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    recently saw a group of activist speak out in some sort of court or something agains geo engineering and the panel where just checking their emails
    they dont give a fuck about you
    get that in your head for once and for all
    psychopaths dont know that, what it is , empathy and all that
    they just dont care
    and they dont need sleeping pills
    they dont blush when they lie to the public
    straight faces in expensive suits for the boys and Versace and Dior dresses for the girls
    they dont blink

    they, those who serve the system properly, promoting the scams
    get their fat paychecks, their big pensions, the low mortgages, they get it all and we are screwed
    these serving bureaucrat elitists families
    big players in this game, stitching up the planet
    bringing in the agendas of amalgamation
    this global governance thingy they are so hot about

    it s just a game to them
    but the table they force us to play at is always in their favor
    it s always rigged
    the dices , miraculously , always fall in their favor yes they do
    odd eh ? :lol:

    so in short , do I believe in protesting and the rest of the allowed tools ?

    YESbig yes
    because it shows that the Irish in stark contrast with most other ” etnic groups” or is it etnic minority now LOL
    at least they got balls
    as simple as that
    nothing fancy about it
    no hocus pocus
    they got courage and power somehow in them
    for some reason the ” establishement” has not been abled to whip it out of them or transport it overseas in the famine ships
    for some reason the spiritual control grid, aka , the Roman church , any church, has not been abled to destroy the spirit of the Irish
    so maybe there is more to the dolmens and so forth
    maybe there is something we dont know yet
    there is something there

    really amazing as they have been very succesful in doing so in most countries
    How the elite must really hate you all
    beyond compare, they give you the beating now

    Yes the others too we are all ” one ” you see, we have to go into this ” oneness”
    bla bla ( fart noises )
    but they are almost there now
    being you know…grinded down and the rest of it

    why dont you let them have their way with Ireland
    why do you stand up
    is there nothing that can break you
    you are all obnoxious slaves ;) ;) ;)
    you seem all to have some sort of authority issues b :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    well, the way I see it , this famine things along with deportation to colonize the Americas and the rest of it
    they know you cannot change
    it just wont take
    they really went a long way
    in destroying the Irish
    much further than with any other ” tribe”
    they bowed down more readily
    for some silver coins and the cons they play with kings and queens to make them go along
    bring in the new system
    this famine thing was not an accident
    they did their best to destroy you but you are , for some mysterious reason, still here
    that in itself is amazing
    it s obvious you just wont have it , this new world order
    you just wont have it

    and all the time they were just protecting you from the sun
    they will say….because you are not ” illuminated”…it is not your god , it is their god…the lightbringer…..lucifer

    they dont have wisdom
    as wisdom can only be achieved through a heart with love
    that is impossible for them
    but they damn well know how to control the planet
    big time

    in most countries you need to put a lion in the living room to get folk at least …you know….motivated ;)
    it s that bad

    but , looking at it from a realistic point of view, it is not too bad at all
    I mean as long as real folk are doing the real thing
    it does mean something
    it has value


    Terry is , as usual, on the ball
    Yes Jenn
    truth sucks
    but it is still the truth

    the big ” truth movement groups” are taking over controlled by the system
    and any truth speakers, the little guys and girls , that s us, are screwed in the process
    it is as simple as that
    it is very simple once you see through the scams and cons
    it is very simple but most folk don’t think and I keep repeating it
    over and over again

    most folk follow groups and leaders

    500 climate laws , yep it s flogging time soon folks
    big time

    smart meters, inspectors, welcome to New World Order
    coming to a street near you soon

    The green soviet is taking over
    yep it is so simple to understand
    but the brainwash is very efficient and most folk simply dont want to hear

    Terry Lawton asks ‘Environmentalist’ and Climate Change Industry operative Duncan Stewart how does he feel about the fact that Climate Engineering programs are not included in the IPCC computer models and subsequent reports. He calls Terry a liar and pushes him in an aggressive response. This was filmed at the Stop Climate Chaos march in Dublin 29/11/15.

