Paul return the Temple Menorah and other vessels and treasures
    removed in 70AD by Titus and taken to Rome, where they are presently held within the Secret Vatican
    Archives.” And that’s the end of the article and this was written by some guy in Toronto, but I
    think there’s a lot of truth in here except that there’s going to be a show down. This last pope
    according to many sources his mother was a Jew. He went to Israel and apologized on behalf of all
    Christians for the terrible persecution of the Jews that have taken place over the last 2,000
    years, so the guy was a Jew.

    Alan: He also worked for I.G. Farben just prior to World War II.

    Jackie: Yes. I understand that he became a Catholic in order to escape whatever and he became a
    cardinal and the next thing you know he’s a pope. There’s not going to be any showdown. Their
    puppets are being put in place right now.

    Alan: Sure, the Catholic Church was always used for this. In fact if you look at some of the big
    names of Catholic popes, they were also world bankers in their own right.

    Jackie: I was telling our listeners last night about this beautiful book I have written by David
    Yallop, I think his name was. It was titled “In God’s Name” and it was about Pope John Paul I that
    was in only for 33 days and he was going to get rid of Marchinko the Vatican banker because he
    found out that they had laundered a billion, 900 and some million, dollars of bad bonds through the
    Vatican church. It was the night before when he handed these instructions to the Secretary of
    State, which he had actually inherited from the previous pope, and the author said that the guy
    begged the pope not to do this, evidentially knowing what was going to happen, and he said I want
    this done. Marchinko was some bishop or cardinal and the next morning he was found dead. He was

    Alan: He was going to make a speech that day, too, to ban freemasonry in the Vatican.

    Jackie: Yes. What is it called? 32P… 3P… 22?

    Alan: There’s two 2’s.

    Jackie: P2 freemasonry. Yes, that was mentioned. We have to take our 60-second break here. This
    was a pope that could have done some real good. He was going to get rid of the birth control ban
    for Catholics and they got rid of him in 33 days. Okay folks, we’ll be right back with Alan Watt.
    Okay Alan, what were we talking about?

    Alan: The fact is that organized religions have always been used for the purpose of control from
    the most ancient times.

    Jackie: Oh yes, we were talking about Pope John Paul I.

    Alan: If you really want to find mystery religion, you should look into the established churches
    because that’s where it all began.

    Jackie: You know the word pagan? Well, I looked it up one day. I got a whole bunch of dictionaries
    here and every time Chuck found one in an old bookstore from all different areas and I look up the
    word pagan in every single one of them, including 1828 whatever. Pagan, the word is connected with
    the word heathen and that is the person of the heath. Pagan really means rural folks, but what the
    dictionary said is that they were people who did not come into the organized church, the doctrine
    and the dogma of the church; and Alan, do you know that almost every single one of them, one of the
    definitions of a pagan was a gentile? Now that kind of confused me. Can you explain that?

    Alan: Sure. All ancient peoples had meaning in life. They had meaning from life. They lived the
    meaning of life and it didn’t matter really where their source of inspiration came from. They lived
    their life and life has to be meaningful. If you take away the meaningfulness of life, then you
    have robots and slaves and of course the organized religions were intended and set up to do exactly
    that. The ancient people had special sacred spots all over the world and it meant something to
    them. That’s all important you see.

    Jackie: Yes and it wasn’t necessarily evil, was it, Alan?

    Alan: No, not in the least. In fact, there was far less bloodletting with the so-called Pagani as
    there has been with established religion. Established religion has been a horror show.

    Jackie: Alan, what about the people now, I guess I have thought of them as pagans who sacrificed
    their children? Like I remember reading in Hawaii they throw their babies into the ocean
    sacrificing them to the gods. Some of them when they built a building, the four corners, before
    they put those posts in an infant was thrown in there; did that come from the priesthood?

    Alan: It came from Babylon. In fact, the archaeologists today who’ve worked steadily what was
    Babylon right into Jerusalem have found no sign of a Jehovah type worship. What they have found is
    that the same exact system of Babylon, where you kill children and often put them in an urn and you
    put them on each four corners to protect the inhabitants. All this rubbish and nonsense about a
    great Judaic people who worshipped this Jehovah is absolute rubbish. The truth is in the earth. The
    proof is there buried in the earth and in fact you can’t tell Judaism apart from the Phoenicians
    who also did the same thing of killing first-born children and burying them in the four corners of
    the structure. You see in the ancient times, even in Rome, the emperor himself, to open up land for
    building purposes he would make the crossroads with the plows and he would plow an exact square and

    Jackie: Who did this?

    Alan: The old Caesars.

    Jackie: The Caesars themselves?

    Alan: Yes. That was the law that they had to plow a square part of the land, with a plow, and
    wherever any structure went up then a human sacrifice was given so that

    the mother goddess would not be offended. That was their belief system and that was rampant – that
    same belief system is exactly the same as Babylon and Jerusalem and on and on you go.

    Jackie: This Caesar, are you speaking of in Rome?

    Alan: In Rome and their empire, wherever their empire extended to, it was the same system because
    there is only one mystery religion.

    Jackie: You mean the Romans were doing baby sacrifices?

    Alan: Yes and even today in the land of the so-called Phoenicians, which was the Holy Land

    Jackie: Okay. Tell me where that was?

    Alan: That was the Holy Land. That was Jerusalem and round about Jerusalem.

    Jackie: That was Phoenicia, huh?

    Alan: Yes and the Greeks called the land of that area Phoenicia. South of them was the Edomites,
    but that land itself was the Phoenicians.

    Jackie: Aren’t the Edomites the ones the Jews supposedly are supposed to get rid of?

    Alan: Well, you’ll find they were not too happy with anybody else. Everybody was their enemy
    basically. However, what you find with the Phoenicians, and this is the key to it all, it’s an
    economic system and the Phoenicians were the ones who lived in that area who always created an
    artificial island and that was their capital and from there they would spread their system of
    commerce all over the ancient world.

    Jackie: You mean somewhere out in the ocean they would create an island?

    Alan: Yes, a man-made island.

    Jackie: How do you do that, Alan?

    Alan: They poured millions and billions of tons of soil and stone and so on and then they built
    their island.

    Jackie: In other words, sort of like a shoal or something that was already fairly not deep, fairly

    Alan: That’s what they did and they built it off of Joppa [Jaffa, Yafo] off the coast of Israel in
    the Mediterranean Sea and that was their capital. Then they moved eventually to Venice. Venice is a
    play on Phoenician – Venetian, Phoenician, same thing – and that was their capital of the world;
    Venice itself again was created by man, by the creation of an artificial city, and so the MO [modus
    operandi] you can trace down through history wherever they go.

    Jackie: Yes and this gets so confusing because I read a fairly long piece about Venice. I think it
    was Venice where the Jesuits were supposed to be so powerful. Is that so, was it Venice?

    Alan: They were definitely powerful because the Jesuits traveled even to ancient Japan. They
    created the warrior caste of Japan. It wasn’t natural to that country. They actually gave them the
    Warrior Caste and they’ve done it wherever they’ve gone. If you say–

    Jackie: Phoenician and Venetian.

    Alan: It’s the same thing, and the Phoenix bird dies every 500 years and it’s recreated in its own

    Jackie: And that would be a takeoff on the Phoenicians?

    Alan: That’s right. You’ll find if you say “Jesus” and then take it into the French, you have “Je
    Suis,” I Am. Jesuit is Je Suis, same thing, “I am.” The whole thing is the mystery religion. All of
    it is the mystery religion.

    Jackie: Now I have read that the one we know as Jesus but wasn’t really his name.

    Alan: Jesus is a Greek term because the initial writers of the gospel wrote primarily in Greek and
    they had no problem by saying ‘Son of Zeus,’ (Zeus, Iesous), because they were familiar with the
    son of Zeus, Hesus. The other name is Apollo of course and Jesus is the sun. He is the sun. If you
    look a the King James Bible and you get a proper King James Bible–

    Jackie: You mean like the original one?

    Alan: Yes. You’ll find that the accolades they give to King James says “you are the SUN.” King
    James is the SUN and then talks about the late queen Elizabeth I who is the Eastern Star. That’s
    where the Eastern Star Lodge comes from. That’s in all the original King James Bibles.

    Jackie: All Masonic.

    Alan: All Masonic. These guys have literally pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes for thousands of
    years. You look at all the churches, they have a spire, which is the phallic symbol going right
    back to Egypt and it’s called ON. The phallic symbol is called ON. It’s in the English language
    today. We use ON for an erection; and you walk through the phallic symbol into the box and you walk
    through the vulva. That’s why you have what they call a “Norman Arch,” and you walk through it into
    the church into the box and it always faces to the East where the sun comes up.


    Jackie: Is this in the Catholic Church mostly?

    Alan: It’s in all Christian churches.

    Jackie: Are you saying then that all Christian churches that the entrance faces east?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Gosh, I never noticed that, Alan.

    Alan: And the priest gets dressed up in his robe, which is a female dress, because he portrays the
    hermaphrodite, male and female in one, because in the beginning God created man and woman; “in his
    perfect image created them both,” which means (and this is in the Talmud) that the god they’re
    talking about is a hermaphrodite. It’s male and female in one. They worship on Saturn’s day, which
    is Saturday, and that’s why they wear the black robe. When they wear the black robe they are also
    ultimate law. They’re all law.

    Jackie: Is that what the black robe means?

    Alan: That’s what it means. It’s the law. That’s why judges wear the black robe. They are the law.
    They are Saturn. When they sit on that bench above the people and there’s a bar in the way, they
    belong to the bar, they are speaking as gods. They are gods in the courtroom.

    Jackie: In the courtroom. Well, how does law connect with black?

    Alan: Again it’s the ancient system that predated Judaism and all the rest of them.

    Jackie: You mean that’s what they did was wore black?

    Alan: Yes and when they brought even Hebrews in for trial, this is how they said it: they held
    them by the “short and curlies.” They held them by the you-know-what.

    Jackie: The pubic hair?

    Alan: By the B-A-L-L-S and if you lied they crushed it. The crushed your “manhood” and that’s
    where the “short and curlies” comes from. This is all history. It is recorded history and we’ve
    been fooled for such a long, long time with all this nonsense that we have not allowed ourselves to
    live. These guys who run this system know exactly where they’re taking us and what they’re taking
    us to and they have decided that they want to eradicate that part of the mind, the brain, which
    allows you to think of yourself as an individual.

    Jackie: Okay. What part of the brain is that?

    Alan: It’s your higher survival centers. Arthur Koestler worked for the United Nations. He wrote
    about it. He said we will have to lobotomize that part of the brain that gives them their
    individuality because they won’t need it anymore since the state will be making all their decisions
    for them.

    Jackie: Are we talking about in the pituitary area? Like a frontal lobotomy?

    Alan: It includes that. They’ve been right up front with their agenda.

    Jackie: Alan, was it Arthur Koestler who wrote–

    Alan: “The Thirteenth Tribe.”

    Jackie: I know “The Thirteenth Tribe,” but what about “The Ghost in the Machine?”

    Alan: “The Ghost in the Machine” is what they refer to for your ability to know yourself as a
    distinct personality.

    Jackie: Wasn’t that a book?

    Alan: “The Ghost in the Machine was a book, yes.

    Jackie: Was it Arthur Koestler who wrote that?
    Alan: Yes. He worked for the United Nations on a way to eradicate what they called “a problem of

    Jackie: So you know what had just occurred to me? These psychotropic drugs that they are putting
    everybody on, do you think that does something with that frontal lobe of the brain? Do you think
    that’s the way of chemically lobotomizing people, Alan?

    Alan: They are doing that. That’s what the spraying in the sky is all about.

    Jackie: Well yes, but besides the spraying in the sky, the psychotropic drugs that they’re putting
    so many people on and so many children. Do you think that that is sort of like a chemical – I mean
    they actually get zombie-like in a sense.

    Alan: When you put them on the drugs they’ve been put on, it actually shrinks the brain and what
    they’re doing is eliminating all those people with leadership abilities who can convey what they
    understand and know and have learned to other people. They’re eliminating them before they become a
    problem and this is not fantasia. It’s been written about by the very people involved. It’s just
    that no one reads these books.

    Jackie: So “The Ghost in the Machine” would be the actual soul or spirit of the individual?

    Alan: It’s everything that makes you who you are. That’s what they mean and they’re doing it.

    Jackie: I’ve always meant to get that book and I’ve never done it.

    Alan: Arthur Koestler was quite candid about it. He believes in it of course. He worked for Stalin
    and then he came over to the University of New York and taught the same theories there.

    Jackie: Koestler was a Russian Jew?

    Alan: Yes and then he also spent the rest of his life working on methods to eradicate
    that part of the brain that makes you who you are; an individual.


    Jackie: You know what just occurred to me, that people who live in cities that every opportunity
    that they get to leave the city and find a place, Alan, that is where the birds sing and the
    crickets – there aren’t too many crickets around anymore that I know of, but the little peeper
    frogs and the whippoorwills and the morning doves and the mocking birds and just to get out and
    away from the artificiality of the city. When I had my business in Springfield, Illinois, I
    actually lived 50 miles from work but it was sub-development you know down the highway and off the
    highway and into from what they call the hard road and a beautiful 360 acres of woods and a little
    lake and to me it was just like heaven to be able to escape there, but there were people in
    Springfield when they had a long weekend they would go to St. Louis and I would go why are you
    going to St. Louis? Well, they’re going to go to a game and I go why don’t you go camping
    someplace? It just amazed me the people who already lived in the city wanted to go to a bigger city
    for a vacation and I really mean this folks. I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart, if you
    haven’t done it, take a vacation. Take a weekend. Take your children, take yourselves. Get the hell
    out of the city and find a place where water runs, a little brook, a stream, a river, but go
    someplace where there aren’t telephones. Buy a tent and go camping. Alan, how else are people ever
    going to be able to get in touch with themselves?

    Alan: Well, their time is running out because the agenda is there. It’s ongoing very quickly now
    and you will find that those who are dead already, that they are dead in the world and the few who
    are truly awake are often caught up in the confusion. There are very few people who are truly awake
    who’ve broken through all the confusion, but the agenda is going on right now. Seti, the Egyptian
    pharoph Seti, was the one who put into effect the long-range plans to lobotomize the public and
    that’s why you have “City.”

    Jackie: Alan, we’re out of time. We’re out of our hour, let me put it that way. Ladies and
    gentlemen, we’ll be back with you Monday. Alan, thank you for being here.
    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru April 19, 2005


    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for being here tonight. This is Tuesday. It is
    the 19th of April in the year 2005 and I hope that many of you are having a beautiful and
    delightful day as we’ve been having here in Millerton, Pennsylvania.

    Our spiritual message this evening is from John 18. We do this a lot, yes. In verse 37 when Jesus
    was having a conversation with Pontius Pilate and Pilate asked him “are you a king” and Jesus said,
    “You say that I am a king. To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world that I
    should bear witness unto the truth. Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice.”

    And that’s pretty cut and dried. Alan Watt, thank you for being here tonight with us again.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: You know it is very difficult when you’re in a conversation that seems to be just rolling
    and moving fluidly, it’s difficult to pick it up but I wrote down the words religiosity versus

    Alan: We know that religion means to “rebind” or to “retie” and since most religions, all
    religions really, have come from preexisting religions, the elite that rule them simply updated
    them and called them something else and rebound the people or retied the people to the new.

    Jackie: Did you say it was the word ligio or legio?

    Alan: Legio, yes.

    Jackie: It’s a Latin word meaning to bind?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: So RE-LIGION to rebind? In other words, the same game just under a new name?

    Alan: Yes, so that’s what religion is and religion also has always been used, with the hierarchy
    at the top symbolizing the god or the heavenly; and then all of his helpers and priests down to the
    lowest priest; and then all about them are the stars, the commoners, you see, the people, the
    masses; and so it was reconstruction of that which is above and bringing it below, as the Masons
    say, and that’s what religion was made to do. That’s why in fact they use the solar symbols in all
    of their religions including Christianity.

    Now spirituality is a different thing all together. Without spirituality or humankind’s natural
    feeling for knowledge that there’s something much bigger working things out there and it’s much,
    much bigger than themselves or any humans, the ones that rule this earthy plane use that need and
    then pervert it into their own use by dominating the people, often by terrifying them with visions
    of Hades for the Greeks and Hell eventually for the western Christians and sin of course, which is
    a big thing. Religion itself is used to dominate and control the public to keep a minority in
    absolute wealth and power and it hasn’t changed today.

    Jackie: Sometimes maybe a conversation like this, people who – I’ve talked to a couple of our
    listeners recently and we got into this conversation about whether or not we’re a “Christian” and I
    said I thought I always was but I realize now I’m not. I never was. Not in the way that the
    “religion” of Christianity teaches or demands that we believe and yet it takes nothing away from
    what true Christianity could have been if it wasn’t made into a religion.

    Alan: That’s right. You see, the Christianity in the Gospels is simply eternal truths. Eternal
    truth never changes. It’s eternal. It can’t mean something different in a different century or in a
    different millennium. These are eternal truths and obviously if people followed the eternal truths,
    without priesthoods or ministers, you would not have this economic system which we’re all slaves
    to, run by the money men and the power brokers and the war makers. It could not exist if people
    could use their own natural humanity to each other and help each other out, and certainly it would
    also mean that you wouldn’t have this high-tech society either. All the toys would be gone but
    we’ve been taught to equate progress–

    Jackie: What do you mean all the toys would be gone, Alan?

    Alan: All the toys that we take for granted today which we were told that would fulfill us
    basically. Every ad on television tells you to buy this latest gadget and you’ll

    suddenly be smiling, and of course that doesn’t happen. However, the big boys who run this system
    and who have a plan to conquer the whole planet and alter the planet through science, including
    everybody on the planet, they’ve conditioned the public to believe that all these toys are good for
    us; and of course the whole meaning of the allegory of Eden. Eden was the natural state. That’s
    what it meant, the natural state of being; and once you leave the natural state of being, then
    you’re on a road to using science to create something better (what you think is better), and yet it
    creates a dominant elite who control the system and who are in the process now of conditioning the
    public to accept chips in their head.

    Jackie: You know I just pulled up some email and there was an article, I don’t know who wrote it,
    about that within the next decade 75 percent of the people could be chipped and here are the ways
    that it could happen. First of all, all school children would have to be chipped. That’s for their
    own good and if you’re in the military you have to be chipped and if you’re on social security or
    any type of government social programs you’d have to be chipped, you know for identification. If
    you work for a private company that has government contracts you’d have to be chipped; and I’m
    telling you, Alan, when you read this you see how actually, I’m afraid to say this, but how easily
    they could get people to buy in to doing this.

    Alan: When they had the World Meeting of the geneticists and biologists and the electronics
    technicians who worked on the active chips at the Loyola University meeting two or three years ago,
    anybody who gets a hold of that should go through it carefully because all the top scientists were
    there and some of the politicians were there. It was headed off by Newt Gingrich and the U.S.
    Department of Commerce paid for it and yet the public weren’t even told about it.

    Jackie: Was this the one where you said that they said that they could combine human cells with

    Alan: Yes. I think it was Sony Corporation and even in some magazines and newspapers over the last
    few years Sony had created a form of protoplasm, human tissue in other words, combined it with
    chips and found that they could transmit through both without any problem. Now what it enables them
    to do is to create a chip, which they can, and this was all discussed at the Loyola University
    meeting, they have created the chip and part protoplasm will be inserted they said – now these guys
    didn’t say we’d like to. They said this will be inserted in each individual’s head.

    Jackie: In the brain someplace?

    Alan: In the brain and it will interface with the main cortex and it would be able to transmit to
    every part of your brain; make any part of your body move, for instance, and they said also that it
    will be run by a regional computer. There will be regional computers in every region, which will
    operate each person’s mind for them, and one of them said–

    Jackie: And I suppose that would be by programming, so they could take literally let’s say a
    certain group of people and program them to be one way. They could let’s say select out an
    individual and program that individual to do certain things?

    Alan: Yes, specialized tasks and–

    Jackie: I mean, Alan, could they go so far as to – I suppose this is speculation, but to have
    people either commit homicides or suicide?

    Alan: Oh, absolutely. In fact one of the top scientists there said, “This will be the end of
    individuality as we have known it.” He said, “It will no longer be possible for the individual to
    even perceive of themselves as being an individual.” He said, “It will be more like the hive.”

    Jackie: That’s pretty arrogant. Then when you look at just that thing I just shared with you all
    about the different reasons where they could justify and people would go along with it because
    their jobs are involved. It’s the way they “make a living,” that they would say okay, I have to do

    Alan: The thing is they went through that whole scenario in fact at the Loyola University meeting
    the different techniques they would get the public to take the chip. They gave the time limit to
    have everybody chipped and they want a good majority to be chipped by the year 2012 and all of them
    to be chipped by the year 2019. They said that every kindergarten school, every novel writer would
    be given grants, film producers and so on, would be given grants to write these things into their
    scripts to make the children want them. Already they’ve churned out movies since that meeting about
    brain chips and showing you all the advantages they want you to believe you’ll have, where you
    could be downloaded with information without having to study.

