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    I’m very sad to read from her daughter Penny’s blog that lovely Aine MacAodha is not long for this world. Can we send some good energies her way please.


    So sorry to read about dear Aine’s passing. Her daughter Penny posted this in the last hour or so:
    It’s not goodbye it’s “I will see you later”
    mummy my best friend, my gorgeous,caring, kind,free spirited,open minded hippy,thoughtful,creative,strong but gentle, beautiful talented mammy.
    I’m broken!! I don’t know what to say or do,I’m scared I’m lost.
    It’s going to take a while to climb this battle & this phase off my life without you, but I promise you I won’t stay down forever.
    I promise I will make you proud
    I promise I will not go a day without thinking about you! you will live on through me! What you have instilled on to me and your grandchildren!! 🥰
    I miss you already,I love you so so so much
    My brave mummy until we meet again my precious angel ❤️🥲









    Hello dear friends, I really am unfortunate when writing this preliminary notification for our meet up at 8 p.m. So often I delete everything by mistake as happened to me just now.
    But luckily I was able to re paste a lovely affirmation by Aine I found on the old /original Orgoniteplus fb page which sadly became defunct in 2015. (Please see it below here – hopefully Juliet can decorate it at some stage).
    I just want to encourage us all to keep our spirits as high as possible in spite of the turmoil that is happening now.
    We do not know what is in store but hopefully our high energies will help towards a good outcome.
    BY AINE:’Plasterite/selenite the natural cleanser against chemtrail offense, emf and the decreasing of our once blue sky.
    I send love, light, peace and harmony out to mother earth,
    to the elementals,
    human helpers and
    truthers world wide united in the power of intention with the aid of plasterite to radiate a cleaner sky and earth.’
    This gives me the shivers 🙂
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