    So Duncan Stewart is a paid rioter..paytriot…wink…a puppet promoting the agenda


    he even has his own lovely gifs on Twitter..look…

    ActionDay.png [ 3.46 KiB | Viewed 124 times ]

    :D :D :D

    the green Mafia…the depopulation…all these connected agendas
    a low level control freak who starts pushing folk around who don t bow down to dictatorship

    in this case literally

    how do we respond to this shit with the risk of losing our table manners and etiquette at the same time…


    he is not even a good psychopath
    like Blair or so , he would have talked himself out of it
    going along with Terry and ten minutes later, on stage, would do the opposite, 180 degree turn…and just keep promoting the hoaxes like we do not even exist
    But Mr Stewart does not possess those qualities
    So the system even refuses to put some qualified psychopaths on top of the movements now
    they just don’t bother anymore
    they will flog us anyway so why the effort , right?
    they don’t even have the decency to use a new sharp whip for us
    no no
    too good for us
    use an old one
    on a side note, another term for Taser is …hold on…. cattle prod
    does that not make you laugh , not just a little bit…it does make me laugh a bit

    again, right out of the club of Rome, one of the main NWO think tanks
    humans are the problem
    they don’t mean all humans , they mean the 99 per cent , again
    that s us, again

    a stooge, a con man, a faker
    he fakes you all LOL
    consider yourself all faked
    as scum like Duncan and all those other sellouts will soon be pushed to the top
    the new regional leaders
    get used to it…

    and most folk, as you know, the gmo hamburger X file watching cattle, will go along , as usual…
    even worse, they will attack anyone who speaks out bad for not going along
    “pulling their weight”
    this whole NWO thing to me looks like a massive overrated B movie
    no that s not a blue movie, you wish…. ;) that s something else , I mean a second class movie, silly and full of nonsense and bad acting, like our Duncan here, but most folk just eat it up
    without thinking

    they think it s all real

    we are just being steamrolled over , t hat s how it is
    they don’t even pretend to listen to the public anymore
    they never really listened but at least they pretended to do so
    now they check their mail while you do a speech

    you see, J, we are all ” climate change deniers” at least in the way the system wants us to believe in it
    that s us causing it bla bla bla
    it will be , if it not already is , the new hate speech
    like ” holocaust denier”
    that s how propaganda works
    efficiently you see
    very pragmatic
    has nothing to do with any sort of truth whatsoever but who cares
    as long as it s on TV it must be true right?

    and now the few real protesters , those who are not on some payroll or spouting an agenda by their masters are , literally, pushed out of the picture.
    yes Duncan is one of those “greenies” those Marxists serving fascist masters , it s just a game
    for us it is a bit more realistic as we are the collateral damage in this chessgame
    the pawns get whipped out first

    I do understand that part of it as the greenies , like the other sell outs, greenpeace and all that hoopla, don’t like to hear about geo engineering
    it does not suit their agenda
    no no
    not allowed
    Humans are the problem
    that s the mantra and everybody not sticking to that agenda is flushed out
    as the greenies will soon get golden seats in panels you see
    doing their masters bidding
    flogging you eternally
    into submission

    cutting off energy to older folk who can no longer pay bills
    thousands every year
    don’t say you don’t know
    we all know
    and that s just the start of it
    they got some surprises for us I bet

    good of Terry to touch on techniques like the smart meter
    that s a biggie
    the ” smart ” meter
    everyting ” smart” is pure NWO
    whenever you heart the new SLOGANS, like ” sustainability” or Millenium project
    or environmentalism
    you just need to know one thing, you are in the process of being “faked”
    as “faking” is the new F word LOL
    or ” Fluffed” yes we are all being ” fluffed” massively … emergency/

    so it is all just a game to them
    controlling the planet
    and those few who can still think are called nutters

    because we don’t have a share in their power , it is their system and therefor it cannot change
    it is rotten and corrupt by design, it s meant to be that way, it is not a glitch or mistake
    it is the way it has been set up to be
    how it must be

    they will never give real folk media exposure, for heavens sake
    that way we cannot even address the topics properly
    they control it all

    now we understand why the media moguls are such big players in this whole thing
    Hollywood, giving people their opinions, political correctness, this mind control thing again
    oh you better not touch upon that mate, oh you better not speak out about that hun
    that sort of stuff

    Environmental ‘Angels’
    By Jim Rarey

    Readers of Medium Rare articles, compared to the average person, are quite knowledgeable about the NWO crowd and specifically how its enforcement arm, the CIA operates. However many with similar understanding have failed to apply that knowledge to the “environmental movement.”