    Jackie: You know probably one of the ways that they’ll use it first, to give that first impression
    of how miraculous this is. A person who may be paralyzed and they could make this person be able to
    get up and walk and move, and people would be gasping in awe at this wonderful and marvelous

    Alan: It’s so easy to do but especially when they convince youngsters that they’re going to be the
    guy Neo on the Matrix, “I need a program right now for whatever, a helicopter,” and it just
    programs the pilot’s instructions right into your head. Of course, it won’t be like that at all
    because, as they’ve said, the purpose is to eliminate individuality from the public. They said in
    their heads, because they are all linked to central computers, you’ll hear vague whisperings of
    other people’s thoughts and it will be more like the hive they said than a system of humanity. What
    it is actually is the Borg in the Star Trek series.

    Jackie: Which one is the Borg?

    Alan: The Borg is the cyborg type human with the implant and the brain chip run by a central

    Jackie: He’s not one with the funny glasses?

    Alan: Yes, they can have one eye as infrared or something, but that’s the Borg are and they’re
    laughing in our face because the Borg means “original Bee,” you see.

    Jackie: The original Bee. Now you’re saying that the world Borg itself means the original Bee?

    Alan: The original Bee and even in the Star Trek series the Borg craft or space ship is called the
    Hive. They put it all in front of our face through fiction, which programs us subliminally to be
    familiar with the idea, vaguely familiar with it, and we don’t use our censor part of our brain
    when we’re being entertained, so we don’t critically analyze the outcome. When they present the
    actual thing to us, because it’s vaguely familiar, we tend to go along with it; and that’s called
    predictive programming from Tavistock Institute in England. However, these scientists did not hope
    to do anything. They said what they were going to do, so they’ve been given authority from the
    higher sources to do this and so that’s where science and leaving Eden, which is the natural state,
    that’s where it would always take you: to the same non-existence you might say.

    Jackie: Yes. You could easily hear something like this and realize that the possibility is great
    that they could be successful and it would be real easy to say well I’ll be out of there by then,
    but you think about all of the children, Alan.

    Alan: I know and it’s literally the end of human consciousness.

    Jackie: Well, you know what? They’re not going to be successful.

    Alan: I know because there will be people who will resist taking it. Many will take it believing
    all the propaganda they’re given that it’s going to enhance them and so on, but once that main
    switch is thrown one day they’ll all turn into little robots and that is the function of it. When
    you go back to some of the elite’s writings in the past, such as “The Next Million Years” by
    Charles Galton Darwin, Darwin’s grandson who was a physicist, he talked about this. He says we must
    get rid of the excess commoners on the planet and he says those that we retain we must eliminate
    that part of their brain which gives them their individuality, because it’s individuality which
    gives problems to the elite you see. It’s that resistance spark within the individual which makes
    him resist ultimate powers, so they want to get rid of that and then they’ll have their utopia.

    However, Darwin himself said, “we, however, being the dominant minority, must retain our survival
    instincts and therefore we will be left unaltered.” In other words, it will destroy our individual
    survival instincts and Arthur Koestler, who worked on the same programs for the United Nations, in
    his book “The Ghost in the Machine” in the last chapter it says the exact same thing. “We must
    eliminate individuality from the average person. However, we, the dominant minority, must retain
    our survival instincts and therefore will remain unaltered.” This has been along worked out plan.
    It’s what they call utopia you see.

    Jackie: But they say that they’re the dominant minority.

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: But really aren’t they minions?

    Alan: They’re the lower minions and if you go back as far as the plans given out by Plato in “The
    Republic” for this perfect world state of theirs, Plato talked about the high aristocracy being
    called ‘The Guardians’ and the guardians would be allowed to bring in some helpers from the lower
    class, who may see themselves as guardians but actually would not be, so they’d be a higher helper.
    Then if we jump from there to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book “Between Two Ages” and “The Technetronic
    Era,” he goes into the same things about controlling each individual electronically, while the
    dominate elite will remain unaltered.

    Jackie: You know what I think? When we succumb to the lies of organized religion we are losing our
    individuality, Alan.

    Alan: That was the first attempt. You see the old method of controlling everyone was to have them
    all conditioned in the same way. That’s a form of destroying individuality and that’s why they had
    the mass for the masses.

    Jackie: For example, as you talk sometimes I write down a word or a thought and this is going back
    in our conversation, but when you were talking about religion and that’s exactly what they were
    meant to do, I wrote down the word contradiction and the word slavery, because for example in the
    gospel Jesus says very simply to do unto others or love your God with all you heart, mind, soul and
    strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. Well now anybody who calls themselves “a Christian” and
    then goes ahead and says it’s okay to have slaves. It’s okay, it’s in the good book, God allowed
    it. Well, right there, Alan, I don’t mean to say that in such a condescending derogatory way
    either, but right there when you see an absolute contradiction and you will accept both of them as
    true because it’s in the “good book,” Alan, you’ve lost your individuality or at least you’re
    losing it. I don’t care how strict a food regime a person follows and doesn’t eat ham and goes
    through all the food stuff and that makes them an individual. No, it doesn’t. It makes them
    different than other people but it certainly doesn’t make them an individual.

    Alan: No, and of course if you believe in the contradictions then you have doublethink as always
    there – the ability to hold two opposing opinions on the same topic in your head at the same time.

    Jackie: That’s true, both of them being true.

    Alan: Of course, that again is like a robot that’s going crazy because it’s got conflicting

    Jackie: We have a call coming in. Shall we take it?

    Alan: Sure.

    Jackie: Hello. You’re on the air. Storm: I have a question for your guest. Jackie: Sure. Who’s
    Storm: Storm from New York. You’re first name again, I’m sorry.

    Jackie: It’s Alan Watt.

    Storm: All right, Alan. Here’s what I want to ask you. I’m sure you’re aware they changed the $20
    bill twice. That’s what I was planning on getting to in a minute. You’re aware of the $20 bills.

    Jackie: Yes he is.

    Storm: Okay. There are two. They made one when Clinton was in office and then they redesigned it
    again. You know the money is counterfeit anyway but this is the point to cut to the chase. If you
    were to take your thumb and your back finger and press it over the left eye area of the face that
    was Grant’s or–

    Jackie: Your thumb or your what?

    Storm: I say your middle finger. You know the middle finger that let’s say people in college pick
    up the middle finger and give the finger to you. That finger and your thumb and you press – put the
    middle finger in the back, put your thumb in the front or vice versa and press part over a new $20
    bill the one that has the different colors on it because there’s two different versions you will
    feel the microchip that is over the left eye. And they don’t have them on the 10s and they don’t
    have it on the 5 and they don’t have it on the 1–

    Jackie: But it’s on the 20.

    Storm: On the 50 and possibly the new 100.

    Jackie: So what was your question?

    Storm: I’m asking if he has ever heard of that because if you were to get one but it has to be the
    one that the newest ones that look like they have cooking grease on them. They look even dirtier
    looking than the first new 20 or 50. They have a chip in it. You can feel when you press on the
    right eye.

    Jackie: Okay, we heard that.

    Storm: Right. You don’t feel it. What they use that for is – what they do is if you are taking
    money outside the country or really can’t take money outside–

    Jackie: Storm, what you’re talking about I believe most of our listeners and of course Alan is
    aware of. In other words —

    Storm: Most people don’t have the slightest idea.

    Jackie: Okay, thank you Storm. Okay Alan, any comments there?

    Alan: They’ve been using technology on the public very quietly for many, many years and they began
    to actually test active chips embedded in people in the 1960’s and releasing the people who had no
    knowledge of these chips and then they followed them down through their lives and caused them to do
    odd things at times and followed up how they handled their incidences.

    Jackie: But you’re not saying that since, did you say the 1960’s, that they were able to mesh – in
    other words, that technology that you were telling us about, that they’re talking about, that they
    can now do, that they’ve been doing?

    Alan: They’ve actually been doing but the chip that they implanted then was done on lots of
    servicemen who had minor operations while in the service and then released.

    Jackie: And how do you know this Alan?

    Alan: Because when you read the psychiatric reports from Britain for instance you find that
    schizophrenia has specific signs and symptoms and generally they were also a religious nature.
    Suddenly about 1960, long before computers, even the word computer became common to the people,
    they had patients suddenly coming in diagnosed as schizophrenia, having hallucinations and
    believing that they had a chip in their spine that was controlling them. The one thing they all had
    in common was they’d all had minor operations while in the military and that was hushed up.

    Jackie: Now this was actually in a medical report, in a psychiatric report?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Did they allude to the fact that there was a chip in these people?

    Alan: Of course they didn’t and the psychiatrists didn’t because the head psychiatrist would
    obviously be in the know. They had to be in the know but the thing was this was experimental models
    you might say and they could then treat this person, convince them that they had schizophrenia and
    give them medication, then release them back into society and then activate the chip again and make
    them do strange things. They have been definitely testing them but this new chip that they claim
    that they have–

    Jackie: Excuse me. Did the medical report, the psychiatric report also report that each one of
    them had had surgery while they were in the military?

    Alan: Yes, because they always have their backgrounds in all previous medical records. Now the
    thing is too, when you tie it in with the CIA’s UFO deception, which they also plan to unleash on
    the public, and suddenly you have people claiming they’ve got chips in their hands or in their
    nasal passages, in their sinuses. Then you find out there are some surgeons who are taking these
    things out; they’re removing them and they can’t explain exactly what they are because they tend to
    almost move when you try to move them when you pick them up. They have this protoplasmic coating on
    them. Once again, I’m convinced it’s the authorities that have been doing this, since it’s the
    authorities who admitted they wanted to do it to the whole planet.
    When then discussed this at the Loyola University meetings, the scientists never said they would
    like to test this out. It was all taken a priori that they obviously had been tested out and
    worked. They said their only problem was now to convince the public to accept it and that’s how far
    ahead they are.

    Jackie: I remember you saying a long time ago that when they talk about a technology that they
    just discovered, they’ve had it for a long time; and what you’re saying falls in line with that. We
    have to take our break. Alan Watt is our guest tonight and as usual the conversation it gets
    intense, Alan, is what it does and I wasn’t
    – when you were talking about the people who came in that had schizophrenia and thought that they
    had chips—I’ll hold that question. Hi, you’re on the air.

    Joe: Hello.

    Jackie: Yes.

    Joe: It’s Joe.

    Jackie: Hi Joe.


    Speak up, honey.

    Joe: Can you hear me now?

    Jackie: Heck yes, that’s great.

    Joe: You know talking about those implanted chips, I was listening to all this stuff today on the
    Oklahoma City bombing and that brought back from my mind that Timothy McVeigh always swore he had a
    chip in his buttocks.

    Jackie: In his hip. He did, didn’t he, Joe?

    Joe: Yes, he always did and that guy William Cooper, you know that was killed and murdered in
    Arizona, he said that he run into him and somebody else. Actually I can’t remember who the other
    guy was, but anyway they got into a conversation and McVeigh wanted him to feel it because he acted
    like well I know you don’t believe me–

    Jackie: Who? Cooper said he ran into McVeigh?

    Joe: Yes. He said he run into him at a gun shop in [Sholoh] or whatever it was that he lived and he
    just said that McVeigh – a was a couple of Mid-East, what do you call them, an Arab looking fellow
    was with him and they – of course Cooper was well known and they had a real nice conversation.

    Jackie: Speak up, Joe, please.

    Joe: According to Cooper, McVeigh tried to get him to feel it and Cooper said I didn’t want to and
    so they’ve been around. Nothing surprises me what they do, but anyway I just thought that was

    Jackie: It sure does and that was 10 years ago. Okay Joe, thanks for your call. Yes he did, didn’t
    he, Alan?

    Alan: It was in the newspapers here that McVeigh complained that he did have one in that region.

    Jackie: Yes, well it was in the newspapers here too and it was on the news.

    Alan: It showed a clip of McVeigh in Gulf War I personally escorting Schwarzkopf around some of
    the bases.

    Jackie: Oh, you’re kidding?

    Alan: No, and so he was in Special Forces. Andy [Ramage] who was in Special Forces in Britain in
    the Special Air Service, the SAS, wrote a book after Gulf War I talking about his own men being
    chipped under the eyebrow, so they definitely got chipped for Special Forces.

    Jackie: And that was back in the ’60’s, Alan.Oh, I’m sorry. I was thinking of Vietnam.

    Alan: The ’90’s. They certainly did a lot of experimenting in Vietnam; if anyone’s ever seen
    “Jacob’s Ladder” it’s worth going to see.

    Jackie: “Jacob’s Ladder?”

    Alan: Yes, the movie.

    Jackie: What is it?

    Alan: It’s about some of the experiences of certain individuals who were tested with different
    things during the Vietnam era, where they actually thought they were in Vietnam but they were being
    tested elsewhere with different drugs and so on and actually killing each other. It’s an
    interesting movie.

    Jackie: “Jacob’s Ladder” and they made a movie about this, and people will look at it and because
    it’s a movie they won’t believe that it’s true.

    Alan: They were trying to get the soldiers to become so primitively aggressive that they would
    kill everything and be ferocious, and they used U.S. troops and created two different sections and
    actually set them against each other. Then they dissected the people, the guys’ brains even, to see
    what physical effect had done damage-wise to the brain.

    Jackie: Did they say it had done damage?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: This is a little bit off the beaten path, in the same church a different pew, speaking of
    our military personnel. I hate saying that. The young men and women in America who go into wars.
    Lilly had heard that we know that they’re bringing the recruiters right into the schools today,
    Alan, and she had heard and is going to try and do some research on it to make sure whether it is
    accurate or not that they’re actually signing them up 14 years and older. Now of course somehow –
    you know that’s a contractual agreement. They’re not legally bound unless they really change the
    laws, that if you contract 12 and up or something that the contract is valid. But I wanted to say
    this for the sake of our listeners, for those of you who have children or know your friends’
    children, your relatives, try to check into it and see if this is happening and warn them not to
    allow their child to do that because it isn’t the law anyway.

    Alan: It’s quite amazing that American psychiatry will protect children from pedophiles, the
    reason being that you cannot have consensual sex from a child under

    the age of I think it’s 16 because they’re too immature to make truly rational decisions, and yet
    they’re trying to get them into the military where they can go and get killed at a younger age than

    Jackie: Well, I know this is maybe a poor comparison or an example, but when you think about it
    there are some states now that don’t even allow the young people to have driver’s licenses until
    they’re 18, and of course you could not go into a tavern and have a beer or have a glass of wine at
    dinner until you’re 21 years old, but you can go in at the age of 17 and begin to kill and die in
    defense of the world order.

    Alan: That’s the reason for it because the military – which is a Masonic Order, by the way.
    Everything in the military is purely masonry, all the symbols and so on. It actually is a form of
    conditioning the mind and drilling out the individuality and creating the mass man, who will do
    what he’d told, the nearest thing to a robot; and children can’t imagine themselves dying you see.
    Death is a strange thing to them. It happens to other people and they’re always old and they’re
    brought up with movies where the heroes never get killed because the bad guys can never shoot
    straight and all these movies have happy endings for the guys. They’ve been brought up purposely to
    do the killing and be slaughtered because older and wiser men wouldn’t join the military you see.
    They know the political scams. They’ve lived and they understand things but youngsters don’t and
    that’s why the military always recruits the young for their wars and it’s well understood as a

    Jackie: And of course their lack of experience, meaning lack of wisdom really, their minds would
    be so malleable. They would be so susceptible to the brainwashing.

    Alan: Sure. They go from being a nobody to getting this uniform and having all this accolade and
    you feel so proud of yourself, you see. This is how they do it and of course it’s a different story
    if you come back wounded, it’s your tough luck basically; but all these children think well
    somebody else might get it, but it won’t be me. They can’t imagine death.

    Jackie: There’s also that side of it that literally has turned them into barbarians, where it
    appears that many of them are killing with glee.

    Alan: Yes they are.

    Jackie: And they’re celebrating it. They’re videotaping it. They are so many reports and even the
    personally made videos that are being shown on, being available on the internet. I believe that in
    the past for the most part those who had to engage in war, the majority of them moaned or I should
    say mourned even when they had to shoot a

    so-called enemy and they grieved and they were guilty, but today it’s different, isn’t it, Alan?

    Alan: Yes. They’ve been trained on military techniques on video games.

    Jackie: Yes. Hi, you’re on the air.

    Lilly: Hi. It’s me, Lilly. I sent you two emails about that, I found it under Google. If you put in
    Google search recruiting 14 year olds and I sent this to you anyway.

    Jackie: All right, thank you honey.

    Lilly: The thing is the parents have to sign in for it but the children are like 14 year old to 17
    year old and then the parents get hounded by the children that please, please, please let me join
    up and then the parents or if they are in poor financial condition they then start getting money
    from the time they sign up from their future pay. Once they turn 18 then their future pay is
    deducted from what they would be getting in the future. It’s something in the No Child Left Behind
    Act that’s been [inaudible] before they get younger. But anyway, if you put it into Google you’ll
    find it, recruiting 14 year olds.

    Jackie: And the section of the No Child Left Behind Act, Lilly, can you find that and email it to

    Lilly: I didn’t get it down. It’s in the email I sent you.

    Jackie: Okay honey, thank you.

    Lilly: The first email.

    Jackie: Thank you, Lil. Did you get that, Alan?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: So they’ll have the parents sign them up and you know I would really love to see that
    recruitment form because wouldn’t you love to see what they’re doing or saying or promising for the
    parents to actually register their 14-year old child and it could be a boy or a girl. Hello, you’re
    on the air.

    Myron: Good evening, Mrs. Patru and Mr. Watt.

    Jackie: Hi.

    Myron: Yes. I have a question for Mr. Watt. My name is Myron, I’m calling from Georgia. I’d like
    to ask Mr. Watt a question. I’d like to know if he knows someone by the name of Baron von Knigge?
    He was a partner with Adam Weishaupt in the Order of the Illuminati back in the 1700’s and I was
    just wondering if Mr. Watt has any knowledge of research on this gentleman.

    Jackie: Okay, and Myron, you have to hang up to hear the answer.

    Myron: I will. Thank you. Have a good night.

    Jackie: You too. Bye bye. Okay, Alan.

    Alan: I know the name and I know that of course the Illuminati of Weishaupt did not originate with
    Weishaupt. It was simply the illuminati popping its head up in a period in time. That was all, but
    around Weishaupt, he had some scientists and so on who were working on human behavior and studying
    it intensely, long before Freud or any of these boys were around.

    Jackie: And that Baron von Knigge.

    Alan: He was one of them. What’s interesting too is that when you read what Weishaupt claims, he
    said that at the end stage they would unleash the nihilists and the atheists.

    Jackie: He said what, Alan?

    Alan: That they would unleash the nihilists and the atheists in the biggest war for the world; and
    of course that was echoed by Lenin and before him [Buckerin] and it was also mentioned by Marx at
    one point. It was all the illuminati and what they’ve done is they’ve created the very generation
    of dumbed-down children. They’ve brought them up on violence and video games. The state has given
    them their values, not their parents, and they are unleashing the nihilists and the atheists and
    that’s why they’re over in Iraq killing with glee.

    Jackie: Yes. We have a caller here. Hi, caller you’re on the air.

    Jeff: Hello.

    Jackie: Oh, hi Jeff.

    Jeff: How you doing?

    Jackie: Fine.

    Jeff: There is, from what I understand, a $16,000 bonus for anybody who enlists today. Sounds like
    selling your soul to the devil, doesn’t it?

    Jackie: You mean they get the $16,000 upfront?

    Jeff: Yes and then they’ll call when they’re needed.

    Jackie: Well that would certainly seal a contract, wouldn’t it?

    Jeff: Yes.

    Jackie: If a parent was signing for minor – okay Jeff, did you hear that on the news or what?

    Jeff: No. From a soldier.

    Jackie: Okay, thanks. Anything else, Jeff?

    Jeff: No. The reception is really terrible down here.

    Jackie: Oh is it? I’m sorry to hear that. Okay thanks. Bye. Did you hear that, Alan?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: $16,000 bonus.

    Alan: Just to finish off on Weishaupt, now most people know that the Bavarian authorities raided
    his lodges. Their lodges by the way went into Germany and they were called the Beenan Lodge or the
    Order of Bees and the symbol is the beehive, which is the same symbol George Washington in his
    Masonic regalia has down in the bottom of his painting. Anyway, Weishaupt when he was chased out he
    got refuge in the area of Germany of Saxe-Coburg. Now Saxe-Coburg is the old house of the Saxe-
    Coburg-Gotha royal family of Britain today; so why would the royal family not only give Adam
    Weishaupt refuge, they also gave him a lifelong pension and that’s recorded history too. You see
    they’re all tied in together. Weishaupt wasn’t an independent agent.









    Masonic Bee: The Roots and Symbolism Behind It
    Updated onDecember 9, 2021

    Join Masonic Today Group!

    Masonry is a university, teaching the liberal arts and sciences of the soul to all who will attend to its words. This FB Group was created so that Freemasons could converse, better understand Freemasonry and to educate those in the craft.




    The Masonic Bee or The Beehive is a Masonic symbol of hard work and diligence. Masonic Bees represent the Masonic virtues of industry, order, and prudence. These bees are often seen on Masonic rings as well as other Masonic jewelry such as Masonic pendants and cufflinks.

    The Masonic Bee is a symbol that has been used in Masonic rituals for centuries. This article will cover what the Masonic Bee means, as well as its origins and symbolism behind it.

