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    Also did a quick gifting trip, as it was very sunny so it is better to be in the woods and meadows than somewhere else.
    The dog , mrs A, first caught a pheasant, as good as, than jumped in a lake, after that she jumped in a mud pool, all by herself, hats off.
    The smell once she came out of the mudpool was rather interesting.
    Somewhere between manure and old cheese.

    Did was here in the small lake, gifted that too, than met girls with dog, from rescue center , animal shelter, did a talk there.
    She was really cute, the girl I mean, wont go into details  here…





    the mudpool, was actually a ditch or narrow stream, very narrow and had a steep slope so she slided in and could not get out

    had to rescue here as she is  after all the gifting dog.



    the dog she met was not really a good breed , sort of a mixed race, like Unterdog you could say 🙂

    Certainly not pedigree

































    well yes 60 mil. bovis do give a punch


    dancing horses all over the place, as usual

    Please to know my stuff really rocks

    Dont know why , but it does and that is all that I want.













    I organized, thank you for noticing
    So have a lot extra space that needs to be filled up
    will soon do that, do some shopping as it is all not looking rosy , is it …






    Now I organized it , it does  not look much, but it is , it is a lot, really is.
    Weird eh ?

    Very pleased with myself.
    Even in these times.

    Anyway this system depends on the electricity, to control us amongst other things so the odds are not that high that it will be cut off
    but they will start to squeeze us now, big time
    that is all you need to know.


    Oh, before I forget, I walked in the meadows with bare feet.
    Felt great

    Is there something profound to this ? Perhaps there is.
    Amazing 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 711 through 715 (of 715 total)
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