    The major environmental organizations have either been taken over by the NWO crowd, or were set up by them. Let’s look at just three of those organizations, the Nature Conservancy (TNC), the Sierra Club and Green Cross.

    First a distinction must be made between those persons who see the reality of the environment being destroyed by mankind and are eager to do something about it. These comprise the vast majority of the membership in both organizations. But an in depth analysis of those who control the funding and programs of these organizations tells a different story.

    The Nature Conservancy is by far the largest environmental organization in terms of assets. It has amassed over $3 billion dollars. The Washington Post ran a three-part series on TNC exposing its actions and programs as comparable to the most rapacious of the corporations it hypocritically denounces.

    If you look at the Board of Directors of TNC you will see it is stacked with members who are, or were, affiliated at the highest levels with investment banks and multi-national corporations. A few examples:

    Chairman of the TNC Board, Anthony Grassi, is the former CFO of CS First Boston, a subsidiary of Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). Both UBS and First Boston are notorious launderers of dirty money including narcotics and American taxpayer dollars stolen by the Russian mafia (formerly known as the KGB). UBS purchased Enron’s oil and gas trading subsidiary in that bankruptcy and took all the records outside of U.S. jurisdiction.

    Director Alfred Berkeley was president of NASDAQ and a managing director of Alex Brown & sons. ãBuzzyä Krongard former head of Alex Brown (which is the investment arm of Deutch Bank) resigned in 1998 to become Executive Director of the CIA. Alex Brown made a financial killing in the trading of put options in United Air Lines (UAL) the days just prior to 9/11.

    Director Yolanda Kakabadse received the “Golden Ark” award from Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands. Bernhardt (of Royal Dutch Shell) was the organizer and chairman at the first meeting of the Bilderbergers.

    Director Henry M. Paulson was Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs.

    Looking at other directors, you find CEO’s and directors from a number of gas and oil energy companies.

    The Sierra Club:

    The Sierra Club itself is the public persona of the Sierra Club Foundation, which controls all the funds and the funding of programs.

    The foundation was set up in 1960. The original trustees include a list of relatively unknown outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists and one William Egan Colby. At the time, Colby was a CIA Station Chief in Vietnam.

    The real powers on any board of directors or trustees are the “rainmakers’ i.e. the ones who bring in the money. Colby certainly was that with his contacts (through the CIA) with large corporations and foundations.

    Colby was the first recipient of the Sierra Club’s “prestigious” John Muir award in 1961. At the time Colby was directing the CIA’s infamous Phoenix Program, which assassinated between 20,000 and 60,000 South Vietnamese suspected of collaborating with the Viet Cong. Colby said it was around 20,000. Other estimates place it at closer to 60,000. Colby later became director of the CIA and a member of the CFR.

    Another “environmental” organization gaining prominence is Green Cross International. Green Cross was set up by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1993 one year after he joined (by invitation) the CFR. Of course “Gorby” is the former head of the Soviet KGB, chairman of the Soviet Communist Party and Premier of the USSR. He still maintains he is working for “democratic” socialism.

    On his board of “advisors” for Green Cross, (he is in sole control) Gorbachev has such luminaries as Ted Turner, Robert Redford and Yoko Ono. But, as with the Sierra Club, the real power is in the Gorbachev Foundation of North America. The most prominent American director on its board is John Deutch former Director of Central Intelligence. Deutch is currently a director of CityGroup and CMS (among other corporations). CMS is a Michigan Corporation (oil and gas) that was caught in fraudulent trades ala Enron. He also is a professor at MIT working with MITRE Corporation. MITRE is a spinoff from MIT that currently is furnishing the CIA with pilotless robot planes used in assassinations and for other purposes. Over the last several decades, one of the CIA’s favorite methods of assassination appears to be causing the crash of small planes. With the recent advances in EMP weaponry, it is no longer necessary to sabotage the planes or shoot them down. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) can, from a distance, fry a plane’s electronics causing it to drop to earth like a rock.