    The Masonic Bee is an ancient symbolism

    The Beehive is a symbol that was included in the Third Degree of Freemasonry which focuses on one’s duty to God, family and country. The beehive has been associated with several different social traditions throughout history but its symbolism for Masonry stems from Ancient Egypt.







    Bee’s from the Tomb of Childeric I

    The Bee as precursor to the Fleur-de-lys

    The word “Behenian”, or behonestas appears in Greek magical papyri where it refers to substances used when consecrating amulets to specific deities. The bees were symbols of immortality because they did not die except through violence by another creature (i.e., stung to death). Bees are also seen as being worthy of veneration since their honey provides food for humans while simultaneously giving life to flowers without harming them. The bee therefore represents both the productive and destructive aspects of nature.

    Bees were also associated with the goddesses Aphrodite and Demeter, who presided over love and fertility, respectively. The beehive is therefore a symbol of industry, fertility and productivity as well as resurrection or immortality. The bee hive also serves as a reminder to Freemasons that they should work together in unity to achieve their common goals.

    Above all else, Freemasonry is about morality and virtue, with a focus on charity. Masons believe that by being industrious and working hard for what they have, they are being charitable to themselves and others.

    What is the meaning of the Masonic Bee?

    The Masonic bee is a symbol that has been around for centuries. It can be seen on many different Masonic items from mugs to aprons.

    But what is the meaning of this symbol? The name “Masonic bee” is derived from the society’s belief in social equality and unity. In order to achieve this, they work together as a hive to accomplish a common goal.

    In addition, the bee has been a symbol for hard work and cooperation since ancient times because it gives its life so that others may live. Bees have long been associated with craftsmanship and creativity as well as industry and diligent labor.

    There are five reasons why the Freemason bee is so iconic and important to the masonic fraternity:

    -The Freemasons uphold the principles of equality, liberty, and justice for all people.

    -Bees exemplify industriousness, which reflects an important Masonic value.

    -Craftsmanship is an integral part of Freemasonry whose members use their skills to make something beautiful or make something better.

    -Freemasonry fosters creativity through its rituals and symbols.

    -Bees wax and wane, but they always come back stronger.

    How does it compare to other symbols?

    When you think about Masonic symbols, you might think of the square and compass, The Great Architect of the Universe, or the letter “G.” But there is one symbol that stands out more than others: The Freemason bee.

    The Freemason bee is a representation of a Mason’s hard work. It symbolizes a Mason’s commitment to their family, community, and fraternity. We also see this symbol used in many different Masonic items because it’s iconic and powerful.

    Although we’ve seen this symbol for centuries, it has been most popularized in recent years with the release of Dan Brown’s book “Angels and Demons.” In the book, Brown discussed how The Beehive was an ancient symbol for democracy. And although Brown claimed this, most historians agree that it was not used as a democratic symbol until the late 1800s.

    But what does this have to do with Freemasonry? At first glance, not much. But if you’re a Mason who frequents online forums or chats with other Masons on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter then it may be more recognizable. Masons have been using this phrase as a greeting for centuries. In fact, some people refer to each other as “Brother Bee.”

    The bee’s significance in the Order of Freemasons is two-fold, namely to represent both industry and wisdom

    The bee is one of the most industrious creatures on Earth and it was once said that a single bee could travel up to four miles in an hour. The hive is also a metaphor for the Masonic lodge where each member works together for the common good. The beehive is also associated with wisdom because bees are able to find their way back to the hive even if they have been lost. This analogy can be applied to Freemasons who use their knowledge and understanding of masonic symbolism to find their way back home (i.e., the Masonic lodge).

    Freemasons often refer to themselves as “the Bees” which is another nod to this symbol’s importance in Masonry. By wearing jewelry or other items that feature the Masonic bee, Freemasons are reminding themselves of their duty to work industriously and with wisdom for the betterment of society. The bee is therefore a reminder that, as Freemasons, they should strive to be productive members of society who use their knowledge and understanding to make the world a better place.

    Why is The Masonic bee so important to Freemasons?

    The bee hive is a Masonic symbol of the brotherhood. The hive is symbolic of society, in which members work together to create unity and prosperity. The bees themselves are symbols of industriousness, harmony, and cooperation.

    A beehive, or Masonic bee, can also represent man’s dependence on nature. Bees gather pollen from flowers to use as food for the hive; in the same way, humans gather resources for their communities. Another interpretation suggests that our dependence on bees for honey teaches us to value the importance of sharing what we have with others.

    The Freemason bee is also said to represent immortality—another important message of the fraternity. It can remind Masons that death cannot separate them from their loved ones because they will always share eternity together in Heaven.


    The Masonic bee has been a symbol for Freemasons for hundreds of years. It is a symbol of strength, industry, and frugality. The bee is also used to represent the fact that Freemasons should be good citizens and be prepared to work for the public good. Freemasons like their symbols like they like their virtues: simple, without adornment.




    Wow what a load of BS, of course that is all you get in the system, all BS

    Beehive means a totally controlled , enslaved system, THAT is what it means. But they wont tell you that in kindergarten, do they , children ? Masons always lie, remember that, children.




    Jackie: Did you say Saxe-Coburg, like C-O-B-E-R-G?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: And Saxe would be SACHS? Alan: It’s S-A-X-E they spelled it there. Jackie: Oh, S-A-X-E.
    Alan: But it’s the same as Sachs. It doesn’t matter how it’s spelled.

    Jackie: Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

    Alan: Yes and that literally was the royal family that George and all those boys came from.

    Jackie: Oh, that was their relatives?

    Alan: Yes. Weishaupt and these guys were agents of a much higher power, just as Lenin was. Getting
    back to this whole discussion, we are living in the times where spiritual values better start to
    emerge in the individual because the war is going on right now and it’s slow at the moment and yet
    it’s also making great strides psychologically to condition people to accept all technologies and
    all technologies are just so wonderful you see. It’s called progress, but once this technology
    comes to full fruition and implementation it’s the end of conscious thought, which means it’s the
    end of the human race’s ability to contact their own ‘creator,’ if you like, and people better
    think about that.

    Jackie: Well, the implications of that are endless.

    Alan: Absolutely.

    Jackie: It just takes my mind out there. If that happens to an individual and they leave this
    dimension, the physical, with that seed so to speak, it comes back with them, Alan, and something
    has to happen. If we took it out there in I would have to say the negative. In other words, if they
    were successful you would have people being born into it – being born into it and never ever, ever

    Alan: They wouldn’t have the ability to even to think up a question. If you cannot be who you are
    as an individual and know you are separate, although amongst others, that will be gone totally. As
    they said, it will be more like the beehive than a natural society of humanity. This is an ancient
    goal and you can trace the beehive symbol not only back to Egypt but back to the ancient Minoans.

    Jackie: Yes and you know what? Love would be non-existent.

    Alan: You couldn’t have love because you need individual human qualities and experiences in order
    to come to the ability to have love and to exercise it, and if you can’t even experience the fact
    that you are a distinct individual, then you’ll be more like as they say a bee in a hive with a job
    to do. You could have no abstract thought of your own, no abstract imagination or creative
    abilities. The brain would simply be the conduit for your programming which is coming through the
    air from some giant computer and if they want you to come in for adjustments you couldn’t stop
    yourself. Your legs would start walking towards wherever it is.

    Jackie: That’s right. There would be no – what you were just talking about. I’ve got this book
    “Family of Light” here and it reminded me of a short passage under the “Family of Dark,” it was
    that chapter. It was talking about the beings who feed off harm to others are feeding their energy
    fields through a limited channel and this energy it says is not freely flowing through them, so
    when they access energy they want a lot of it and usually of a violent nature. Those who create
    harm to others are starved energetically. Why? Because they do not have love and do not feel
    connected and are shut off from living. The walking living dead is what you are without love and
    that is the truth, isn’t it, Alan?

    Alan: Oh, it is the truth and unfortunately the ones who feed as you say off hate and
    anger are in charge of the world.


    Jackie: Oh boy and they keep creating it, don’t they?
    Alan: It’s the only thing they can do.

    Jackie: They do not resonate. That’s another passage in that same chapter in the “Family of Dark,”
    that if we refuse to live in fear, to live in hatred, anxiety, greed, all of that type of energy,
    but in love, in compassion, empathy, that they can’t exist because they do not resonate to that
    vibration, that energy of love; they cannot exist in
    that atmosphere.

    Alan: In fact, they can’t exist in this very system which they have created without it. They can’t
    exist at all. Technically, even physically, they are useless creatures in a natural civilization.
    They’re totally impracticable as far as taking care of themselves or doing anything useful but they
    thrive on this system which they have created. The more useless they are physically the higher up
    the tree they are as our dominant minority.

    Jackie: The dominant minority. Here’s highlighted a couple of sentences that I thought was really
    beautiful along what we’re talking about. It says: “You have equated power with material
    consumption, collection and hoarding. You admire people who have vast mansions, cashes of gold,
    jewels and trinkets to dazzle and befuddle the public. Is this really wealth and power? The real
    power lies in knowing the meaning of the song that the birds sing to be synchronized and harmonized
    by the sounds of nature, the tree frogs, the insects, the whippoorwills, the calls of the morning
    dove and the mocking bird or the nightingale with its sweet sound at
    dusk.” That is perfect, Alan, because that’s where it is truly at.

    Alan: As I say, if you go into the Amazon those people would be called primitive and backwards and
    so on, because we come from this system, but they get up in the morning and they live a full day
    everyday and life is completely full of meaning for them, without knowing what Freud said or
    Einstein or anyone else. They have complete meaning in their whole existence, and as far as being
    in touch with their spirituality, they’re so content and in touch with it that they have no high
    blood pressure or psychiatrists or anything else. They don’t need it.

    Jackie: And they don’t know that they have over-happiness disorder.

    Alan: Yes, that’s right. They’re called an “arrested civilization” by the demons that run this

    Jackie: Well, it always does come down to each and every one of us as an individual and it is true
    that is the journey that we take by ourselves, Alan.

    Alan: We do.

    Jackie: Nobody can take it for us and we cannot take it for anybody else. We’re out of our hour
    and once again just thank you so much for being here.

    Alan: It’s been a pleasure.

    Jackie: Sometimes it would be nice if we had two or three, wouldn’t it, Alan?

    Alan: Right.

    Jackie: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back with you tomorrow night and thank you for being here
    and God bless you. Good night, Alan.

    Alan: Good night.

    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru April 20, 2005



    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for being here with us tonight on Sweet
    Liberty. Today is Wednesday. It is the 20th of April in the year 2005.

    Today is Adolph Hitler’s birthday and it is also my daughter Nicole’s birthday and I used to think
    that was pretty ashamed. I’ve told her since I’ve found out some different things about Adolph
    Hitler that she could have done worse having her birthday on that same date. I hope you had a nice
    day today, ladies and gentlemen. We are definitely going to be talking about Codex Alimentaria and
    just in case – I know that we have thrown that name around. We’re not talking about it tonight, but
    Codex Alimentaria is a plan to harmonize all the food values, vitamins et cetera and to totally
    control – it has a lot to do with the nutrition that today we have available for at least
    reasonable prices. What they intend to do with this is to make it so that it would be illegal to
    have unless it’s a real low, low potency, something that would probably do us very little good,
    unless it was prescribed, and the pharmaceuticals will begin formulating the vitamins. Do you like

    We will be talking barring any unforeseen events. We will be talking about this on Monday. I spoke
    with a gentleman today at the suggestion of Mildred, a lovely lady, one of our listeners and a
    great supporter of this broadcast I must say, and I did speak with him today and he is going to be
    here with us Monday evening and tonight Alan Watt is with us. Alan? Do you ever think ahead while
    you’re talking?

    Alan: Yes, I do.

    Jackie: That’s what I just did. Tonight Alan Watt is with us. Because I didn’t have anything
    prepared for our spiritual message, I’ll do this. This is Mother Theresa. It is a writing by Mother

    “People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you’re kind, people
    may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are successful, you’ll win some
    false friends and some rue enemies. Succeed anyway. If you’re honest and frank, people may cheat
    you. Be honest anyway. What you spent years

    building someone could destroy overnight. Build anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, people
    may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today people will often forget tomorrow. Do good
    anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give the world the best you
    have anyway. You see in the final analysis it’s between you and Creator. It was never between you
    and them anyway.”

    Alan, thanks for being here tonight.

    Alan: Yes. It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: You know last night when I said your voice sounded low, Mildred called. Well, no, it
    wasn’t. It was Melvin, another one of our listeners, and he just saying how much he appreciated
    your coming on with us and the information, but he said it was real low at first, or maybe it was
    Mildred that said that, and then suddenly your voice got nice and loud and clear and it isn’t very
    loud right now.

    Alan: It’s not? How’s that now?

    Jackie: I don’t know, talk.

    Alan: Is that better now?

    Jackie: Maybe a little bit better. But when it comes through clear it’s really wonderful. I mean
    you are clear. It’s just kind of muted I guess. Alan? When we talked today earlier and I asked are
    you okay because I sensed that something was bothering you and what you’ve began talking about is
    your concern about what is happening and how fast it’s happening today and how important it is that
    as many people as possible understand, and so that’s why we’ve decided not to have a break like
    until next Monday and to have you back tonight. So whatever it is in your heart and on your mind
    that you want to share with our listeners, please do so.

    Alan: I keep telling people that the stage we’re at now, this particular stage, is the final
    battle for human consciousness or the elimination of it. One or the other because the big boys are
    on a roll and they’ve written about it for centuries as to what they wanted to do and they are now
    in the process of doing it. It’s like the drugs you were talking about or the vitamins. They’re
    standardizing everything you see across the world.

    Jackie: They call it harmonizing.

    Alan: Yes and what it really is is standardizing and since they are knights and all the rest of
    it, a knight has a standard and they put that standard in the ground and everything around them
    from horizon to horizon is now under their standard or it’s standardized.

    Jackie: Would you like to expand on that? What did you say, knights of the standard?

    Alan: All of these high Masonic knights, they use knightly emblems and words that we use commonly
    and we don’t think even where they came from.

    Jackie: But they do use the word harmonizing?

    Alan: Oh yes.

    Jackie: And you are right. They are standardizing it, aren’t they?

    Alan: They are and even when they were signing the North American agreement, this amalgamation, on
    the 23rd, as they were doing that, they quipped on the newsreel that even pizza from the north of
    Canada to the south of Mexico will come under these laws and all the ingredients will be
    standardized so you get the exact same pizza from north to south.

    Jackie: Oh no. Are you serious?

    Alan: I’m serious. I’ve got this on tape.

    Jackie: You said that every pizza is going to taste the same?

    Alan: Well, I don’t know if it will taste the same but it certainly has the same ingredients in it
    and it will be the same with everything else. They’re going the whole way to standardize
    everything. It’s obsessional compulsion going to the tenth degree and eventually of course they
    plan to standardize each individual human being, because the chipping is only one part of the
    process and the next race of slaves that they want will be cloned and they’ll be all standardized
    too. This is how – I wouldn’t say insane because they have written about it copiously, but this is
    how diabolical this whole thing is and we’re right on the brink now literally to retain
    consciousness and that essence which we call humanity is fighting for its life and most people
    don’t even know it. As long as they can come home after working and turn on the television and
    watch their favorite programs to the very last day, as long the Seinfeld repeats come

    on or whatever they watch, they’ll think everything is okay. This literally is a fight for-

    Jackie: And then there are many of them who think it’s wonderful what’s happening because it’s the
    sign that Jesus is coming back and he’s going to have his kingdom.
    The seat of his kingdom will be Jerusalem, and my gosh, Alan, there are so many people that
    actually believe that it’s wonderful what’s happening because it is that time. Now if a person
    would read the Protocols and hear what the plan was, regardless who the heck’s plan it was, it was
    laid out this perfectly a hundred years ago. I mean I do understand and our listeners I’m sure get
    it that it isn’t a hundred year old plan. I mean actually in writing how they’re going to do it and
    when you read the Protocols it’s right on target and they say that Jerusalem will be their
    headquarters and their king despot of the blood of Zion will have has quarters there and he will be
    the pope of the world. Then we find out that Rome has evidentially made plans, and I didn’t know
    this, Alan, to actually move the Vatican to Jerusalem. So do you think a whole bunch of Catholic
    “Christians” will be cheering and say “look, it’s the end, it’s the time”?

    Alan: You have to understand that in all the traditional religions have within them the same
    mystery religion that really runs the show and it’s the same with the word “Zion.” People don’t
    even know what it means and it’s the hermaphroditic deity. That’s what it means.

    Jackie: Zion?

    Alan: Yes, and the mountains that they used to worship where the moon passed over the top was
    called Mt. Sin and that’s where SIN comes from. SIN or ZIN, it doesn’t matter. Then you have ON,
    which is the phallic symbol of the male deity or the obelisk which it passes over and of course the
    pyramid of Cheops, or Khufu as it’s called in Egyptian, is the uncapped pyramid. It’s the top of an
    obelisk. That’s what it represents and over it passes the moon god SIN. When you take the first
    two letters, which is typical of high occult masonry, modern and ancient, you end up with ZI and
    then ON, Zion. That’s what it means. That’s what it means to the high masons. It’s the completion
    of the male and female in one because behind all the religions, whether it’s Hindu or any of the
    others, they’re all, even ancient Greeks, their god was male and female.

    Jackie: I remember in Genesis where it says, male and female made he them.

    Alan: Yes, and of course if you go into the Talmud they also talk about that. It doesn’t mean they
    made male and female one and one. It can also mean he made a bunch of male and female–

    Jackie: Hermaphrodites.

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: That’s kind of how that’s said, isn’t it, because I remember when I read that I thought it
    was worded funny. Male and female made he them.

    Alan: If you look at the exact wording in the Greek and you have Imagio, which is the image. It
    means the perfect likeness, sameness in fact.

    Jackie: So in other words “the architect,” what would you call it? I mean a cloned body, is that
    what we’re talking about, by a hermaphrodite?

    Alan: An exact duplicate of that particular deity and that’s the symbol behind even occult Judaism
    and Catholicism and all the rest of them is a hermaphroditic figure. That’s why you have two
    creations or beginnings of species. Not the first beginnings. They talk about regenerating the
    planet, which means to repopulate, but you have two beginnings where the deity creates male and
    female and then later on you look and it says there’s no one to till the soil so he creates Adam
    and Eve. What they’re talking about there is those that were made in the same image of the gods, if
    you like, the human gods, man and woman, are the upper elite group who will control the world;
    whereas the Adam and Eve types are the workers you see. It’s a system that they’re describing more
    than anything else, wrapped up in a story. It’s a system.

    Jackie: Well, what is their ultimate plan, Alan? I mean at least as you understand it?

    Alan: The ultimate plan has been laid out and spoken of by many of them such as Aldous Huxley. He
    went into the fact that science – and that’s what they mean in freemasonry when you read them
    talking about the law of nature and following nature and by dissecting nature. In other words,
    everything that works in the world of physics and biology et cetera and chemistry; once you
    understand it all, you can then take the original material and the world which was left imperfect
    by the Creator (according to masonry) and reshape it into their own perfection. Everything is to be
    recreated in their own perfection. Huxley was well into this. Lord Bertrand Russell also talked
    about the need to do this and Charles Galton Darwin also said exactly the same thing. He says
    already in the 1950’s, Galton Darwin said, in his book, “The Next Million Years,” we already have
    too many of the working and lower classes which will be become unnecessary in the future.

    Jackie: Well sure, they already are with all the computers and robotized machinery.

    Alan: He says we can’t allow them to simply proliferate and procreate and reproduce themselves
    because eventually they’ll be too many for them to be controlled by the establishment. None of
    these authors ever talk about government or democracy, never, because government and democracy is
    nothing but a front; an absolute front and always has been a front for what we call The
    Establishment behind it.


    Whenever you hear the speeches or read the books by these people, they simply give the agenda and they don’t even bother to pay lip service to this Punch and Judy show we
    call politics. They’ve written about it, what they would have to do and sure enough every year the United Nations since about the 1950’s, since the polio vaccine came out in the 1950’s, they tell
    you every year what the male sperm count is in the Western world and they go through the countries. Now they never give a comment. They simply give the statistics as though it’s quite natural. Last
    year they said that the male sperm count in the west was down 75 percent of what it was in 1950. Now that should mean a crisis level if it was some sort of strange natural occurring phenomena like
    a disease; but if they don’t comment on it, it tells you right away this is part of the agenda.

    Jackie: I know but there’s still a lot of children being born.

    Alan: There are, but the fact is if you look at the population, especially the white population, it isn’t just that they aren’t having so many children. It’s the fact that the males are becoming
    almost sterile and what sperm left is too weak to reproduce, so there are other reasons behind this, but this all began with the inoculations. When you mentioned the Protocols they did mention
    in there that they would kill off people and so on by inoculations. It isn’t science fiction of the past we’re discussing. It’s the laying out of an agenda which is being fulfilled and they’ve almost
    reached their goal. Aldous Huxley thought it was just fantastic that they could eventually manipulate the DNA and clone different kinds of people for the task to have to perform—minus that
    part of the brain that gave them their higher intellect or self-awareness as an individual. That would be cloned out you see.

