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    How to make essiac tea yourself | Best recipe

    This particular Essiac tea recipe was originally compiled by a medicine man from the Ojibwa Indians. In 1922, a head nurse named René Caisse took care of her patients with the Essiac tea. The miraculous healings of her patients spread like wildfire through the world and since then in this famous Essiac herbal blend an important part of herbal medicine.

    photo of Rene Caisse Essiac tea.

    Because I want to drink the Essiac tea as well and pure as possible, I have figured out how to make the recipe the best. By making the essiac tea myself, I know how to select the purest herbs. And I am sure that my tea is made according to an original recipe.

    René Caisse has always kept the recipe for Essiac tea a secret. Therefore, it is also a mystery how many herbs the tea originally consisted of. Some claim 4 others 8. There are several stories that confirm that it consists of eight. René also confirmed in recorded audio materials in 1977 that she actually used 8 herbs in some patients. After research I conclude that the basis of this tea is always the same 4 herbs so. But exceptions are made according to the needs of the patients.

    Mary McPherson was the only one who also knew the recipe and made the tea together with René.

    Essiac tea base recipe

    The basis of essiac tea is as follows:

    Large Burdock (Arctium Lappa, Burdock Root)

    Sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella, Sheep Sorrel, Sheep Sorrel)

    Red Elm (Ulmus Fulva, Slippery Elm Bark)

    Russian Rhubarb (Rheum palmatum, Turkish Rhubarb)

    In 1980 Mary already described this recipe and gave it to Barbara Kokotsis. In the YouTube video below you can see how mary releases the recipe to the world. She did this on December 23, 1994, since then this recipe has been made and drunk by many. In the video Mary talks about Turkish rhubarb root. Of these is the Latin name; Rheum palmatum. which can also be translated as Russian rhubarb.

    To make it easy for you, I have converted the recipe from the YouTube video, which has unfortunately been removed, to the Dutch sizes.

    813 grams large burdock root finely chopped

    453 grams sheep sorrel powder

    113 grams red elm powder

    28 grams russian rhubarb powder

    28.5 grams of this mixture boil in 1 liter of water for a maximum of 10 minutes. then leave it for 12 hours with the lid on the pan.

    If it has been for 12 hours, you can sieve it. Mary also does this in this way. There are also people who do not do this under the guise of “a whole orange is better than just the juice”, this is also an option. After possibly sifting it, heat the tea again until just boiling and you can pour it into dark bottles with a screw cap. The tea is therefore bottled hot. Then you can store it in a dark cool place and drink it whenever you want.

    Essiac tea extensive recipe (Flor Essence)

    The top four ingredients are the basic recipe, the four ingredients below are later additions (often under the name Flor Essence).

    On the internet you can find out what the possible benefits of each additional herb are. This way you can decide for yourself what you expand the tea with.

    The extensions to the basic recipe are


    Red Clover Blossom (Trifolium pratense)

    Blessed Thistle (Carduus Benedictus)

    Watercress (Nasturtium officinale)

    Dosage Essiac tea

    It is usually recommended to drink 3 to 5 deciliter per day to cure. Preventively, 1 deciliter per day is recommended.

    With 28.5 grams you make 1 liter of tea and preventively you do 10 days per person with this. With 113 grams you make 4 liters of tea and with this you can do a course of 10 days.

    If you follow these recipes, you can be sure that you have best Essiac tea.

    The original described recipe

    In 1980, Mary McPherson gave the original recipe to Barbara Kokotsis.

    This looked like this:

    mcpherson handwritten.


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