    Some of the relatively recent suspicious deaths in small plane crashes are: John Denver whose “experimental” plane crashed. The NTSB has not determined the cause. As with other crashes, no mention is made of looking at the electronics of the plane. The officials look for “mechanical” failures or pilot error.

    Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, who was running against John Ashcroft for senator, died when his small plane crashed in late October of 2000, just a couple of weeks before the election. The current governor promised to appoint Carnahan’s widow if her deceased husband won the election which he did. (We may have been better off with Ashcroft in the senate than as Attorney General.)

    And then of course there was Paul Wellstone. The cause of that crash is still a “mystery.”

    The point is that any person with high public visibility who becomes a threat to the agenda of the CFR/NWO crowd, or stands in the way of one of their stooges, would be well advised not to fly in any small planes. But figuring out who is a threat to them can be somewhat arcane.

    It is not likely that someone who is pushing their agenda (whether or not he or she realizes it) would be considered a threat. That is, unless the person has finally realized he or she is being deceived (as Stalin called them, useful idiots) as to the true purpose of the agenda. If a popular person like a Robert Redford or Yoko Ono (or yes John Denver) were on the verge of denouncing programs previously supported, he or she would be an immediate candidate for elimination. This is not to say that any of the deaths mentioned above were of people who had awakened to the fact they were being used. But the small plane deaths are typical of CIA black operations.

    So what is on the current environmental agenda of the NWO crowd?

    Number one on the agenda in the United States and other parts of the industrialized world is the mantra “sustainable development.” This is nothing more than establishing centralized government control of land use, industrial plants and movements of populations.

    Other tactics meant to stampede the public into accepting these controls include:

    Global warming. A hoax perpetrated by the media with pronouncements from NWO controlled institutes and foundations and “scientists” dependent on grants from government and the foundations.

    We had the earth summit in Brazil organized and chaired by Canadian oil and energy billionaire Maurice Strong.

    There is the “earth charter” drafted by a panel chaired by Stephen Rockefeller.

    There are a number of other “programs” sponsored and pushed by the same people, e.g. the Kyoto Treaty. We have tried to show with just a smattering of examples, it is these very people who (behind the scenes) are funding and pushing these programs as a means of gaining control of the world’s resources and populations. It is only when a person threatens to expose the true agenda that they become a target of their enforcement arm (the most efficient assassination organization ever assembled) the CIA. (In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.) Permission is granted to reproduce this article in its entirety. The author is a freelance writer based in Romulus, Michigan. He is a former newspaper editor and investigative reporter, a retired customs administrator and accountant, and a student of history and the U.S. Constitution.

    in simple terms, again, you are all being ” faked” non stop


    File comment: ONENESS;;;;;; AGAIN
    images.jpg [ 6.94 KiB | Viewed 124 times ]

    if it is smart it is agenda 21
    the sustainability agenda
    but how can you explain that to the sheeple as they are addicted to their , there it comes, smart ….phones..LOL
    they just play with us
    here, more propaganda crap

    Shot on Dublin’s docklands in January 2015 as part of Eco Eye series 13. This extended interview covered a broad range of climate related topics.
    In Part 1, Duncan and Dr Mann talk about #climate change and how it will affect Ireland and also Ireland’s responsibility to drastically reduce emissions and prove that reducing emissions is compatible with a growing economy.
    Duncan Stewart
    Dr Micheal Mann
    Dublin 2015

    you see we are all bad because we still breath, bad for the planet you see
    we are so bad
    oh we are such a ” burden for the planet”
    with our little cars, little houses and no money , it is us , of course it is us
    how dare I doubt that ? :D :D :D :D

    one way I see it is to get off the chessboard
    because we cannot stop this with the tools given by the system
    that wont happen
    let s be at least honest about that part of it
    even a side topic like Monsanto cant be stopped
    and that s just a side topic
    this is the real bitch in the house
    the Mother Bitch so to speak
    Yes, Geo Engineering, playing god with the weather is the big stick
    believe you me
    it s the big stick
    ties in with austerity
    post industrialism, service economy all that crap