    Then you jump back 2,500 years from when he said it and you have Plato talking about the exact same thing in “The Republic” and Plato belonged to the mystery religions. He was part of the Greek
    aristocracy and he said, “we the aristocracy are descended from the gods.” You connect that once more with the same God created man and woman and later created Adam and Eve and you’re back to the
    same thing again. There’s an upper elite group who literally have been running the world for many thousands of years and they have sham governments as fronts, always, in every country and the
    agenda has never faltered and no part of the agenda has ever faltered regardless of what political party in power. We are literally at the stage where in 50 years or less, maybe 40 or 30 even, and
    according to that Loyola University meeting, they hope to have the chipping completed by about 2018. Well, that’s the end of individual
    consciousness for the general population.

    Jackie: I thought 2012 was their magic number.

    Alan: No, they want to start it around then. They want to start it then and have–

    Jackie: Start what the chipping?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: You said they started that back in the ’60’s.

    Alan: That’s when they were experimenting. They want to have the whole population chipped. Now
    they’re going for everyone you see. The experimenting is over. They have the one that works best
    and they said that at that meeting and now the only problem they have is to convince the general
    population to accept it. When they were testing them out on people, these subjects didn’t even know
    they were being tested out on; it was done covertly. They’ve laid their agenda right out and
    they’re going full steam ahead with it.

    Jackie: So people knowing this, what do you think?

    Alan: I think it should be the prime preoccupation of their life from now on to literally—they
    better—train themselves very, very quickly that they are in the battle for their lives and train
    themselves not to get distracted or even switch off for a little while to have the relaxation that
    they’re used to or the programming they’re used to from TV. They better start dedicating themselves
    100 percent to combating this because it’s coming fast. In fact, Canada just announced that they’re
    having next year a fake general killer flu alert and they’re going to have a massive testing of how
    the hospitals will react across the whole country next year. In that blurb from the CBC they also
    mentioned that in the future with the chip implant they’ll be able to track down the actual
    carriers no matter where they go in the world very quickly and so here’s another plus you see
    pushing for the chip. In two or three years time with the propaganda that’s coming out, Joe Public,
    I’m afraid to say it, will actually look upon this and believe this is all for his benefit and will
    be looking forward to it, never knowing there’s a completely different intention behind it because
    Joe won’t know who he is once that switch is thrown. He will be controlled by a computer. He
    literally will be remote controlled so he won’t have the ability to even know he’s an individual.

    Jackie: What can Joe do knowing about this?

    Alan: He has to start telling everyone he knows. It’s like that quote you read by Mother Theresa.
    It doesn’t matter what they think of you while you’re doing it. Do it anyway because it has to be
    brought out. Everyone has got to at least know the truth behind this and that’s the only way they
    can combat the propaganda that’s pushing for it and they better also instruct their children in it
    too very quickly.

    Jackie: You know this conversation it can just take us everywhere because you know the thought
    that enters my mind?Unless people have seed – at least the natural seed as we know natural today,
    because maybe it all has been genetically modified in times gone by, but the kind of food that is
    being purchased and brought home and eaten from the grocery store with all of the junk that’s in
    it, Alan, and I mean you think about it. I read this a couple of three years ago. They have carrots
    that you can get a hepatitis B vaccine from and we have know idea what types of vaccines are being
    – I mean some of these plants are actually growing that vaccine or whatever. It’s out of this
    world, but what good does it do knowing about this when you are eating meat that is irradiated?
    When you are eating food that has all kinds of preservatives and additives and chemicals and
    probably vaccines and God only knows what in it. What good is it going to do to know it, Alan?

    Alan: They’ll have to spend extra money and try and get organic produce.

    Jackie: You know it is possible, even if you live in an apartment, you can actually grow
    vegetables in containers. I don’t know.

    Alan: But here’s the kicker too, you see, there’s something else that was talked about recently
    and I kid you not. It’s the banning of home gardens.

    Jackie: Oh yes. That came up a couple of years ago.

    Alan: It came up again from the United Nations. Of course their spin on it is that the additives
    that people use in the soil and herbicides are destroying Mother Nature et cetera and therefore
    they want to stop all home gardening and hope to start this program in two years. I mean they’re
    going the whole way and people better understand this very quickly because it’s coming to a place
    near you. They better get up and get off that chair and throw that TV out the window and go to the
    meetings where they’re supposed to be discussing this because they will go through formalities, and
    they better stand up and say no damn way.

    Jackie: And bring your own documentation and handouts.

    Alan: The fact is you can’t leave that meeting until you’ve got your way because we’re in a battle
    now for our lives. That’s what we’re in and there are people at the top that quite calmly discussed
    the elimination remember of over three-quarters of the human race in the next 20, 30 years and they
    mean it.

    Jackie: I know they do mean it. I know that. And you know when we get into these types of
    conversations and it’s like we’re swimming in it as we’re discussing it and always what comes back
    to my mind is that there is nothing more important right now than to get our own house in order and
    I’m talking about our own spiritual house.

    Alan: That’s right. Everyone’s disconnected, or, if they’re plugged in at all, it’s to a regular
    church which isn’t speaking out about the very things we’re talking about because they’re part of
    the agenda, the control agenda. I mean why aren’t the churches speaking out about this and telling
    their flock the sheep what to eat or what grass to eat here? They’re saying nothing about it
    because they’re part of the control and organized religion has always been used for that very

    Jackie: Yes, and Passover is coming up and there will be a whole, whole, whole slew of Christian
    Zionists or whatever in God’s name they call themselves that will be taking the Seder meal in the
    synagogue with the Talmudists. We have to take a break here.

    Alan: The time is getting so short as to where the world is going and how were all just going
    along, like the Pied Piper’s followers, in a trance, being entertained to death and the
    entertainment is actually our programming. If we look at the movies they’re churning out and have
    been since the Loyola meeting to do with chipping the brain, where they said that all novels and
    movies would start to contain stories about this and point out all the plusses. You simply take the
    Matrix movie as an example and you have Neo, who is the new man to come. His name means “new” and
    of course Anderson comes from Andros, which is the Greek word for man. He is the new son of man,
    and how does he get in and out of the Matrix? He plugs himself into it from the back of his head
    and he has all these amazing powers and the children think that this is fantastic and of course the
    whole idea is to make people believe you will have super powers. Now I’m well aware that there are
    people who will want to escape from the world and plug themselves in like the Lawnmower Man and
    that is up to them, but for those who are beginning to wake up, I think they should start shaking
    themselves awake very fast and learning fast and dedicating themselves to fighting this because
    once it’s happened, that’s it. It’s game over. There’s no second chance. It literally will be the
    end of consciousness as you know it. A good book to read on that is “The Ghost in the Machine,” and
    here’s another problem with modern society. Most people who are on the internet tell me they cannot
    read a book anymore. They just simply

    can’t go through a book because they’re getting bits and bites and that’s their new language is
    little bits of things.

    Jackie: What do you mean by that, Alan, people who are on the internet?

    Alan: I get them phoning me up and they’ll ask me where do I find this information or that
    information. I’ll tell them well you go to your library; I’ll give them the names of the books to
    look up. Most of these types of books are available at the library or can be gotten through
    inter-library loans. As soon as I mention a book, they tell me that right out that they can’t read
    a book anymore.

    Jackie: How do you respond to that?

    Alan: Well, I say why bother phoning me for information with a clarification that they’ll only
    look into it if it’s on the internet. Now the internet is designed to be fast- paced and to
    recondition the minds to think in short bits and bites, and people who use the internet a lot, I’ve
    noticed, they don’t read anything right through. They get bits and bites of it and this is again
    intentional. Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about giving it to the people back in the 1960’s and what
    its real function would be. It’s a preparatory phase of conditioning the mind to actually to the
    binary code, because the whole computer system runs on zeros and ones, ones and zeros, and hence
    the high number 10 in Masonry. It’s conditioning the actual minds to be nearer to a computer’s
    logic than a human logic and they don’t realize this.

    Jackie: There are whole books on the internet.

    Alan: Yes, but they can’t ready anything right through. Now, anyway, getting back to “The Ghost in
    the Machine,” for those who can’t be bothered to read the whole book, just read the last chapter
    and that’s by a man employed initially by Stalin as an officer. He helped in the starvation of
    millions of Ukrainians and he tells you in his own writing in that book that he was so conditioned
    in believing in the communist system that what he was doing was part of “historical necessity.”
    That’s the term they use when they have to eliminate vast populations.

    Jackie: You mean that’s what he was told and he believed it?

    Alan: Yes. Now you think after he tells you this that obviously he’d changed his mind.

    Jackie: That’s what I was going to ask.

    Alan: But that’s the big shocker when you find out that, no, he came over to New York worked for
    the United Nations. He taught in universities there and he worked for the UN think tanks on ways to
    literally lobotomize that part of the brain, the higher intellect, and that’s why it’s called “The
    Ghost in the Machine.” It’s that illusive part that is your spiritual connection with the body, you
    might say, that makes you you and his job was to try different techniques. He said there were other
    think tanks and they had regular meetings and the other think tanks were employing other means of
    trying to achieve the same ends, and he worked for about 20 years on this very problem. In the last
    chapter of the book he goes through not only what they decided on doing and he does mention, by the
    way, dumbing the people down through altering the food, adding chemicals to the water and so on to
    make them more accepting of the next phase, and he also rationalizes the reasons for having to do
    this to bring world peace. Utopia to these elitists is going to be a hell for everyone else if they
    get their way and these people are deadly, deadly serious.

    Jackie: You know, Alan, utopia for them is whoever is left of the underlings will be so drugged or
    maybe they won’t even need to be drugged by then, but I don’t know if there’s any truth to what
    their plan is if you’re reading like “This Perfect Day” or “1984,” those. They have the drugs.
    Anybody who suddenly felt some type of emotion reached in their pocket and took out a soma and took
    the pill to get those emotions gone. Well, think about this. If this is true, I don’t know, but it
    has been reported in newspaper reports that they’re finding high quantities of Prozac and all these
    psychotropic drugs. Evidentially, what the body doesn’t absorb is being excreted and it is not
    being filtered out; it’s in the drinking water, Alan.

    Alan: It’s been in the drinking water because they’re also spraying it along with other chemicals
    in these trails above our heads.

    Jackie: You’re assuming that.

    Alan: No. Rumsfeld said it right after 9/11 on television; he was asked what their plans were if
    there was another major crisis in a city where the people began to panic and he said, “we already
    have chemicals to spray over entire cities containing Prozac and Valium; aerosolized Prozac and
    Valium.” Now if he said that then it doesn’t take much to come up with the equation that they’re
    already do it and of course because it’s being found in the drinking water is simply diverting
    reality of where it’s coming from. Because the people today, many people are beginning to lose
    their short-term memory and I’ve talked to many people who complained of it and yet they feel sort
    of happy as though they’re tranquilized and that’s what’s happening. It makes perfect sense as we
    go through these massive world changes and societal changes, the biggest changes that have ever
    happened since the Industrial Revolution began and all the

    people were moved into the cities. We’re going through the biggest changes society has seen for
    hundreds of years.

    Jackie: Hundreds of years?

    Alan: Yes and it makes perfect sense to drug down the people as you bring them through it. It
    makes perfect sense, but Rumsfeld admitted that.

    Jackie: Do you feel tranquilized?

    Alan: Not so much. Occasionally I’ll get bouts of being tired, but what I’ve also noticed is those
    who are really, really awake prior to this don’t seem to be affected the same way and I think it’s
    because they’re so used to studying that their mind sort of compensates, because as you study you
    must memorize and so on. It keeps your mind alert.

    Jackie: Do you suppose there could be something to it, those who are more spiritually conscious or
    connected, aware of the connection?

    Alan: I think so.

    Jackie: Maybe so, Alan.

    Alan: There’s no doubt about it. I’ve done my own sort of unofficial surveys and that’s what I
    come up with all the time. As I say, you must always be able to jump from where you are
    into the mind of the controllers and you can only do it by studying them and their writings. It
    makes perfect sense to drug the people as you’re bringing them through such incredible changes,
    leading ultimately to the extinction of individual consciousness. You would have to drug them and
    make them happy.

    Jackie: Or not necessarily happy, just emotionless. Happiness is an emotion, Alan, and unless
    they’re giving a happy pill, I would think that it would be just an emotionless that they wouldn’t
    feel much of anything.

    Alan: Well, they don’t, you see. They don’t even respond much – I mean they can sit there and eat
    their dinners and watch Iraqis blown up by mistake, whole villages, and it doesn’t bother them. If
    you can’t cry for every catastrophe that’s occurred on this planet to all the different people, if
    you can’t cry for them, there’s something wrong with you.

    Jackie: Well, if we did that we would be crying all the time.

    Alan: We should be crying all the time.

    Jackie: I mean the sorrow or the compassion that you feel.

    Alan: It’s the empathy and when you lose empathy then you’re emotionally stunted. Something has
    happened to you and that means that if all those around you are the same, well, who’s going to cry
    for you when they come for you? No one will, so we better wake up fast and really see what’s going
    on here and try to become as human as possible, and by that, I mean use the humaneness within you.
    Use it with others fast and for others fast, regardless of what they think of you because the time
    is really getting short now. When you watch how much spraying they’re doing almost all over the
    planet right now on a daily basis – we’re watching clouds that have come out of science fiction
    movies but they’re right above our head and it’s no movie and this is happening daily now. These
    clouds are becoming the new norm to most people who can’t remember what the old clouds look like.
    They have gone the whole way. They have tampered with the food. They have altered them for
    vaccinations, but it’s done to such a micro level that they can also create drugs within the food
    as well, just like soma was opium and we know where opium comes from. It comes from a plant.
    They’re simply doing the same thing again.

    Jackie: That’s why they called George Bush’s father Poppy.

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Not because he was his papa, but because of his opium dealings. We have a call here. Hi,
    you’re on the air. Who are we talking to?

    Myron: Yes. Good evening. This is Myron from Georgia.

    Jackie: Hi Myron.

    Myron: Yes, I called in last night also. I’ll be very brief as possible. I want to state that I
    received Mr. Watt’s booklets and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Very, very informative. I’d like to say
    something. I’ve done my own personal research on freemasonry and I went to the local library within
    my town as well and I came across a book. It’s an autobiography of Albert Pike and the name of the
    book was “The Man Beyond the Monument” and the author’s name is Jim Tresner. Within the book he
    states that Albert Pike made a remark, and if I may, may I share my brief remarks of what Albert
    Pike had stated?

    Jackie: Yes do Myron.

    Myron: It states on page 76 of his book was a remark made by Albert Pike is this. “To the ancients, this light was an outflowing from the Deity. To us, as to them, it is the apt symbol of truth and knowledge. Masonry is a march and a struggle toward the Light. For the individual as well as the nation, Light is Virtue, Manliness, Intelligence, Liberty. Tyranny over the soul or body, is darkness. Masonry to the Masonic Brethren is a search after, and a journeying toward Light. The Masonic Light is Truth. It is the inculcation
    of truth by means of symbols and instructions.

    Teaching a pure morality by its lessons and lectures, it is also a great system of philosophy and
    of political and of religious truth concealed by symbols.” Thank you, ma’am.

    Jackie: Thank you, Myron. Alan, now I’ve said this before so often because what he was reading
    didn’t sound terrible. Tyranny over the souls of man is darkness. How do you explain this?

    Alan: Because on the lower levels that’s exactly the propaganda they do put out and you must
    remember even the word “man” does not refer to ordinary people in their religion. The profane are
    not really men and women. In fact the profane are subhuman and of course when you really – well,
    read Albert Pike’s own book, not by someone else. Read Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma” and he
    tells you that freemasonry is a religion and he tells you again, he says, “make no mistake. Lucifer
    is God,” and unfortunately so is Adonai.

    Jackie: He says that in “Morals and Dogma”?

    Alan: It’s in “Morals and Dogma”. Make no mistake, he says, “Lucifer is God.” Lucifer is the light
    you see he’s talking about.

    Jackie: In the Masonic rituals, I actually have this in Chapter 16 and 17 of the book, they say to
    the freemasons when they get up high enough the lost word is Jehovah.
    That’s in one of the initiations or the part – so Lucifer and Jehovah are the Masonic gods?

    Alan: They’re two sides of the same coin.

    Jackie: Well of course. I mean Lucifer – the reason I’m saying this is because of the call I
    received from a listener who said that referring to Jehovah as Lucifer is blasphemy, well but it
    isn’t Jehovah it’s Yahweh, and that I was being put on an altar,

    that he would take me if I was wrong or take her if she was wrong. Now this is not a cruel lady.
    What she is saying she means it with all of her heart and soul because she believes with all her
    heart and soul that Yahweh, or however they do it, that is creator and that is the god Jehovah but
    it’s using his name wrong. You see the whole thing is so twisted.

    Alan: When you cut through the chase of freemasonry, most people don’t get beyond the third degree
    and they’re quite happy as a Master Mason, you see, but “life begins at 40” and that’s what it
    means, the 40th degree is when they start to tell you what the real truth is.

    Jackie: There was a Masonic song and it was sung to the tune of “God Save the King,” which is the
    same tune of, what is it, “Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies,” or whatever, well right in that song
    the lyric are Jehovah, Jove, Oh Lord.

    Alan: That’s right and Rudyard Kipling also wrote it and he said, “Jehovah, Jove, by George.” It’s
    a big joke to them because ultimately in freemasonry the high masons are taught the truth. As they
    come in the Grand Master sits in the East you see where the sun rises–

    Jackie: Yes and you know what they say?

    Alan: And they go round the altar and the secret is that you have become a god.

    Jackie: They’re building temples and tabernacles in the soul of man and nations, and when they ask
    which way are you traveling from Babylon to Jerusalem. This is up somewhere around the 16th or
    something like that level but it deals with Jerusalem and the temple and the avenging of Hiram
    Abiff and it all goes–


    Alan: Hiram Abiff is not a person. It’s a symbol of the higher self, the godhood within man, and
    the three unworthy craftsman that they talk about they often call it the JUWES; like Jack the
    Ripper used. It’s desire, thought and action. That’s what they stand for. Desire, thought and
    action used impulsively will kill the higher god within you and you become the low profane. That’s
    what it means. It’s all allegory you see.

    Jackie: I know but you know there is so many people who say I am a Christian and worship and adore
    Yahweh, Jehovah, Jove, Lucifer and they don’t even realize they’re doing it, Alan.

    Alan: That’s how far mind control can take you and really it’s also a choice for them and you
    can’t really do anything about it. The time has come where you have to

    concentrate on people who do want it. Those who are worshipping the traditional religions, on the
    one hand, they’re preaching the terror of the last days, the ETs, extraterrestrial or end times;
    they have a joke for that one. On the other hand, after they’ve terrified their flock, they say:   “but don’t worry, God is in control” – so who’s doing it?

    Jackie: Yes and Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you.

    Alan: Exactly.

    Jackie: And if that isn’t the most outward of our expression, and I know I’m not saying that mine
    is, but that would be our desire to be an expression of our creator.

    Alan: Remember Albert Pike was also a member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (SRFM) and if you speak it, you see, that’s another one of their little tricks, if you speak it you have Seraphim.
    Seraphim are the highest order of angels beneath the Cherubim, and the Scottish Rite calls themselves the Order of the Perfection. When you’re perfect, a Perfecti, you are now a god on
    earth; but of course they can’t publicize that at the bottom.


    A seraph (/ˈsɛrəf/, “burning one”; plural seraphim /ˈsɛrəfɪm/) is a type of celestial or heavenly being originating in Ancient Judaism. The term plays a role in subsequent Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


    Jackie: One of the degrees is called the Knights of Kadosh or something like that. In my
    researching I find that the first Jewish synagogue or temple or whatever, was the temple or the
    whatever, Kadosh, and there we are in one of those degrees of freemasonry.

    Alan: It was also a battle place.

    Jackie: Okay. We’ve got a call here. Go ahead caller. Who’s there?

    Kate: Hi Jackie. This is Kate.

    Jackie: Yes Kate.

    Kate: I want to know from Alan, you know the Catholic Church years ago have been taken over by the
    Jewish masons–

    Jackie: Yes, we’ve only got a couple of minutes, honey, so be quick.

    Kate: What I want to know is this other pope that died or they killed him, why did he always hit
    the ground when he got off the plane?

    Jackie: Alan?

    Alan: I think he was afraid of flying, or maybe he was just kissing his own property, but the fact
    is the mystery religions has been always present within all organized religions. It’s behind it.

    Jackie: We’re out of time.

    Alan: Okay.

    Jackie: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back Monday. Thank you, Alan.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru April 27, 2005



    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is
    Wednesday. It is the last night of our broadcast week of course and our guest again this evening is
    Alan Watt. Alan, thanks for being here tonight.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Let me do this and as you know, I was just a little bit behind tonight when you called.
    What I would like to do first of all from Matthew 25, Jesus said:

    “For I was hungry and you gave me meat. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and
    you took me in naked and you clothed me. I was sick and you visited me. I was in prison and you
    came unto me; inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto

    I like that. That’s pretty. That’s so real, isn’t it, Alan?

    Alan: It is, yes, and there’s no money involved.

    Jackie: Well I know but what I mean is that it is true. Let me put it that way: that what we do to
    one or for one, it’s to all or for all.