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    Well I do post this as we are in such a mess now, all over, the world
    as all agendas start to tie in one another
    so we cannot be like borgs here just , only, talk ” orgonite” you know
    it does not work that way
    it just does not work that way
    we have to be honest in that
    it s all connected
    one hand touches the other in this thing
    so we cannot sit on the orgonite rock all day long and let the world pass us by , so to speak
    yes we love the life force energy as it is also a very versatile tool of light
    you can do some much with it
    it is not just ” weather control” LOL , bringing in the blue sky
    natural clouds, etc
    it is more than thatfor me , personally, it is all such an age of ” conology” out there now
    I personally dont even bother too much even addressing what s going on as if it is not obvious by now, than when ?
    but for newcomers I do and also to support the real people out there
    not just mr Terry Magnificent :lol: :lol: but thousands like him

    yes Jenny in Paris soon they will choose the right whip to flog us with
    that s reality folks, no, not a nice story
    it is not
    but we saw it all coming

    not really an uplifing story
    but dont worry
    the system has put out a lot of alien UFO hocus pocus sites for those folk who need some relief to delve into ….galores of it…go there please I d say to that sort of folk, the new age, ” ascended masters” it s all such a scam
    I heard some folk ” channeled” to Meitria or whatever the name of that fake fxxxxx is
    to ” save the earth” all kids learn that in school now, don t be a burden on the planet
    bla bla bla

    If I were on facebook in these days I d have a raw thumb from pressing the ” block button” all the time by now
    it is getting ridiculous

    this is getting really out of hand, I know you ” warned me” about the movements there but I did underestimate that, because I thought all or most Irish were as clever as you lot, but obviously, they are not.
    We do see a lot of ” useful idiots” promoting, literally promoting their own cullling
    as straightforward as that
    they beg to be depopulated
    talking about control
    whole armies of useful idiots marching the streets now

    Now I start to understand what you were trying to say to me
    about movements and such
    I didnt realise it is that bad now
    the scale of it
    so you have thousands of , well meaning, folk marching the streets, not understanding the cons behind it
    good folk who are all used for an agenda thinking they are doing the right thing

    sad to say so but it is true

    to bring in the green marxism
    the big stick that s gonna be expanded untill it runs the planet
    among other objectives

    and you have five people standing at O Connel bridge waving the anti geoengineering flags LOL
    what a …..pfffffffffff

    and the elite the laugh their asses off , all the time
    yes we depopulate and the rest of it, so what, you all asked for it right ?
    you voted us in , right? So what are you complaining about ?
    so in the end the ruling elite points the finger to the public saying
    you asked for it
    you , the public, wanted this to happen
    yep that s how a psychopathic mind set works
    very ….efficient
    so they invite satan literally here
    without realising
    and once they start to open their eyes
    and realise they have been fooled
    satan smiles and says
    well YOU invited me in , right?
    well, yah..but….
    no no no
    no more “but”
    you invited me in
    and now it is my turn to play with you
    and that s how the story goes
    the real enemy is not the nwo
    the real enemy is in the mirror
    because folk refuse to take their lives into their own hands and create their own reality
    guided, controlled, such a waste
    I thought you were exaggerating
    about this slicing up of the truth movements and so forth
    but it is not
    it is really very bad what s going on now
    and you know what Jenn and mob
    soon you will not even be invited to those meetings
    you simply wont be allowed to be there
    as you dont go along the agenda
    did not realise that so many Irish folk, in this case, could be fooled
    as I only talk to the more aware ones you get the impression they are all very aware
    well, guess what
    they are not LOL
    like the rest of the world
    still there are more aware folk there than average
    that s a fact

    these people are good folk , misguided and begging for Agenda21
    it is almost beyond belief this stuff
    the masters of perception won a battle there
    have you noticed the coca cola streetbikes
    what a joke eh
    while the oligarchy takes over the planet, dont worry folks, we give you free bikes
    as you wont be needing the car very soon from now on
    the private transportation will be flushed out very soon
    maybe a decade , maybe two
    and than it is game over
    exhaust is bad for the planet you see

    no , not for them, they have their cars
    it is you
    we are the problem
    not our ” betters” how dare I think that