    Alan: That’s right. It’s natural humanity.

    Jackie: That’s what I mean. What I would appreciate if you would do – I know we talked about it
    last night, but let our listeners know again this evening. Folks, today is Wednesday it is the 27th
    of April in the year 2005. Maybe I gave the date, I don’t think I did. Today is Chuck’s birthday,
    his birthday in this third dimensional world, and I just wanted to remember him to you, folks.
    Alan, if you will, tell our listeners about the books.

    Alan: My books go through freemasonry, the banking system of ancient times up to the present, how
    countries were taken over and empires built up and then destroyed as the money powers moved on. I
    also go into how these bankers created the world religions and helped to dominate the peoples they
    took over in foreign countries by imposing these religions, installing priesthoods, generally from
    the Middle East, and setting up churches in each country, which also served as a branch of their
    banking system. Therefore, the gold that was lent to these countries ended up underneath these
    churches for so-called “safe keeping.” It’s an interesting read, each one of them, and the secret
    society that was on the go 5,000 BC is still on the go today and that’s why nothing really changes.
    [See for ordering information.] It’s the same system of debt
    creation, which gives power to private bankers over the countries and obviously then it gives the
    bankers the right to dictate policies of those countries, just like Alan Greenspan does.

    In Canada we have the Bank of Canada, which is not a Canadian bank, it’s actually a board of men
    who were picked by the international bankers who liaised with the Canadian government. They’ve
    pulled this trick in every country and really only 12 families or so are the international families
    which lend to every country, and technically they lend nothing, but they want repayment in real
    goods or gold and that’s how it is up until the present system.

    Jackie: And they never print enough money to pay the usury that’s charged.

    Alan: That’s correct and they must always keep a country in debt. Even in ancient times when they
    would take over a country by force, often, because they employed armies of countries they’d already
    conquered, they would install what they called a tyrant or dictator and he was well-paid for his
    function and he would immediately start massive public works and projects and build mausoleums and
    so on. Of course, this was borrowed from the bankers and they created the debt system, which was

    based also on compound interest, meaning you could never get away from the debt. You couldn’t pay
    it off, so the bankers ended up having complete control over the country through the front man who
    was the tyrant or dictator. Later on, of course, they gave us democracy, so you have a bunch
    tyrants basically fronting for the bankers and it’s all the same system. They’re all Masons of high
    degree, pre-picked before the public even see them up for election and they vowed complete
    obedience to the organization they serve, which is not the people you see. It’s an ancient system.
    It’s well documented in some books in fact and even many of the ancient Greeks especially wrote
    about these bankers and how they operated and how they had been taking over the countries 2,000 BC
    by the same techniques.

    Jackie: And they wrote about it in Genesis.

    Alan: That’s why they put Genesis together, the “Gene of Isis,” because it contains their mystery
    religion and of course religion dominates the mind. That’s what its function was meant to do. It
    limits your scope of thinking.



    Jackie: I received a call from a listener last night and he is a long-time listener but he was
    really thrilled to hear you mention the CIA behind many of the shortwave alternative broadcasts,
    but he said, ” to be honest with you, I had quit listening for a while when you had Alan on and he
    said that Jesus was the same as Jupiter.” And I said no he didn’t and he was convinced and I said,
    “no, you misunderstood what he told us,” and I looked it up of course. I didn’t carry this on in
    the conversation but you can search and find it in so many places that Jehovah, Jupiter, Jove, are
    all one and the same.

    Alan: That’s right. Rudyard Kipling even wrote a little poem on it, and it ended with “Jehovah,
    Jupiter, Jove, by George.” That’s how it ended; he was a high mason too, so they all know. Of
    course it’s a mystery religion and it’s been around for thousands and thousands of years and
    they’ve controlled all other established religions. They certainly took them over from the
    beginning. You can see even in the New Testament where you have obviously a person who was doing
    extraordinary things such as taking bankers out of the temple, standing up to the priesthoods of
    his day and decrying them for what they were, which again was front men for other powers, so you
    can see there was a real person there. Where it comes to the addition of the old mystery religion
    which Rome put on it, you can see the 12 disciples and Jesus as the sun, so they added on the old
    mystery religion on top of the real character you might say.

    Jackie: The real individual, the real person? I’m sorry. You go right ahead, Alan.

    Alan: It’s easy to discern a real person and what a real person is doing, as opposed to the
    standard sun and the 12 disciples, or the sun and the 12 signs of the zodiac, which had preceded
    the idea for thousands of years. In the Egyptian times it was 10 signs of the zodiac and they
    changed two of the signs. One was a hippo and one was an alligator, although the hippo was more
    important to the sign at the time.

    Jackie: Why? What did it mean?

    Alan: It’s the only animal which can fart through its mouth.

    Jackie: Are you serious?

    Alan: Yes. It’s a fact.

    Jackie: Is that a joke?

    Alan: It’s true. It’s a pretty formidable animal and you don’t want to face it anyway.

    Jackie: Well, wouldn’t we call that a burp?

    Alan: Not really. This literally was from the other end. It came right through its mouth.

    Jackie: Oh my, my. But that’s why it was so important?

    Alan: It’s because it could also swim underwater and on land, and of course they like the symbol
    of the Nile bringing the life to the area and onto the land and so the hippo could signify that or
    symbolize that. It could swim into the water and come onto the land.

    Jackie: One of the thoughts that I have had – you know you have shown us how they have used the
    astrological wheel, all of that, as part of their mystery religion. Well, Alan, they don’t do that
    for fun. My thought is well and I don’t know. You may not agree with this and that’s okay, but I
    find that there – for example, if an individual has an astrological chart drawn up the person who
    draws up the chart, the astrologer, if it’s a good one, doesn’t have to know anything about the
    individual and like a natal chart. Of course it doesn’t mean your life is mapped out but it seems
    to me that there is relevance in understanding the energy from the different planets and how they
    play upon us at certain times and it’s just too accurate in too many ways for too many people for
    there not to be some merit to it; but maybe that’s why in the Old Testament they tell you not to go
    to astrologers, because I think Christians think that it’s sinful etcetera, et cetera, but I would like your comments on that. I mean why – for example, the number 13.
    I thought about this and of course they gave us Jesus and his 12 disciples. Were there 12
    disciples? I don’t know but I thought to myself – in fact I’ve said it. One time I was talking to a
    group and somebody was talking about the number 13 and I said well the energy, the color, each
    color has its own – would we call it a vibration or frequency, and the tuned and musical tones, the
    notes, everything really is quite beautiful the way everything kind of meshes and joins together.
    But I thought well maybe there’s something about the number 13 the energy of it that is powerful.
    So we’re told that it’s an unlucky number and they won’t put a thirteenth floor on a building et
    cetera, et cetera. And Jesus, what was it, his 33rd year, did he begin or was he crucified?

    Alan: Crucified.

    Jackie: Okay, so they use these numbers and they use the astrological signs and dates, and I
    wonder if that has to do with what they call their windows of opportunity.

    Alan: They definitely use the solar chart as a timetable because it’s a clock and it’s a clock
    which deals in hundreds and thousands of years, and their plans are ancient, but they say
    themselves the plan came down or came to them around 4,500 BC. That’s when the plan to take the
    entire planet over and how it would be done was supposedly drawn up. That’s why you see two dates
    on Masonic temples, the date it was built, in modern numbers and times, and they had the other one
    with AL on it (Anno Lucifer), the fall of Lucifer. They have that date plus the 4,500 years tacked
    on to it.

    Jackie: Didn’t you say this plan is much older than even that?

    Alan: I believe so. In fact I think that plan is only one phase of a much older plan.

    Jackie: In other words, maybe it was the tweaking. Maybe they tweaked it.

    Alan: Or revised it.

    Jackie: Or revised it. It was like that Rabbi Ricorn said at some funeral. This is a quote
    allegedly. I wasn’t there so I can’t say for a fact, but what he said in this, it was at a eulogy,
    I believe, a friends funeral, he said we get together every 100 years to take a look at where we
    are and to plan out the next 100. You know, Alan, I thought my goodness, because when you read the
    Protocols and you see how everything is falling right into place and according to the way they laid
    it out. Then you think well that was 100 years ago, but we know they say in the Protocols it is
    said this plan that we have had underway for 2,000, 25-whatever-hundred years. Well, it makes sense that every 100 years or

    Alan: It’s no different from any corporation. They literally plan ahead 100 years.

    Jackie: Boy, do they plan.

    Alan: Even the World Council of Churches plans ahead in 100 years and of course David Rockefeller
    started that up.

    Jackie: Getting back to the astrological thing, if they are the keepers of the truth, of the
    mysteries and it is so important to them, I guess what I am saying is that it makes some sense to
    me that there is something to it and they don’t want people to know.

    Alan: It’s not that at all actually.

    Jackie: What is it?

    Alan: They wanted people to believe exactly what you’ve said, that there’s strange powers and so
    on, that’s the exoteric, but they kept the esoteric meanings to themselves. Pythagoras of course
    was the first one to write about this in the Greek language.

    Jackie: Write about what?

    Alan: This particular – you were talking about colors, tones, astrological signs and so on. In
    fact the name “tone” comes from Pythagoras and the tone of a color or
    the tone of a sound comes from Pythagoras and the weight ton all comes from that as well.

    Jackie: But I’m talking about a type of energy or frequency.

    Alan: That’s what they talk about.

    Jackie: Now maybe all of this is a lie. In a book that I read “Tuning the Human Instruments,” and
    this was written I think back in the ’70’s, that they were experimenting in Russia using let’s say
    vitamin E. There’s a certain energy frequency from vitamin C and that they were literally using
    those frequencies to—how would you say it? Not inject, because they’re not using needles, but that
    energy, that frequency that vitamin E makes up that literally people were able to have those
    vitamins. Am I making any sense? Are you understanding what I’m saying?

    Alan: I’ve not quite got the end part.

    Jackie: In other words, why do you say they want you to think that a color has a certain frequency
    or a tone has a certain frequency?

    Alan: What Pythagoras did – and remember he had been trained in Egypt and went back and taught in
    Crotona, which was a Greek outpost, and he started his own school up. He, like many afterwards, he
    recruited young aristocrats who had to pass tests to get in and they had to also have a vow of
    silence for the first three or four years, just like the later Essenes, because that was a later
    edition of the mystery religion. Then he selected certain ones to go into the real mysteries and he
    also taught females and gave them a great education and they became so desirable amongst the
    nobility, and the female’s job was to go out basically and help to subtly take over the mind of the
    nobility that she married and change their political persuasions and so on, so it was a form of

    Now for the general population, which they called the profane, the people who are uneducated, they
    gave out the stories of magic, mysticism, again that these were real powers in the sky et cetera,
    the constellations and the planets. However, for themselves they used it all as allegories for
    other things, which was to do primarily with the aspects of their plan for the future and the time
    clock. That’s why George Bush, Sr. after he mentioned the New World Order looked up and he said,
    “everything is going to the heavenly plan.” He was talking about Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius that
    we are in now.

    Jackie: Fine. That’s what I’m saying. It means something to them.

    Alan: It’s nothing more than a timepiece for them because it’s been used before.

    Jackie: But they have their windows of opportunity. I’ve heard them say it.

    Alan: Yes, and they must through them, but that’s why all the early symbols of Christianity was
    never the cross. You’ll always find it inscribed as the fish, for the Age of Pisces, so the Age of
    Christ was to take us through the Age of Pisces. That’s why it’s written, and of course it’s
    tampered with, but it’s written that Jesus tells them to go and find a man carrying a picture of
    water, signifying the end of his reign.

    Jackie: The age of Pisces?

    Alan: That’s right and so Aquarius is the carrier of the water. Now the water itself is a feminine
    symbol, so that’s when women must rise to the top to be used, not for their own purposes, but to be
    used by those behind the Grand Plan. It’s working very successfully as you see the destruction of
    everything that was in order to make way for that which is to come. This is an incredible – you
    can’t really read about it in five minutes. You’d have to read and study the Egyptian Book of the
    Dead and you’d have to study many of the inscriptions that were left by the scribes of Egypt and
    cursive shorthand, which they had as well as the hieroglyphics, and you compare that with Babylon,
    what’s been dug up there and their inscriptions, and then you’ll find it’s the same mystery
    religion in every empire that ever existed down through time.

    Jackie: And is that where the Cabbalistic–

    Alan: The Cabbalism was literally taken from Babylon. It didn’t originate in Jerusalem and the
    Cabbala was added to the–

    Jackie: The mysteries?

    Alan: Yes. That’s why it has the 10 fruits on the trees of the Tree of Life, because at that time
    when Babylon created the Cabbala there were only 10 signs of the zodiac you see. So it’s a very,
    very in depth mystery religion and you have to study it intensely to understand the different
    languages and miss nothing. If you miss anything at all, you can miss the most amazing things.

    Jackie: Okay, the “Egyptian Book of the Dead,” is that available in English?

    Alan: Yes. You can get translations.

    Jackie: Are there translations that are real and translations that are lies?

    Alan: You’ll get different translations. You have to go back to either Beardsen who was the
    initial historian–

    Jackie: How do you spell that?

    Alan: B-E-A-R-D-S-E-N, I think it is. Jackie: Would that book be available? Alan: It should be
    through libraries.

    Jackie: I would just buy the “Egyptian Book of the Dead?”
    Alan: Yes.
    Jackie: And do you have a first name for this Beardsen guy?

    Alan: Oh no. He’s always just called Beardsen and also you can get E.A. Wallis Budge, who was
    another translator in the early part of the 1900’s.

    Jackie: But let me ask you this: Are they the same translation?

    Alan: They’re pretty similar because you must remember from the hieroglyphs and you’re talking a
    different language into another language, you have to often–

    Jackie: Substitute words.

    Alan: Substitute and almost unfortunately destroy some of the meanings, or else use more than just
    one word to translate one word. You might use a phrase occasionally to try and get the whole
    meaning of it there.



    Jackie: Well, let me ask you this: Have you read both Beardsen and Budge’s
    “Egyptian Book of the Dead?”
    Alan: Yes.
    Jackie: If you were going to recommend one, which one would it be?
    Alan: Budge’s is cheaper and it’s just as good really.

    Jackie: E.A. Wallis Budge.Thank you, because you see I’m still not really following what you’re
    saying. You’re saying they want us to think that there is some importance to the astrological signs
    and times and ages, but there really isn’t, but they use it for their own plan.
    Alan: No. They want you to think that there’s a magic quality to it.

    Jackie: I don’t understand. What do you mean magic quality?
    Alan: That there’s forces and powers you can get from the stars or the planets.

    Jackie: When I was saying what I was saying, I wasn’t talking about forces or powers. I was
    talking about influence of the particular planets at particular times et cetera and you know that I
    am not a fool. I know that I have been naïve. I know I’ve come out of a lot of ignorance and I’ve
    got a long way to go. I have had an astrological chart drawn up and the person that did it did not
    know me from Adam; and it was me, the natal chart that was drawn up. And I had one
    drawn on the girls and maybe our listeners are going to think I’m cuckoo and New Age and all that,
    but the reason I did is because I saw how very much the chart that was drawn up on me was me and
    there are influences that maybe can be helpful throughout our life, and I don’t mean using that to
    live by. I don’t mean that at all but there is something to it. That’s what I’m saying. I don’t
    know what it is to it, but if these guys use it – and you know what, we’ve got to take our break
    first. We’re back. Alan, thanks. Okay, well, I don’t know. Maybe we ought to just get off the
    subject because it just isn’t making sense, what I’m not doing and it isn’t because I don’t want to
    understand. I’m just not understanding what you’re saying. They use this and yet–

    Alan: They used it for their own plan’s time-clock, you see, and every symbol and every planet is
    a symbol of part of their action, like Mars is a God of War, for instance, that type of thing; so
    when that would come into the appendancy, that means that they would use that time for their war.

    Jackie: The wars have been going on forever.

    Alan: Oh, I know, but the big ones at certain times, the really big ones, the big changes, that’s
    really what they mean by that.

    Jackie: So in other words, it isn’t a particular really more effective for them. It isn’t more
    that they can influence people more at that particular time. It’s just the timeframe that they use?

    Alan: That’s it, yes, and as I say, they planned it such a long time ago. I don’t think it’s the
    first time it’s happened and the Hindus say that we go through these phases you might say of birth,
    living and then destruction. These are called “ages” and of course in the legends of all peoples we
    have these world disaster periods, floods and earthquakes and so on. Even in Sumer, in the Sumerian
    tablets, they claim that prior to their coming into existence, their city, there had been
    catastrophes on the earth where old continents had sunk and new ones had arisen from the sea.

    Jackie: That they created?

    Alan: It’s possible. If you go into the writings of Tacitus, who wrote for Nero, he talked to the
    Druids in Britain and they claim that they had records of three previous ages, maybe 125,000 years
    apart, and that the survivors and the high priests of course, always the nobility–

    Jackie: They do survive, don’t they?

    Alan: Yes. They tunneled into mountains and took provisions in to live for long periods; and that
    tallies with the records of Greece, where their priesthood tunneled into Mt. Parnassus and claimed
    the same thing that they survived the disasters.

    Jackie: We’ll take a call. Do you have more you want to say on that, Alan?

    Alan: That also tallies with the story of the Ark, because there’s no Ark as such, it’s allegory,
    but the mountain Ararat that it lies upon is riddled with tunnels.

    Jackie: There we are. We have a call. Okay, you’re on the air. Who are we talking to?

    Myron: Yes. Good evening Ms.–

    Jackie: Oh, is it Myron? Myron: Yes it is. How are you? Jackie: I’m fine.
    Myron: Good evening Mr. Watt.

    Alan: Good evening.

    Jackie: Okay, go ahead.

    Myron: Last night I heard you mention Passover and I was wondering if Mr. Watt could explain this
    teaching of the Passover that many ministers teach out of the Old Testament and what is the
    symbolism or the meaning of this Passover that’s really being talked about?

    Jackie: Okay, good question, Myron.

    Myron: Yes, thank you.

    Jackie: Give him just a minute to get his radio turned up, Alan. Okay, Passover.

    Alan: That was a fairly recent invention because the historian Josephus, who lived in the 1st
    century AD, claims that the Passover was a fairly new institution and it hadn’t actually grounded
    itself with any historical past.

    Jackie: Wasn’t the Old Testament already written then?

    Alan: I doubt it.

    Jackie: It was the first century AD?

    Alan: Yes, I don’t think the Old Testament was all written at all.

    Jackie: Not all written but weren’t those first five books already put into–

    Alan: That’s the first five books of Moses. The thing is, as Josephus said, there was no – it was
    hazy as to why it came into existence. It was a festival time and sometime it had been equated with
    a festival of lights, which they usually had at these times, but, as far as a bloody sacrifice type
    thing, that wasn’t part of it at that time in his day.

    Jackie: Hanukkah as they call their festival of lights, but I’m reminded of Velikovsky’s book and
    you had mentioned him so often and World’s in Collision” and oh my goodness, Alan. That book and
    the “Earth in Upheaval,” I couldn’t put them down when I got started reading. This is another
    thing. I’m glad Myron brought this up because I was thinking of that because it doesn’t jive with
    Velikovsky’s book, as far as at least that one “Cataclysm” and I think it was supposed to be around
    3,600 years ago when the comet came around and did all the damage et cetera, but he talks in there
    about what the rabbis actually said about that time because it wasn’t something the way the story
    was written in Exodus. It was a worldwide conflagration.

    Alan: In fact, the Babylonian priests wrote more about it than anybody because they were the main
    scientists of their day and astronomers. After it was over they were called into Egypt because they
    had to reset the world calendar because the time of the earth’s spinning had changed.

    Jackie: The sun was even coming up from a different place.

    Alan: Yes and when it settled down.

    Jackie: And they had to find out where the seasons were.

    Alan: They had to reset the calendar.

    Jackie: Well, here’s the thing, that in Velikovsky’s book, he said that – well, you know in the Old
    Testament version in Exodus that the sun was gone for three days and the darkness was terrible.
    Well, on the other side of the earth, historical writings say that the sun stayed in the sky for
    three days and the rivers running red with blood. It was happening all over the world because of
    some stuff that was coming out of the tail of that comet–

    Alan: It was raining fire.

    Jackie: They said that too, but the red – Velikovsky mentions this in his book from many different
    sources and it was almost a water soluble type of a mineral and it did stink and–

    Alan: And it also burned up the cattle and it was red hot.

    Jackie: Therefore these rabbis and it was a compendium I think of what the rabbis basically said,
    that the so-called Exodus – people were leaving because they were looking for food. They were
    looking for water and that if there were – if they were not Hyksos, if they were whatever his
    chosen people were, that 49 out of 50 of them died and it wasn’t just them leaving.

    Alan: No, no. Everybody was running.

    Jackie: Everybody was on the move.

    Alan: Also the peoples of the sea were coming in from another direction hoping to get away from it

    Jackie: Right. Therefore what the Pharisees, scribes, whoever wrote all of this, they just took a
    historical event and wound it into–

    Alan: A myth.

    Jackie: The private little story about the chosen people.

    Alan: It’s a myth.

    Jackie: Yes, a myth and that Jehovah brought all these curses down on the pharaoh’s people because
    pharaoh wouldn’t let his people go because Jehovah had hardened his heart so he could–

    Alan: Well, that’s fine. Jehovah was more honest because he also played the devil you see.

    Jackie: You know this seems awful stupid to me and I don’t mean to offend anybody but this is
    supposed to be our loving Creator and he says well I want you to go get my people. You tell the
    pharaoh to let them go but I’m not going to let them. I know he’s not going to let them go because
    I’m going to harden his heart so they won’t and then I’ll bring all these plagues down and I can
    prove to the world that I’m the Lord God almighty.

    Alan: Really, he’s playing solitaire with himself.

    Jackie: I don’t mean to joke about it because I know to some people this is very hurtful, but,
    gee, all we have to do is take a look at it and say wait a minute. It depends upon our concept. Of
    course I don’t know that any of us have truly the concept of Creator, but we can know what it
    isn’t, Alan.

    Alan: Well, that’s it and in the Talmud they’re more upfront with that, that no one can actually
    know or figure out the mind of a creator.

    Jackie: Do they actually say that?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Okay, so then who do they say Jehovah was?

    Alan: That’s another deity. They even have another story of Moses. In the Talmud it’s different
    from the one in the Old Testament.

    Jackie: Do they?

    Alan: Moses was actually a full Egyptian, Ramoses; it means child, Child of RA.

    Jackie: Son of RA.

    Alan: So he left and he wanted to take over the pharaoh’s job and he went to Ethiopia and builds
    himself up there, recruited an army and went to attack Egypt, so there’s a whole different story
    told in the Talmud.

    Jackie: Okay, Myron’s actual question was: Is their symbology there?

    Alan: There’s astronomical symbologies and also agricultural symbology. It’s a pass- over from
    death into life for spring and planting, the crops and so on. It’s all nature and pantheistic,
    really, and it’s a time for planting and also for seed. It symbolizes the death lying through the
    winter comes to life again, the resurrection.

    Jackie: Like Easter?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Just like Easter. Okay. All right, that makes sense. Freemasonry, for anybody who’s a
    freemason who might be listening or who knows one, I’d like to share, if I may, Alan – this is a
    part that I had forgotten all about. They suck them in and they stroke them and groom them and they
    mention some place in here it will be the people in high offices and it will be the judges and the
    administrators and you mentioned I think last night the captains, the police forces. All of them
    and there they are and they say oh well we might spare them or some of them but the others we’ll

    Alan: There’s one thing that Masons do allow the public to know through a rumor, and that’s if you
    join it you get unmerited favor and help with your career and promotion and so on. They make sure
    they get people who really are almost corrupt anyway who will join it for those very reasons. They
    also tell you you can bypass petty bureaucracy and get tax relief and so on, if you join. That’s
    the bait.

    Jackie: Tax relief?

    Alan: They get different assessments.

    Jackie: These local and county and city officials and state legislators, do you think that every
    time they raise taxes, property taxes et cetera, do you think their’s get raised?

    Alan: No, they don’t and neither do lawyers because lawyers help with the real estate scams and so
    they are automatically are exempted from land taxes.

    Jackie: And these people think they’re going to be exempt from all the evil they’re doing?

    Alan: What they don’t realize is you see most people on this planet, at the moment, at this stage
    that we’re at right now, are expendable and it’s coming to the stage where they’ll try and fulfill
    the promise to wipe out over three quarters of the population.
    There will be an awful lot of people wiped out, good and bad, if they get their way and they’re
    ready for it now. We know this because they’ve been prepping us for years with coming plagues and
    all this stuff, at the very time when we know that we can splice genes and join anything to
    anything, even viruses to bacterium, which is the flesh-eating disease. It’s the first one in
    history that was created, two different species joined together. They’re ready to unleash a lot of
    stuff on the public and these will not be race-specific. These will spread right through–

    Jackie: Not race specific, right. There was an article in a newsletter just recently that said that
    the scientists somewhere have been given permission to create a mouse with a human brain.

    Alan: They’ve done more than that. They’ve done all of these – whenever they tell you they’re
    doing something, this is the old stuff. They were doing genetic modifications in the 1920’s.

    Jackie: And if the mouse starts acting like a human being then they’re going to make them quit.

    Alan: Well, he might become maybe a Christian mouse. So there you go. There’ll be a whole new set
    of lawyers to deal with all of this.

    Jackie: One of the things I don’t think that we’ve discussed and maybe our listeners, a lot of
    them, know about it, but maybe they don’t, was that terrible flu virus that they shipped. Would you
    talk about that? Will you mention the plague?

    Alan: In the papers about a week ago, supposedly the CDC had sent out thousands of vials of 1950’s
    version of the flu to laboratories all over the world and also one shipment with Ebola. Now, I
    don’t know if they really did this or if it’s a scare to the public, because it seems an incredible
    thing that they’d do, but certainly it’s having an effect on the public of terrifying them and
    getting them ready for a coming plague.

    Jackie: Well, it will terrify them if they read the article. However, I remember the article that
    I read that somebody had emailed on the internet. They said that most of

    these have been mailed from the U.S. and their concern is that some of the labs haven’t received
    theirs yet.

    Alan: They said in fact, in the last document about it, they said that my goodness the ones that
    had not been destroyed was in Lebanon but they were in the process of destroying it. In other
    words, psychologically they were attaching it to terrorism.

    Jackie: Sure and not only that, but it will be a good excuse or justification – well, what brought
    it to my mind was when you said the plagues that they are readying. This could be a prelude to it.
    You know this sounds like such a downer. You can’t not talk about it, Alan.

    Alan: You cannot face truth unless you look at the dark side, you see, and that’s the problem with
    people. They’re egosyntonic. They’ve been trained that way. They want to only look at the things
    that make them feel good and because of that they’re wide open to whatever it is going to happen.
    That is a choice because maturity takes a person, and truly seeking truth, takes a person to look
    at all sides of everything and you must be prepared to look at the blackest black you’ve ever
    looked at—the void.

    Jackie: That was in the chapter of the Family of Dark which I shared with our listeners a few
    weeks ago and that’s what they actually said, that in order truly to be in light, if you would,
    enlightened or aware, you have to know the depths of the evil, the darkness.

    Alan: We’ve got to get out of this Disney World where people are really responsible at the top and
    are there because they’re good and decent and just people. The opposite is true. The corrupt people
    are at the top and it’s only the corrupt people who can get to the top in this particular system we
    live in.

    Jackie: Before we go off the air tonight because we won’t be back until Monday, a thought that
    occurred to me that I would like to share with our listeners is in knowing this it doesn’t mean
    that we have to dwell on it every moment of our lives, folks. We share the information with those
    who want to know and there are times – there are precious moments and those precious moments are
    times that we spend with our loved ones, with our children, with our friends, times of being quiet
    and seeking a self- awareness. In other words, we don’t have to swim in this sea of darkness.
    That’s what I’m trying to say, Alan, because I wouldn’t be able to live.

    Alan: Most people couldn’t and that’s what I say. Those who think that they can’t face it
    shouldn’t even look at it. They should continue the way they are and what makes

    them happy, but those who are looking for truth have no option but to look at the dark side.

    Jackie: Yes, I understand, but do you understand what I just said?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: That we don’t have to swim in it. In other words, we know it. It’s there and once we know
    it, we cannot un-know it, but, in other words, if it is all we dwell in – well, maybe I’m only
    speaking for myself. It would be unbearable and I just wanted to say that because there are
    precious moments and there are times even when you say some silly thing to lighten up the
    conversation. In a sense, that’s a precious moment.
    Okay, that’s what I mean because that’s what I mean because I don’t want to leave the broadcast
    tonight on just a note of hopeless, helplessness, evil, darkness, because it isn’t all evil and
    darkness. Like you said, there are good people and there is love in this world and really it all
    begins with us.

    Alan: It begins with the individuals who must look at everything and who have gone through the
    darkness and come out again and they know that it’s evil and they know that they must fight it, you
    see. It’s not an occasional fight. You know you’re going to fight this thing with everything you’ve

    Jackie: Yes, exactly. We’re out of our hour tonight. Once again, thank you so much, and ladies and
    gentlemen, we will be back with you Monday and thank you for being here and Creator bless you all
    tonight. Good night, Alan.

    Alan: Good night.

    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru May 2, 2005














    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. Today
    is Monday and it is the 2nd of May already in the year 2005 and we had snow flurries this
    afternoon. I wonder what your weather is like, folks. It sure doesn’t feel like May. We had one day
    that was 80 and a few very nice days, but other than that, this is not spring. Not here, not yet,
    except the birdies say so, so maybe it is.

    Let me do our spiritual message right now and then we’ll bring our guest up. This is from John 4
    beginning with verse 4.

    “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than
    he that is in the world.”

    And in verse 7:

    “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God and everyone that loves is born of God and
    knows God. He that loves not, knows not God for God is love.”

    That is the only thing in this physical world that I see that is real, ladies and gentlemen. I’m
    not saying that because I say it is so, that in my mind and in my heart there’s nothing real here
    other than love and our expressions of love to one another and to ourselves. And Alan Watt is with
    us again this evening. Alan, thank you so much.

    Alan: Yes, it’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Well, I was outside doing stuff today and I get really I guess what it is is because it’s
    staying light longer and I’m not a clock-watcher so I kind of judge the time by what the darkness
    is. I’m going to have to quit doing that because I keep getting – you were very gracious to come on
    with two minutes notice.

    Alan: It’s no problem. We’ve got the same weather this way.

    Jackie: Same weather?

    Alan: Yes, it was sleet and snow for a while.

    Jackie: Today?

    Alan: They’re standardizing the weather. Jackie: Yes, along with frozen pizza, Alan. Alan: Yes
    and the rest of the continent.
    Jackie: Well, it was very short notice when I called you of course and I really didn’t have
    anything in particular in mind to talk about. Is there anything that you would like to discuss with
    or bring up for our listeners tonight?You know I don’t have a real good voice level on you. I
    suppose you haven’t done anything different, have you?

    Alan: No.

    Jackie: And I suppose we’ll hear a click a little later on, then your voice level will come up.

    Alan: There’s always so much going on behind the scenes because most of the politics that we’re
    given is just drama and the gossip they lay out on the politicians and so on to keep the people
    busy, but the agenda that was written a long time ago, to not only unite the continent, but to
    unite the planet under a particular system, is

    rushing full steam ahead. Of course everybody’s been kept so busy running as the buying power of
    their money decreases, so they’re running faster and faster to get all these toys they’re supposed
    to have according to what they’ve been told that’s their standard of living. However, since we’re
    not the producers anymore, the manufacturers, it hasn’t dawned on most people that the system as it
    is now is not meant to last for very long. It’s a “service industry” they call it and that’s what
    they told Britain as well when they united them into Europe, that they would become a service

    Jackie: The U.S. is a service industry too.

    Alan: Yes. In fact, I’ve got books from the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR
    (it’s both the same club), because you don’t want to have the royal in front of the American name
    so they called the CFR, but their 1937 meeting held in Australia, their annual meeting, in there
    the Minutes of the meetings are there, with the speeches and everything, and one of the speakers
    said that they would set up China to be the manufacturer for the world, in 1937.

    Jackie: We were talking about this and you had mentioned – Alan, thank you for bringing this up
    tonight. You know when we have conversations off-air so often and I don’t say it, like I used to
    do, I wish we were doing this on the air, but our last conversation and I thought oh my goodness I
    wish our listeners could hear this. We were talking about this and you mentioned why they chose the
    Asian people and would you explain this to our listeners what you did last night? And I’ll tell you
    I’m going to turn my mike down. I’m going to run out and grab a robe because it’s chilly where I’m
    sitting so I’ll be back. Okay, thanks Alan.

    Alan: If we look down through history, pretty well every country on the planet has been invaded
    over and over and over by one group or another; but the one that’s the least invaded and left alone
    has been China. I used to wonder why they left China to be such a pure race, compared to all the
    rest of the peoples whom they mixed up through invasions and so on. Then you look at the culture of
    China and I thought well what’s different about the culture? Well, they’ve never known what we call
    freedom of any kind. Not that we’ve had really much freedom in the last few hundred years, but they
    also are a mass man. In the sociological books you can get from any university library, where they
    have the different cultures delineated and broken down into traits and so on, you’ll find the
    Chinese like – actually don’t mind being in a crowd. They like to “rub shoulders” as they say in
    the books with their fellow man; whereas of course the Western people like their distance from each
    other, “don’t invade my space” type of thing. They, although not so much in the last 1,500 years
    they have not been an inventive people, prior to that, inventions were in China. They had detection

    devices for earthquakes 2,500 years ago. I wondered why all these main invaders gave China this big
    passage of clearance, including Napoleon who said let the sleeping dragon sleep. No one wanted to
    invade China and it wasn’t because China was well armed or anything. In fact it was mainly a
    peasant class catering to the few nobility across the whole length and breadth of the country and
    it’s been that way for a couple of thousands years. Even though they’re not an inventive people,
    they can certainly mimic what they’re given very, very well.

    Jackie: They can what?

    Alan: Mimic. They can copy very well what they’re given. If you look as the history as it’s
    unfolded, Western Europe primarily was used for the last couple of hundred years or more to go
    through an industrial era of intense misery for the general population, especially in factory
    towns. During that time we developed machinery et cetera and then we went through the electronic
    revolution, technological revolution; and now that we’ve completed our mission basically, apart
    from conquering the last of the Moslems to bring into the system, they’ve quite candidly through
    the GATT treaties and so on handed all of what were American or what we thought was American and
    Canadian and British and German and so on companies. They’ve handed them lock, stock and barrel
    over to China. They set them up and they moved them, complete factories.

    Jackie: Yes. And did you say while I was gone what you said about why they chose the Chinese?

    Alan: Because the Chinese as I say are perfect for this era, perfect to be the manufacturers.

    Jackie: And why is that?

    Alan: In an advanced type of manufacturing. They didn’t invent anything in that manufacturing.
    However, they didn’t have to. We simply handed it over once we had basically perfected technology
    and simplified it to its basic form.

    Jackie: But you also mentioned their work habits.

    Alan: The Chinese are known to be so obedient to their masters for thousands of years that they’d
    work all day and half the night if need be and nothing has changed, really, even though it’s
    communistic run. They don’t have a culture where there’s a lot of kindness between each other to
    help each other out either, so they’re divided to an extent in that respect. They’re ideal workers
    for this particular era, and very, very

    cheap too, to be the manufacturers for the whole planet. When you look back on things you can see
    the plan and you can smell the plan actually for hundreds of years. In the later books in the
    1900’s and the 20th century and into the present day, you actually see it all happening and been
    written down that this was going to happen.
    We’ve lived through the transfer of technology to China with the factories lock, stock and barrel.
    I used to wonder why would the West be training thousands of engineers of all kinds in the western
    universities for the last 30 years when they were supposedly your prime enemy, they were
    communists, but all of these engineers have been trained in Canada.

    Jackie: So these are Chinese people?

    Alan: Yes, coming to Canada, Britain, Europe and so on, and getting the education for
    machinery—which they did not yet have. Of course, since about 1990, we’ve seen the exodus after the
    GATT treaty of all the machinery, which they had been trained to use but didn’t have, we saw it all
    transferred to China. Now everything is made in China.

    Jackie: You know this is something that was brought to my attention and I suppose maybe many
    people have considered this, but until it had, it was during the NAFTA thing. I had never thought
    about it, but during the Depression there were plenty of people to work and there were plenty of
    people to purchase or manufactured items and food goods that were produced on the farms et cetera.
    But the Depression was simply the withdrawal of course of the drawing in of the money, just the way
    the story goes in the Old Testament in Genesis when Joseph gathered up all the money and took it to
    the pharaoh. But there were the factories sitting there, Alan, you see, and so that when they
    decided they’d start trickling money back in, well, today there are no factories sitting. They have
    not just moved the manufacturing. They have moved all of the factories and either flattened the
    buildings or I guess they’ve just demolished the factories, period, so it isn’t a situation like it
    was after the Depression.

    Alan: Yes, because they know that they were not going to use them ever again.

    Jackie: You mentioned service industry. When I remember hearing about that, I thought well
    everybody’s going to be doing what? What do they mean by this?

    Alan: There’s an esoteric meaning to all the words in the English language.

    Jackie: Well, say what it means to you.

    Alan: “Ice” always means when you put something on ice, it means to stop it, to cease it, you see.
    Service is to “SERVE ICE,” you see. Just like they “park” continents down through history and leave
    them and go back to them.

    Jackie: Yes, but they’re talking about a service economy, so the actual meaning of the word is
    just, oh, stop the economy?

    Alan: To stop the whole thing because we are now unneeded. We’re unnecessary. That’s why they’re
    re-wilding the areas around people in the country, while those people are still alive, they’re
    putting in carnivores and predators. I mean that’s telling you something. That’s telling you that
    shortly there is not going to be those people living in the country.

    Jackie: Well then think about – what I wondered is how would people have work and of course today
    millions don’t. But in the Protocols it’s just amazing. I’ve been scanning them lately and you know
    every now and then you do that and you pick up things – of course I had already had this circled
    and highlighted but it’s just a reminder. So when you think about it there are government jobs and
    there will be the people who will be spying on all the people. It’s exactly like Orwell’s “1984,”

    Alan: That’s been happening for a long time.

    Jackie: I know, but it’s really getting obvious today. I mean it’s blatant to people that have
    never read “1984” or really thought about what’s going on. It’s been the ‘slowly boiling frog
    syndrome.’ Well, they’re nuking the frog now. I mean this isn’t just fast cooking. It’s nuking the

    Alan: They’ve been spraying us like bugs from the sky pretty well daily for the last few years and
    this stuff supposedly has aluminum and barium in it, which are used for clotting agents for wounds
    and things.

    Jackie: For what?

    Alan: For any kind of wound or hemorrhage.

    Jackie: Barium and what?

    Alan: Aluminum oxide.

    Jackie: And it’s used for what?

    Alan: You can use them for clotting agents if something is bleeding.

    Jackie: Do you put it on the wound?

    Alan: Yes, you put it on a wound.

    Jackie: Okay, I think I’ve heard of that, Alan.

    Alan: If you see that in Canada for instance and in other countries now for the last couple of
    years, the government is putting out ads warning people on the signs and symptoms of strokes. Now
    we’ve got young people coming down with strokes all over the place, which is again a clot, you see,
    lodged basically in the brain.

    Jackie: Haven’t there been a lot of young athletes dying suddenly that have been strokes or heart

    Alan: People are getting sick. They have these hacking coughs they can’t get rid of and those who
    aren’t affected, as yet, eventually will be because everyone’s got a tolerance level as they ingest
    this stuff, breathe this stuff in and drink it, because it’s in everything. It’s in the food, the
    water and in the air we breathe, so eventually it will come to a crisis point and I’ve no doubt as
    we go through a rising death toll we’ll still see the same familiar faces on TV and the same
    comedies and Joe Blow will think well everything must be okay because it seems the same on the TV.

    Jackie: You know that terrible cough I’ve had lately? I mean I’ve had that on and off for a long
    time but sometimes it’s gone and sometimes it isn’t. Well, I just have to say this because I want
    to share it with our listeners too. I started taking my MSM again about five days ago Alan and it
    is clearing up amazingly. I’m not doing anything else different. I haven’t been doing – I did a
    couple of days oil of oregano but boy I’ll tell you and it’s always been my left lung whatever it
    is that I’ve had but it’s clearing up and I knew it would.

    If our lungs are being damaged and there is a natural form of sulfur which the body requires in
    order to function property which is missing and the body can reproduce those healthy cells, the
    body could repair damaged lungs.

    Alan: I wouldn’t agree with you.

    Jackie: Well, that’s okay. You don’t have too.

    Alan: I’ll tell you why: Because as you’re being poisoned, you see they’re laying this stuff on
    thick and they’re not letting up on it to let you heal, and it’s in the ground water. When the snow
    melted this year there was three inches of this ‘candy cane’ type stuff all over the fields, which
    was the drying residue of a few months of accumulation of spraying that was in the snow; and on the
    first day of the sun it starts to go down and then when it dries it turns back into its chemical
    parts, white powders. We’re being sprayed like bugs, like roaches.

    Jackie: Yes, but what does that got to do with you don’t agree that what? You don’t agree that
    anything could heal the lungs?

    Alan: How can you heal something as you’re being poisoned all the time?

    Jackie: I don’t know.

    Alan: It can’t happen.

    Jackie: Well okay, let’s put it this way. Let’s say if that wasn’t an ongoing onslaught the healing
    could happen and possibly think about this, Alan. Without it, maybe the damage continues until the
    person drops, so maybe it at least keeps them a modicum of health.

    Alan: If they want to try it they can try it.

    Jackie: I don’t sell MSM, Alan. I have nothing to gain here, honey.

    Alan: As you’re being poisoned, it’s like getting a transfusion in one arm with the cut wrist on
    the other.

    Jackie: Yes, okay, I want to share something else with you and our listeners but you also. When my
    mom was told that she had a cancer on her vocal cord, they did radiation therapy on it. Is that
    what you call it?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, our guest is Alan Watt and I apologize for the time
    that I’ve taken away from because Alan is our guest tonight but we’ll talk about MSM another time.
    Alan, thank you. We have a caller who has a couple of questions for Alan. Alan, do you accept my

    Alan: For what?