    :lol: :lol:

    so we have five people waving the flag against THE BIGGEST CRIME IN HUMAN HISTORY


    No I dont get too mad about it, at least not anymore
    those days are over
    I just see things as they are
    and just try to make the best out of it like we all do
    all in our own way
    and I use this sartire aspect of it too
    also the creativity
    to be beyond all that nonsense
    you know to keep our sanity
    quote from Lady Crystal


    Following is the little rant from Crystal C

    ‘Some of the anti-geoengineering group and unbrainwashed at the Climate Change march in Dublin today where a large crowd of sleeple bayed for their own genocide. Mind-controlled, government drones of the climate change cult were strategically placed and attempted to block the non-believers from exposing the truth. They are clearly worried.’

    And I had a little message session with her, told her about you posting her poster (lol) I’d given her a few little hearts to take home with her today – she said:

    Interesting Jenny re ‘sleeple.’ Don’t you think the majority are sleeple? If they weren’t why would they be practically doing a Hi-Hitler! for the climate change pushers! They should be saying, fuck you, throwing tomatoes and booing those bastards off the stage!

    dont know who that is , this crystal girl, but love to have a beer or two beers with you lot
    so we can have a good laugh and take the piss out of it all
    have some joy here too as it all such a joke now out there a madhouse

    dont worry I ll pay

    and yes the mob , the what does she call it

    Mind-controlled, government drones of the climate change cult

    were as good as saying heil hitler because most germans, not all, thought he was a good man
    owned by the banking elite, arent they all ?
    doing good work at that stage
    building up germany after WW1
    and they thought he was a good choice
    well, that did turn out a little bit different later on…
    but she is right the whole structure and ideology resembles that of a cult
    you either bow down or else…well we saw that with Terry

    and than you have thousands of useful idiots asking to be culled off ????
    can anyone make sense out of this shit ????
    what a world eh Jenn
    what a world we live in
    makes me wonder
    boggles the mind sometimes

    where the ” fake” is my elderberry tea
    I am cooking LOL
    No I am not, am cool

    I see the Vegan agenda is pushed also
    no meat for us soon , out of our reach
    and even that meat is crap anyway
    just mentioning

    not for them you see
    our owners have real meat
    the best of the best
    meat we can only dream of
    as you cannot buy it anywhere
    it s not in the shops for us
    real meat without hormones and crap in it
    the pure healthy stuff, this natural thing again
    they know what s good for them
    remember Tony Blair
    he would not have it in his club
    organic = natural only in those government restaurants
    it s for them you see
    for them always for them

    it s not for us

    we have to go to Texo around the corner for our dose of gmo poison
    it s all soy and corn, gmo, look at the wrappings
    there is always something of that in it
    really true
    the folk at monsanto what do they eat?
    gmo ?
    nope…again, same principal
    natural only
    nothing else comes in

    get used to eating insects or something… :lol: heard they can be very ….tasty…. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    No Jennifer
    this is old news to me
    I know this for years

    just did not expect it to be so soon

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    Barnes Gap - The Sperrin Mountains !.jpg
    Barnes Gap – The Sperrin Mountains 

    Barnes Gap, Sperrins Region
    Carved centuries ago
    by the powerful elements
    of wind and ice slicing
    through the countryside.
    Glazed now by a carpet of moss
    and haunted by the hills of
    Mullaghbane and Mullaghbolig
    seem untouched by modern man;
    apart from the odd sheep
    that wandered under the fence
    leaving clots of wool waving
    Tense atmosphere only solidifies
    the cheek of my intrusion.
    Sun plays hide n’ seek
    behind rocks and crevices
    cooling schists once again.

    Poem by Aine MacAodha
    ” Where three rivers meet “
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