    Jackie: No, not you, Allen. Alan Watt. Well just because I’ve been talking so much.
    Alan: It’s all right. It’s actually yours.
    Jackie: No, you’re my guest, so do you accept my apology


    Jackie: Allen is on the air from Michigan and he wants to ask you a couple of questions. Allen from
    Michigan, are you aware that you’re going to have to hang up to hear his answer?

    Allen: I didn’t ask the question yet.

    Jackie: I know but I wanted to know if you know that.

    Allen: Yes. I liked to know why Billy Graham was picked by William Randolph Hearst and the second
    question. Does he know anything about the Masonic lodges where they’re dated when they’re put up
    and established, they’re dated Anno Lucis. Does he know anything about that?
    Jackie: Okay Alan, did you get both of those questions?

    Alan: A bit on the Hearst thing was a bit fuzzy.

    Jackie: Okay. Do the Billy Graham question again, Allen.
    Allen: I wanted to know why Billy Graham was picked by William Randolph Hearst to be America’s
    preacher, and the other question was does he know anything about Masonic lodges being dated by Anno
    Lucis, like 5526 A.L. Anno Lucis?

    Jackie: Do you understand that question Alan?
    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Okay. He’s going to hang up so he can hear you.
    Alan: That’s after Lucifer’s fall, supposedly, meaning the light coming down and it’s the same
    story as Prometheus bringing the wisdom down, the light, the torch, the fire to those who could
    accept it. Of course the Masons claim that around 4,000 BC that’s

    when the plan to change the world—the ways of living from a natural system into their system—began,
    which is to culminate with the evolution of man worldwide through physical and scientific means,
    which is exactly what they’re coming to.

    Jackie: This is on Masonic lodges as the date, yes?

    Alan: Yes. They have two dates. They have the one that was built and then they have the same date
    plus about 4,000 years.

    Jackie: And that was after the fall of Lucifer?

    Alan: Or Prometheus. It’s the same story.

    Jackie: Okay, but Lucifer being the fallen angel, yes?

    Alan: Yes. The light bringer. Jackie: Oh here you come, Alan. Alan: Did it go up?
    Jackie: Oh, it’s wonderful.

    Alan: Maybe the operator was getting interested.

    Jackie: You know what, that could very easily be whatever it was. Thank you, whoever upped that

    Alan: Then as far as Hearst goes, Hearst was not just a self-made man. All these big boys are put
    in place. They’re trained for what they’re to do because their job is to control the minds of the
    people and they do it through media. Media is an arm of government. It’s an essential arm of
    government. You can’t mind control the people without it, and as long as the people think it’s free
    and independent, they get suckered and they believe in it. Hearst of course picked Billy Graham
    because Billy Graham is a 33-degree Freemason and he’s been open about that in the last couple of
    years, and of course freemasons as Napoleon, as Benjamin Franklin said, and many others: “When I’m
    in the Middle East, I’m a Mohammedan. When I’m in London, I’m a Christian, et cetera, et cetera.”
    In other words, they could be whatever they want, you see. Billy Graham’s job, as any high priest
    has always been down through the many centuries, is to once again control the minds of the people.
    That’s his job. He’s a

    multibillionaire probably but he’s a 33-degree Freemason. At least that’s the Scottish Rite.

    Jackie: Or maybe even higher.

    Alan: Well, “life begins at 40,” so he’s probably over the 40th degree into a higher lodge.

    Jackie: Is that what that means, Alan?Life begins at 40. In other words, when you hit the 40th

    Alan: You start to get the truth. Below that, under the 32nd degree it’s a camouflage even for the
    people involved at the bottom, who truly do think it’s a self-improvement society. There’s
    charitable work but if you’re involved in any kind of mind control, which is media, even a local
    newspaper, the Grand Master will pull you out of the lodge and tell you to be at a certain place at
    a certain night and he will take you to the Black Lodge, where you go up higher, you see. Those in
    the Blue Lodge won’t even know that it exists. This is what they do. They pick out the ones who are
    useful for mind control primarily, or politics or whatever, and they thrown them up through the
    higher degrees.

    Jackie: And many of them reach their high levels of politics because of their ready status as a

    Alan: Absolutely. They’ve proven their worth. You see, the workman must prove his worthiness, which
    means that you can keep your mouth shut and follow orders. That’s what it means. A Mason is avowed
    to instantly obey the order of a superior Mason without hesitation and he must immediately reserve
    all his moral conscience to himself and obey it. These guys have been involved through petty little
    scams and so on at the bottom to see if they can keep their mouths shut, and, if they can, they get
    up the ladder into the bigger scams.

    Jackie: Oh. They test them?

    Alan: They’re tested constantly. That’s even in some of their older manuals.

    Jackie: How high up do you have to get before you quit being tested?

    Alan: Once you’re up to at least the 96th.

    Jackie: And there’s nobody above 96?

    Alan: There’s 360 degrees in a circle.

    Jackie: Alan, are you being serious right now?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: We say, “he’s a 33rd degree Mason.” Now is that in any book that there are 360 degrees of

    Alan: What they do is they hint at it all the time.

    Jackie: It makes sense.

    Alan: They hint at it all the time. The OTO, which is the Ordo Templi Orientis, which is a French
    version supposedly of the Templars, which really is German, and they go up to about 96 degrees and
    that is official. Aleister Crowley that worked for MI6 in England and everybody in the MI6 had to
    be a freemason according to Peter Wright who wrote “Spycatcher.” He’s the only guy that wasn’t a

    Jackie: But it was actually made public that he was 96 degrees?

    Alan: Aleister Crowley, yes.

    Jackie: And Aleister Crowley wasn’t yet at the top?

    Alan: Oh no. He was a good workman. He did his job. Anybody in the public eye will be at least up
    to 96 degrees. After that, it’s more invisible.

    Jackie: Is this researchable for people?

    Alan: If you really want to go on the trail for it, you can.

    Jackie: You know I’m not accusing you of saying something like you’re lying here or something, but
    this is something I’ve never heard before and I have a sense that there are listeners who will
    definitely want to research this.

    Alan: It’s all based on the sun.

    Jackie: In other words, I guess what I’m asking is: through your observation in all the other
    stuff that you’ve learned, this is what you’ve deduced or is it actually written some place?

    Alan: It’s written in occasional old books and many other books will actually hint at it because
    you’re supposed to figure it out for yourself. That’s why they say that the profane will never
    catch on.

    Jackie: So you’re not the profane, huh, Alan?

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: Does that mean you’re one of them?

    Alan: Oh no. Everything is circular and of course it’s based on the movements of the sun going
    through the zodiac and so on, and the planets going round the sun. Well, what does round mean? It
    means go around in a complete circle, one revolution, and of course they give you all the visible
    symbols of the serpent eating its tail et cetera but most people don’t catch on.

    Jackie: The serpent eating its tail.

    Alan: Of course theosophy has that on its logo.

    Jackie: What does that signify?

    Alan: They give you different meanings depending on what category or degree you’re in; and Albert
    Pike admits that, that the guys in the lower degrees must not necessarily know the meanings of the
    rituals and words but they must think that they know. As they get up they say, well, all that stuff
    they told you before was just nonsense.

    Jackie: But what does it signify to them?

    Alan: Partly eternity, and they’ll you that at the lower degrees it’s eternal. It’s their power
    for eternity, by the way, but in the higher degrees of course you start to – if you look at sun
    dial or anything and you say wait a minute, it’s round here and it’s all marked off in degrees, why
    would it stop at 96? It doesn’t.

    Jackie: Okay, that makes sense.

    Alan: Mind you, too, it’s admitted today that if you have the money and you have some kind of
    import as I say in society with your views and opinions, even a column writer for a newspaper, they
    can take you from nothing and put you up to a 32nd degree freemason in a matter of a couple of
    weeks, if you pay, because you pay all the time you see. The 33rd degree is honorary and it’s after
    that of course that you really get into the real stuff, if you’re asked.

    Jackie: Do they get to a point where they have to disavow Jesus?

    Alan: Well, sure because that’s all part of it. They will tell you themselves that all religions
    (and they kind of boast about it) stemmed from the same solar cult thousands and thousands and
    thousands – actually almost a million years ago; and prior to that, there was the stellar cult; and
    prior to that, there was the lunar cult. That’s why the emblems they use come from all three,
    because they incorporated them all until they became the solar cult.

    Jackie: And it doesn’t mean that just because they use these emblems that the emblems themselves
    are evil?

    Alan: No.

    Jackie: Exactly. I just wanted our listeners – I remember Chuck because he knew about this longer
    that I did, but I noticed that for example they used the word light and he would highlight it when
    he would read it in an article and he actually believed it to be evil because they used the word,
    and the same thing with these symbols. The symbols themselves are not evil. It’s just that they
    symbolize something for them and they’re evil, so we relate the symbol itself to evil.

    Alan: Really, if you correlate the evil and the good symbols and you can figure it out, you’ll
    really find they’re symbolizing the same thing. Although one’s supposed to be good and one is
    supposed to be evil, which is the intent of mind control. It’s doublethink. It’s holding two
    opposite opinions in your head about the same thing at the same time.

    Jackie: Do you mean their symbols mean to them what the symbols mean to a good person?

    Alan: Well, sure. I mean everyone’s been taught recently for instance that for instance what they
    think is the Star of David, which isn’t, it’s got another meaning, but you think that’s a good
    symbol; all the Christians do, or modern Christians.

    Jackie: The Christian Zionists or Judeo-Christians.

    Alan: It’s modern Christianity but they all belong to the World Council of Churches, which was
    started off by David Rockefeller who’s a High Mason and Theosophist and he calls himself a world
    citizen. The whole idea of getting all these churches to belong is the same theology being taught
    through all the different branches of the church you see. They all teach the same thing, and of
    course, they don’t even notice the changes.

    Jackie: You were going to talk about the Star of David.

    Alan: That’s been taught to be good symbol and yet you find it in ancient India. I’m talking about
    ancient India, long before there was any Hebrew or Habiru or whatever mentioned anywhere. It was
    used in India long before that; so was the swastika and the swastika is simply a symbol of the sun
    with the feet in its movements. That’s what it stands for.

    Jackie: With its feet in its movement?What does that mean?

    Alan: They always go on about: “if it’s reversed it’s Black Magic”; it’s all nonsense. It’s the
    direction the sun appears to take as it walks across the sky; and that’s what they used to call the
    sun, “he who walks the sky,” in ancient Egypt; or Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies. It’s all
    the same thing. We are told to “fear this, but this is okay,” and of course in different times in
    history you might fear the one and like the other, then they’ll reverse it and you don’t even
    notice the difference.

    Jackie: It’s what they teach us to fear. You know, I think the number 13 is a real good example of
    that, that people, oh, 13, and of course they use it all the time. I mean everything to them is 13
    and 33 and et cetera and of course we’re told that 13 is an unlucky number and they won’t put a
    13th floor on an elevator.

    Alan: That’s from Jacques DeMolay. He was burnt on the 13th on Friday.

    Jackie: So I got to thinking, in their belief it’s a pretty dog gone powerful number so why should
    we fear it?

    Alan: Yes, or walking under ladders or anything like that, but that’s where it all comes from.
    These are all ancient symbols of Masonry as it progressed down through the ages.

    Jackie: So we get afraid of what they teach us to be afraid of and they tell us what to like.

    Alan: They can reverse it just as easily and we don’t notice – just like they reversed the
    cultures when they wish to. During the Industrial Era they really threw Christianity at the people
    who were starving in the industrial cities to keep them in line. You know, work hard at your 16
    hours now for your pittance and you’ll go to heaven. That’s what the religion did for the people in
    Europe at that time, especially Britain, and of course once that job is over and no more
    industrialized it’s promiscuity time, just do what you want. That’s how they do it and they go
    through these changes and the very generation that goes through the major changes doesn’t even
    notice that now their beliefs in everything are upside down. However, Plato said that was what they
    could do 2,500 years ago. It was so down pat 2,500 years ago that he could write about that, about
    the techniques of culture creation coming from the top and the methods of implementing it through
    the music, the arts, fashion, drama, plays et cetera.

    Jackie: That reminds me of what we were talking about when you said they tell us what we like. You
    didn’t say they tell us what to like. They tell us what we like.

    Alan: And we believe it.

    Jackie: And you explained to our listeners like the music thing. That never occurred to me, Alan.

    Alan: As I’ve said before, that if the human brain has been the same for the last few hundred
    years at least, then a teenager who is supposed to come into music around the age of around 13 to
    15, and he has a higher acuity of high tones and the low tones in music, the teenager should really
    like every type of music that everyone 15 years of age has ever liked in history.

    Jackie: Because the brain has not changed.

    Alan: It hasn’t changed but they literally think, “my God this is fantastic stuff.” Their dad or
    their mom or even their older sister or brother will say will listen to this. “Oh, I don’t want
    that. That’s old stuff,” and everything that they hear on the radio that they listen to and the
    magazines they buy and so on is telling them that: “This is your music,” and I’ve said because of
    that, at the moment, you’ve got people in the old age homes who are listening to Walt Whitman and
    so on. Then you’re going to get the rockers coming in who are geriatric tapping their feet to Pink
    Floyd and then eventually you’re going to get geriatrics who are rappers, believe it or not.

    Jackie: They’ll be sitting around listening to rap music because it was the good old days.

    Alan: It was their time.

    Jackie: It was their music and they still love it.

    Alan: And to show you again how it’s all been sold from the top–

    Jackie: These were given to us.

    Alan: It’s given to you. Plato said it. He says no culture is permitted to come from the people
    themselves. He says every cultural change comes from the top down and it’s always been that way.
    You know the BBC were the ones in Britain. This is your government station. Everybody who staffed
    the BBC had to work for Eaton or be at Eaton College. That was a class system you see and here they
    are pushing Benny Hill with his almost nude dancers in the ’60’s and pushing the pop revolution. I
    said well why would an older generation be pushing this on a government-financed TV station because
    it seemed to contradict everything that they’d done to the people before, like be well-behaved et
    cetera, no promiscuity, and here they are completely reversing it and it came from the top down; so
    that’s how it goes.

    The Beatles were a formulated group. They did not own their own songs. There’s nothing real in show
    business, regardless of what all the magazines say. That’s the magazine’s job, it’s to make you
    think it’s all real, but the fact is these poor guys were picked and the songs were written by
    Theodore Adorno, one of the top musicians or music masters you would say of the construction of
    music on the planet. He was a Talmudic scholar as well, who could write a sentence that would be
    half a page long and he would tell you in the beginning of his books that the average person will
    not be able to follow this sentence and keep grasp of the theme to the very end, because he says
    we’ve dumbed the people down so much.

    Jackie: Alan, with the television, how they have those three and four second shots and then it
    switches, then it switches, then it switches. If that isn’t the perfect tool to really mess up a
    person’s ability to concentrate and focus. How could anybody hold the attention for more than a few

    Alan: I watched even my parents look at TVs like that and I could see them hypnotized.

    Jackie: Yes, but I’m talking about a child who watches TV all the time.

    Alan: Yes, we know the marketing companies actually do surveys on this because they’re targeting
    younger and younger children all the time.

    Jackie: You know even the adults, come to think of it, as you said, they can’t hold their attention
    to get through a book or follow a thought.

    Alan: No, they can’t. Bit and bites are all they can handle.

    Jackie: It has to be in little short chunks.

    Alan: You can’t extend the conversation on a particular topic without them losing track of where
    you were going with it. Their attention span is getting smaller and smaller. However, as I say, the
    Beatles, everyone thinks why do they call them the Beatles? Well, it’s the beat, you know; but it
    wasn’t just the beats. It was from the Greek word Beatyl and it means sacred pillars or sacred
    stone. A sacred stone in masonry is the perfectly-shaped ashlar or–

    Jackie: A what?

    Alan: An ashlar they call it.

    Jackie: What is an ashlar?

    Alan: An ashlar is a perfectly-shaped stone squared; so they take the round one, which is the
    natural one, and they square it as a Mason. Of course that’s why in the ’60’s and ’70’s they called
    the people “squares” if you were old fashioned and stiff upper lip and work ethic and so on; and so
    the Beatles were the sacred stones. It’s also the same as the–

    Jackie: The Rolling Stones?

    Alan: The Rolling Stones were natural stones, so they came right out and sang about sex.

    Jackie: And they rolled?

    Alan: They did their roll-ups with their dope and all the rest of it. The Beatles of course, if
    you look at their songs, were exoteric for the people and esoteric for the message, if you could
    grasp the messages. Why would they knight Paul McCartney who helped bring in “Lucy in the Sky with
    Diamonds”—LSD? Why the royalty knight

    people who created disaster apparently across the country for so many people and a whole culture?
    Because Paul McCartney was doing what he was supposed to do for that ruling class at the top. What
    the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.

    Jackie: What about Elvis Presley?What did he do?

    Alan: He brought in the male sex thing, which was almost a pre-‘male stripper’, although fully
    clothed. Up until that time, the man had to be the man, John Wayne type, but now they brought in a
    young guy and said hey it’s okay to–

    Jackie: Swivel your hips–

    Alan: And do all that stuff and it’s also again hidden meanings as well. EL is the God.

    Jackie: EL, E-L?

    Alan: Yes.

    Jackie: Elvis.

    Alan: And the sixth coming race they call it, the next upgrade of mankind is to come (according to
    high masonry and theosophy) and so you have EL and then you have VI, which is 6, and then S is to
    shape = ELVIS. This is all codes language which the masons use all the time and we use these words
    all the time too, because no one has explained to the people what it really means. The whole
    English was created.

    Jackie: This is fascinating and I don’t think you’ve talked about this because you did it so long
    ago and maybe next time you come on you could spend more time explaining this. You talked about the
    control of the media. We’ll be back with you tomorrow night. Alan, thank you so much.

    Alan: It’s a pleasure.

    Jackie: Bye-bye folks.

    (Transcribed by Linda)

    Alan Watt on
    “Sweet Liberty” with Jackie Patru May 10, 2005














    Jackie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us tonight on Sweet Liberty. It is
    Tuesday I just found out and it is the 10th of May in the year 2005. I was thinking it was
    Wednesday night.

    Let me begin here with our spiritual message and then we’ll get started. Well, we are getting
    started, aren’t we? This is from John 4 beginning with verse 4:

    “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you, than
    he that is in the world.”

    “Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God and everyone that loves is born of God and
    knows God. He that loves not, knows not God for God is love.”

    I guess they should be substituting that word God for Creator because that word is becoming trivial
    when you think about it, folks, with so many thousands of gods that have gone before.

    Our guest this evening is Alan Watt and Alan once again joined us late notice, just because he’s
    gracious enough to do that. I called Gary at 20 minutes to nine and said I wanted to make we’re on
    for the night and so therefore I was not prepared with material. Alan and I have been discussing
    and have discussed the merging of the Americas – of Canada and America and South America. It isn’t
    just Mexico, folks. Of course, they’ll start with Mexico but the total plan here is to have another
    European Union. Alan, thank you once again and thank you once again for coming on at such short
    notice, dear.

    Alan: Yes, it’s no problem.

    Jackie: Yes, thank you. You’re just a nice guy. Well, the national ID and you know I haven’t
    mentioned this to our listeners and for our listeners who are not on the internet I don’t know if
    this has even been on the news, Alan, but the House had passed an

    appropriations bill and it had a national ID stuck in this appropriations bill. The Senate – I did
    do some searching this evening because I didn’t get any emails on it and I figured I would if the
    Senate had passed it and what they said is that the Senate had removed, just before they passed it,
    they did remove that section that would have created the national ID, but it has to go to a
    conference committee now because the House Bill and the Senate Bill are different; different in the
    thing can be stuck right back in during the conference committee. I don’t know if this is true or
    not, but one of the emails I got it was going around the internet quite a bit for people who get
    this kind of mail and they gave you a direct link for people to contact their U.S. Senators.

    Even though we do know that the U.S. Congress – I don’t talk about what’s going on very much in
    Washington, D.C. because it seems so futile, but they do get hoodwinked, even the
    bought-and-paid-for ones et cetera, and evidentially there was enough outcry against this thing
    that they pulled it out of that bill. One of the emails said that they’re receiving about five
    messages every – or a message every five seconds, I think. I don’t remember, but a lot of them and
    a lot of well-known groups and organizations were spreading the word on it, so it does pay, even
    though it seems futile, it does pay to let your voice be heard. At least it holds them back for a
    minute or two, Alan.

    Alan: Whatever they give you in public they always have two other plans, one on either side of it,
    which immediately go into effect and generally with a word change or a different name it gets snuck
    in and the public is looking at the one they’re trying to defeat.

    Jackie: I know that yes absolutely.

    Alan: This is standard and they’ve been talking about it since about 1990, gradually hyping up the
    need for this card and the biometric companies of course are funding it and they’re lobbying the
    government all the time. Of course, a lot of the guys in the government either worked at one time
    for the biotech companies before they went into government or they will work when they leave
    government, and that’s how the whole system works.

    Jackie: Yes. They go right into the big corporations, don’t they?

    Alan: I was looking at the board on Monsanto and every one is an ex-member of the House of
    Congress and some have already gone into politics again, so they just revolve from government to
    multinational corporations.

    Jackie: Like revolving doors?

    Alan: Yes and that’s the definition of fascism and that’s what it is. That’s why the two fasciae
    [fasces] are there on either side of the Congress Hall. That’s their symbol. It will go through
    because it’s a “must be” as they say in freemasonry. It’s a done deal.

    Jackie: A must do?

    Alan: It must be done and nothing will stop it basically. The companies that are to make it are
    already basically got them made and we know that the governments themselves, since they’re all good
    Masons, know not to ask questions from their higher-ups. That’s how Masonry works. You get ahead by
    not asking questions. That way, you can’t be held responsible. You say “I don’t know, I didn’t
    know,” and you’ll still obeying your master. That’s how the whole system works because none of
    these congressmen want to know all of the details who’s really behind it and what the final outcome
    is going to be.

    Jackie: Alan, you didn’t move away from your phone, did you?

    Alan: No.

    Jackie: Oh, your voice just went real faint there and you’ve been really nice and loud here I hope
    it’s just in my headset. I pulled up an article tonight that was written by Ron Paul and I thought
    about this. Ron Paul’s name, oh boy, everybody’s – in fact they want him to run for president and
    all that and I would just like to say this to our listeners. Folks, you have to think for yourself.
    You have to use your logic and your reasoning along with what you already know and anybody like
    this guy Ron Paul and somebody might get angry at me for saying this but you will discover
    eventually that what I am saying is so. Ron Paul is a shill. He’s a phony and the evidence is that
    he can talk about anything he wants to and he’s still a U.S. Congressman; and you take a look at
    Jim Traficant who’s sitting in prison and Congressman George Hansen, I mean they railroaded this
    guy because he was opposing the Federal Reserve System, the IRS et cetera. They picked him up off
    the steps where he was giving a speech, I understand. This happened before I became involved but
    the man was in prison for years and really his health was just totally shot by the time he got out
    and if they don’t put them in prison they kill them. So if you for one minute think that Ron Paul
    is some kind of a hero, you need to stop and think.

    Look what they did to Senator Wellstone. Wasn’t it Wellstone, Alan? He said something real bad
    about the Iraqi war and something I believe connected with Israel and he died in a small plane
    crash after that.

    Alan: Well, accidents happen.

    Jackie: Yes, right. Accidents happen. Well, I want to remind any of our listeners who think that
    Ron Paul is a hero, because see, folks, he can introduce all kinds of good legislation and it makes
    him look good but just know that he wouldn’t be able to mouth off like this – you know he exposes
    all this stuff and there he is walking around and he’s still in the U.S. Congress. They call this
    the “real.” This is “REAL.” I don’t know what it stands for but in the article that he wrote about
    this ID thing, he said, “establishes a massive centrally coordinated database of highly personal
    information about American citizens,” as though they don’t have it already, right? “At a minimum
    their name, date of birth, place of residence, social security number, physical characteristics.
    The legislation also grants open-ended authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to require
    biometric information on IDs in the future. This means you’re harmless looking driver’s license
    could contain a retina scan, fingerprints, DNA information or radio frequency technology.” And
    then he goes on about it. Anyway, I think it would be a good idea, folks, even if it holds them
    back for another 10 days or whatever, but get a hold of your U.S. Senator and tell them to – even
    though this thing is going into conference committee and they might not take part in it, but they
    should be lobbying their colleagues to not add the national ID back in it; and who really should be
    told about this are the state legislators so that they can be on their toes. Not that they are
    either; but dog gone it, if we just sat back and say everything is futile, nothing is going to
    happen, you can bet your boots nothing will happen and maybe it gives us a little bit more
    breathing room. For example, if you don’t have a passport, folks, you might want to get one before
    this thing goes through because I believe what Alan is saying. I don’t disagree one minute. This is
    a done deal. It just hasn’t been finalized, but by taking it out of that it has given us a little
    bit of breathing room. I don’t know how long a passport if good for, but at least in the past if
    you let’s say have a driver’s license and they make a change on it, they don’t make you get a new
    driver’s license, but when it comes to getting it renewed, then you have to go along with all the
    changes. There’s a possibility that maybe getting a passport now in case you want to do some
    traveling. I don’t know, Alan? And that bothers me that your voice level got so low. It sounds
    like you’re real far away.

    Alan: What I was going to say about this biometric is it also has your voice print on it. That’s
    another thing that’s in the newspaper. They’ll have your voice print so that wherever you phone
    from, anywhere in the continent, they’ll know it’s you. The computer will kick in.

    Jackie: I don’t know why I laugh at that stuff; it isn’t funny.

    Alan: This is how far they’re going with it all and they have most of the public trained already
    through using these preferential shopping cards, where all your purchases are known and sold. The
    data is sold to companies. The public don’t mind and so they’re used to swiping cards through the
    machines and so on and they’re already for the next one, and of course there will be a blitz to
    tell the people how wonderful it will be. Probably Oprah will have somebody on to tell you that,
    “They’ll find your children.” This is a step away from the chip. That’s what it is, which won’t be
    in a card. It will be in the old turnip head, you know.

    Jackie: Well, because people can lose their cards.

    Alan: That’s right. Or it will be stolen and there will be a whole rash of people getting mugged
    for them and out will come the next idea, which they’ve been really waiting to get at, how safe it
    would be to have this put in you and “look, here’s a few people who’ve had it and they’re perfectly
    normal.” It’s a done deal that way too, because they’ve copious amounts of material on that where
    they’re going to take it.

    Jackie: Yes they have. We’ve got a call. Hello. You’re on the air.

    Russ: It’s Russ. How you’re doing?

    Jackie: Well Russ, it’s nice to hear from you.

    Russ: I guess there is a delay coming over the internet–

    Jackie: Yes there is.

    Russ: …so I didn’t hear the last thing you were saying. You know Wellstone and Traficant were not
    martyred until they were martyred, and you said we have to use our minds and think and discern for
    ourselves; rather than being a respecter or a denigrator of persons, I listen to what they say. It
    is very possible that Ron Paul will be martyred tomorrow morning.

    Jackie: Okay Russ. Thank you. Good point. Although, let me say this to you about that. Ron Paul
    already showed himself up a long time ago every time he voted for most favorite nation status for
    Communist China and he also showed himself when he voted to legalize the seven, or eight or 12 or
    however many “illegal aliens” that were in this country. Now if that doesn’t bother you, then
    that’s fine. It shows me who that man is and he will–

    Russ: It’s all a part of being discriminating, you find the things that bother you and which we
    should not expect anybody to be messianically perfect. Everybody’s a mixed bag. That’s part of
    being discerning is that we don’t look for someone to be perfect so that we don’t have to defend
    what they do or what they say. We can just say, “oh, Ron Paul says it, therefore it’s good,” rather
    than it’s good. We don’t want to say it’s good because he said it. We want to say I’m glad he says
    something that I believe is good.

    Jackie: Yes, it’s like Phyllis Schlafly. She’s done some exquisite work and she’s probably one of
    the most dangerous people in this country. So that’s fine. Russ, thank you for your call. It was
    good to hear from you. Bye-bye. Well, Russ and I will agree to disagree on this. I know that Ron
    Paul is a shill and I know he’s allowed to say the things he is because it keeps people thinking
    that there’s a hero in the U.S. Congress.

    Alan: Albert Pike said it. He said, “whenever the public need a hero we supply him,” so they’ve
    got one for every type out there you see.

    Jackie: You bet, I know that, and your voice is nice and loud again.

    Alan: That’s the trick to it. They well understand through all of their polls over the many, many
    years, they know the types out there who vote for whatever and they put them into categories and
    they make sure there’s one for each category who speaks for you. Of course, you don’t notice when
    he takes a left turn somewhere that you’re actually following him and then when you’ve turned a
    complete circle, you say well how did we get here? That’s the trick to it. It’s very simple, but
    it’s been used for years.

    Jackie: Even in the States it’s the same thing.

    Alan: It’s the same the world over.

    Jackie: Yes I know but it occurred to me at the state level with a state legislator in California
    and he just did all kinds of wonderful – he introduced wonderful bills and they never went
    anywhere. I found out that it was his doing that almost – not that it made any difference but it
    was a good resolution; the 10th Amendment Resolution calling the attention of the state, the power
    that the state has, if they would just use it and he just was out there like the good guy and he
    introduced it. Brenda Abbott, a wonderful lady in California had a fax network all across the state
    and she kept calling and saying do you need us to do anything, this thing is just sitting in
    committees. No, no. It’s okay. I’ll call if I need you; and then the next thing you know she heard
    it on the radio that it was sitting in committee and if it didn’t get voted on that day it was

    dead and he never talked to her, so she got her fax going. Then there was one senator that hadn’t
    come down to vote on the committee and that’s where they zeroed in on the call and this guy called
    Don Rogers and said, “please Don, I’m coming to vote for your resolution. Please can you get these
    calls stopped? We can’t get any work done,” and Don acted like he thought that was just so cool and
    he was a hero to those people because he was the one that introduced it and he was the one who was
    going to let it sit and die in committee, but it made him look good.

    Alan: I never forget that tape of Sir James Goldsmith who came over from Britain and addressed the
    Senate on the dangers of signing the NAFTA and the GATT treaty and he laid it out in the most
    eloquent language.

    Jackie: Do you have that on tape?

    Alan: I do, yes.

    Jackie: I do too, Alan.

    Alan: He told them, he says, look, Britain is now a province of Europe and the Parliament is
    reduced to the status of a province (a little fiefdom) and they could make no move without the
    European Parliament’s consent and they must jump to it whenever the European Parliament gives
    Britain an order. He says it’s destroying the countries; and of course the big con – you see who’s
    putting this all together, it’s actually The Council on Foreign Relations. They’ve been at this
    since their inception. That was their job.

    Jackie: Just for a second here. You do know that Sir James Goldsmith died suddenly, don’t you?

    Alan: Yes. He had a cancer hit him and he was dead in a month.

    Jackie: Yes and you know what he said to these senators? This is so clear in my mind. He said I
    beg of you, think long and hard before you cast your vote. He was talking about the GATT (WTO); he
    said it will take America from a slow trot under the NAFTA to a headlong gallop into total economic
    and social destruction. Those are almost word for word what he said, Alan.

    Alan: He gave all the evidence as to what happened to Britain and the senators all agreed with
    him, but you noticed I think the next day or whatever they all voted for it.

    Jackie: Except for North Carolina. What was his name? 33rd Degree Mason but he voted against it.
    He was the head of that committee. Do you remember his name?

    Alan: I can’t remember it.

    Jackie: I can’t remember it either. This guy, actually watching him, I taped it off C- Span the guy
    I’m talking about, the Senator Earnest Hollings. Oh boy, he was doing some good. I got information
    from a congresswoman in Maryland and I quote Sir James Goldsmith and Earnest Hollings and if you
    want to really understand the GATT there’s an article in the NAFTA/GATT section titled “The World
    According to GATT.” Hollings was sitting up there actually bouncing in his seat. I mean he
    actually acted like he was so against it and he did vote against it. I guess maybe they gave him
    permission to do that, huh?

    Alan: Maybe, yes.

    Jackie: Because that’s usually what they do. If they know they’ve got enough votes, they’ll let
    certain of them vote the way that you wouldn’t expect them to vote at all.

    Alan: That’s right. James Goldsmith put out a book just before he died called “The Trap.”

    Jackie: Yes. I have it.

    Alan: He goes through the whole process how you sell out your sovereignty. You now have a Star
    Chamber directing any international trials to do with commerce and so five people basically, whom
    you never see, decide if your country is penalized, which means the taxpayer actually pays all the
    fines. This is how it works. If a Far Eastern country wants to put a factory in your country and
    you put up rules and regulations as to whatever and you tell them you must employ people at the
    basic wage or whatever and it’s much higher than their country, they can actually fine the country
    that says no. Britain paid millions of pounds just for the oak trees. I kid you not. They
    standardized the grain of oak of trees.

    Jackie: The what.

    Alan: The actual grain. They said that Britain’s oak trees were too wavy.

    Jackie: Oh, Alan.

    Alan: I kid you not. They wanted them straight like the German ones and they fined the British who
    had been exporting this stuff about a million and a half pounds. The taxpayer coughed that up. See,
    this is a racket you see. It’s actually like a mafia racket.

    Jackie: You know what it reminds me of? Harmonizing the ingredients in frozen pizza.

    Alan: Exactly, same deal.

    Jackie: That is so insidious and when you think about it, and folks, if you get it, I mean this is
    how finite they intend to control our lives, isn’t it, Alan?

    Alan: It is. I mean the butchers in Britain, the small ones that are still left, were forbidden to
    carry a carcass of an animal. In Britain you have little sort of open, they call it a close, like a
    little tunnel between houses, so they couldn’t take it through a tunnel into the other part of
    their shop because the European commission said even though it was covered over, the top was
    arched, it was actually really exposed to air at both ends. They fined the whole industry again
    thousands of pounds and these millions of pounds come out of the taxpayer’s pockets. It’s a great
    robbers’ scheme as far as I’m concerned.

    Jackie: Yes it is. The congresswoman that I referred to in that article was Congresswoman Helen
    Bentley. She was really opposing the GATT and I got a hold of her office and they faxed me the
    information right from her office and you know what was really astounding to me at that time is
    that there were former congress people who are now lawyers for the foreign countries that were
    suing the U.S. under these trade agreements, Alan.

    Alan: That’s right.

    Jackie: And the U.S. which pays – the U.S. Listen to me, like it’s a – yeah, the people in America
    pay about probably 40 percent or better of the cost of this whole thing, the UN and all that stuff,
    and the U.S. gets one vote. One vote, that’s it.

    Alan: People don’t realize where NAFTA and the Free Trade of the Americas is going to take us and
    for that you have to go back to the first set of talks, which was the Free Trade negotiations,
    because that’s where they do the preamble. The preamble is the most important part of any document
    because that defines the meaning of meanings of the words to be used subsequently. In it, they had
    just like the European Union, what they do is the countries involved retain their government, which
    become like a little provincial government like Ottawa in Canada and Washington, D.C.

    Jackie: Okay, we have about 50 seconds till our break.

    Alan: Then what they do is they choose another one. They were toying with the idea setting up the
    new capital of the Americas in Montreal, which will be the super government for the Americas, and
    that was done many years ago at the Free Trade Negotiations.

    Jackie: When you say many, about like when?

    Alan: You’re into just before the late ’80s.

    Jackie: We’re going to take a break here right now and we’ll be right back. While we’re on that
    break a thousands thoughts go through my mind, Alan. Where were we? Okay. This is something I want
    to say. I remember as I was listening, Hollings was talking about how the quality – what am I
    trying to say here? The past 20 years is that everything costs more but the wages were going down
    et cetera and at the same time I was going to say I don’t know how but I shouldn’t say that because
    stuff does drop into our laps when we’re looking for it or reading it, but this happened in I
    believe ’90
    – the GATT was ’94, wasn’t it? NAFTA was ’93. Okay, in 1974 the United Nations passed their
    declaration on the new international economic order and I quote heavily from that. I mean it’s the
    UN’s report itself. It’s the whole thing and the preamble and the whole thing and I quoted heavily
    from it and interestingly Hollings kept saying the last 20 years, the last 20 years and it was
    exactly 20 years prior to that that the UN passed that declaration on their new – there was
    something else in there, but their new international economic order. What they said is that no
    matter what the economic standard of any country is at the present time, it’s all going to be
    equalized and you knew immediately they’re not bringing the third world countries up to the
    standards that were once at least in the U.S., living standards, but to bring us down to theirs.

    Alan: They talk about a happy medium that we’ll arrive at at the same time.

    Jackie: Yes. And I love that, constantly you heard it over and over again, “evening the playing
    field.” Evening the playing field. I’ve got three UN files here and I have a whole dog gone thing
    and it occurred to me that it needed to be on our website in the UN section. I cannot find it. I
    emailed the UN to ask them how I could – because I even did a search. I just cannot find it
    anywhere, their declaration on the new International Economic Order.

    Alan: The New Deal.

    Jackie: The New Deal. It is just – reading that thing, if you read every word knowing that they say
    what they mean and mean what they say, it’s terrifying and we’re living it today.

    Alan: The most favored nation trading status was given to China actually when they made the deal
    with China that Britain could have Hong Kong for 100 years. That’s how far back this whole plan

    Jackie: Say that again.

    Alan: When Britain made the deal and signed this agreement with China that they would have Hong
    Kong for 100 years and then hand it back. They already had it in the plans that China would be the
    most favored nation trading status and out of the old books written at the time that say that right
    in it. Our whole lives and everything that happens is scripted by other people and what happens is
    China and third-world countries, or anyone who is designated as such, don’t have to start paying
    any of their loans back until the year 2005; and if they still claim that they can’t make it, it
    will postponed for another 25 years. However, all of these loans come from the Canadian government
    and the U.S. government who borrows the money from the World Bank, so in 25 years the children will
    have paid off those loans, you see, and that’s what they’re getting. We’re the workhorses for the

    Jackie: Yes, exactly. Paul Wolfowitz has been made head of the World Bank today. It was reported.

    Alan: The wolf is in charge of the bank.

    Jackie: The wolf is in charge. In China, Charlie Peter’s is our man in California whose whole main
    focus is on the emissions control, et cetera, et cetera and he said and sent me information on it
    that automobiles sent to China do not have to have all of the emission controls. In other words,
    they get to pollute because they’re a third-world country and there was one other thing that in
    China besides that – okay, never mind. If I don’t write it down while it’s in my mind it doesn’t
    stay. So in other words all of the pollution control et cetera and what they’re doing to what they
    call the developed nations all of those developing nations are just allowed to pollute like crazy.

    Alan: That’s what George said recently. He said we have to make a sacrifice with our petroleum
    industries and use less here because the developing countries need it more right now. This is your
    sharing of the wealth and all that stuff that we thought was a communist deal, but of course we all
    know it was all run by the bankers who set the

    whole thing up. We are all supposed to stop driving, I guess, in the future, because we are no
    longer needed. We’re not an industrial national anymore.

    Jackie: Yes. We have a call here. Hello. You’re on the air.

    Allen: Yes, this is Allen.

    Jackie: Hello Allen.You’ll have to speak up. I can’t hear you.

    Allen: Alan Watt was talking about Hong Kong and Britain 100 years ago has run things in the
    Orient. Can he say anything about the opening of Japan around 1854 and an infusion of Western
    technology into that area, building it all up to where it became to almost a world power and then
    right after World War I most of the Pacific Islands were given to Japan so they could fortify that.
    It’s like they were setting them up about 100 years ago in advance for World War II. This was 1854.
    By 1904, 1905 they were able to destroy the [inaudible-audio] – in 50 years they went like 800

    Jackie: So you’d like Alan to comment on that?

    Allen: Yes.

    Jackie: You look like you’re doing your homework, Allen.

    Allen: I’ve been studying it for a long time. It’s like they decided around 1854 in advance and
    had everything set up just perfect; the islands were given to Japan after World War I; they had an
    infusion of technologies and everything was given to them. Another big question is why would
    America in 1854 be concerned with a tilly-willy little backward country like Japan? I would say
    they wouldn’t have nothing to do with it; it had nothing to offer to America.

    Jackie: Right. We’ll have Alan comment on that. Before you do that, Alan, I know the other thing I
    wanted to say about China, I know I’ve said this before but it’s a reminder to our listeners, when
    you were mentioning Hong Kong that Britain would have it for 100 years and then give it back. I did
    not know that but you know I have this newspaper article, either New York Times or one of them,
    when they were giving it back to China and it literally said in there that the people in Hong Kong
    are preparing to meet their new masters. It was right in the newspaper, that exact language, Alan.

    Alan: Sure, and Britain had an official military handover to the communists.

    Jackie: Their new masters, the people.
    Alan: If you want to get back to the setting up of Japan, the bankers with the Kuhn Lobe & Co. had
    been financing the setup of Japan in the late 1800’s. Then if you read an excellent book, I think
    it was put out there to cover up the truth, although it had to use a lot of the truth simply
    because of declassified information from the U.S. government that’s available now about this.
    Bernard Baruch and a few other big bankers were approached by Japanese military at the beginning of
    the 1900’s and these Japanese were told to come over and see these particular men, because they
    were told, and it tells you in the book, they were told that these guys run and own America.

    Jackie: What guys run and own America?

    Alan: Bernard Baruch and the company of Kuhn Lobe & Company and a few other ones, well-known
    names, and the deal was Baruch said he would finance them. He would help them with technical data
    and training and so on, and shipbuilders, on the condition that they would attack Russia and that
    caused the final Russian war and that helped to bring on the chaos that started the heavy taxation
    and the war that helped to bring down the Czar. That was the intent of it and of course right
    through World War II these bankers were still funding the Japanese from New York, and it’s
    explained in “The Fugu Plan” by Marvin Tokeyer. He’s a Japanese rabbi actually and he goes through
    it and tells you what went on. It’s a fascinating story. It was all set up way in advance by the
    big bankers, none of whom were prosecuted for it. Another thing too is I also have old books from
    that period the early 1900’s and you’ll find that the emperor Hirohito of Japan, I’ve got the
    photographs of him being inducted into the Knights of the Garter of England by British Lords. I’ve
    got the actual photographs, so
    Hirohito was an Honored Knight of the Queen’s inside company.

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